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[ROM/kernel] [5.x.x] [Stable] [Xposed] [v9.1] Halcyon Rom For I9500 [2015-11-14]

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Announcement from HAYLCION: Both Halcyon and Quantum Rom OTA Update is online
XDA:DevDB Information
Halcyon ROM For I9500
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Proudly Presenting The Halcyon Rom For I9500
The dream of a Perfect Rom Was yesterday
Get All the Best by the Best at once

Android 5.1.1 version of Halcyon rom will be hand on at October when samsung officially release the last update for i9500 in Russia (its not officially interduced by samsung yet) just for people who waiting

Page Index :
  • #1 Introduction & Install Guide
  • #2 Desclaimer & EUA
  • #3 Changelogs
  • #4 Screenshots
  • #5 Download Section
  • #6 Mods & ADD-ON
  • #7 FAQ
  • #8 Current Progress
  • #9 Video Reviews
  • #10 Some Users Reviews
Main Features :
  • Many Patches to Android Core
  • Init.d Support
  • Performance tweaks
  • Battery tweaks
  • RAM tweaks
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Faster network tweaks
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Dynamic Zipalign with each boot
  • Latest SuperSU Binary
  • Latest Busybox
  • Titanioum SQLite Binary
  • Knox completely removed
  • Based on My Special 5.0.2 and OD4 Firmware with an innovative Structure
  • 5-way reboot menu
  • Ambient Display
  • VoLTaqe/Halcyon/Stock/LWK kernel option in aroma.
  • Debloated
  • OTA Updates
  • Fixed overall SystemUI Lag
  • Fixed Lollipop ram leak
  • Much faster with halcyon Kernel on
  • Multilanguage and Localizations for countries worldwide
  • Many Customization Choices , thanks to aroma installer

Rom Highlights :
  • Many Android M Features Ported/Enabled Like :
  • Doze Features (Smart handling and Doze Display)
  • Ram/Battery Optimization
  • Volume Panel
  • Power savings
  • 3way To Silent Mode
  • Smart Locks/Unlocks
  • Full Sensitive Content/Privacy Control anywhere (Lock screen , statusbar , private mode , etc)
  • Full Application Permission control (App Ops)
  • Hearing and health care
  • .... and many more
  • Full Xposed Support
  • Cherry picked all apps From all samsung flagship devices (Note 3 , Note 4 , S6 , S5 , S4 , ...)
  • Flashlight Tile & all mods were available through XDA
  • Many of Halcyon Concept Theming Materials (Eye Catching beauty)
  • Fully Moded Setting
  • Many other useful apps and mods
  • Simplicity And Rocking Stability with Most functionality and performance
  • Pure Smoothness
  • Debloated from unnessary apps
  • Stable And Dynamic Structure to accept other future mods and fixes
  • Full Xposed Free (To avoid Confliction and xposed Dislikers)
  • Something you will not see in any other ROM or OS Or CM in current Date
  • Infinite Multi window & Multi intanse Mode experience
  • Special Edition with even more permium apps/mods for V.I.P Users
  • Kernel Work arounds
  • Known as the best rom out For I9500
  • many many more read rom features..

