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By ksr007, Senior Member on 3rd March 2013, 05:53 PM
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Hello everyone ! this is the second rom cook that I did.You can find my first rom for the Galaxy S2, called the " Purelook S3".
And now a new rom for galaxy S3 called the " Purelook HD", with the main inspiration is from Xperia Z.

Super Fast- Smooth-Clean- Battery Friendly-The ultimate music experience unmatched in S3 with PureXAudio and Walkman Clear audio +!

The Fast WAY ( Click and move to content) :


About ROM :


—»Root + zipaligned + deodexed
—»Build : 4.1.2 XXEMB2
—»Region : EU
—»Modem: XXEMB1
—»Kernel : 3 kernels to choise
—»itnit.d support + many tweaks
—»Change the default language to Vietnamese ( but you can change in setup wizard or setting > language)
—»Remove alot of Samsung apps[/CENTER]

You can choose one of two theme : Stock SamsungTW or Xperia Blue ( just click on one of the two, do not choose both)

—» Xperia Blue theme v9.5
+ SGS volume hack (enable greater volume)
+ Xperia home from Xperia Z v4.0
+ Lockscreen Xperia Z
+ Wallpaper choser Xperia Z
+ Walkman and clear audio +
+ The photos and video from Xperia Z
+ Widget Walkman active
+ Some apps from Xperia T & Z: calculator, TrackID, Xperia link, EA games
+ Xperia Z bootanimation
+ New boot sound and off .
+ 23 toogle buttons
+ Manage and add applications using the Multi window control
+ Update latest Flash player

—»Mod: + enable call auto recording ( dialer > custom setting)
+ Pop up browser
+ Bravia engineer 2
+ Add a call button in contacts
+ Add exit button in the default browser wed
+ Hold down the menu button to close the application
+ 128 multi CSC and laguage
+ No auto converting messages to MMS
+ Unlimited contact to sms mms
+ Open VPN
+ GPS tweak (Go to the default
+ Camera mod take a picture with the hard keys
+ Home and lock buttons on status bar ( available remove in AROMA)
Stable, fast, smooth and Beauty !

Installation Guide


—» Request your phone has root and CWM
—»Download and copy the rom to your phone
—» Choose install from sdcard and then navigate to the ROM content
—»In AROMA ( only selected area on which you want to install
—» Reboot and enjoy


Purelook HD v8.0 XXEMF1 -JB 4.1.2 (02/07/13):
Mirror 1 - v8.0 XXEMF1 ( cloudpt) :
Mirror 2 - v8.0 XXEMF1 ( AndroidFilehost- Very fast) :

Purelook HD v7.1 FINAL XXEME2 -JB 4.1.2 (17/06/13):
Purelook HD v7.0 XXEME2 -JB 4.1.2 (13/06/13):

Purelook HD v0.1.2 XXUFME3 -JB 4.2.2 (02/06/13):


Pleas note :
One bug in transparent theme when you playing video app defaul.
-How to fix :*
Play your video and touch to icon "zoom in &zoom out" on play screen. When it's change to scale screen, you will able to see video

Update Patched v6.1 (21/05/13) (only 9mb, Flash over v6.0):

Purelook HD v6.0 XXEMD2 (19/05/13):
Mirror 1 - v6.0 XXEMD2 ( Google drive) :
Mirror 2 - v6.0 XXEMD2 ( Dropbox) :

Purelook HD v5.2a Final XXEMC3 (10/05/13):

Purelook HD v5.2 Final XXEMC3 (07/05/13):

Purelook HD v5.1 XXEMC3 (01/05/13):

Purelook HD v5.0 XXEMC3 (13/04/13):
Mirror 1 - v5.0 MC3 :
Mirror 2 - v5.0 MC3 :
DOWNLOAD HERE ( Torrent link)
Mirror 3 - v5.0 MC3 :
DOWNLOAD HERE ( Fast link -

Purelook HD v4.0a XXEMC2 (08/04/13) :
Mirror 1 - v4.0a MC2 :
Mirror 2 - v4.0a MC2 :

