[ROM]Fusion-Boeffla KitKat 4.4.2_r2.0.6 and FusionSP v1..0.3[GCC4.9][14-04-2014]

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By Dragon7780, Senior Member on 27th August 2012, 01:43 PM
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Introducing FusionSP (Slim Project).

This project started out as a private project for me and my friends, but i decided to give you guys a present and release it to the public..

FusionSP has been optimized to have good performance, and great battery life,
and still have the most of the features of the normal Fusion rom.
Also some new great features are present like On-The-Go. (This can be activated thru the QS panel).
This rom is based on pure AOSP (Frameworks base) and SlimRom sources (All up-to-date).

Most sources (Much more then the normal Fusion rom) are optimized for building with linaro gcc4.8 (Credits to Bernhard Rosenkraenzer @ linaro)
this for the great performance and good battery life this rom gives you. All the features are carefully implemented, tested and made them all working without any issues.
This for a very stable and daily usable rom. The meaning of this rom is not to have all the available features that exist, but the most important and functional 100% working features.
Ofcourse more features will be implemented, and suggestions/requests for features are welcome....

The Fusion-Boeffla kernel is updated with the latest sources by Lord boeffla (v2.2b6a - Compiled with SaberMod gcc4.7).

I've spend countless hours working on this source to be as fast and stable as it can get at the moment.
This rom will not be rushed to have updated releases every day/week/month. so dont ask for eta's!!

Please let me know if you guys like it! and if you want this rom as a side project of the normal Fusion rom. Or perhaps as main project.

So here it is Fusion-SP, Enjoy

Fusion-SP v1.0.3


Take date into account to not overflow icons in stock or center clock
Added Identicons (Credits Chaos)
Lockscreen Blur: Disable if music is playing
Optimize Quick Access Ribbons code(WIP)
Respect and handle shorcut custom icon resources
Allow Power Notification Sounds For Wireless
SlimRecents: Make expanded layout pretty
SlimRecents pass gesture detector to the cardslistview
Added Halo
Added Halo on/off master switch
Halo: Changes in circle battery implementation Halo
Halo: prevent multiwindow if halo enabled
Halo: notification should open in floating window mode
Halo: Fixes and improvements
Navigation bar IME cursor
Notify arrayadapter early that data has changed on clear all
SlimRecents: do not kill favorite recent apps
SlimRecents: user configurable default expanded mode
SystemUI: Don't recreate controllers
Implemented new Theme Engine by CyanogenMod
App sidebar: longpress app to open in floating window
Make menus and dialogs 90% transparent
Added disable bootanimation to propmodder
Enabled AppOps
Added Driving Mode feature
And many more



Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Fusion-SP v1.0.2


Source compile improvements by linaro
Now compiled with SaberMod 4.9
Added OmniSwitch as default recents
Added Configurable init.d
Added Propmodder
Added Stereo widening effect
Added a bunch of national roaming providers
Added Fusion PlatLogo drawable
SlimPie: turn on HA on HighEndGfx devices
Fix LTE Toggle
Fixes for on-the-go feature
Solve three memory leaks related to patch cache
Do not show Home behind Full Screen activity
Fix airplane mode on/off issue
Fixed Camera video recording
Added Battery saver mode
Volumes in setting/sound is slow to start
Fix screen stat after a boot
Fix random ui corruption
Fix problem where PhoneWindowManager waits for keyguard to draw
SlimRecents: adress the 50ms touch unresponsive issue
Parallel Shutdown
And many more improvements and fixes...

Fusion-Boeffla kernel 2.2 (Compiled with SaberMod 4.7)
Fusion AIO Gapps v2 (Thanks Slim)




Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download

Fusion AIO Gapps : Download

Downloads Version: 1.0.1-sp

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Fusion-Boeffla Kernel v2.2rc1 Update

Kernel : Download

When coming from normal Fusion Boeffla rom or other.. Full Wipe Required!!!!!

