[Discontinued] [ROM] Albe95 S6 FULL PORT 4.7 [S6/Edge FEATURE PORT] (UPDT 02/12/15)

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By Albe95, Inactive Recognized Contributor on 25th April 2015, 03:28 PM
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Albe95 S6 Full PORT ROM 4.7
( Android 5.1.1 Touchwiz)
Bring all the new S6 / Edge Features!

(To all Devs: you're not allowed to take files from my ROM without my permissions.)


Click on the Screenshots to get full size:

Albe95 S6
Albe95 S6

Features of The Rom:

  • - Added S6 Edge Plus Launcher with A-Z Reorder and 4x5 by default
  • - Added S6 Flipboard Magazine
  • - Added S6 Calculator
  • - Added S6 Calendar fully fixed
  • - Added S6 Galaxy Apps
  • - Added S6 Gallery Fully Fixed
  • - Added S6 Settings with search feature and Fully Fixed
  • - Added S6 Music Player with auto pased option fixed
  • - Added S6 Message App with priority sender enabled
  • - Added S6 Clock App
  • - Added S6 Browser
  • - Added S6 Memo
  • - Added S6 Voice Recorder
  • - Added S6 S Health
  • - Added S6 S Voice
  • - Added S6 Video app and player
  • - Added S6 My Files
  • - Added S6 Dialer And contact
  • - Added S6 in Call UI
  • - Added S6 Bootanimation and bootsound
  • - Added S6 Accuweather with shadow fixed
  • - Added S6 Theme Chooser and Theme Store
  • - Added S6 Smart Manager
  • - Added S6 Keyboard
  • - Added S6 Email
  • - Added S6 Wallpaper Picker
  • - Added S6 Fonts
  • - Fully ported S6 Frameworks animations
  • - Added S6 Peel Smart Remote
  • - Ported S6 Setupwizard
  • - Added S6 Galaxy Apps Widget
  • - Added S6 S Finder
  • - Added S6 date Picker fully working
  • - Added S6 Lockscreen
  • - Added S6 SystemUI
  • - Added S6 Multiwindows with long press of left button
  • - Added S6 Torch Toggle
  • - Added Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • - Unlocked Popping Color effect
  • - Added S6 Slide Feature from the side to put an app in Popup Mode
  • - Enabled Emergency Mode in Power Menu
  • - Removed all air and smart gesture that are not supported by S6 settings.
  • - Deodexed
  • - Deknoxed
  • - Debloated from Google and Samsung crap
  • - Rooted
  • - Improved Performance
  • - Reduced the lag of Recents menu opening (set animations to 0x5 to get it faster)
  • - Better Stability
  • - 5 Way to Reboot
  • - Added Ambient Display
  • - Replace Menu button with Recent like S6
  • - Fixed all problem with network
  • - Set as default after first boot English language
  • - Enabled by default unkown source for apps
  • - Replace stock emoji with Whatsapp one


News on V 4.7:
  • Added Wave Notification Edge
  • Fixed bad recording icon in Voice Recorder
  • Updated Wallpaper Picker
  • Fixed missing noble icons in Gallery
  • Restore 5.1.1 S6 TW with Settings Unlock
  • Fixed missing PNG in calendar event
  • Fixed wrong PNG in Theme Center
  • Update to S Health 4.6
  • Update Lockscreen default Wallpaper
  • Added missing noble icon for Setup Wizard
  • Fixed framework preview icon for default wallpaper

Previous Chanelogs:

News on V 4.6:
  • Fixed Mail error
  • Fixed wrong color in multiple choice for a number in contacts
  • Added Fix to People/Apps Edge to right side (thanks to Repulsa)
  • Fixed wrong layout in People/Apps Edge
  • Fixed wrong emoji dimension (thanks to vman10)
  • Translate various apps that I forgot(Air message, NFC,...)
  • Added various method and smali
  • Added Edge Plus/Note 5 Launcher with 4x5 by default
  • Unlocked settings in launcher
  • Added back white popup in material design style for framework
  • Fixed missing bubbles in charging while power off
  • De-link Media and Notification (thanks to JASONRR)
  • Added latest Adaway
  • Added Theme Store version with search function
  • Fixed most of Stagefrigth vulnerability. (Still missing latest 6602 and 3864)
  • Added Marshmallow 6.0 Permissions manager
  • Added Round apps style in Recents menu
  • Fully Fixed GPS at first boot
  • Change back to stock power profile to prevent lag and problem during charging
  • Correctly updated Memo icon with latest one
  • Fixed crash while opening IMEI from the new dialer
  • Really improved performance and smoothness
  • Added Yotube and fully fixed 1080p lag without loosing theme support

News on V 4.5:
  • Added to SystemUi finder and connect remover option thanks to @Martillero
  • Added Floating Message
  • Fix floating message bad toggle icon
  • Fixed date and time bug (thanks to Brylle )
  • Fixed wallpaper lockscreen selection from wallpaper picker
  • Added latest apn configs files hope that data work at first boot
  • Fixed 4G and data issue, thanks to @ausdim
  • Fixed battery and percentage uncentered when phone is power off and under charging
  • Remove all lagging effect from settings (better to use Sparkling Bubbles effect for less lag possible)
  • Added 5.1.1 Theme Manager
  • Should be fixed problem with video preview in Gallery icon
  • Fixed all bug with Effects in camera (now they don't cause any issue)
  • Fixed GPS (disable it, make a reboot re-enable and reboot again will be fully working)
  • Fixed ISO crash in PRO mode in Camera
  • Added S6 Edge+ People and Apps EDGE (only from the left side of the screen edit it in the settings )
  • Improve Recents button respond (this slow a bit the lockscreen delay)
  • Fixed S view cover wallpaper crash (thanks to @Robo3737)
  • Fixed all USSD codes in Dialer (*#06# for IMEI, *#1234# for AP,CP and CSC and all other)
  • Replace stock wallpaper thanks to @HITMAN-CREED
  • Fixed bootsound delay (it's little bit in late but due to increased FPS of boot)
  • Re-added boot sound
  • Added Toolbox
  • Added apps to manage toolbox apps
  • Increased Toolbox to 12 apps
  • Added Multiwindows toggle (if you disable it anyway after reboot it will be re-enable)
  • Fixed Bluetooth crash when you launch and setup Quick Connect
  • Added all stock S4 sensor and libs for it hope to fix all problem with sensor
  • Added S6 5.1.1 Touchwiz Home
  • Fixed the crash at first boot with 5.1.1 TW
  • Added Edge Screen and Floating Message to settings
  • Replace S6 id with S6 Edge one to get properly (except the right-side bug) working People/Apps Edge
  • Update to latest versions Google and Samsung Apps ( Search, S health,..)
  • Fixed missing Note 5 Icons for S Finder and Weather apps
  • May be more that I don't remember :P

News on V 4.0 Open BETA:
  • Totally rebased the rom on full S6 Rom
  • Fully fixed Theme support
  • Translated all from Aurora Rom
  • Fully fixed GPS problem
  • Fully fixed Bluetooth problems
  • Theme Store will show European/USA theme not only Chinese
  • Fully Fixed reboot while enable power saving
  • Fully Fixed reboot while settings Exchange Email
  • Fully Fixed Email and Facebook account loosing while exit from UPSM
  • Fully Fixed Delay when pressing Home button (only for S6 effects)
  • Added all S6 unlock effect fully working
  • Added all S6 COH2 icons (Note 5/Edge Plus)
  • Fixed preview not working of camera in lockscreen
  • Added Note 5 Lockscreen wallpaper
  • Fully Fixed all crash in Contacts app
  • Added Double Tap to open Camera (you can disable from Camera app)
  • Added S6 S Voice
  • Added S6 Multiwindows fully working
  • Added S6 popup windows from the side
  • Added S6 popup windows from long press in recents menu
  • Improved Recents menu opening time
  • Added S6 Video App
  • Added S6 video player app
  • Added Private Mode fully working (don't change kernel or settings)
  • Probably fix Screen Mirroring
  • Improved a lot the FPS of Bootscreen
  • Removed Bootsound due to much lag in starting
  • Added Aurora Kernel (I suggest you to not change it)
  • Added libs to fix youtube 1080p 60fps lag (need to replace in build.prop SM-G920F with GT-I9505 to fully fix)
  • Added S6 lock animation
  • Re-added all latest 5.1.1 fully working S6 Apps
  • Fully fixed error in Wallpaper Picker