Prime Logo
Halcyon Rom Features :
Click on images for higher resulution

  • Halcyon Style Settings with more options like Halcyon Firewall settings and Super su management & other improvements
  • Advanced Halcyon Rom Settings with many features like multipile app installer Toolbox addon , UPSM Manager , Quick launcher settings , Notifications History and much more
  • Halcyon Theme globally applied to each apk like job manager halcyon style , pakage installer in halcyon style and ...
  • Wallpaper chooser with more than 70+ HD permium wallpapers
  • Halcyon Fully moded S6 Like Launcher (Even better than s6 one itself)
  • Halcyon Eye Friendly Keyboard Design
  • Innovative Key map with Halcyon prime rom for easier Screen shot and navigations
  • Super handy built in screencast tool for capturing video of the screen in a new style
  • Super handy halcyon Magnifier and Sfinder apps (New versions) easy to use anywhere
  • Halcyon Universal Dictionary
  • Halcyon DSP manager (Based on Cyanogen mod and V4A also Dolby Digital sound)
  • Halcyon Style SystemUI
  • My New ScreenOFF tool to be in control of screen in anywhere anytime
  • Experience 10 times less hard button usage with halcyon rom prime and keep your phone healthy
  • Some new patches to Android for smoother run and other stuffs and ram usage is at its minimum usage
  • Very stable and Fast and ready for daily driver and almost bug free
ROM Features :
  • Selectable S6/Note4 apps in Aroma
  • Selectable CSC Features in Aroma
  • Highly Customizable Mods During installation in Aroma
  • Selectable Themes and layers in Aroma
  • many other customization In aroma (nearly anything also Kernel selection) , thanks to AL_IRAQI , Alemtro & others
  • Fully functioning One hand mode (One hand input)
  • Highly Customizable private content , you can Hide sensitive content from Statusbar or from Lock screen Seperatly (thats aweasome)
  • Solid Stable Rom (Tested with all conditions and patched)
  • Fast Charge Mode
  • Ambient Display
  • Many unlock effects
  • Changeable pattern theme
  • S6 Lock Screen and Weather
  • All smart lock features Available In security Settings ( Trusted Zone , Trusted Face , On Body Unlock & ... )
  • Charging Effects
  • Themed Apps to look like S6
  • Moded 95% like Note4 and S6
  • Note 4 key layout
  • 5way reboot and emergency Option (will add screen shot and flashlight later)
  • Unlimited multi window multi-instane mode , Popups and 4 Split view
  • %Batt implementation (removed 3Minit)
  • many power saving Tweaks added
  • Moded Messaging now shows Screen on Option
  • many csc features enabled
  • Tool Box
  • Download Booster
  • Private Mode
  • Save web pages as PDF (Use Print then save as PDF)
  • My ScreenOFF Module
  • Many Statusbar Mods
  • SuperSU V2.49
  • Note 4 Keyboard and Upgraded Calculator With one hand input Support
  • Latest Google Framework services and GMS With wearable Support and good Battery usage..
  • UPSM Mode With UPSM Manager
  • Advanced Power saving mode with grayscale mode
  • S6 Smart Manager
  • Added Car Mode and Hands-Free Mode
  • Fire-Wall Control
  • Application Permissions in settings (AppOps)
  • When Webpage Magnifier enable (Through press and holding AirView Quick setting) Finger hovering will Simulate mouse hover in webpage like windows (its useful for opening up menus) note that only one mod can be done Webpage magnifier or This
  • Removed Annoying indicators of Power Saving and USB Connection
  • Moded Power saving
  • Support For my ApkTool app
  • Screen cast Moded by me (Available in Halcyon Prime)
  • New Sfinder v3 and moded by me (Available in Halcyon Prime)
  • new Samsung Magnifier v2 and moded by me (Available in Halcyon Prime)
  • Quicklauncher panel Controler and switcher to S-Finder Quick connect (Available in Halcyon Prime)
  • ToolBox Addon for Add additional items like screencast (Available in Halcyon Prime)
  • and so many more which i don't remember , just try your self

Prerequired Steps Before Installation :
  • Beeing aware of what you're Doing and already Readed Known Issues , Terms of Use and FAQ
  • It's Recommended To have Latest CWM/Philz Recovery and latest Bootloader & HOD4 Modem to avoid issues but it's not Necessary