Will do the feature list of this rom later, as it contains most of the features of the normal Fusion rom.
And maybe i will make a new thread for this rom.[/CENTER]

Credit to all the Devs that made some of the great features that are present in this rom!

Installation instructions:

Personally i use TWRP

First time installation:

1. Copy to internal sd on the Phone
2. Reboot in recovery
3. Do a full wipe
4. install the from the internal sd
5. Reboot the Phone
6. After first boot to KitKat, reboot again into recovery and install gapps

When updating:

1. Copy updated to internal sd on the Phone
2. Reboot in recovery
3. Wipe Dalvik cache and cache
4. install the from the internal sd
5. install gapps
6. Reboot phone

Thats all.. Enjoy

Links Lord Boeffla (See the latest Fusion-Boeffla kernel changes)

Github Account
XDA Thread

Special Credits To:

Cyanogenmod Base source
Andip71 (Lord Boeffla)

I hope i didnt forget somebody if so im sorry for that... Don't hate me pm me

Dont ask for eta's, will release when time is there..

Due my job and busy schedule i wont be able to answer all your questions and i also can't work on the roms on daily base.
So please try and help each other out, and sometimes i will be able to answer your questions.

Ofcourse please report bugs and ideas i will read them!!

If you appreciate our work then consider a donation


Lord Boeffla:


Horst Thiel
Steffen Heinzelmann
Ralf Nöbbe
Marek Stoinski
Daniel Buschman
Rudiger Penno
John Harris
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Fusion Boeffla KitKat
This rom is based on CM With Features from AOKP, SlimRoms, Omni, ParanoidAndroid and ChameleonOs
and lots of credits goes those the devs.
But ofcourse thats not all.. Find out and flash The Fusion Boeffla KitKat Rom.

Fusion Boeffla KitKat

Version 4.4.2_2.0.6 (12-03-2014)

Recents Rambar
Navigationbar by slimroms
AppSidebar (Chaos)
Networks Traffic meter (Chaos)
TRDS 3.0 (Awesome Thanks SLIM)
AOKP Weather
MediaScanner behavior on boot
Show CPU Info
Show Clear all button + location
Low battery warning
Less frequent notification sounds
Screen on notification
Lockscreen by slimroms
Power Menu by slimroms
Keyboard: Auto keyboard rotation
Customizable PowerWidget (Thnx to DerTeufel)
CRT Animations
AOKP Custom system animations
Listview animations
Keyboard animations
Scroll animations
Smooth Progressbar animations
Gesture anywhere (Chaos)
Identicons (Chaos)
Wakelock Blocker
Suspend actions
Build.prop modder
Init.d configurator
Double tab to sleep gesture on statusbar
Gesture Lockscreen (Chaos)
Flip animation on clicking a qs tile
Keyboard: Volume key cursor control
QuietHours AutoSMS && Bypass Alarm
Notification drawer shorcuts
Notification drawer and qs background transparency
Advanced display
Contextual notification panel header (Omni)
Center clock and more (Slim)
Screen-On notification light
Keyboard: Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
Statusbar brightness slider
Option to disable qs by removing all tiles
Option to choose custom lockscreen handle
Quiet Hours Ringer
Double tap to sleep features
Active display (Chaos)
Lockscreen notifications
and many more.......

Downloads Version: 2.0.6

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Google AppsClick on Download image below

Older downloads:

Version 2.5 is lost or something damn keyboard buttons..

Downloads Version: 2.0.4

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 2.0.3


Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 2.0.2

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 2.0.1

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 2.0.0

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 1.0.9

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Also Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 1.0.8

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Already Included In The ROM!!)uploading

Downloads Version: 1.0.7

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Already Included In The ROM!!)

1.0.6 is updated to 1.07 due issue gapps fc when clean install

Downloads Version: 1.0.5

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Already Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 1.0.4 Beta

Rom : Download

md5 : Download

Kernel : Download (Already Included In The ROM!!)

