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[MOD] JKay Deluxe 14.95 for XXEMD2/C3/2/ - Free Deluxe Settings Lite. Dev. stopped

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By _JKay_, Retired Recognized Developer on 31st July 2012, 11:25 PM
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Speed up access to settings and applications. Beautiful battery icon. Stay true to original design. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it!
It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and CWM to install it.

Check out the YouTube videos in the Q and A thread. These are demos and howto's.

To all users: Final JKay Deluxe v14.95 released. Do not expect any more releases of JKay Deluxe.

Looking at JKay for the I9505 now. Will do a complete rewrite of framework and app!! So no ETA!!

May 13th: [B]Released JKay Deluxe framework v14.95 for XXEMD2. XXEMC3, XXEMC2

100% free.. no ads.. no license required!!

Click here to download

This framework and Deluxe Settings Lite will give you :
* Press notification clock to launch Clock app
* Press notification date to launch Calendar app
* Long press clock or date to change time and date settings
* Support for non transparent notification icons on status bar
* 27 quick toggles to choose from: added: AllShare cast, Flight mode, Driving mode, Flashlight, Landscape Mode, WifiAp Hotspot, Auto brightness, Screen on (default is : temporary 3 minutes screen timeout), Sound, Vibrate (requires my version of SecSettings to work correctly!), NFC r/w p2p, Smart stay, Restart, Recovery, Download, Power off
* Option for transparent notification background
* Option for transparent quick settings background
* Option for transparent brightness slider background
* Option for transparent notifications (only apply to new notifications)
* Option for black quick settings background
* Option for black notification titles
* Option 'Remove app' to Deluxe Settings above 'Kill app' so you can select if you want back button to remove, kill or both
* Added a toggle to show/hide the 'Running services' button on the recent apps page
* Fixed SystemUI FC when doing several screenshots (bug in JB)
* Fixed the 'Bypass-the-lockscreen-using-emergency-contacts' security glitch found recently (Bug in Samsung's Android 4.1.2)
* Added support for Alarm Clock Xtreme so the status bar updates when next alarm info changes.
* Changed: Long press back button: now it will try to remove app first and only do a kill if removed failed..Keep press back for 2.5 sec and app will still be killed.
* Option to select divided events for Circle lock screen
* Option 'Show Settings button at top' to show Settings button at the top of the notification panel (Note that theres only room for 3 buttons! and that date will be reduced to a 3 letter month name if more than 2 buttons are selected!)
* Option 'Show Lock button at top' to show Settings button at the top of the notification panel
* Option 'Show Recent apps button at top' to show Settings button at the top of the notification panel
* Option 'Show Clear all button at top' to show Settings button at the top of the notification panel
* Option 'Transparent music widget' to make the music widget background 100% transparent. Album art will not be shown!
* Option 'Screen off turns off flashlight' to have flashlight turn off when screen turns off
* Option 'Volume keys silent mode' to select if you want your volume keys to include the silent mode when adjusting volume down
* Option 'Volume keys vibrate mode' to select if you want your volume keys to include the vibrate mode when adjusting volume down
* Option 'Volume keys keys beep sound' to select if you want your volume keys to play the beep sound when adjusting volume up or down
* Option 'Unplug turns on screen' to select if screen should turn on when plug/unplug charger
* Option 'Show battery percentage' has been included in status bar options. It overrides the Samsung setting when Deluxe Settings Lite is installed.
* Option '..and use bright light' option to Flashlight. So you can choose between bright and not so bright light.
* Option 'Swype lock until time-out'. If you use secure lock screen and want to use swype lock screen until timeout happens. Meaning if you set time-out to 5 mins then if you pickup your phone before the 5mins has gone you will still get the swype lock. After the 5mins you will get your secure lock screen (pin/pattern etc).
* Added stock 'Sound buttons' row to Phone options dialog. The one with the lock vol btn is now called: Sound and lock buttons
* The 'Confirm action' option in status bar settings now also toggles 'Flight mode' confirmation (Was called 'Confirm power off' before).
* Option called 'Use USB OTG unmount fix' to skip the wakelock in the unmountter class
* Option called 'Transparent sim lock' to make the background of the Sim lock screen transparent.
* Option called 'Black status bar' to make the status bar black
