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[ROM][GT-I9300][KK 4.4.4]🌟S5 Sensation ROM™ v11.0🌟[AROMA][OTA][MAY05,2015]

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By sunajkram23, Senior Member on 22nd May 2014, 06:54 AM
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24th February 2017, 11:04 AM |#5111  
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can i install this rom in korean s3 shv-210k with arter97 kernel
Originally Posted by sunajkram23

Please read instruction on 3rd post

Version 11.0 - May 05, 2015
-improved performance
-updated interface
-removed sound option in power menu
-replace Flipboard Briefing to S5 Magazine
-added Clock in Notification panel
-S5 Lollipop style notification
-reduce Ram consumption

Version 10.0 - April 01, 2015
-base on latest Arter97 port back-to-n00t ROM
-upgraded to Android KitKat 4.4.4
-update to latest Android Lollipop interface
-initial release.

Version 9.0 - XXX

Version 8.1 - March 23, 2015
-added all updates from previous version
-updated to Galaxy S5 Lollipop user interface
-flat style colored bars Xposed modules included
-modded S5 Lollipop TW Launcher w/ quick Camera launch features
-all apps updated
-improve stability
-fixed some minor bugs from v8.0
-corrected Rx_Tx_Configurations
-added Boeffla Kernel v6.5 (Recommended)
● Implemented new equalizer profile "Flat", which resets the equalizer in Boeffla-Sound to neutral settings
● Toolchain change back proven to gcc 4.7
● Implemented new Boeffla-Sound equalizer profile "Googy-Max"
● Internal kernel busybox updated to version 1.23.1

Version 8.0 - January 23, 2015
-base on latest qaraqumus port NL1
-added Dolby effect
-updated all apps
-added Boeffla Kernel v6.3 (Recommended)
● Kernel sources of n7100 kitkat kernel (update1) merged in
● Update zzmoove to version 1.0-beta5 for a bugfix
● Charging when device is switched off
● Internal Boeffla-specific hardening and bug fixes in startup- and controller scripts
● Update internal su to version 2.35
● Update exFat driver to 1.2.9
● Update the flash binary in the boeffla-kernel-reset recovery script, bump to version 3.1
● Rare issues with mounting external sd card for some users fixed
● New reset script V3 in boeffla-kernel-data folder, which does a more complete settings wipe
● Numerous internal optimisations and fixes

Version 7.0 - September 7, 2014
-FINISHED..view progress here.
-included all update from previous versions
-updated Category header TEXT & COLOR to S5 +1
-fixed Aroma
-fixed Lockscreen Weather info not showing
-fixed Manage Accessibility FC
-fixed Bluetooth sensitivity
-fixed Cropping FC in PhotoEditor
-added option to Add/Remove Keyboard Symbols in Aroma
-added Roboto font - Thanks to KikOo
-added Init.d & build.prop tweak option in Aroma - Thanks to Aonja
-added Kernel options in Aroma
● Stock QS Kernel
● Boeffla Kernel - Thanks to Lord Boeffla for permission
-Boeffla Kernel v6.1 beta4 +1
● Support for ppp widget app (allows external modems connected via OTG to work, e.g. 3g or LTE modems)
● Improvements for OTG-connected LAN adapters (DNS resolution now working)
● Configuration interface /proc/config.gz enabled
● Boeffla-Kernel startup script redesigned and improved
● Boeffla-Kernel internal busybox deployment now working completely fine
● Implemented security patch "futex-prevent-requeue-pi-on-same-futex"
● Added two more fixes (one on mempolicy tmpfs and one on CPU hot plugging)
● Removed some build tweaks to ensure higher stability
● Default zRam set to 600 MB if you start with fresh config
● Complete rebasing with n8000 KK kernel code
● Mali drivers updated to GT-N8000_SEA_KK_Opensource code drop
● Kernel code merged with Samsung n8000 kitkat kernel code
Fixed Graphical glitches +1
Fixed Wifi direct +1
Fixed Screen mirroring +1
● Battery life significantly improved
● Udate to zzmoove 0.9-beta4 - Thanks to ZaneZam
● SSupport for external OTG connected webcamsadbd daemon fixed
● Ramfs updated
-and many more...