Purelook HD v4.0 XXEMC2 "Fly to the Sky "( Full ROM, full wipe is recommended) :
Mirror 1 - v4.0 MC2 :
Mirror 2 torrent link - v4.0 MC2 :
Xperia Z media(ringtone+alarm+ui) Flash via CWM :

Purelook HD v3.2a "Fly to the Sky "( Full ROM, full wipe is recommended) :
Mirror 1 - v3.2a :

Purelook HD v3.1 " Life companion"( Full ROM, full wipe is recommended) : DOWNLOAD
Mirror 1 - v3.1 : DOWNLOAD
Mirror 2 - v3.1 :DOWNLOAD


Purelook HD v3.0 " Unpacked"( Full ROM, do a full wipe before Flashing ROM) : DOWNLOAD

Xperia blue theme v9.0 :

Some video of rom ( thanks to nitin kumar & Ogun Dereli , silitek , Azz Reh)



—» supreethms
—» JaviLonas
—» Wanam
—» ThilliaC
—» edgarf28
—» My beta tester team ( ducchanh315, thaikhang91,, Kenb00 )


... and many others I can not remember ( pm me and i will add you )

The main website of ROM :

New banner signature of ROM ( thanks to silitek)
Banner 1

Banner 2
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Changelog & Tutorial .

XPERIA THEME : Chose Xperia v9.6 theme ( or Translucent theme)> chose Xperia icon pack !
If you want Xperia launcher with enables showing unread counts for SMS, calls, Gmail and K-9 mail - That is awesome launcher of ra3bal and buy it by the following link.
Unread counts:

Xperia™ Unread
provides unread counts for SMS, Calls, Gmail and K-9 Mail for the Xperia Launcher.
It supports all SMS and Phone apps.


Galaxy S4 theme + feature : Chose S4 apps in Addon app > chose Stock TW Galaxy S4 theme > chose Galaxy S4 icon pack .


Got FCs with Xperia keyboard ( download and flash new version from here) :

CHANGELOG v8.0 XXEMF1 (JB 4.1.2) :

- Base XXEMF1
- Modem XXEMF1
- Kernel Stock repacked XXEMF1
- Update Boeffla kernel to v2.12 stable
- Update Googy max kernel to v1.5.4
- Added Camera from S4 GoogeEdition
- Xperia Z Ultra defaul wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper in Xperia & translucent theme .
- Galaxy MEGA defaul wallpaper in Samsung TW theme .
- CODEX HD v3.1 (thanks to @codexc) :
+New Xperia z Keyboard from new base 4.2.2
+New Xperia z apps Movie/Album new base 4.2.2
+ Bravia engineer 3
- Added in AROMA for chooser :
+ Sound when booting phone up
+ Bootanimation : Samsung or Xperia Z
+ System Sound : S4 or Xperia Z
- New dock themed (Z ultra) for Xperia launcher v2.05b
- Rewrote some tweaks and scripts .
- Added Office Suit Full from Galaxy S4
- New Battery icon


-Added modem XXEMB6
- Fixed Ink effect
- Update Googy max kernel to v1.4.9
- Update Boeffla to 2.12 beta 8
- Rebuild some tweak in build.prop and init.d
- Enable more Languages for Chooser
- No mms in call log

CHANGELOG v7.0 XXEME2 (JB 4.1.2) :

- Base XXEME2 - JB 4.1.2
- Modem : CEELL1
- Update all app system to XXEME2
- Jkay framework 14.95
- Update SuperSU v1.32
- Update latest Gmail.apk
- New Multi window theme for Translucent and S4 themes
- Rewrote somes build.prop and init.d
- Update kernels in AROMA :
+ Shark v18.2
+Boeffla 2.12 beta6
+Googy Max v1.4.7
+ Googy kernel V1.5.8
+ Kernel stock XXEME2

-New PureXAudio Remixed version 1.0
- New defaul wallpaper.

Somethings i forgot, will add its later !

