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[4.4.4][CM11][24/Nov/2014] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - v162.1 released

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By Hari23, Senior Member on 14th March 2014, 01:39 PM
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Since the thread is locked..Posting here to inform others !

Official thread by temasek

Official thread was closed due to temasek's request, I created this thread to notify others of new temasek releases.

Download links:

CM11 - Temasek - 162.1[FINAL]

Temasek's i9300 file directory
Kapiljhajhria's mirror

Originally Posted by temasek

Build V94
md5sum: 35a3b183c6c917457d2f966b99feb02b


  • Android 4.4.3_r1.1 - KTU84M
    - This update includes many fixes & changes that spans over MANY repositories. Mostly under the hood except Dialer which spots a new look. TRDS mode for Dialer needs update. I will look into it soon or wait for SlimROM to commit an official fix.
  • FIXED - Swiping down status bar in full screen expanded mode
  • FIXED - Apps2SD option "Move to SDCARD" not showing in apps settings
  • Camera QS Tile: Launch default gallery app when long pressing active camera tile
  • Themes: uninstallThemeForAllApps shouldn't check if map is empty if it's null
    - Potential NPE introduced in previous builds
  • UsbDebuggingManager : Handle race condition when toggling rapidly
    - When toggling adb enable/disable rapidly, you can have the situation where the thread's
    run() gets invoked but mAdbEnabled is already set to false, hence listenToSocket() never even gets invoked in which case mOutputStream/mSocket are both null. This patchset adds checks around that.
  • Don't cleanup overlay mapping for non-theme apps
    - mOverlay structure should keep all app/theme mappings even if the app does not exist. Otherwise we will have to insert back the mapping for every app that is installed which would be time consuming.
    - Without this patch an upgrade app loses its applied theme until the device is rebooted.
  • appops: enforce appop for bluetooth disabled action
    - Bluetooth disable action should be enforced in the same manner that the enable one.
  • Add a HAF access permission
    - This is signature protected, and extremely dangerous since it grants system GID.
  • MediaExtractor: Add more skip conditions for the second-pass extractors
    - If the stream's container is opaque (DRM) or a known skip condition (cached-source MPEG4), don't push it through the deep scanner
  • Updated cm sources


Originally Posted by temasek

Build V92
md5sum: 450a68b70861840b9dea54cfc135e9e2

  • Updated self-compiled SaberMod Toolchain for ROM compiling (excluding kernel)
  • Revert PA's "Long press recents to switch to last app"
  • Add "Long press recents to switch to last app" - by Cristiano Matos
    For now 7 actions are possible
    1 - none
    2 - last app
    3 - screenshot
    4 - kill app
    5 - notifications panel
    6 - QS panel
    7 - power menu
  • Add "Music" QS Tile from SlimROM
  • Add "Quick Record" Tile from SlimROM
  • Add "Last App" Toggle to Nav RIng (Quick Launch Shortcuts"
  • Fix soft reboot using power menu through tile, navring and recent long press - Cristiano Matos
  • The return of SlimPIE
  • frameworks: fix qs and notification shade toggle on expanded desktop
    - If expanded desktop is enabled and statusbar hidden the toggle does not force
    the statusbar to show before it pulls down the shade
    - fix it with just requesting the the statusbar to show up before we actually
    peform the action
  • frameworks: a nicer resize with better quality
  • frameworks: fix navbar and pie icons for tablets and RTL
    - well due that we use a completly other attempt then googles navbar we do not
    need to rely on different sized icons for portrait and landscape. So just a square
    icon fits our needs perfect (which is so or so everwhere in AOSP default to use square ones).
    - Whatever recents pie feature showed us that we still forgot to size the pictures for our tablets and as well for RTL user.
    - So let us do it now to fix any resizing issues on navbar and or SlimPie
  • frameworks: clean up the AOSP tablet icon mess
    - well.....on grouper the overlay size for the navbar is/was
    google added bigger icons then the usual ones into the sw600dp folders.
    Well newer tablets have 48dp as default like the phones so the slightly bigger
    icons do not fit 100% correct. It is not much but it is noticable.
    - So all devices have same navbar default all icons should have same size
    as well. Just remove the overlay icons so that the system automatically chooses the right
    one from the default screen qualifier.
  • Add "Allow All Widgets On Keyguard"
  • Fix hiding ADB notification
    - When the notification is already shown (the device is connected in ADB mode)
    and the user turns it off, it doesn't go away. Let's hide it properly.
  • perf: Don't persist the perf profile across a reboot
    * Always initialize with the default performance profile.
    * There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly because
    users are stumbling into the setting and ending up with a
    slow system because they enabled powersave mode.
  • perf: Send a boost hint when a key on the navbar is pressed
    * A lot of stuff happens, especially when invoking recents.
    * Get ahead of the storm by sending a boost hint before
    kicking off the animations.
  • Add support for Peek app
    - Disable built in peek when Peek app is installed. Enable it again on app's unistall.
  • frameworks: Add user protection and pie/navbar toggle to SlimActions
    - Keep the user save and do not allow to disable all navigations to keep
    the device usable. User will be notified
    - In Settings user get the choice to enable the other navigation method. Of course
    only on navbar devices due that hw key devices always have a working navigation
  • Fix equalizer tile in extended QS options - Cristiano Matos
  • frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger height if IME shows up
    - This patch gives the abbility that features can set the IME_CONTROL flag in addition to the position flags to enable reducing trigger heights on the left and right edge to avoid conflicts with swipe keyboard.
    - Although the inputfilter lets come presses to the application trough the normal user behaviour is to start keyboard swiping before they really even pressed the char button which results in conflicts with whatever feature is using the left and right edge as trigger.
    - Features who want to use it need to set IME_CONTROL flag. As well if notification drawer was pulled down or global menu is shown on top of the IME keyboard the original size gets restored till they are dismissed/closed
    - This patch adds only the support for it.
  • SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME keyboard shows
    - frameworks part added
    - settings part I forgotten to add Will be in next build
    - Add a user option to reduce left and right trigger of SlimPie if keyboard shows up (especially usefull for swipe keyboard which most keyboards are nowadays). Enabled by default user can disable it in settings (V93 onwards)
  • Proper FIX for broken exfat
    - Reverted pre-built mount.exfat
    - Add -Os flag to external/fuse to fix broken exfat when on global -O3 flag
  • Updated cm source - Read by your own,n,z