News on V 3.5:
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Dialer and Contacts
  • Added 5.1.1 S6 Edge Plus Smart Manager
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Browser
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Email App
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Clock
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Calculator
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 S Planner and Widget
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Voice Recorder
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Accuweather Widget
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 My Files
  • Added Live Zoom unlock effect
  • Added S6 5.1.1 S Health v4.4
  • Fixed wrong color in settings for Pattern Lockscreen
  • Added latest Smart Remote app
  • Added latest S6 Edge Plus Galaxy Apps
  • Added A8 Galaxy App widget
  • Replace almost all system apps icons with S6 Edge Plus one
  • Update to latest Imperium Kernel 2.3
  • Fixed PIN Lockscreen loosing after a reboot (thanks to alemtro)
  • Added some missing libs for MirrorLink
  • Re-added Theme store and support
  • Fixed error while installing a theme, now it will downlod without error but will only applied to the launcher (flash the theme enabler for this)
  • Added latest Play Service and Play Store
  • Added Yahoo Live Weather in lockscreen wallpaper selection
  • Added some new codes in framework from 5.1.1
  • Removed high volume warning when you use the headphone (I've no low volume now)
  • Refixed again finally Youtube and 1080p video lag (it could be return if you flash Theme enabler with 1080p60fps video)

News on V 3.0 :
  • Totally redone the Rom on XXUHOE2 base
  • Fully Fixed multi-language problem with S6 Keyboard
  • Fixed Close all button not working in recents menu
  • Fixed wrong animation for volume bar
  • - Added latest Smart Manager from S6 5.1.1 Build
  • Fixed all crash in SmartManager/storage/user data thanks to Alemtro
  • Keep S6 dimension for battery percentage in statusbar
  • Added latest 5.1.1 S6 TouchWiz Launcher
  • Fixed blank spaces bug in the drawer
  • Fully removed themes from launcher and settings
  • Added S6 Dialer and Contacts (S5 contacts and S6 Incall UI will be available as mod in post 3)
  • Keep S4 Incall UI to prevent crash when someone call you
  • Fully fixed white text in settings of Message thanks to Repulsa
  • Fixed crash of World clock in Clock app thanks to Repulsa
  • Added Memory Leak fix by default thanks to Kushan02
  • Added latest Voice Recorder
  • Fully fixed Youtube lags
  • Fix Email exchange bootloop
  • Added SD support for Voice Recorder
  • Added S6 transition when you launch the dialer (transition for camera not work anymore :/ )
  • Added code to launch S5 UPSM from toggle of the statusbar (now it's working)
  • Fully fixed None effect and Dialer launch thanks to Robo3737
  • Fixed Android OS/play services battery drain (now screen is the first, if you use your Smartphone )
  • Added S6 MirrorLink