Downloads Version: 1.0.3 Beta

Rom : Download

md5 : Download
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Changelog 4.4.2_r1.0.5

Fix app info long-press
QS : Music tile Sleep Timer
Added instant led control
QS : Fixed netwok mode, music, screen time-out and sound tiles options
Added Facebook sync hack (RomanB)
Added Facebook contact sync support (kufikugel)
Fix aokp weather on boot service
Free mem improvements
TRDS: Change auto detect light conditions method
Added ConnetionManager (TeleRadio - Omni)
Added Dialer suggestions and reverse hook-up (Omni)
Framework : Major clean-up
Settings : Major clean-up
Fusion : Fixes and improvements
Added PowerSaver Manager
Update Fusion-Boeffla Kernel with Boeffla's latest changes V2.1 (Stable version!!!)
Added qrngd back to the source build, It improves boot time on several devicesMany more fixes and improvements tru-out the build
Merged latest cm commits
And many more fixes and improvements tru-out the build.....

Changelog 4.4.2_r1.0.4-Beta

Dialer: Fix Fc in light TRDS theme mode
LatinIme : Fixed gesture typing
Added Halo app
Lockscreen Notifications: Fix pocket mode (Now works like it should)
Lockscreen Notifications: Repect quiethours
HALO: Reverted latest Changes due multiple issues
HALO: Fixes
Frameworks : use aosp status bar and navigation bar transparency without launcher3 dependancy
Fix Fast Torch - Now works like it should (Advise: Use Fast Torch or Slider Torch not both)
InCallUI : port add to blacklist support
MMS : Custom vibrations
Added SystemCleaner back
Added Volume key cursor option
Added Status bar signal tekst
Fusion-Boeffla Kernel : Switched Kernel source from cm to Omni (Boeffla kernel source).
New Fusion Logo drawables
Merged latest CM changes
And many more fixes and improvements

Changelog 4.4.2_r1.0.3-Beta

Introducing FusionBox (WIP)
Lockscreen Glowpad torch
QS: Smart Pulldown
QS: Quick Collapse
QS: Fix 0% Battery tile
clean up our and AOSP code for wifi and carrier label animation
HALO: make windows moveable and scaleable (WIP)
Added national roaming info for Simyo in Spain
Added national roaming for Noverca in Italia
Added national roaming for BSNL in India
Added national roaming for Netherlands
Added national roaming for Orange in Austria
Added national roaming for ONO in spain
Camera: Lots of fixes, improvements and added more features (thanks to SlimRoms)
Gallery: Lots of fixes and improvements (Thanks to SlimRoms)
Active display fixes
QS: LTE Toggle
Lockscreen notifications: Allow apps to be excluded from being displayed
Lockscreen Notifications: fix phone turning on in pocket
Lockscreen Notifications: disable dynamic width for devices <= xhdpi
Lockscreen Notifications: fix notifications disappearing on orientation change
Lockscreen Notifications: make animations a bit faster
Clock Font: Added more styles (Carbondev)
Extra Slim Shortcuts && Cleanup
Flip to Mute/Reject Call
Incoming Call in Background
Always show translucent decor on recents panel
Added Long-Click to Preference Tile
QS: Favorite Contact Tile
QS: Custom Tiles
Custom Statusbar Colors (Carbondev)
Lots of fixes and improvements tru-out the entire build
Merged latest Cyanogenmod commits.
And many more..

Updated Fusion Gapps...