temasek twitter:

temasek ‏@temasek71

Hlte / i9300 - V57 is up. Android 4.4.2_r2 KVT49L

Thank you temasek for doing a wonderful job !
Originally Posted by Kapiljhajhria


(click here for more)

updated on 11-May-2014
->I will try to keep it updated with latest Q&A.
->before posting any question please make sure you have searched the thread, so that we can avoid unnecessary posts.
HAVE A LOOK AT THE PIC IN THE END. IT WILL HELP a lot about why this new thread, what happened after version 50 and some other questions.

my youtube channel subscribe and give suggestion for more videos
Temasek's v72 video


Steps For upgrading:
1. Download the updated version
2. While its downloading go through temasek twitter profile for info about new build. he regularly mentions if there is any major changelog, addition or removal of certain feature or bug
3. visit this forum and read 10-20 posts after the new update.
4. Now flash the updated version

Steps for posting
1. use "search thread" function to search for you problem. there is 99% chance that it has already been answered.
2. visist temasek on twitter he periodically informs user about bugs and solutions. but don't demand him to do anything. there is a big difference between demanding and requesting. learn the difference.

Developer Option
Q: Missing Developer options?
A: Settings - About phone - Build Number (click build number 7 times)

Q: What type of kernel is supported?
A: Any kernel that is good for OMNI rom is good for temasek's ROM. Ex- boeffla-omni-kernel,
yank omni kernel

Q: Changelogs?
A: This is not an official thread. Official thread is closed until further notice. Temasek is no longer keeping an active thread on XDA for i9300. So don't ask for chnagelog. Make a backup and falsh the new ROM and discover it yourself. if there will be any major change like addition of new feature or some major bug fix, temasek will tweet about it or make a post here. his
twitter account link
Also if there will be any new feature i will make a video and post it here or you can follow my channel on youtube.
will post the link soon as i am currently organizing my youtube and creating some new channels.

Q:Compatible gapps?

Camera Problems
Q:Cannot connect to camera?
A:1. Googy kernel & Lord Boeffla kernel now comes with camera fixes. (As on 11-May-14)

2.Normally you can make this error go by restarting your phone. but you can avoid that as well by using this app by temasek. restart camera

Q: for those people who upgraded to V63 and even the "restart camera" app or rebooting is not able to result in a working camera
A: visit this thread and flash the file. please read and follow the instructions mentioned in the thread. its not only for V63 but other versions as well if you want to try something with the camera. good luck

Q:My proximity sensor light is most of the times on and it is causing battery drain. OR red
lights switches ON when screen is OFF. why is that?