* Option called 'Show recent apps button' to show/hide the Recent apps button at the top of notification panel
* Option called 'Add date to clock' If checked date like Jan 21, will be prepended to the clock format in the status bar... like this: Jan 21, 21:44
* Option called 'Long screen time-out' in Set common options for lock screen. Will increase Lock screen time-out from 10 secs to 17.5 secs.
* Option to make Lock button also turn off screen when pressed
* Option to show/hide Notification title line (if hidden then the clear button will be shown at the top next to the Settings button (or Lock button if selected) instead of the Recent apps button
* Added 'Google now' to Double click home to launch app menu
* Option for 'Vibrate when unlock' on Circle/ripple lock screen
* Added Spotify support to the 'Long press volume keys to skip music track'.
* Changed: The Status bar clock is now vertical centered (in code)... hope this helps when using different fonts for the clock text.
* Added: 'Swype lock when secure' on/off option
* Added aosp native music widget to Circle/Ripple lockscreen, Rotary, Sliding Tab lockscreen and Jelly Bean
* Added 'Vibrate at shutdown' on/off option
* Added 'Shutdown animation' on/off option
* Added 'Ongoing notification left/right' on/off options
* Added 'Show navigation bar' on/off option (Experimental! So don't report stuff like Phone or Camera layout bugs etc!)
* Added darker background support on sim lock screen too
* Added Yellow, Red, Dark red, Bordeaux and Random colors as Ink effects on Ripple lock
* Added separate 'Darker on desktop' option for the semi transparent status bar background on the desktop
* Added toggle to 'Skip light sensor lock zone' to fix reported issues with auto brightness
* Added support for transparent status bar on lock screens
* Support for using menu key for Multi window.
* Support for Multi window using any application as first app.
* Support for launching Google Voice Search from double click Home button (use menu key when selecting app)
* 'Sensitive light sensor' on/off toggle (makes light sensor more responsive... so auto-brightness adjusts faster)
* On/Off toggle for Show/Hide of the 'No notifications' title on the notification panel !
* On/Off toggle for Show/Hide of the 'Ongoing' title on the notification panel !
* Do a second swype down to reveal all quick panels on the notification window
* Worldclock on notification bar (by request, press on the clock to see world clock dialog)
* On/off toggle for Blocking mode notification (default off) !
* On/off toggle for Show alarm icon !
* On/off toggle for Show silent icon !
* On/off toggle for Show bluetooth icon !
* On/off toggle for Bluetooth on notification !
* On/off toggle for Full charge notification !
* On/off toggle for Low battery notification !
* On/off toggle for Play USB connect sound !
* Roaming icon changed (It's an R when using TW and a small dark triangle in the signal icon when using AOSP layout)
* 'Recent apps' button to the noticiation panel (next to the Settings icon)
* 'Running services' button to the Recent apps panel (next to the Task manager icon)
* One more row of Quick settings buttons (swype down for 2nd row)
* Changed to 6 buttons visible in portrait and 10 visible in landscape
* SecSettings apk modded: Smart rotation preference visible
* SecSettings apk modded: Your phone Settings will show Device status : Normal (Samsung OTA update still NOT possible!!)
* Dual status bar (swype down on left side for notifications only or right side for quick settings) !
* Long press home button on lock screen to toggle Flashlight.
* Support for 'Colored connection icons when fully connected to Google Servers'
* AOSP data layout !
* New Green Circle battery (with percentage text inside)
* CRT off effect (thanks to sorg for the screen on bug fix)
* AOSP wifi layout
* Center clock with optional day of the week !
* Next Alarm on drag bar
* Smaller percentage text for battery !
* Status bar hidden on lock screen !
* Dark background on lock screen on/off !
* Rotary lock screen !
* Sliding Tab lock screen !
* Volume keys skip track (Tested with : Stock Samsung player, Stock Samsung FM radio, Winamp, PowerAmp, Neutron player, and MortPlayer)
* Volume lock (Notification volume follows ringer volume)
* Fast home long press
* Disable or customize home button double click to launch any app or unlock !
* Customizable Device options dialog (with 4 Power button and Sound options row with Volume buttons lock option)
* Back button long press to kill foreground app (with customizable timeout !)
* Fixed JB lockscreen so it shows pin/pattern when activating camera or Google (bug in JB)
* Fixed home button when it is not used for launching S-Voice (double press) (bug in JB)
* Enabled volume keys on lock screen
* Original Jelly Bean GlowPad lock screen
* Replaced background_holo_dark png with the hi-res version.
* Removed AccuWeather logo from Circle lock screen
* Moved the clock a bit on the PIN/Password lock screen
* Support for AM/PM info on the JB lock screen