Changelog 4.4.2_r1.0.2-Beta

Noise suppression for phone calls
Fix missing notification volume slider in volume panel
Status bar notification count
Dialer : Goodby blue dialpad
Camera : Added lots of features (Thnx slim)
Camera : Trds 3.0
Gallery : Trds 3.0
ScreenRecorder (Thnx Chaos)
Active Display : Check for immersive mode enabled
Clock font style
Breathing Mms
Breathing Missed Call
Breathing Voicemail
Stylus Gestures
Lockscreen See trough
Lockscreen Blur
Lockscreen Rotation
Added notification brightness slider to powerwidget
Notification drawer full swipe to switch detection
Music transport on lockscreen
Custom carrier label
Enable/Disable option added to double tap statusbar to sleep feature
Port misc sound settings features
Lockscreen Notifications (Thnx AOSPA)
QuickSettings : Custom Tiles
DocumentsUI : Add standalone file manager (Thnx Omni)
Many of fixes and improvements tru-out the entire build
Merged latest CM sources

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.6

- Merged latest AOSP, CM commits
- Frameworks/base: Changed some drawables for light theme to aosp style
- Removed recents google assist button
- Added option to enable/disable recents shortcutbar
- Added option to Restart SystemUI to DevSettings
- Settings: Big cleanup
- Settings: Re-written some xml's based on AOSP guide
- Settings: Sorted and re-arranged order in some xml files
- Settings: Cleanup unused codes in some java files
- Recents clear all app lock option(Longpress app to choose lock/unlock)(thnx chaos)
- Fix performance profiles
- Frameworks/Native: Add support for Secure Display
- Frameworks/Base: Added new spinner drawables for fusion dark
- Frameworks/Base: Camera Better fix for face detection score issue
- Frameworks/Base: Avoid IndexOutOfBounds Exception in ActivityManager
- Frameworks/Base: Show owner info creation if no owner is set for UserTile
- Frameworks/Base: Revert: Fix SystemUI crash on Recent App
- Frameworks/Base: Fix stencil buffer bug
- Frameworks/Base: Update the layer's alpha value upon composition of the layer
- Frameworks/Base: Telephony: Add support for additional emergency numbers
- Camera: bring back more of the preview metadata workaround
- Frameworks av : Big update about 40 commits
- Email: Big update
- Os optimalizations
- Services: Add hook to run device specific shutdown code
- Services: Fix device-specific shutdown hook to support restart
- EMFILE exception in system_server due to socket fd leaks
- Frameworks/base: Fix race conditions on resume/suspend using power key
- Settings: Moved crt animation options From Display settings to Animations Controls
- Added scale down crt animation (Thanks to xploidwild)
- Frameworks/Base: Fix few leaks
- New Fusion-Boeffla Kernel v3.0stable
- And many more fixes and improvements

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.5

- Merged latest AOSP, CM commits
- Changed JB system ui sounds to KitKat system ui sounds
- Added KitKat alarm, notification and ringtone sounds
- Added TouchpalX keyboard
- Quiet Hours: allow disabling of system sounds
- Multiple Contacts and Phone fixes
- p2p: Flush the p2p scan result on group remove event
- Wifi: wifi not connecting, once the APN gets disabled state
- Clear the scan list when an empty list is received
- Tighten condition for calling checkMobileProvisioning
- Fix captive portal detection on IPv6 networks
- Frameworks/base: Free BufferedReader class object
- Tighten test for warm sim and add more debug
- CheckMobileProvisioning should not block
- Use networkType to display wifi and mobile notification separately
- Bluetooth: Avoid window leak when screen orientation changes
- P2p: Fix for GC unable to scan GO after tear down
- Bluetooth: disable scan icon when BT state is off
- Bluetooth: Add onStop activity for Bluetooth Setting app
- Navigation Bar: Toggle last app on recents button long press
- Optimalisations tru-out build : More speed and stability is what we need

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.4

Dragon And Lord Boeffla Welcome You To The Fusion Boeffla Rom
- Fast, Stable, Many Features. Check it out now

- Fusion becomes Fusion Boeffla Rom
- Merged latest AOSP, CM commits
- Camera button support: useful features and bugfixes
- Fix Corrupted AppOps File (on source changes)
- System Core : Fixed bunch of bugs
- Active Display : Fixed Re-display message settings fc when set value above 8m
- Removed warning dialog performance settings
- New drawables Fusion Boeffla for Settings and Framework
- Fusion Boeffla Kernel 2.0 (Lord Boeffla)
- Boeffla Config integrated into settings (FS Advanced)
- Phone : Fixes after merge cm qcril
- Phone : Remove double Settings alias
- Phone : rewrite translations
- Dialer : Fixes after merge cm qcril
- Added Dutch translation
- cleaned many codes in the framework and made some fixes(Let make it all nice and clean)
- And Many more