Installation Guide Step by Step :
  • installation Guide Video by m1LoT :
  • Do a backup of your Rom ( or just your app and Data with Super Backup app so you can use it with Haylcion Rom Too)
  • Reboot to Philz Recovery / TWRP Recovery or ...
  • Press Install Zip and locate haylcion Rom installer
  • Wait for Haylcion Rom installer Finishes its Run
  • installations better be full wipe , its 50%-50% to work for dirty flash So if you select no full wipe dont use to Bug report if you Faced any FC
  • Take your Customization choices And let installation to be procced and check Reboot option and press Done
  • optionally enjoy hearing to Halcyon Music when you waiting for boot
  • Happy Flashing
  • Enjoy your Halcyon rom

For the Folks who have Not all the toggles follow this guide :
With SQLite editor go to "settings storage > Settings" and search for :
"notification_panel_default_active_app_list" and replace its content with:
also do the same for reset value

If You're Halcyon Rom User/Fan Please put this Banner in your Signature :
Halcyon User

Halcyon Contributors :
  • @Haylcion , @Xpid3r , @VoLTaqe

Halcyon Donors :
  • @talsadus , @Momogs , @m1LoT , @shubham6300 , @ophirb , @Venomz33 , @CorchoSC , @vkcskn , @IamsKs , , @SyNooB @Camcas88 , @hsnet77 , @shingz96 , @mohdnurr , @kirankowshik , @aloktandon , @.. your name isn't here by mistake? PM me with your info
  • Special thanks to : talsadus & Venomz33 : (two times Contribution) , Momogs : (Special Thanks to you for help in a right time) , M1Lot : (For a 16GB TF and Idias)
Thanks to :
  • God For letting me live on the earth and for anything
  • @Xpid3r For Uploading Help and Testing and For all his helps (Thanks in Advanced)
  • @Mahmoud El Najdy For some Mods
  • @mrkhyyat For Upload help & @amarullz for aroma installer
  • @Al_iraqi (His always Useful) & @Alemtro & His Aurora Team
  • @VoLTaqe for his kernel for Halcyon Rom
  • Samsung Co. For Some Helps
  • XDA For the Good Comunity for Developers
  • Ellie Goulding for halcyon song
  • And Thanks everyone who Helped me anywhere in the world..
- VoLTaqe Kernel is a kernel project for i9500 by @Voltaqe : Visit His Thread For more info

XDA:DevDB Information
Halcyon ROM For I9500, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Any Custom Recovery
Based On: Samsung TouchWiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 9.1
Stable Release Date: 2015-08-18
Current Beta Version: 0.7
Beta Release Date: 2015-02-07

Created 2015-05-05
Last Updated 2016-02-19
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5th May 2015, 10:34 PM |#2  
Exclamation Terms of Use
Disclaimer :
☆ By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!

☆ If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to me!

☆ All contents are under GPL And Apache v2 licence , and comes with no warranty or even support.

☆ Do not PM For Tech support just post on my threads !

End User Agreement : (Please Read Carefully)
  • By Downloading this rom you indicated that you read all the necessary info and you're agree and you're aware of what you're doing , and i don't take any responsibility for anythings happen to you caused by this .
  • You're not Allowed to Upload My files to other servers , if you kindly want to help me with download links plz pm me with subject "[Upload Help]" and i will use your help , Thank you
  • Some Stuffs comes with the rom may subject to copyright laws.
  • You're not allowed to use my idia without my permission and/or use my apps mods etc. or use my rom as a base of your work or use the code or some parts of it.
  • If you Modify the rom in other ways rather than the Modifies in Rom thread You're on your own plz don't ask for help\support and neither use to send bug reports..
  • The rom and provided apps Comes as is with no warranty
  • Provided content May not be allowed vary country to country (like Voice Recording &etc.) in this case REMOVE that App/Function/MOD/ADD-ON or You're the One who responsible ..
  • If you dont like this , you think there's better roms available ( Offcourse) or you can make your own custom rom , Ok Then ! Go on , You don't have to Use my rom , I don't want to see your bad comment.
  • There's something not working (Except Known issues) , apps force closing ? plz Post screen shots and Logcat of problem i will try to fix , plz don't use to send bad comments on thread..
  • If you are not happy with this rom or it dosen't fits your needs Plz send Me a Feature Request post that meets the following conditions and i will work on it :
    1- It Dosent came with your Dreams and imaginations
    2- There's a MOD , ADD-ON , Guide or PATCH available already for it or its in similar cases
    3- you can send me the Link to the proper MOD or Send me Files
  • if you've seen its not even worth flashing , just dont use it and plz don't send bad Comments , Starting Rom Projects is a hard work and takes Time hope you understand there's no Perfect in the world, But i'm Trying Hard to deliver Only perfects For you guys..
  • thanks for using haylcion Rom , and all your love , loyality and helps , Love you all my fans on XDA