Version 6.0 - August 28, 2014
-FINISHED..view progress here.
-base in qaraqumus port NG4 - QSPNG4
-added all updates from previous version
-permanently removed Note 3 Settings app
-enabled S5 Translucent statusbar
-flashed this Attachment 2916454 in recovery to removed Note 2 Phone app
-fully ported S5 Shutdown menu
-fully ported S5 Framework
-fixed Aroma script
-fixed Key Behavior option in Aroma
-fixed Wifi Direct FC in Settings
-fixed changing custom ringtone FC in Settings
-fixed adding custom apps FC in lockscreen
-fixed Lockscreen Custom app overlap Carrier text
-fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper FC in Settings
-fixed Lockscreen SPlanner widget
-fixed Lockscreen Pin/Password alignment
-fixed Screenwrite FC
-fixed S5mini TouchwizLauncher issue
-fixed Blank icon in Launcher after flashing
-fixed Samsung sync
-fixed Assistant menu FC
-fixed Statusbar icons spacing (flash this to revert back to S5Layout)
-fixed Optical Reader FC
-fixed Alert Dialog button
-fixed Alert Dialog divider
-fixed Video player blury icons and buttons
-fixed TextToSpeech
-fixed Polaris Office FC
-fixed SNote not working properly
-fixed OTA Updater ROM ID
-fixed Smart scroll for tilting device toggle icon thanks to efevelasquez
-fixed S5 Photo editor not working properly
-fixed Gallery slideshow not working properly
-fixed Alarm clock not working when UPSM enabled
-fixed Color adjustment FC
-fixed Report button in Settings/AppManager/Running not showing correctly
-fixed Group Play and Group Camcorder not working properly
-fixed Clock FC when select ringtones -Thanks to Anindya JV
-enabled Emergency mode in Shutdown menu
-enabled Volume seekbar animation
-enabled Download booster toggle
-enabled Noise Suppression option
-enabled Call recording
-enabled Font in Settings app(Click 3DotMenu/EditQuickSettings and thick font)
-enabled Homescreen Themes option in Settings app
-enabled system and notification Volume seekbar in Settings app
-added option to Add/Removed Data network mode in Shutdown menu in Aroma
-added Touchkey light duration in Settings/Display
-added Samsung Cloud in aroma
-added ART from my previous version."EXPERIMENTAL"
-added Polaris Office 5 in Aroma
-added Adapt Sound
-auto backup Efs
-changed Lockscreen wallpaper to fullblack in UPSM
-renamed SE for Android status "disabled" to "Enforcing"
-updated Framework theme to S5 mini Framework
-updated All apps to latest versions
-and many more...

Version 5.0 - August 3, 2014
-base on latest NE2 build
-added link for ArchiKernel v1.4 here. with STweak support.
-fixed Aroma script
-fixed Screen Mirroring
-fixed white background in Stock S3Style key behavior w/ 3Dot Menu
-fixed Samsung account
-fixed Smart pause
-fixed Sound Alive - Thanks to Anindya JV
-fixed Alert Dialog - Thanks to Vishnu PV
-fixed some applications icons in S5mini Launcher
-fixed Lockscreen Particle effect size
-fixed Lockscreen Carrier location
-fixed read/write sdcard
-fixed Kids mode installer
-fixed S5 and S5mini Touchwiz Launcher
-enable S5 Shutdown menu +1
-enable Tinted Statusbar in Stock S3Style key behavior
-added S5 Key behavior options in Aroma READ THIS FIRST LINK
● S3 stock key layout
● S3 stock key layout with 3Dot menu in all apps
● S5 stock key layout with 3Dot menu in all apps
-added Modem option in Aroma (preserved baseband option included)
● I9300NEUGND1
● I9300XXUGNA8
-added Stock S5 Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma (permanently removed swipe to MyApp features)
-added Stock S5 mini Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma
-added S5 mini Music player w/ working Allshare
-added S5 mini Phone app w/ videocall support
-added S5 mini Clock app
-added S5 Clock widget in Aroma
-added S5 STranslator in Aroma
-added Car mode in Aroma
-added AirCall Accept app in Aroma
-added Gear support
-removed Private Mode
-themed Download application to S5
-updated Aroma theme
-updated theme on EasyOne Hand features
-updated S5 theme
-updated All Google apps
-updated All Samsung apps
-updated SuperSU v2.01
-updated Samsung Apps now "GALAXY Apps"
-updated Playstore to v4.9.13
-and there's many more..

Version 4.2 - July 15,2014
-update patch for v4.0 up
-Multitasking tweak
-speedup performance
-around 500~600MB RAM +1
-400-500MB in normal stage +1
-dual Note2+S5 Settings THANKS to Aonja
-enable Network restriction toggle
-7 lockscreen effects
-added Oil paint lockscreen effect
-added Torch menu on settings
-added LED indicator option on settings
-added App ops
-added AirCall accept app
-fixed facebook app sync
-add 10 Toolbox apps shortcut in default
-No random reboot at this moment
-update notification toggle
-update S5 wallpaper
-OTA support app included
-update OTA Updater app icon

Version 4.1 - July 5, 2014
-added OTA Update support (you need to download here to get and flash in recovery)
-Using stock i9300 power profile values in framework-res.apk
-Using ArchiKernel as default (which enables ZRAM and SWAP, Linaro 4.9.1 ArchiDroid optimised)
-Enabled 256MB ZRAM on boot (/system/etc/init.d/01ZRAM (remove to disable)