If you like access to all options then you need the full version of my Deluxe Settings apk:

Older frameworks can use v14.9 of Deluxe Settings. Download here.

Please read the install instructions that can be found in the 3rd post.
And please read the FAQ and known issues in 3rd post before posting bugs or questions!!

If you need my support then send me an email using the Deluxe Settings apk. Or ask here in this forum because other users may also be able to help you.

Screenshots from JKay Deluxe framework:

32 fully customizable Quick setting buttons and 12 quick launch buttons in landscape mode.

Fully customizable Quick setting buttons in portrait mode.

Notifications only view.. possible if it is configured to use dual notification bar swype down.

I have added a shortcut to Running services to the Recent apps panel

Fully customizable Phone options dialog (notice the added day of the week in the status bar).

When roaming and show ASU level or when using AOSP layout, the roaming icon is a small dark triangle in the signal icon

Choose between 6 lock screens:

1) The Original Samsung Circle lock screen (without weather logo)

2) The Original Rotary lock screen.

3) The Original Sliding Tab lock screen.

4) The Original Jelly Bean lock screen.

5) The fully customizable JKay Tab Deluxe lock screen.

6) The fully customizable JKay ICS Deluxe lock screen.. with support for notifications from any app!

But also the pincode lock screen has been modified:

Notice the missing OK button and that the 'no status bar' option has been selected in Deluxe Settings!

Images from JKay S3 AOSP statusbar theme:

Status bar text, connection icons and battery are colored AOSP blue color.

Notification quick setting toggles are also colored AOSP blue color.

Note that you can also change the 'Recent apps list' button to the 'Clear All notifications' button.

All the types of connection icons and batteries are colored AOSP blue.

Screenshots from white theme:

Notice the non-transparent notification icons on the transparent status bar.

Notice the transparent status bar and the ripple/ink lock screen.

Screenshots from the White AOSP theme:

Notice the new Battery icon and the 5 bars on the signal icons.

A gradient background for toggles is also part of the White AOSP theme
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31st July 2012, 11:25 PM |#2  
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Here you can download the JKay framework in CWM zip file format

For info about new releases follow me on twitter @JKaySoft

JKay 14.95 for XXEMD2 (direct link)

JKay 14.95 for XXEMC3 (direct link)

JKay 14.95 for XXEMC2 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMR7 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMR2 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMB5 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMB2 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMB1 (direct link)

JKay 14.94 for XXEMA2 (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for XXEMA1 (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for XXELLC (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for XXELLB (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for XXELLA (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for UBEMA1 (direct link)

JKay 14.92.1 for ZSEMA1 (direct link)

Older versions of JKay for older roms (ROMs not recommended!):

XXEMD2 restore file (direct link)

XXEMC3 restore file (direct link)

XXEMR7 restore file (direct link)

XXEMC2 restore file (direct link)

XXEMR2 restore file (direct link)

XXEMB5 restore file (direct link)

XXEMB2 restore file (direct link)

XXEMB1 restore file (direct link)

XXEMA2 restore file (direct link)

XXEMA1 restore file (direct link)

UBEMA1 restore file (direct link)

ZSEMA1 restore file (direct link)

XXELLC restore file (direct link)

XXELLB restore file (direct link)

XXELLA restore file (direct link)

XXELL6 restore file (direct link)

XXELL5 restore file (direct link - updated!)