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5th May 2015, 10:34 PM |#3  
Clock Changelog and History
Change-log : (i really mading wide changes in each version cant log anything)

v9.0 : [31/07/2015]
  • New/Added
    • Music App (Note4 based)
    • Sound System (Say bye bye to Bad Sound)
    • Halcyon DSP and Dobly Sound(Thanks to Xpid3r)
    • HTC Camera and Gallery (Added to Aroma)
    • S6 Keyboard (Thanks to Xpid3r)
    • 5 Kernels (Choose Upon your taste)
    • Special Edition of Voltaqe Kernel (Thanks to Voltaqe)
    • Sapps (Added to Aroma)
    • Sstudio (First S5 Samsung Studio Full Port For Lollipop)
    • snote
    • s6 sdk
    • exchange addon
    • device manager
  • Fixed/Updated
    • Aroma Installer
    • CSC Leaks
    • Fixed Framework known and unknown Ram leaks of lollipop
    • System Tweaks
    • WebView App
    • Mutiwindow Feature
    • Volume Distoration
    • google apps
    • libs
    • google tts
    • setting
    • Halcyon logo
    • google webview to 44 for firs time in lollipop roms fixed google webview security and ram leak
    • And more that i cant write em all

Edition v3.0 : [09/06/2015]
- Added New Super Handy Screencast Tool Moded (Available in Special Package)
- Added New Moded Sfinder v3 (Available in Special Package)
- Added new Moded Samsung Magnifier v2 (Available in Special Package)
- Added Quicklauncher panel Controler and switcher to S-Finder Quick connect (Available in Special Package)
- Added ToolBox Addon for Add additional items like screencast (Available in Special Pakage)
- New Keyboard with eye rlfriendly design
- Full Halcyon Concept theme
- more ..
- New Halcyon Full Moded Touchwiz UI Professional

Older Versions :

v7.0 : [07/07/2015]
  • *(NEW)*
    Halcyon framework
    Animations with more smoothness
    Rom base (Full HOD4) With full chinese letters removed
    Halcyon settings
    S6 Launcher (Added in Aroma)
    Material theme (For Some Apps)
    Supersu binaries and Busybox
    Localization for worldwide operators and countries and languages and carrier based apps (Added on Aroma)
    System Settings (now you can hide superuser and firewall permanently with ease)

    Whatsapp notification issue
    Data Roaming Issue
    Codecs and Sound Drivers (for better Multimedia Enviroment)
    Init.d issues
    Some tweaks (Battery and Performance friendly)
    Ram usage and Management

    Dynamic framework , systemUI easily modeable and Xposed friendly
    Stabalization , bug fixes and under the hood Optimization
    Many Preconfiguration for noobs
    Updated the Voltaqe kernel to v7.0
    Removed unnessary libs and apps