Version 4.0 - June 30, 2014
-now in Aroma installer
-added Ultra Lite ROM Options in Aroma
-added S5 Camera in Aroma
-added Air Command in Aroma
-added "Android L" keyboard in Aroma
-added 4x5 5x5 5x6 Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma
-added S5 theme Easyonehand in all screen
-added Full wipe data option in Aroma
-added option to install SFinder and Quickconnect shortcut in Aroma
-quadview Multiwindow
-fixed some icons in 48dip
-fixed smartscroll icon toggle
-fixed Aroma
-my personalize Aroma theme
-disabled signature lock
-speedup performance
-Optimize RAM
-build.prop tweak
-updated SuperSu v2.0
-updated all Apps in latest version
-updated to latest ArchiKernel v1.2
and a lot more...

Version 3.3 - June 15, 2014
-update zip for version 3.2 only (no need to wipe data)
-fixed lag issue
-fixed statusbar GPS icon
-fixed notification text after taking screenshots
-added SFinder & Quickconnect notification shortcut

Version 3.2 - June 14, 2014
-backup your apps and do full wipe (recommended)
-GPU & Performance tweak
-updated apps
-fixed WiFi hotspot
-fixed WiFi Direct
-fixed notification toggle
-hide SuperSU & UPSM Manager by default
and a lot more..

Version 3.1 - June 8, 2014
-update zip for version 3.0 only (no need to wipe data)
-removed note 3 setting icon in launcher
-revised some tweak to enhance speed and increase free RAM
-added Theme Chooser option in settings
-added touch key light duration option in settings
-added Action Memo
-added S5 Radio (forgot to include in v3.0)
-fixed Samsung Apps not sync
-fixed SketchBook FC
-fixed build.prop
-fixed Smart Network icon in settings
-you can now select up to 9 apps in Toolbox
and a lot more...

Version 3.0 - June 3, 2014
-base on XXUFND3
-ART (Android RunTime) - EXPERIMENTAL
-init.d & build.prop tweak
-RAM & Battery Tweak
-gradient statusbar on all Samsung Apps
-totally replace menu key to recent app
-3 dot menu in all apps
-fixed changing ringtones on settings
-fixed auto rotation - Thanks to bulldog74ts
-fixed S5 Calculator
-fixed dropdown menu background ,now change to white on some apps
-shortcut key on keyboard is now visible
-onehand operation in all screen
-added S5 BackUp app
-added S5 Baby Craying Detector
-added S5 SHealth
-added S5 Memo
-added S5 Calendar & Widget
-S5 MultiWindow
-S5 Toolbox
-S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode w/ UPSM Manager
-disable adjusting Volume tone
and a lot more...

Version 2.0 - May 28, 2014
-base on Preview 5 XXUFNE1 ported by JustArchi
-build.prop tweak
-"OK Google" Hotword detection
-fixed auto rotation
-fixed all Lockscreen Bugs including notification
-fixed white dropdown menu
-added UPSM Manager
-removed Software update
-removed SFinder and QuickConnect notification shortcut
-removed SNote
-removed Toolbox
and a lot more.....

Version 1.0 - May 22, 2014
-first release
-base in Preview 4 XXUFND3 ported by JustArchi
-S5 Interface
-S5 Launcher - go here for more modified launcher
-S5 Settings
-S5 System UI
-S5 My Files
-S5 S Voice
-S5 Lockscreen
-S5 S Note
-S5 Story Album
-S5 Accuweather Widget
-S5 Kids mode
-S5 Voice note
-S5 Radio
-S5 Studio
-S5 Photo editor
-S5 Music player
-S5 Calculator
-S5 Contacts & Phone
-S5 Keyboard +1
-S5 Messaging
-S5 Toolbox
-S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
-replace H/H+ to 4G/4GLte (to revert back to H/H+ flash this Attachment 2806120 )
-added Xposed Framework
-added MenuBeGone Xposed modules
and a lot more......

can i install this rom in korean s3 shv-210k with arter97 kernel
1st March 2017, 02:16 AM |#5112  
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Originally Posted by umarmalikbest

can i install this rom in korean s3 shv-210k with arter97 kernel

This rom is not made four your device!

But you can try on your own responsibility, because u can end with bricked device.
14th June 2017, 09:19 AM |#5113  
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Originally Posted by umarmalikbest

can i install this rom in korean s3 shv-210k with arter97 kernel

No my friend..😊
1st July 2017, 08:35 AM |#5114  
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Thank you very much !
9th July 2017, 03:31 PM |#5115  
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Sunajkram23 are you going to make v12 for this rom if not can you at least fix battery drain issue and I did tick to improve battery life in the installer for this rom but it still drains my battery.
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