CHANGELOG v0.1.2 XXUFME3 (JB 4.2.2) :

Edited some tweaks & script for build.prop and init.d
Added " V6 super changer Script" ( better ram and system, but do not use it if you want multitasking)
Remove white theme & green themes transparent
Added Stock theme S4
Updated for Blue theme transparent
Changed wanam stock kernel > Omega stock kernel ( thanks to OMEGA team)
Update Galaxy S4 launcher and Accu weather to Latest MDL S4 firmware . ( thanks to Arsaw)
Added Touchwiz UX 2013 themed for both themes in my rom (thanks to Kik0o)
Camera mod HQR XXUFME3
Added " hold menu to kill app"
Added " Ink effect" ( only use with Ripple effect)
somethings i forgot, i add it later

Changelog v6.1 XXEMD2 (2105/13):

- Fixed for Ink effect
- Fixed SecwallpaperChoser.apk

Changelog v6.0 XXEMD2 (19/05/13):

  • Update base XXEMD2
  • Kernel stock XXEMD2
  • Update Jkay framework to latest 14.95
  • Added options to chooser theme for status bar (motomoto, Xperia,Blue angel)
  • Side to Side animation TW
  • New battery icon for both themes
  • More Tweaks for build.prop ( 3g & streaming, touch boots, audio quality...etc)
  • Update "SecwallpaperChoser.apk" to latest version from Galaxy S4
  • Update for Xperia toogles status bar ( 2g,BT tethering, wifi tethering)
  • Update some icons for Xperia Z style icon theme
  • Replaced Camera mod by stock camera of XXEMD2
  • New defaul Wallpaper in rom

BUG : Pleas don't using " Ink Effect" in lockscreen because it's caused bootloop for your phone .
I will try to fix it in next update . thanks !

Changelog v5.2a Final XXEMC3 (10/05/13):

- Fixed for Crash UI
- Stock animation ( if you want animation in v5.2 - DOWNLOAD HERE)
- Update Shark kernel to v16

Changelog v5.2 Final XXEMC3 (07/05/13):

  • New themes for status bar ( If you don't like, pleas check in Addon page in OP for stock theme of status bar)
  • Rebuild some tweaks in init.d and build.prop (More smooth & fast, hope also on battery life)
  • New TW animation ( SIDE TO SIDE animation)
  • Replaced XXEMB6 modem by XXEMC2 ( requested by Spevil07, some troubles with MB6)
  • New defaul wallpaper
  • Added some addons in Addon page ! pleas check .

Changelog v5.1 XXEMC3 (01/05/13):

  • Update Jkay framework to latest 14.94
  • Update transparent theme ( some apps and transparent in call going) ( Credit to @nguyenxuanhoa for his awesome works)
  • Update GG playstore to latest 4.0.27
  • Update Shark kernel v15.3
  • Added Perseus kernel v36.3 in AROMA
  • All features from v5.0a ( Read Here)
  • Added X4 video player from Xperia Z
  • Removed AC!D audio v7 in AROMA
  • Added PureXAudio ( Enable by defaul and you will not see it in rom because it's system file) ( Credit to ZeroInfinity )

Changelog v5.0 XXEMC3:

Base Firmware: I9300XXEMC3 (4.1.2)
Region: Europe
Country: Nordic Countries
Carrier: Unbranded
Build Date: 27 March 2013
Change List: 1071725
- All features from v4.0c
+ Fixed and update Xperia keyboard to v4
+ Update S4 keyboard to v2
+ Changed and added some tweaks in init.d and build.prop ( 3g + network + system + performance)
- Update to latest Jkay framework 14.93.3 for XXEMC3
- Update Framework for transparent theme to 14.93.3
- Add modem XXEMB6 in AROMA
- Removed 3 kernel in AROMA : Adam, perseus , boeffla .
- New UI when stating AROMA installer .
- Removed Option for Lock&Home button on status bar in AROMA
- Update Galaxy S4 theme to v5
- Add ink effect for circle lockscreen ( go to setting > lockscreen > lockscreen options > Ink effect)
- Update Multi window control to XXEMC3
- New defaul battery icon for Xperia theme + S4 theme

Somethings i forgot, will add its later
Changelog v4.0a :