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.3

Big update lots of fixes and improvement tru-out the entire source

As Requested By Lord Boeffla, Yank555, GoogyAnas, DerTeufel and psndna88 to devs who uses a second framework.jar
to keep one universal name for the second framework jar file... (Let us rom devs all cooparate to this request)

So renamed framework-fusion.jar to framework-2.jar for better custom kernel support

- Pie: fix PIE_GRAVITY receiver
- Added Remote display support
- Fixes for AppOps
- Added MultiSim Support by CM (Massive update from cm over 30 commits)
- Reverted: Refactor Dialer Style
- Dialer : New Fusion Dark Style
- NetworkStats: Show MB/s instead of only MB
- NetworkStats : Lights out mode
- NetworkStats : Hide network stats when there'as no traffic
- NetStats: Don't update stats when screen is off
- Active Display : Force portrait orientation
- Active Display : Add always show pocket mode
- Active Display : Send unlock broadcast
- Active Display : Force fullscreen
- Active Display : Respect Quiet Hours
- Active Display : Turn off display if device gets pocketed again (all fixed now)
- Active Display : Catch possible NPE during handleDismissNotification()
- Active Display : Few fixes and improvements to latest commits
- AppWindow: performance and memory improvements
- Settings : Cleaned Some unneeded classes
- MMS : Mms: fix outgoing call handling on SMS notification
- MMS : Fix recipient picker crash with no contacts
- MMS : Option to delay SMS Sending
- MMS : Clean up delivery report dialog
- Frameworks : QCFace: Fix package path
- Frameworks : Fix for face detection
- Many more fixes tru-out entire build and clean-ups to the framework
- And many more

As Dragon and Lord Boeffla will combine forces... Fusion rom becomes Fusion Boeffla Rom

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.2

- Settings: Fix up Sound tile if device doesn't have vibrator
- MediaRecorder: add pause interface
- Added Button Light Notification
- LatinIME Fixes
- Fix compilation for non QCOM hardware after 'Enhance face detection
- Camera: Video HDR Feature Integration
- Camera: Adds support for meta data callbacks
- Camera: Adds support for longshot configuration
- Frameworks: Enhance face detection
- And many more

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.1

- Added Ability to Enable/Disable Smart Wake covers (Slim)
- Active display: Allow apps to be excluded from being displayed (Thnx Chaos)
- Settings: Re-organized the menu structure
- New notification Weather icons (Touchflo HD icons)
- Added dutch translations
- Set default animation value to 0.75
- Recents: fix topmost app overlapped by status bar
- Minor fix for suspend actions
- General fixes
- Add missing variables for camera button handling
- Added Extra earpiece gain in voice calls option
- Added missing method
- Merged latest CM commits

Changelog 4.3.1_r2.0

- Added circle battery turn green when plugged in at 100%
- Added battery level around lock ring
- Added cpu info overlay
- Improve rotation handling
- Forward compatibility fixes
- Changed default positioning of PIE to the right edge of the screen
- Fixed NullPointerException when activity is relaunched
- Make WidgetView observer private
- PhoneWindowManager: Hardware key handling fixes and cleanup
- Fixed hardware home key behavior on wake-up
- Fixed ordering of home keypress handling
- Statusbar: performance and fixups
- AppOps improvements and fixes
- Privacy Guard Changes (Awesome Thnx slim)
- Frameworks: squash of leak and race fixes
- IPV6 tethering: Check info for null before removeUpstreamV6Interface
- Fix issue #10226007: Reset apps restores most of the changed
- Fix Memory leak: parseObbFile.footer
- GlobalAction dialog ref not set to null
- Updated PhoneWindowManager to match CM custom keys system
- Speed-up build procces
- Set some more default qs tiles
- Added FusionChangelog (Original work done by Dirty Unicorns, Just modified it to fit fusion rom)
- Always Pie
- Pie: Add master switch to enable/disable Pie
- Added Pie On/Off qs tile
- Changed Expanded desktop tile to navbar tile to toggle only navbar
- implement a pin keypad shuffler
- Added Fusion updater (Testing not working yet)
- Added times for fullscreen statusbar timeout and active display
- Added Option to hide Camera widget from lockscreen
- Merged latest CM sources