v6.0 : [21/06/2015]
Voltaqe Kernel Is Officialy supported Now [18/06/2015]
- New Aroma installer V3.00 (Wroted Down From Zero Again and more Choices (thanks to XPID3R)
- New Dialer
- New Wallpaper Picker (More wallpapers added)
- New S6 Gallery (Air Gesture fully working)
- New Halcyon Fully Moded Touchwiz UI
- New S6 ported TwFramework
- New S6 Weather Provider & weather/clock widget
- New S6 Fonts
- New S6 Music Player
- New Halcyon Settings
- Volume is set to Optimized value as a Default (Removed from aroma)
- Fixed Accessibility Settings minor bugs
- Fixed Mobile data issue (for some user's)
- Added Statusbar background transparency (100% and 50%)
- Added Voltaqe Kernel (Latest v6.1)
- Now Voltaqe kernel from V6.0 Onward full Support is implemented
- Added Synapse (For Voltaqe)
- Updated Build.prop (for Battery and Performance)
- Rom is now more Lighter (Less apps = Fast system)
- Alot of bugs and errors fixed
- And many more which i don't remember..

v5.8 - OTA : [15/06/2015]
-Fixed Whatsapp and powersaving methods
-New Wallpaper picker with more Wallpapers (Expanded Version available in V.I.P Edition)
-Minor bug Fixes

v5.7.2 - OTA : [09/06/2015]
-Added New Moded GMS Core with less wakelocks , game center integrated and amazingly improve battery life , Stability and login speed..

v5.7.1 - OTA : [08/06/2015]
- New Halcyon Settings V2 Added (with Bug fixes And improvements - Clear V1 Data Before update)

v5.7 : [06/06/2015]
- New SystemUI with overlaps Fixed
- New messages app with many abbilities like schedule Message , Save/restore , ScreenOn/OFF and many more
- New Sbrowser (With S6/Halcyon Concept theme)
- New Themed Clock + added pre-alarm Power On Feature (in Menu)
- S6 theme and Halcyon Concept theme applied Widely
- Fixed Stock menu Key
- Flashlight Toggle Tile
- New Contacts/Dialer/IncallUI (Upgraded & Moded)
- New Moded Silent mode Tile & Method
- Android 5.1.1 Volume Panel
- New Fully Moded Settings
- New Halcyon Settings
- New Styled AM/PM For Clock
- Removed Power Savings annoying ongoing Notification
- Fixed Accessebility services
- New Libraries and Databases (Improves Performance and Battery , Now system runs faster)
- Upgrated Busybox To latest Stericson version (32 Bit) That cause more Stability and Better Root Experience
- Many tweaks for messaging , Sbrowser , Dialer , Settings ,... Added
- And many many more...

v4.5 : [xx/05/2015]
-Many bug fixes and improvements in SystemUI and frame work
-new first small AM/PM mod on i9500
-Fixed overlaps
-Fixed some Samsung Bugs
-Tried to fix Private mode on gallery ( but its the gallery issue not the port )
-i will write if i remember

[21 may 2015] Xposed is available Now
Special Edition v1 : [20/05/2015]
- Added New Super Handy Screencast Tool Moded (Available in Special Package)
- Added New Moded Sfinder v3 (Available in Special Package)
- Added new Moded Samsung Magnifier v2 (Available in Special Package)
- Added Quicklauncher panel Controler and switcher to S-Finder Quick connect (Available in Special Package)
- Added ToolBox Addon for Add additional items like screencast (Available in Special Pakage)

v4.0 : [19/05/2015]
-Almost fixed anything if you see a bug plz report
-Fixed Accessibility services
-fixed Screen mirroring
-fixed Power saving toggle
-Fixed Private Mode
-new volume panel
-new faster recents apps panel
-new patches
-compeletly reworked Framework and SystemUI for better experince
-Updated most apps newer apps will roll out through OTA Updates
-Completly brand new features
-New Haylcion Installer based on Aroma installer super easy and variable custom installation for everyone
- Added a Special edition for VIP users
-update busybox
-added various statusbar mods
-grapical workaround and theming for haylcion concept theme
-added my real transparent layer
-Added many of S6/Note4 apps selectable During installation
-many more..