- Added Xperia bootanimation + media ( ringtone+Ui sound+ alarm)[ If you want Samsung bootanimation, flash Disable_custom bootanimtion from HERE)
- added apk file for code test *#197328640#
- Replaced AC!D v5 by AC!D v7.0 ( if you use AC!D v7 it will cause FCs for choser soundeffects in setting/sound )
- Xperia launcher advance v2.05b cameback as defaul in Rom .
- New theme for Seccalendar.apk ( more easy to read and write)

Changelog v4.0 :


¤Base Firmware: I9300XXEMC2 (4.1.2)
-Region: Europe
-Country: United Kingdom
-Carrier: Unbranded
-Build Date: 11 March 2013
-Change List: 1042335

¤ Update Jkay framework 14.93.1 XXEMC2
¤ Replace XXELLA modem by latest XXEMC2 modem .
¤ Remove Lonas kernel in AROMA (3 versions)
¤ Add syiah 1.9.1 - Perseus v35 - Speedmod K2-12 (kernel source update9)
¤ Replace AC! D v7.0 by AC! D v5.0. ( (V5.0 Compatible better)
¤ Translucent theme updated to latest framework 14.93.1( special thanks to Nguyenxuanhoa, my friend-my master)
¤ Fixed mod Lock&home buttons on statusbar
¤ Remove Chrome.apk ( you need download from CH play to get its working.)
¤ Replace Google playstore inverted blue by original playstore from GG ( phonesky.apk) - hope it will help faster download from GG play .
¤ Original Youtube.apk comeback - Fix for errors login your account .
¤ Add Secnotemyfile.apk with white themes ( Galaxy S4 theme)
¤ Remove Xperia advance launcher v2.05b to option in AROMA
¤ Change bootanimation from Xperia Z to Samsung ( flash this if you want back to Xperia Z bootanimation)
¤ Boot sound Galaxy s4 option in AROMA
¤ New toggle from Elegant v6.0
¤ New theme for Walkman music (See here for what's new) ]thanks to ThilliaC

Somethings i forgot, will add it later .
Any bug or errors in rom, pleas pm to me

Changelog V3.2a :

- Update latest Jkay framework 14.93.1 (Fix for missing new framework in v3.2)

- Add Galaxy S4 keyboard in AROMA

- Add Galaxy S4 S-translator apps in AROMA

- Update more themed for Stock TW theme in AROMA ( Galaxy S4 themes)

- Change icon of GG playstore (Phonesky.apk)

- Change icon 2 buttons Lock &home in status bar .

- Remove more apps in system

somethings i forgot, will add later ...

PS : don't use transparent themes in AROMA, now ! because it still uses the old framework .

I will update new transparent theme in the next time .

Changelog V3.2 :


#New in AROMA :
- Add Accu weather S4 modded ( credit to XdroidPerfect )
- Add boeffla kernel v2.10beta2-linaro
- Add Xperia style icon to Choser in AROMA ( credit to ThilliaC )
- Add Options to chose " Top button" or " bottom buttons" in AROMA ( credit to _jkay_ )
- Update new UI for Stock theme in AROMA to " Galaxy s4 themed and UI" ( credit to pglmro )