News on V 2.0:
  • Themed S5 Dialer like S6
  • Added S6 SystemUI (Lockscreen + Recents + Statusbar)
  • Fix all wrong icons/text of statusbar (thanks also to _alex74_)
  • Fix tons of crash of systemui (the close all button in recents not work)
  • Unlocked montblanc (ink in water) effect
  • Added extimated time on full charging
  • Hide all unworking effects with S6 Lockscreen
  • Enabled gesture section in settings
  • Fixed screenshot with palm swipe gesture
  • Showed by default camera modes in S6 Camera
  • Fixed external modes (from galaxy apps) not showing in S6 camera (some like Food mode not work)
  • Added by default Dual Shot camera mode
  • Enable S6 "transition" when you launch the camera from the lockscreen
  • Fixed the dialer shortcut that not correctly opened the dialer
  • Fixed wrong black images in settings for screen modes and upms
  • Change default Homescreen wallpaper with S6 Edge one
  • Enable weather on lockscreen on the right side same as S6 (Pedometer no more showing as in S6)
  • Remove popup side window due to incompatibility with S6 SystemUI (you can still open app in popup mode via multi windows bar)
  • Update to latest Imperium Kernel
  • Added S6 SettingsProvider
  • Set by default abstract tiles unlock effect
  • Set by default battery percentage
  • Added S6 S View and fixed various problem in it (thanks to Robo3737) [POST 3 for Memo]
  • Fixed Google Now freeze that cause Recents Crash
  • Fixed all wrong colors of the tabs in recents menu for various apps
  • Fixed custom images for Home and S View in Wallpaper picker(still bugged the lockscreen selection)
  • Added latest apks of Keyboard and My Files from latest build of S6
  • Remove Mobile data off warning
  • Removed various S4 Apks unused by S6 System
  • Fixed Recents opening lag (it do only the first time after a reboot)!
  • Added S6 Edge 5.1.1 Touchwiz Home Launcher (faster, especially in opening the drawer)

News on V 1.5:
  • Fix all problem with 3 dot menu not visible in various S6 apps (replaced with MORE button with correct color)
  • Fixed Pattern Lockscreen white icons on white background in settings
  • Removed unworking Gesture option in Settings
  • Added by Default S6 Settings
  • Back to S5 Dialer and Contact (S6 one will be available as mod in post 3)
  • Fixed all bug fix pin Lock screen in settings (I make tons of test, you can enable disable change it and all; no more FC)
  • Added S6 Camera
  • Secondary modes of Camera (selective Focus, 3D Panorama, ...) hidden due too much unworking. Look post 3 to see how to enable it.
  • Added support in framework for S6 Edge 5.1.1 Launcher (will be available in post 3)
  • Added S6 Toast notification (more Material design style) in framework-res
  • Replace Power Saving Toggle with Download Booster one
  • Removed Kies things forget in previous release
  • Added latest version of various app (Flip board, Smart Remote...)
  • Added more power saving lines to build.prop
  • Fixed bug with Alarm list not correctly showed in Clock app.
  • Fixed WiFi of in s6 SetupWizard at the first boot.
  • Updated Imperium Kernel to 1.6

  • Some Camera modes are not working
  • Screen Mirroring isn't working (at least...)
  • Sensor may be bugged after some time. Reboot to fix.

Instructions to Install this Rom:
  1. Flash via Odin a Custom Recovery like Twrp or Philz Touch
  2. Update your Modem & Bootloader to the Latest Lollipop Ones vby following this Guide
  3. Download the Rom from Download Link & put it on your device.
  4. Boot to recovery and choose (for TWRP): Wipe --> Advanced Wipe --> Dalvik, System, Data and Cache. Then Swipe.
  5. Now choose Install and search where you put the Rom.
  6. Tap on it and swipe. Wait until it install the Rom.
  7. Reboot and wait that it complete the first boot: It takes around 12 minutes!
  8. Some elements of the statusbar are english after first boot; make a fast reboot. This happened only for the first boot.
  9. Read post #2 before post any question!
  10. Enjoy the Rom.

Download Links:


If you like my rom and want to support all the work that I done with it, please make a donation!