v3.1 : [9/05/2015]
- Aded fix For Build.prop
- Changed To Flashable ""
- Maked the SystemUI stock (as many people want it)

v3_OTA-1 : [7/05/2015]
-Fixed Initial bootloop caused by build.prop
-Loaded /preload apps (if they not installed with first boot manually install them)

v3 : [06/05/2015]
- Changed Base to my Hybrid OD4 / 5.0.2 version
- Changed Google apps to 5.0.2
- Mods to Framework to support ambient Display & others..
- Added Face smart unlock and other
- themed to s6 widely
- Changed Sbrowser to Latest
- Moded SBrowser Webpage Magnifier
- Made two Diffrent Statusbar with many mods (Center clock version , 3minit virsion)
- Many Battery Saving Mods added
- Upgraded Calculator to latest (with one hand input support)
- saved some space
- Debloated Some unnecessary apps
- added Save as PDF option
- Now Simple Power saving Saves power with no affect in performance Very good saving power, you can have it on always and Normally use apps
- Many Bugs Fixed
- and much more ..

Nonpublic Builds History :
v2 Alpha : [24/03/2015]
- Removed Task manager
- Debloated Some Sapps
- Minor Modifies to Kernel
- Moded systemui with %Batt
- Tested Through Logcat in fatal and error level to Fix/Detect Battery Consuming apps
- Many Bug Fixes
- much more i don't remember

v1 : beta test release [11/02/2015]
- Changed Rom Base to 5.0.2 And Sapps to HOA7
- Applied Patches to Android core
- tested through Logcat in Error level
- many Ram Tweaks added
- added Firewall Control
- Added ScreenOFF app
- Permissive Kernel
- added Some Layers
- bug fixes
- more ...

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Camera Screenshots :
Halcyon Rom v4.0 and Halcyon rom v7.0:

Screenshots of V5.7 (+ Edition v2) :

Older Versions :
Screenshots of V4.5 :

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5th May 2015, 10:35 PM |#5  
Arrow Downloads :

DOWNLOAD Xposed for Haylcion Rom : (More info and fixes)

Xposed For Haylcion

Moded Stock Kernel (To fix Whatsapp) : Download

DOWNLOAD V9.0 + OTA(s): - Latest OTA : v9.1 ->Download From Mega - ( MD5-Checksum : df90700d35a70f75a0fbbdace081fe41 )
Download From G-Drive
Alternative Links
Choice Kernel Wisely on V9 installer if you face any issue and FC on 3rd party Kernels Dont even try to report on this thread, Thanks

Older Versions :

DOWNLOAD V7.0 + OTA(s): - Latest OTA : 7.1 -> Download OTA
Download From Mega - ( MD5-Checksum : edc9acd994d15d68d9e46529fd4aa40e )
Alternative Links

DOWNLOAD V6.0 + OTA(s): - Latest OTA : N/A
Download From Mega - ( MD5-Checksum : 13a842edccbab788417f7eefe8efd979 )
Alternative Links

DOWNLOAD V5.7 + OTA(s): - Latest OTA : v5.8
Download From Mega - ( MD5-Checksum : 490783162708d20e3793fb3d11bdb24 )

DOWNLOAD V4.0 Stable : (Special Thanks To @Xpid3r For Upload Help)

Download V4.0 From Mega

Upgrade Dialer,incallUI,Contacts Upgrade and support for haylcion Settings :

DOWNLOAD V3.1 Stable :

Download v3.1 (~890MB) Thanks to mr.khyyat :

(Uploaded To mega With Love For My Fans On XDA due to Your Requests Have Fun)

DOWNLOAD V3 Stable :

Download Folder (10 Part Download for Restore Method is ready For now)
- Don't ask any download/upload related question im working on it.