# New in Rom :

- update Jkay framework 14.93 ( 1st Apr)
+ Fixed the 'Bypass-the-lockscreen-using-emergecy-contacts' security glitch found recently (Bug in Samsung's Android 4.1.2)
+ Fixed SystemUI FC when doing several screenshots (bug in JB)
+ Worldclock on notification bar (by request, press on the clock to see world clock dialog)
+ Support for Native Android Music Widget on Jelly Bean lock screen
+ 'Running services' button to the Recent apps panel (next to the Task manager icon)
+ SecSettings apk modded: Your phone Settings will show Device status : Normal (Samsung OTA update still NOT possible!!)
+ Long press home button on lock screen to toggle Flashlight .
+ 32 Quick Setting buttons! Added: GSM only, USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering, Screen on (default is : temporary 3 minutes screen timeout), Flashlight, Secure Mode (disables pin/pattern requirement), Landscape Mode, Dim screen (also turns off touch key light), WifiAp Hotspot, Flight mode, Auto brightness, Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off (Do a second swipe down to see them).
+ Quick launch panel (launch apps from notification when you do a second swipe down, incl. Alarm, Calendar, Phone, Messaging, GMail, Camera, Restart, Recovery, Download and Power off)
+ New hires Green Circle battery (with percentage text inside)
+ Colored connection icons when fully connected to Google Servers
+ Next Alarm on drag bar
+ Volume keys skip track (Tested with : Stock Samsung player, Stock Samsung FM radio, Spotify, Play Music, Winamp, PowerAmp, Neutron player, and MortPlayer)
+ Volume lock (Notification volume follows ringer volume)*
+ Ext Device options dialog (with 4 Power button and Sound options row with Volume buttons lock option)
+ Fixed JB lockscreen so it shows pin/pattern when activating camera or Google (bug in JB)
+ Fixed home button when it is not used for launching S-Voice (double press) (bug in JB)
+ Fixed volume down so you get Silent mode too! (bug in JB)
+ Enabled volume keys on lock screen *
+ Original Jelly Bean GlowPad lock screen
+ Replaced background_holo_dark png with the hi-res version.
+ Moved the clock a bit on the PIN/Password lock screen
+ Support for AM/PM info on the JB lock screen

- Change icon of quickpanel buttons .
- Change background of SetupWizard
- Change defaul wallpaper for Circle lockscreen
- Change color of clock on status bar to " white"
- Add a new theme Galaxy S4 for Samsung musicplayer
- Update latest version of Chrome and fixed data, bookmark .
- Update latest version of GoogleSearch widget
- Update Playstore inverted blue to latest " 3.10.16"
- Fixed smart alarm do not sound .
- Fixed FCs when chose sound effect in Setting/sound
- Fixed Walkman widget in lockscreen not play ( If you do not use the AC! D, it still works fine, if used with AC! D will error out on the lock screen widget does not work when dormant.)
- Fixed FCs for NFC
- Fixed media scanner on JB ( new generation of shoman94 from thread

Somethings i forgot, will add later ....

Changelog V3.1 :

- Add AC!D audio v7.0 in AROMA ( for music lover)
- Add Galaxy S4 icon pack in AROMA
- Fixed Secwallpaperchoser Galaxy S4
- Add newest Samsung apps and service from S4 ( if NFCpayment is FCs, don't worry, just enter "ok" )
- New dialer phone ( thanks to @nguyenxuanhoa)
- Changed defaul icon battery > new blue icon battery with text ( Xperia blue icon battery will avaiable when you have Jkay deluxe setting .)
- Add- Xperia cosmic live wallpaper
- New image for status bar close on-off .
- Update Adam kernel to v2.2.1
- Update Perseus to v34.3

Somethings i forgot. Will add its later...

Changelog V3.0 :

***AROMA Installer :

- Update AROMA to new version .
> Boot sound : on or off
> Addon Apps : - Allshare play, Sony Z original launcher + widget, TW launcher, Google talk, Smemo, Camera android 4.2, Samsung apps store and Scloud .
> 7 Kernel to choise :
+Stock repacked
+ Boeffla v2.9
+Adam kernel v2.2
+Perseus v34.1
+Lonas KL v1.3 : nomal, medium, extreme, super extreme .
> 2 modem to choise :
> 3 themes to choise :
+ Stock Touchwiz Theme
+ Xperia blue v9.5
+ Translucent theme

***Rom :

- All features from v2.1.2
- New defaul wallpaper and lockscreen Wallpaper S4
- Added from S4 : Secwallpaper choser, Taskmanager widget, SimpleFavorites widget, Digital clock widget .
- New shotcut named " lockscreen" in Appdrawer ( now, so easy to change wallpaper of Xperia Z lockscreen)
PS : Just using resize picture by Semcphoto , don't work with Samsung gallery .
- some changes in init.d and build.prop to more stable and fast + smooth .
- Updated Sony Gallery, video, walkman , calculator ... to latest from Xperia Z
- Updated Xperia Z keyboard v3 ( by RizalLovin)
- Updated theme to Elegant v5.0 + Xperia blue
- Updated Gmail to latest 4.3.1
- Updated Google search to latest version.
- Updated Google maps
- Updated TrackID
- New Google play store inverted blue
- New Number battery icon ( Install Jkay setting and you will see)