XXELL4 restore file (direct link)

XXELL1 restore file (direct link)

XXELKC restore file (direct link - updated!)

XXDLK1 restore file (direct link)

XXDLJ5 restore file (direct link)

XXDLJ4 restore file (direct link)

XXDLJ2 restore file (direct link)

XXDLJ1 restore file (direct link)

XXDLIH restore file (direct link)

XXDLIB restore file (direct link)

ZNDLK4 restore file (direct link)

Please remember to put the on your sd card too so you can restore when you have found some bugs. The restore file contains the original framework files from Samsung.. to get you back to stock framework.

Themes can be downloaded from:

They are all vrthemes and work with any I9300 JKay framework.

Theme collection maintained by orangerot:
Theme Collection

JKay Deluxe Icon Packs:
Jog Dial Icon Pack 1

How to use icons: Unzip the icons on your sd card. Long press a shortcut in Deluxe Settings and select the icon for it from gallery.

Direct Call and SMS
JKay Call Him , JKay Call Her , JKay Text Him and JKay Text Her
With these apps you can call or text a person directly using my Deluxe Lock screens or my Quick Launch Panel!
First time you launch the apk you select who to call or Text. Second time you launch the apk it will call or open message apk for that person. Uninstall and reinstall to change number.
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31st July 2012, 11:26 PM |#3  
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JKay Deluxe framework
The Deluxe framework is a modified version of the original android framework made by Google and Samsung. Five files have been extended: Settings.apk, SystemUI.apk, framework-res.apk, Ext.jar and Android.Policy.jar

Installation instructions:

Find the framework that matches your PDA:

To find your PDA version call *#1234# and write down the value next to AP :

Deluxe framework can be found at (Find the Deluxe framework that matches your PDA):

Download the new Deluxe framework and put it on your SD card.
Also download the Restore file for your phone and put it onto your SD card.
Use this restore file in case you want to uninstall the JKay Deluxe framework.

Q: How to install?
A: Install a supported ROM (using OTA, ODIN, HEIMDAL or Mobile Odin) and install CWM or a compatible recovery and use that to install the framework. Download Deluxe Settings from the Google Play store.

More detailed steps:
* Start with a backup of all your important information stored on the phone.
* If your phone's ROM is not listed then find a compatible ROM (and the flash tool called Odin) at
* Download JKay Deluxe framework for that ROM and put it on your SD card
* Flash ROM to your phone (if needed)
* Flash CWM recovery (]Read a guide here)
* Install JKay Deluxe framework using CWM (Make sure that there are no errors while installing it!)
* Reboot
* Download and install Deluxe Settings
* Enjoy JKay Deluxe !
* In case of any error you can also flash my using CWM or reflash the ROM using ODIN.
* HINT: If you root your phone then take a look at Mobile Odin

Q: Where is the Deluxe Settings apk?
A: Use the free Deluxe Settings Lite or the full version of Deluxe Settings.

Q: My Theme is gone!
A: JKay Deluxe contains new icons for the Quick Settings panel and the Phone Options dialog therefore
these icons have been included into SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk. JKay Deluxe stock mod contains
stock Samsung icons (plus the new icons I have made in the same stock style). Install a theme made for the JKay framework v14.3.

Q: My Volume buttons no longer works!
A: Did you lock your volume buttons? Check your Phone options dialog. If volume buttons are Locked then press the button to enabled them again (or reboot your phone).