For Easier Installation Put nandroid.md5 File In The Folder too

-Initial Update (you have to install Right after Restoring the Rom Or you may get Bootloop) Only For V3 for v3.1 is not necessary

- XXUHOD4 I9500 Modem : (as this Rom Based on XXUHOD4 For Better call quality ) Highly Recommended to Download : & OD4 Modem

Alternative Links :
You're not allowed to Generate alternative links Except for Asking Permision First and Let me be in Controll of Downloads ,Also for sharing in other sites plz redirect em here for download, a mirror on G-drive is premitted for XDA Only , Peace

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Storage Mods & Add-on :
Xposed For Haylcion Rom : thanks to @Arter97 Download

S6 Framework Animations For Halyon Rom By @HAYLCION :
S6 Framework Animations Installer By

Some Removed Apps People Ask Much For :
- Samsung Account (By Al_Iraqi) : Download
- Stock Weather Widget (Recommended - No disapear) (By Al_Iraqi) : Download
- S6 Weather (By Haylcion) : Download
- Note 4 Weather (By Albe95) : Download

- Exchange for Email : Download
Dolby Digital Sound Mod/App : By @thereassaad

Center Clock SystemUI and left Signals Mod :

Center Clock SystemUI Mod :

Stock SystemUI :

IOS8 & 3minit batt MOD by Fans For SystemUI : His Post

bigger quick launch panel (to fix text cut off for free version) MOD by Fans For SystemUI : His Post

Synapse :
Synapse Support Add-On :

Download Links:

if You dont have BusyBox :

Synapse App:
Synapse Google Play Link

In case of you want to Unistall :
Synapse Support Uninstaller

To install:
-Reboot in recovery
-Flash the .zip (No cache/dalvik wipe necessary)
-Install Synapse
-You're done!

For synapse Support questions plz use this and hopefully you'll find your answer if you even more have questions about synapse use this :
Synapse Support Thread

New Mods Coming Soon..

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5th May 2015, 10:36 PM |#7  
Sign FAQ
Halcyon Kernel Support Thread : Halcyon Kernel Thread

For General Talking Plz Post Here : [Q&A] Halcyon ROM For I9500 Help & Support

Q): I Dont want to read FAQ How Do i fix or install X or Y ?
A): 8| ,

More Q&A :

Q): Will This Rom work With 11GB Pit and adonis bootloader?
A): Yes ,its perfectly Works on it (i'm currently using rom on it)

Q): Will This Rom work With 8GB Pit and stock bootloader?
A): Yes ,its perfectly Works on it

Q): I Have Whatsapp or x or y social app notificatio Issue any tips?
A): Im Not responsible for otherone's Apps but here a most easiest and affective method for fix it : With This App Move Whatsapp (or x or y) to System And reboot
method 2 : Update google apps and change kernel to stock

Q): What is Doze Feature ?
Doze is one of the most interesting features of Android M, and also potentially huge for the platform. Google has said again and again that the new version of Android would improve battery life, but they might have actually done it this time. Doze puts apps into deep sleep when the device isn't in use to save power, and Google's developer docs explain exactly how this will work.

Doze is set to activate when a device is unplugged, stationary, and the screen is off. While in Doze, the phone or tablet will periodically wake up to sync data, but otherwise most things remain asleep. Here's what happens at the system level with Doze.

Also theres something with Doze in UI we known it as Ambient Display in settings and other doze features of systemUI are enabled and Fully working also its Compelete with smart Unlocking and handling feautures in Halcyon Rom.

Q): I'm not Comfortable with current ram preferences what you suggest me to do?
A): Ok , use This App to configure your desired Ram Config..

Q): Can i use other Kernels than stock?
A): Yes , But better use Recommended Kernel , If you're Using custom Kernel dont bug report here report in the kernel author thread

Q): Will This Rom Roll out with Flashable Zip or aroma installer?
A): Yes , For your easier install i made Haylcion Rom Installer With Aroma V3 , The latest Technology on Customized and easy rom installation , So have fun

Q): Could you Upload Rom To MediaFire,Mega etc. ?
A): Don't ask me such Questions , if you Would like to help me with Uploads Pm me With Subject " [Upload Help]" thank you