And all the best things you can find in my rom

CHANGELOG v2.1.2 :

- Remove a few tweaks in init.d and added tweak "S86ksr007" (Less heat over phone)
- Walkman music update in the sound enhancement has added three options: Clear Stereo, clear phase, XLOUD.
- Fixed a data arrow icon on the status bar.
- Change file csc (may fix serial or is not)
- Update Gmail to latest v4.3
- Update PopupBrowserUi to XXDMB5 ( latest of Note II )

CHANGELOG V2.1.1 : :
improved and optimized the system, performance, Smooth and 3G !


Hi everyone ! This will last version of rom and i will stop develop this rom for a next time, thanks you very much for using and liking my rom .
Hope, can comeback soon... thanks and regarding .ksr007

- Added Android 4.0.3+ Xperia™ Launcher 2.0.5 and full widget ( for more features :


+ 2.0.5 (Build: 2094) 13.Mar.2013
- Fixed: Force Close after device reboot
- Fixed: Random Force Close when the application is running in the background
- Fixed: Posibility of Force Close on pinch in/out (HTC HD2, possibly other devices too)
- Fixed: "Keep application in memory" not always switching from ON to OFF and vice versa
- Added: An option to select color for the color filter for: ClockWidgets, MusicWidget and OnOffTools (Launcher Settings -> APPEARANCE -> Xperia™ Advanced Widgets Color Filter)
- Changed: App drawer button image is changed for LDPI

- Editted build.prop for for more improved 3G, smooth, scroll...
- More Samsung app removed
- Update Xperia blue theme to V8.5 :
+ Xperia blue icon battery
+ Blue press call dialer
- Changed the icon of lock & home button on status bar
- Changed the defaul wallpaper of Home.apk and Xperia Z lockscreen
- Fixed some small bug fix from previous versions
- Ext4 Tweak, Sqlite, Zipalign on boot, battery tweak .

Changelog and information of AROMA installer purelook HD v2.1 FINAL :
- Update from 2.50 to latest v2.56
- Changed the Background when installation
- Fixed freezing when Installer finish

+ Chosen Xperia blue theme or Stock TW samsung theme
+ 3 kernel to Choise :
Boefla 2.9 beta3
Lonas KL 1.3 ( normal, medium, extreme, super extreme ) More infomation here
+ 2 modem to choise : Latest XXEMB5 or M440SLI6 ( better for asia )
+ Install or not install lock & home buttons on status bar.
+ 3 apps Addon :
Gallery and camera 4.2
Ext4 tweak ( recommend using)
Samsung apps ( more service, samsung store and sync..)


V2.0.1 :

- Updated info of Rom to v2.0.1
- Fixed Chrome.apk and update to latest
- Changed the theme of dialer to Xperia theme ( thanks to @supreethms and @ThilliaC)
- Slightly modified build.prop
- Updated theme for Multiwindow ( thanks to @Dr.Love)
- Fixed font for Vietnamese
- Added SecPhone.apk with automatic call recording (fully customizable) XXEMB5 ( thanks to @mythtrandyr)


Changelog v2.0 : ( Sorry, no AROMA for now, i need more time to upgrate AROMA installer to newest v2.56, will include in v2.1 )
( Wipe is recommended)

Base Firmware: I9300XXEMB5 (4.1.2)
Region: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Carrier: Unbranded
Modem: XXEMB5
Change List: 996085
CSC: DXELK4 ( HD voice enable and support)