Q: Quick settings toggles sometimes disappear from notification panel. What's going on?
A: JKay Deluxe framework supports split Notification panel. Default configuration is: Swype down on the left side for notifications only and swype down on the right side for Quick Settings and Quick launch panel. This is configurable using Deluxe Settings. But you can always do a second swype down to see all panels!

Q: Where is the Samsung lock screen?
A: The Samsung stock lockscreen is the Circle lock screen... It can be shown as circles, as ripples or ripples with ink effect. If transparent status bar is selected and or live wallpaper then the lock screen wallpaper and the ripple/ink effect will be hidden!

Q: I use ROM XYZ. Can you make JKay Deluxe framework for it?
A: Please feel free to suggest great I9300 (m0) ROMs that could benefit from the JKay framework. But I do NOT have time for BETA or any kind of leaked ROMs. And please note: I can not give you any guaranties that I will create the JKay framework for every new ROM that comes around.

Q: I would like permission to theme your mod, is that ok?
A: Sure go ahead. But you are only allowed to change xml and pngs! Remember to credit me! And please test themes containing my mod good before releasing! Think about png resolution and sizes... Use 8bit pngs where possible! Make sure your compilers supports xhdpi, only edit decompiled nine patch pngs... and don't compress the resources.arsc file! Make sure you don't break the framework-res.apk file.. you do this by recompile and decompile and compare results. They MUST be the same!

Q: What does Whitelisting an application mean?
A: This means that the application will stay in memory always! This will cause the start of the application to be almost instant! Memory in Android is there to be used. But do NOT put large games on the Whitelist. Only whitelist small good behaving apps that you use a lot. HINT: It is possible to whitelist specific apps on one lock screen and then use the other lock screen as the active lockscreen. This way you have full control over what apps are whitelisted. Also: Only apps on Ring 1 on ICS deluxe lock screen can be whitelisted! Check running services to see what whitelisted apps you are running. They have 1 process and 0 services. You can get there fast using the shortcut on the recent apps list. Currently you enable/disable whitelisting from the Misc page.

Q: It does not work, can you please help?
A: Ok... Before you post questions like this please ask yourself: Does my question lead to other questions? Here are a few tips for posting questions.
* read all of this FAQ
* do a simple search
* be specific: never use words like 'it does' etc...
* make sure people are able to reproduce your issue
* specify rom version, custom rom name, kernel, theme name, JKay Deluxe version.
* if you use a version that was ported to a different rom (PDA version) by another person and have problems then never ever ask for support in this thread!!! Don't even mention the problem in this thread!! People might think that there are issues with my mod when in fact there are not!
* If you run Stock Rom with stock kernel and need my support then email me using the link in Deluxe Settings (from the gmail account used to purchase Deluxe Settings).

Q: Why is "Add % letter" not working ?
A: This option only work when using 'Display battery percentage' from Display settings

Q: I get the error message 'Framework mismatch' and Deluxe Settings says DEMO in the title bar. HELP!
A: Please uninstall Deluxe Settings, reinstall framework and then download and install latest Deluxe Settings from Google. If you still have problems then email me using Deluxe Settings (use gmail address used for purchasing Deluxe Settings).

Q: What does this or that setting do?
A: Read the User Guide (needs to be updated!) or ask here in the thread. There are many great guys here who help me out a lot! And thank you guys for that!!!

Q: Deluxe Settings do not work, why is that?
A: Can be one of these
Either permissions: if you change the permissions of Deluxe Settings data folder then changes cant be stored. This can happen if you try to fix permissions or restore using fx Titanium Backup.
Or wrong version: if Deluxe Settings and framework don't match.
In both cases the solution is: Uninstall Deluxe Settings. Reinstall JKay Deluxe framework. Download the latest Deluxe Settings from Google play store and install it again.
If you still have issues then read FAQ 10 again.