Thanks to all that help me: (if I forget you send me a PM) :
  • @alemtro for his helping with various bug fixing and his Aurora Rom
  • @AL_IRAQI for his S6 layer statusbar.
  • @JASONRR for the GPS fix and various help.
  • @Repulsa for his message and world clock fix.
  • @Kushan02 for Memory Leak Fix
  • @ausdim
  • @_alex74_ and @dangua for being so scarse and newbie (I'm joking )
  • @maxx35000 for finding how to enable emergency mode in power menu .
  • @darkera13 for his helping in fixing S6 contacts and his S6 Cam Apk.
  • @javitolopez69 for his build.prop battery trick.
  • @slim80 for his kernel and his help.
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25th April 2015, 03:28 PM |#2  
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Tips & Info:

1. Since I had recieved too much questions about it, this rom is based on G920F (S6) 5.0.2 Chinese build, with framework edited to run S6 Touchwiz 5.1.1 plus various 5.1.1 S6 system apps. This is why you'll find 5.1.1 in device info.
Kernel and all part essentially (like GPU drivers, kernel, modules and libs) of course are still S4 5.0.1 one otherwhise device can't run.

2. To Increase Battery Life & Increase Performance & Bloatware List Go to This Post.

3. Hear Uncle Albe, make Wipe Data before installing the rom and don't blame me about stupid and newbie dirty flash

4. If while unlocking you randomly get camera open and to speed up the home button disable from the Camera app the opening with the double tap of home button.
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25th April 2015, 03:28 PM |#3  
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Alternative Download Mirror of Rom:

Galaxy S6 Stock Icons for S6 Port 4.7 & 3.5

Flash the Flashable Zip for your version via Recovery:

Download For Port 4.7
Download For Port 3.5

S4 Menu and Home Buttons Function for V4.7 & V3.5

Download For V4.7
Download For V3.5

Flash The Zip via recovery. Then go to system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl and here change:
Then save and reboot.

Galaxy S4 Stock Camera (S6 Like) & Gallery

3 Minit Battery Mod

Xposed Framework

S6 Launcher Collection

Galaxy S5 Dialer & Contacts

Galaxy Note 4 Settings

Galaxy S5 Clock App

Remove Unworking Modes in Camera

Guide soon.
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25th April 2015, 03:28 PM |#4  
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What is my next project?
  1. Note 5 Port (Really!)

    What is still missing:
    • Note 5 Smart Manager with Dual Dashboard (100%)

      Full ported. Only need to adjust layout

    • Note 5 Clock Apps (100%)

      Full ported but it don't have "next numbers" function. Like in the screen above and down the "6" and the "00".Fixed.

    • Note 5 Launcher (100%)

      Full ported.
    • Note 5 SystemUI and Settings (10%)(Cancelled)

      Just converted only QMG.
      Not possible.

    • Note 5 Air Command with Finger touch support (95%)

      Ported but without Figner Touch support
      ADDED FINGER SUPPORT. Now missing a settings to edit apps.

    • Note 5 S note (95%)

      Full working but only with API 22. Need to find a way to run it with API 21. Fixed.
    • Note 5 Action Memo (100%)

      Need to find a way to run it with API 21. Fixed.
    • Note 5 Scrapbook (100%)

      Full ported.
    • Note 5 Side Sync (70%)

      Almost working but it doesn't cast the screen.
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25th April 2015, 03:29 PM |#5  
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- Note 4 PORT camera for this rom.

Flash it through custom recovery. Ported by Albe95.
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25th April 2015, 03:34 PM |#6  
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Awesomeeeeeeee! !!!!!!
Sorry for spaming but i was waiting so long hahahaha
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25th April 2015, 03:35 PM |#7  
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Greeeaat!! Download the rom. Thanks Albe!!
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25th April 2015, 03:36 PM |#8  
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wow. downloading.
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25th April 2015, 03:39 PM |#10  
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25th April 2015, 03:40 PM |#11  
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Congrats brother and thanks!
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