- Latest Jkay 14.92.9 ( pleas buy latest deluxe setting here for more setting and adds new Features)
- Update host
- update latest chrome.apk
- update latest TrackID.apk
- change the look of the display setup wizard
- Change icon of status bar ( Real Xperia Z)
- Remove a lot of Samsung system apps
- More build.prop for :
+ 3g tweak
+ Image tweak
+ improve performance
+ Save battery life
- More init.d tweaks for:
+ More battery life
+ Zipaligned
+ more smooth and silk
- Add app " boot my Xperia" (optimized with different configurations)
- Change defaul wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper .
- Lonas KL 1.1 medium kernel as defaul kernel ( Samsung update8 and better battery life + voodoo sound, boeffla tweaks) :
here's some information to update the latest of Lonas KL 1.1 kernel :
(thanks to javiLonas)
1. Base GT-I9300_JB_Opensource_Update8
2. Sound Rem 0.3 (Based on Boeffla Voodoo Sound and Sound)
3. Added support SWAP, CIFS and NFS (v3 + v4) (update8)
4. Added support Car Dock
5. cpufreq_pegasusq: 200000 set sample rate (update8)
6. s6evr02: Allow maximum brightness at 255 (update8)
7. pegasusq: reduced sampling window and set hotplug (update8)
8. mmc: increased waiting time for lower class cards
9. mmc: Enabled Support Triangle Away (update8)
10. USB Charge 900 - Direct Method (update8)
11. Reduced waiting time in battery-monitor wakelock (update8)
12. Reduced sampling time used outside
13. Cancelled enough internal Debug kernel (update8)
14. Removed the + name stock
15. Support 1600MHz CPU OverClocked (update8)
16. Increased to 256 VM_MAX_READAHEAD (update8)

Update 1 ( 05/03/13) : Xperia Lockscreen for Jkay
If you are using Jkay, then following this guide to have Xperia lockscreen :
1. Download and flash this first (
2. Download " Xperia lockscreen_Jkay" :
3. Flash 1 first then flash 2 in CWM, reboot .
4. In Jkay deluxe setting > chose lockscreen > chose Jelly Bean ( Xperia lockscreen) .


Xperia blue theme v7.0 is Online here :

Construction for who want using my rom with Jkay :
- Download Jkay framework from here
- Flash Jkay framework and reboot
- Go back to CWM and flash " Xperia blue theme V7.0"
- reboot and done


v1.2 :
—» Edit build.prop
—» Add alarm clock
—»Replace the stock kernel
—» Replace the bootanimation Xperia T
—»Change the location of the home and lock button for each other
... and a few other small changes I do not remember

v1.0 : Initial Release

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Angry Mod & addon
—» Stock theme of status bar :
—» Xperia Z system Sound :
—» S4 system sound:

—»Stock Xperia Z_battery_icon_theme :
—»4 themes background :
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Area for testing user

NOTE : I built this version for who want smooth, fast, higher performance, Battery need tested !

23/06/2013 : V7.2 beta 2+3 XXEME2 for testing only

*Changelog for BETA 2 :

- Update Googy Max to v1.0.5a
- New v6 script and Cross breeder 6.20.13

DOWNLOAD HERE( beta 2) :

*Changelog for BETA 3 :

- Added [MOD][SCRIPT] Project Extreme
- builp.prop and init.d
- Juwe ram script
- cross breeder 6.20.13

DOWNLOAD HERE (beta 3) :

20/06/2013 : V7.2 beta XXEME2 for testing only

Changelog :
  • Added v6 super changer script and seeder ( higher performance, speed, reduce lag...)
  • Update Shark kernel to v18.3
  • Update Googy kernel to v2.0
  • Added Headphone.apk ( you can add any app in there when headphone is plugin)
  • Edit some build.prop and init.d for performance and smooth)
  • New defaul wallpaper for XperiaZ lockscreen
  • Camera stock Modded
And others thing i do not remember, will add soon.
Pleas feedback to me . thanks you !

DOWNLOAD HERE (v7.2 beta)
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3rd March 2013, 05:57 PM |#5  
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Screenshot of Battery life on Purelook HD rom .
Battery life of v2.1.1 ( from @Ausboy 2011, thank to him)

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3rd March 2013, 06:10 PM |#6  
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it looks amazing
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3rd March 2013, 06:13 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Chaos ^_^

it looks amazing

thanks mate
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3rd March 2013, 06:28 PM |#8  
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Looks absolutely astonishing! Will try this immediately!
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3rd March 2013, 06:46 PM |#10  
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3rd March 2013, 06:47 PM |#11  
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Yhea....another Xperia Z like Rom i should buy me a second S3
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