Q:There's not room for all four settings button at the top of the notification bar. Please Fix!
A: Clock and date fields are meant to be big... so there's only room for 3 buttons! You need to select max. 3 of the four buttons!

Q: Ongoing Music player notification is not transparent as the other notifications. Why not?
A: Any application can create a custom layout for notifications. But you can use this vrtheme to make Radio and Music player notifications transparent!

Q: I can't get the status bar transparent! Why is that?
A: If you have checked 'Black status bar' then it will be black. Uncheck that first.

Q: I can't get the power button to work as the camera button. How do I get it to work?
A: You need to use the stock Samsung Camera app. Enable the 'Power button as camera bn' option in the Misc section. And then press and hold the power button while in the camera app. You can also make the power btn launch the Camera from the lock screen. For that you need to enable 'Power btn launches camera' in the Common lock screen options and disable the Phone option dialog by unchecking 'Show phone options dialog'.

Q: What does the 'Screen On' quick settings toggle do?
If you like me like to read articles on the phone before going to sleep and you do not want to change*
the default screen timeout. Then the temporary screen timeout setting is for you! It will reset back to*
your normal screen timeout when the screen turns off! Or you can use the custom screen timeout if you*
quickly wants to switch between default and custom timeouts. Select timeout and timeout type in Deluxe Settings app.

Q: What is the 'Secure mode' quick settings toggle good for?
A: If you have to use PIN lock screen because of security reasons... Usually because an Exchanges server*
requires it enabled to sync email at work etc... then you can use this toggle to disable the pin*
lockscreen and still be able to check email without the need to enter your pin all the time! The normal*
lockscreen will then be shown instead (or no lockscreen if that is selected!)

Q: Skip track using vol. keys does not work... can you fix it?
A: Skip track only works when music is playing, the screen is off and you long press the volume up or volume down. And there have been reports about conflicting players so try to only have one player installed (freeze the others). These players have been tested to work ok:
Google Play Music, Stock Samsung Music Player, Stock Samsung FM radio, Winamp, PowerAmp, Neutron player, Spotify and MortPlayer

Q: I have checked 'All apps support multi window' but nothing happens. Can you fix this?
A: The option 'All apps support multi window' enables multi window support in all apps. This means that you can launch any app and then drag an application from the Flash bar into it. This option does not add apps to the Flash bar!. If you want more apps on the Flash bar you need a modded version of the a search and you will find one... like this app : MultiWindow Complete Control by LegendK95

Q: What does 'Theme notification led' do?
A: It colors the notification led in the theme color (stock is green, aosp is light blue etc) for all incoming notifications. If 'Keep notif.settings if any' is enabled then notification that contains a color will keep its color.

Q: What does 'JKay colored notification led' do ?
A: It colors the notification led in the color entered in the string array called 'jkay_config_package_name_led_color' in arrays.xml in framework-res.apk. Notification have a packageName of its owner, and maybe an id and tag identifying the notification and uses the color found here for that notification. Even notifications that normally don't have colored led can now have a color! If color is set to #00000000 then the led for that notification will be disabled. If 'Keep notif.settings if any' is enabled then notification that contains a color will keep its color.
The 'JKay colored notification led' overrides the 'Theme notification led' if enabled.

Default list looks like this:

An entry contains 4 elements devided with a forward slash character(/): PackagenameIdTag/colorInFormat#AARRGGBB/OnInms/OffInms so the entry 'com.whatsapp/#FF003800/1000/3000' means package name for whatsapp with color green, on for 1000 ms (1 sec) and off for 3000 ms (3 secs)
Package name element can have a notification id and tag appended to specific a specific notification. Like Google talk notification entry '' has the id 2.
'' means any app on the JKay Tab Deluxe lockscreen
'' means any app on the JKay ICS Deluxe lockscreen
'' means the assigned Home button double click app

If you want to know an apps PackageName, Id or tag then you can use the CatLog apk and search for JKay. Or check the url for an app on Google Play. Like 'com.quoord.tapatalkxdapre.activity' is the package name for XDA premium.