Changelog 4.3.1_r1.9

Added qs fast charge toggle
Fix unresponsive home key after waking device with long press
Added miui like carrier label
Added long term orbits (LTO)
Fix opengl stub exeption handling
Added statusbar network view stats color
Added support for audio in bootanimation
OS optimalizations
Partion info : set correct path for external-sd
Added wakelock blocker
Added ability to change ringer mode from lockscreen (Chaos)
Added dim screen on charging
Added Hosts switcher (Original work done by Dirty Unicorns, Just modified it to fit fusion rom)
Added suspend actions
Merged latest CM sources
Merged latest AOKP sources
And more...

Changelog 4.3_r1.8


Merged 4.3.1_r1 (Previous build forgot to repo sync before build – So the 4.3.1 sources where not included)
Added never display timeout option (Thnx slimroms)
Fixed active display for tablets
Camera : Again fixed preview freeze when taken picture
Gallery : Fix flimstrip with no camera tile
New Lockscreen handle for fusion style (Thnx pimpmaneaton)
Statusbar brightness slider rewritten (Now works like it should)
Build Fix : Framework.jar full (Due the amount of features in this rom we needed a second framework.jar)
Hybrid 3 : Rewritten as a system server (Thnx ParanoidAndroid)
Fix for PA per app color
Fix for the low proccesses kept bug
Added Dutch translations
Added Fusion Gesture (Based on Gesture anywhere by Chaos)
Many other fixes tru out the build
Merged latest CM Sources
Merged latest AOKP Sources
And many many more

Changelog 4.3_r1.7

Android 4.3.1 (JLS36I)
Fix : SystemUI FC When disable quick access ribbon
Fix : Settings FC Privacy guard advanced option
Fix : LatinIME FC when swipe
Fix : Button settings Camera button
Fix : Notification shortcuts
Fix : Black wallpaper issue when home pressed
Appbar Fixes
Active display : Enable proximity sensor only when screen off
Active display : Only fetch next notification if mNotification - null
Active display : Don't show active display if call state is not idle
Added Support for FM feature
Added Enhanced routing support
Added IPV6 tethering support
Added Gapps to build ( All TRDS compatible) (Additional package is available for download)
Added S Pen gestures support
Added Security profiles
Added SystemCleaner ( Thanks to Slimroms - Slimizer )
Added Persistence ( Control persistence. Keep strings and profiles saved after rom update )
Framework-res : Removed gingerbread scrolls
Some AppOps Updates
Some code cleaning and sorting

Merged latest CM sources
Merged latest AOKP sources

And many many more, i cant all remember

Changelog 4.3_r1.6

Fix Fix: active display for hdpi devices (should be ok now)
Fix one wifi and ethernet concurrency bug
FastScroller: Fix to use appropriate index
audioflinger: Fix pops in LPA while effects are applied
audioflinger: Fix delay in enabling effect for LPA
Better png optimized during build
Allow hiding frequently contacted lists
Reverted latest AppOps changes: Broke Google setup
IntentService: Fix to run with a lower priority flag.
Fix PhoneWindowManager animationFinished callback
PackageManager: Limit the platform-key protection to test-keys builds
Camera: Adds support for meta data callbacks
fix Typo on OpenGLRenderer (libhwui) Properties
Prevent MediaScanner infinite loop with invalid path
Added Permit home button wake to be configurable
Added fastboot functionality (performance settings - default on) on single click fastboot, on long click normal shutdown!