Q): When would be the next release ?
A): Im working on it , when there's a huge upgrade the new rom version will come too , Partial fix and misc updated will be through OTA , that's all , So don't Ask ETA's

Q): Theres No Air View Quick setting in pull down what should i do?
Fix : With the provided SQLite Editor app That comes with OTA-1 pakage Go to Settings Storage > Settings And Look For :
Change Its value to :
Save and reboot (Hot reboot is enough)

Q): I want Shutter Sound option in camera settings?
A): Edit Others.xml File in "/system/CSC/" and change this line as following : (but note that Disabling shuter Sound Maybe against the rules in some countries)

Q) what is Halcyon Or Phoenix (I just curious to know) ?
A): Sure , They are Legendary Birds of Water and Flame Also theres a Real bird called halcyon genius (KingFisher) thats like this :

And its my unique Project and activity Code Name please Don't use it for yourself Thats what i have only ..

Q): Can i use X or Y Part of your rom to make some thing ?
A): 8| , Absoloutly No!! , You have no right to use my hardly work without my permision for yourself if you do you should be ashamed of God and yourself , Althrough you're free to use it as you like for your personal Usage

Q): Can i share this project on other sites , forums , etc ?
A): Yes , But only as a redirect and Referal to this main thread with my permision , otherwise no..

Q): X,Y,Z is Force Closed And something i don't know is wrong What to do ?
A):☆_☆ ,

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5th May 2015, 10:36 PM |#8  
Prompt Current Progress :
Working on next generation for V9.0 and 10 series

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5th May 2015, 10:37 PM |#9  
Video Video Review :
Thanks for Your Reviews Youtube guys

V4 Video :

Originally Posted by Polarworks


V3.1 Video :

Originally Posted by sajjadvpm


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5th May 2015, 10:37 PM |#10  
Post Some Users Reviews :
Originally Posted by SXS4

Halcyon ROM is the best custom rom for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 I have flashed, it brings us to the way of new features, fast stable and smooth, many thanks to the developer, Halcyon.

Originally Posted by polarworks

OK am very happy this ROM is GREAT, of curse am make the Video Review, the classic in PolarWorks YouTube Channel, HAYLCION thanks you for you work, please put the video in Reviews Secction, ENJOY!

Originally Posted by dantopa

This is just unbelievable, just installed the rom with recommended settings and kernel, I must say, this is most stable, faster, battery friendly, than the stock rom. This is perfect, really easy installation, ultra-stable, everything working perfectly, I'm just amazed. You're the best, by far. Rom with no one mistake.

God bless you

Originally Posted by atsap

UI is very beautiful

Originally Posted by doom4

so far this is the best rom I ever tested on i9500, its simply great, if wanamlike features comes using xposed that will be perfect. a great effort and i give 10/10 ROM, most of issues normally comes up with people mistakes, upgrading is probably but if you know how to deal with that than nothing is impossible, otherwise clean installation with wiped internal sd card ... everything works smoothly and fine. for google apps issue, just remove google services and play store and install latest. this rom is really battery friendly so if you use any crap battery tools ... that will be your fault if battery drains.

god bless you /-/ /-\ |_ C [] /\/

Originally Posted by PutraMasyers97

Another superb rom for i9500 Wow I must try this rom..

Originally Posted by samuelgonzales

I like this Custom Rom. Thumbs Up! Very fast and stable. Cannot wait the latest update by the Dev.

Originally Posted by greendabre

This is the best rom out there, and I would know. I've tried them all. v4 of this ROM gave me much lesser problems than any other ROM out there. Hope v5.7 comes out soon and gives at most as little trouble as v4 did.

Originally Posted by ivan689

nice rom
good devs

Originally Posted by luisfer21069

after a while seeing lollipop roms all over the place, I'm seeing this is the best one
My respects to the developers


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6th May 2015, 02:07 AM |#11  
adhiduzz's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 16
mantengin level dewa

waiting . . .
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