Q: What does 'JKay led frequency' do ?
A: It sets the flashing frequency of an incoming notification to the on and off values found in the string array called 'jkay_config_package_name_led_color' in arrays.xml in framework-res.apk. Notification have a packageName of its owner, and maybe an id and tag identifying the notification. If 'Keep notif. settings if any' is enabled then notification that contains a color will keep its frequency. See FAQ 24 for more info.

Q: What does the 'Keep notif. settings if any' do?
A: It makes sure that notifications that already have a color and frequency will keep them. So if checked then 'Theme notification led', 'JKay colored notification led' and 'JKay led frequency' can not override it's settings.
If you use other applications to control the led like 'Light Flow' or 'Light Manager' then make sure you have 'Theme notification led', 'JKay colored notification led' and 'JKay led frequency' disabled and 'Keep notif. settings if any' enabled.

Q: If I want to use another app to control the led.... Like 'Light Flow' or 'Light Manager'. How should I setup Deluxe Settings then?
A: See FAQ 26 to set Deluxe Settings to behave like stock when it comes to led notifications.

Q: The GSM toggle gets stuck. Can you fix it?
A: Give it time to switch network. It can take some time. If you use data then you can follow the switch on the status bar from 3G to E (or R if roaming) etc.. I guess it could get stuck when trying to switch from 2G to 3G and 3G is not available!... If you still have issues then follow faq 10 and make sure other people can reproduce your issue..state your rom, theme, kernel etc... and send me some log files.

Known issues in v14.95 for Android 4.1.2:
1) CRT effect does not work when in full screen or when Wifi is off! Use a custom kernel with 'FB early suspend' set to 150 ms.
2) If you check options too fast in Deluxe Settings then sometimes they are not recognized by the framework. Just redo the selection

Known issues in v14.3.1 for Android 4.1.1:
1) CRT effect does not work when in full screen!
2) If you check options too fast in Deluxe Settings then sometimes they are not recognized by the framework. Just redo the selection.
3) Long press home button for flashlight only works when you have the Flashlight toggle added to the Quick settings panel.
4) Transparent status bar on lock screen only works when you select a Live wallpaper (or use a transparent wallpaper for lock screen).
5) To get a 100% transparent status bar you need to uncheck 'Darker background' under 'Set common options' for the lock screen!
6) Bug when Phone is whitelisted... please remove it from all whitelists!

My thanks and some credits goes to:
d8389 for NFC and auto brightness fix
aerobahn for the long press volume mod!
Oliwe for how to disable double-click! for their samsung roms!
Supercurio cuz you are the best!
Chainfire for his recovery with root and CWM
Koush for CWM
untermench for the 'how to' guide ref. power menu
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31st July 2012, 11:31 PM |#4  
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Nice i like your mod on sgs2. What about deodexed version? I see there is only odexed for now.

Edit: I find my answer in faq

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Thumbs up
Been waiting for this! Just wondering, will this work with XXALF2 or will you be porting to other builds in the future? Thanks!
31st July 2012, 11:35 PM |#6  
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Great JKay is here Bring it on
31st July 2012, 11:36 PM |#7  
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Hi _JKay_

wonderful to see you on the S3 forum

an alpha version for DEODEXED ROM soon?
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Finally JKay master welcome

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31st July 2012, 11:37 PM |#9  
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Thanks, will give it a try.
31st July 2012, 11:55 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Cdjones187

Been waiting for this! Just wondering, will this work with XXALF2 or will you be porting to other builds in the future? Thanks!

There will be builds for many roms like for the i9100...

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1st August 2012, 01:06 AM |#11  
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Is it necessary to hear that beep beep while pressing volume up/down?

Btw very good mod... I used to follow you on S1... Ages ago... =)
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