zoom with volume keys
more options for focus
always want more focus
reduce the camera button animation duration to 100ms

Camera: many fixes

Complete overhaul Lockscreen options :


Lockscreen see trough option
Lockscreen background and background alpha (bad written code: battery drain and phone was getting hot)


Customizable lockscreen background, included : custom image (with transparency slider)
colorfill (with transparency slider)
Full transparent

Complete overhaul Notification options :


Notification background and background alpha


Notification drawer style included : custom background image (with transparency slider)
Portret and landscape image options
Colorfill (with transparency slider)
Notification rows transparency

Merged latest cm sources
Merged latest aokp sources
An many more

Changelog 4.3_r1.5

Keyguard LaterLock: improve the handling of policy timeout
Fix PhoneWindowManager AnimationFinish callback
Active display : Repect Quiethours
Active display : Add treshold to proximity sensor
Active display : Allow hiding low priority notifications
AppOps : Added more operation options
AppsOps : Added support for whitelist of packages
PowerWidget : Fix Widget order option
Camera : Fix preview freeze for various devices
Merged Latest CM sources
Merged Latest AOKP sources
And more fixes and improvements

Changelog 4.3_r1.4

Fix Active display pocket mode
Fix Active display for hdpi devices
Active display option to set display time-out
Reimplemented privacy guard backed by Appops
Some privacy guard fixes
Lock volume keys in silent mode
Facebook sync mod
Smartdial increase suggestions from 3 to 6
Show more info in boot dialog
Fix Cutoff Lockring
Added powerwidget
Added power widget notification brightness slider
Fix Phone fc on hdpi devices when Fusion dark is active
Settings: option to set tabs+swipe or only tabs (Thanks to pac-roms)
Better animation control translations
Merged latest cm and aokp sources
And many more fixes and improvements

Changelog 4.3_r1.3

Fix APN entry (sokgiorgos thanks for reporting the issue) - My apology for the inconvenience
Active display: Delay hiding systemui by 100ms
Active display: Add sunlight mode
Some more fixes and improvements
Merged latest CM Sources

Changelog 4.3_r1.2

Merge android-4.3_r3.1
Merge AOSP / jb-mr2.0.0-release
Added active display
Added Halo mods and tweaks (Ninja mode, message popup, Ping on unlock and allow floating windows option)
Fixed launch player on headset connection option
Hide glowpad warnings
Notification longpress fix
Fusion style drawables and mods
Lots of fixes and improvements
Merged latest cm sources
and many many more

Changelog 4.3_r1.1

Changed low battery warning policy to advanced low battery warning indicator (More options)
New Dialer layout like fusion 4.2.2 roms (Chaos)
Settngs: profiles: update look to be more inline with others
NEW Animations Controls (Carbondev)
Moved List View Animations to Animations Controls
Added drawables for Fusion dark (TRDS)
Latest CM source merged.
Tons of fixes and more
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I love your roms
its possible to add aosp sms?

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Originally Posted by sanoc69

I love your roms
its possible to add aosp sms?


AOSP SMS can be found within the DragonICS Theme
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DragonICS theme looks just like kalgas icslike theme..

Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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Great News... what about the Transparent 50% status bar MOD.
27th August 2012, 04:36 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by drknezz

DragonICS theme looks just like kalgas icslike theme..

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thats correct used some of his icons but its not the same theme
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27th August 2012, 05:41 PM |#9  
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Are we also getting the same awesome modded settings.apk from the ICS Rom? It's my favorite part.
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28th August 2012, 01:39 AM |#10  
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28th August 2012, 02:00 AM |#11  
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Woot! Woot!
Originally Posted by Dragon7780

!!ETA 15 mins!!

You are the MAN!!!!! So looking forward to this one.
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