A: settings - lock screen - lockscreen notifications - pocket mode (disable pocket mode, uncheck it)

Charging Problem
Q:My phone is charging very slowly. takes hours to charge my phone.
it could be because of any of the 4 reasons.
1. faulty usb cable -replace the cable and check
2. faulty charger - try it with genuine charger with correct output.
3. Kernel settings- if your kernel support Fast Charging then chnage the values to enbale fast charge.
some of the kernels like boeffla kernel have their own app to do that whereas kernel like yank you have to do that while falshing it.
4. it could be your mobiles faulty charging port. so ge it checked from a local shop
or samsung service centre. before that you can do a clean install of the ROM and make
sure it has nothing to do with anything else.
During all these process you can use this app to know the charging current value.

normally for USB port its around 500mA and for wall charger its 750-1000mA. I use charger of 1A output so for me its 1000mA. but most of the charger are of 0.75A. and some people also use charger of 1.2A or higher capacity for faster charging. Don't experiment too much with these values as it can result in heating up of your phone if you set the values too high or use an incompatible charger. Other risks like impact on battery life etc should also be taken into consideration. So be careful and once again don't make the values too high.

Playstore Problems
Q:Not able to install any particular app from playstore or using apk?
Sometimes an app can leave behind some folder or file and that can prevent that app from being installed again. so use a root explorer and go to /data/data/ and look for that app folder/file and delete it. try installing your app now.
All Playstore related problems solution can be found here

Push Notification Problems
Q: whatsapp or any other app only receives messages or notification only when you open that app.
A: make sure that app is not greenified, if not. Then visit this thread.

Whatsapp Problems
Q: Whatsapp crashes when you try to send, record or edit video through it.
A: Try lowering the resolution from 1080p to 720p. it has helped some user prevent this crash.

Battery Draining Issue
Q: something is draining your phone's battery?

Q:Slow 3G? or any other network problem or battery drain?
A: Usually network related problem is because of modem. try changing MODEM of your phone.
perfect MODEM for you will be as per your location. so one modem which may be good for someone
else does not means that it will give good result for you too.
you can find different modem from this thread
us google if you are not able to find any particular modem.

Ringtone Problem
Q: No rigtone or alarmtone showing in the settinngs?
Try to refresh ur media by running media scanner service
Wiping "Media Storage" data and reboot. This will force rebuilding of all related files. In most cases this works. (temasek advice)
Also check in settings-temasek spare parts- general- media scan at boot. if you have disabled it then this might be causing problem.
enable it and force media scan and reboot

Note: Remember its based on CM so it will have CM bugs. Recently (somewhere around v70 don't remember exactly but around mid April 2014 to now - 1may14 CM has/had a bug which is till now not resolved. check CM thread for more info. Now it v75 and some people still face this bug. so wait for CM to resolve it. also since CM introduced new themes there have been FC or problems anything surrounding Themes it will take some time till THEMES at playstore or app that uses CM themes updates to the CM's new theme. Relax and don't use that theme or theme related app till it gets sorted out or go back t the previous build which worked for you

Other Issues
Q: Speaker dont work When call and Answer?
Play some sound after every reboot or just enable lockscreen sound (personally i never faced such issue)

Q: Does it have halo?
A: No and no news as when it will be implemented. No plans for adding it, till now. also check the image in the end

Q: your problem was not in this Q&A?
A: search the thread. if you still did't find anything then post your problem. if possible please PM me as well even if you found the solution or not so that i can update this post and help others.

i am going through whole thread on daily basis to make this Q&A. so it might take few days till it has enough information.
PM me for suggestion or addition of any particular question.
image created on 8th april. so tweets are from before that.

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14th March 2014, 02:01 PM |#2  
temasek's Avatar
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V51 is not final anymore.

I'm taking a break off xda. May be back in the near future.

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14th March 2014, 02:35 PM |#3  
Junior Member
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Thanks a lot for all the work. My S3 is better thanks to you.

Originally Posted by temasek

V51 is not final anymore.

I'm taking a break off xda. May be back in the near future.


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14th March 2014, 03:22 PM |#4  
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Installed V51. Runnig very smooth
14th March 2014, 04:04 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Erik1805

Installed V51. Runnig very smooth

V51 is a masterpiece.
14th March 2014, 04:44 PM |#6  
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There is by chance a place to check a changelog? (checked github, but i don't know where to look)

14th March 2014, 04:45 PM |#7  
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Are the two audio fix commits and battery drain fix included in V51 yet? Judging by the post time it's not possible but I'm not sure if there's a time zone bug (difference).
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14th March 2014, 06:29 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by DualJoe

Are the two audio fix commits and battery drain fix included in V51 yet? Judging by the post time it's not possible but I'm not sure if there's a time zone bug (difference).

yes, watch Temas twitter
Attached Thumbnails
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14th March 2014, 07:49 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by DualJoe

Are the two audio fix commits and battery drain fix included in V51 yet? Judging by the post time it's not possible but I'm not sure if there's a time zone bug (difference).

Only the commit by Javier is in V51. The other 2 more commits by others will be in next build.
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14th March 2014, 08:18 PM |#10  
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I'm still on V50. Should I wipe or should I be fine?
14th March 2014, 08:30 PM |#11  
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Great to see a discussion ongoing again about this great Rom.
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