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[ROM][Kernel][Unofficial][5.1.1] SaberMod CM12.1 for Jflte - Build Nov 7, 2015

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By Synergy510, Senior Member on 13th August 2014, 12:09 AM
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Announcement from Synergy510: Announcement about the ROM's future
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Welcome to my SaberMod CM12.1 project! Inspired by wanting a faster Android experience, the ROM and kernel are both built with the SaberMod toolchain tuned for Cortex-A15 devices with NEON-vfpv4 with Graphite, O3 and GCC Optimizations. I cherry-picked useful tweaks and options from other AOSP based projects that I find useful for a more customizable experience.
ROM Overview thanks to shark jungle

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages to your device, always have a nandroid on hand if anything happens.


  • Based on the CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly branch
  • Compiled with the SaberMod 4.8.5 Toolchain tuned for Cortex-A15 devices with NEON-vfpv4
  • Enabled -O3, Graphite, OpenMP, and Strict Aliasing Optimizations
  • Support for unified jflte devices
    • SGH-I9505
    • SGH-M919
    • SGH-I337/I337M
    • SCH-I545
    • SPH-l720
    • SCH-R970
  • Featuring the Android M Preview 3 bootanimation
  • Included AdAway, a powerful ad-blocker with black/whitelist capabilities
  • Built with newer SQLite3 for faster database performance
  • Built with a newer jemalloc (Bionic's memory allocator)
  • Added boot service to TRIM /system, /data and /cache partitions
  • Added boot service to vacuum and re-index SQLite databases
  • Included ViPER4Android Audio Effects over the stock AudioFX
  • Smart Pulldown option for the status bar
  • Switch to hide Superuser icon in the statusbar
  • Switch to enable legacy notification ticker
  • Enabled call recording for all regions
  • Added SasmsungServiceMode apk

  • Compiled with SaberMod 4.9.4 Toolchain tuned for Cortex-A15 devices with NEON-vfpv4
  • Enabled -O3, Graphite, OpenMP and GCC Optimization flags
  • Featuring a custom LED boot pattern
  • Built with XZ compression for a smaller boot.img
  • Ability to underclock down to 162 MHz
  • Undervolt capabilities
  • Added @Faux123's Intelliactive CPU governor and Simple GPU Governor
  • Disabled Stock MPDecision in favor of @faux123’s Intelli-plug hotplugging solution
  • Added FauxSound controls
  • Tuned Interactive governor based on @Temasek’s hlte kernel
  • Tuned LowMemoryKiller
  • Added power efficient workqueues
  • Slimbus overclock for better audio quality
  • Enabled aggressive multicore power saving
  • Enabled ARCH POWER
  • Dyanmic Fsync disabled and Asynchronous Fsync enabled
  • Westwood TCP Congestion algorithm made default
This is a modified stock kernel that can be tuned with Kernel Adiutor. Feel free to flash any other CM12.1 compatible custom kernel!
Installation Instructions:

Upgrading from a previous build:
  1. Nandroid
  2. Flash the ROM
  3. Flash GApps
  4. Flash any add-ons you want
  5. Reboot into ROM

Upgrading from any other ROM:
  1. Nandroid
  2. Full wipe /system, /data and /cache
  3. Flash the ROM
  4. Flash GApps
  5. Flash any add-ons you want
  6. Reboot into ROM

Note: If you ever find yourself at the Galaxy S4 screen with your LED blinking blue, reboot back into recovery, wipe /system, re-flash and reboot.

F2FS Users! No ROM conversion is necessary.
/system is only support as EXT4, do not try to convert /system to F2FS, it will fail.
/data and /cache are supported as F2FS

How to use F2FS:
"What is F2FS?
  1. Back up all your data. You will fully wipe your phone in order to convert to F2FS
  2. Download @AntaresOne's TWRP with F2FS support
  3. Boot into TWRP
  4. Go to wipe > advanced wipe
  5. Checkbox Data or Cache
  6. Press the "Repair or Change File System" button at the bottom
  7. Press "Change Filesystem"
  8. Press "F2FS"
  9. Swipe to confirm
  10. Do the same for Cache/Data
  11. Flash ROM, GApps and any other addons you want.

Latest Build:

Latest Kernel: (Already included in ROM)

TK GApps (Formerly known as PA GApps)


Older Builds:

Older kernels:

Useful Links

My Github Sources
CyanogenMod Gerrit
How to build CM
Source and Credits

CyanogenMod for the great ROM base
OmniRom and AOSPA for Ambient Display settings
SlimRoms for framework tweaks
@AntaresOne for all his help in bringing up this ROM!
@Invisiblek for maintaining our Galaxy S4
@Sparksco for the SaberMod toolchain and Graphite Optimizations
@JustArchi for the time and dedication to find optimizations flags
@Googy_Anas for kernel stuff
@Alucard for kernel stuff
@Kantjer for SaberMod build fixes
XDA:DevDB Information
SaberMod CyanogeMod 12.1 for jflte, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Synergy510, sparksco
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod 12.1

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2014-08-13
Last Updated 2015-12-14
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13th August 2014, 12:09 AM |#2  
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Changelog Post

November 7, 2015

  • Sync up with Android security updates. 5.1.1_r26 base with November Security patches
  • Updated SaberMod GCC4.9 Toolchain
  • Change how RIL properties are applied (there may be some issues that arise with this)
  • Updated sepolicy to allow ViPER4Android to work in enforcing
    • You still have to switch to a permissive kernel to install. I’m still considering switching to SuperSU to circumvent this.
  • Set dex2oat thread count for better performance during app optimization
  • Sync with CM
    • Included Qcom PowerHAL - This mainly tunes Interactive and OnDemand if you choose them to be set
    • OnDemand seems to have more tuning options than Interactive at the moment

  • Updated SaberMod GCC4.9 Toolchain
  • Merge Linux 3.4.110 from caf
  • Switch internal kernel work to power efficient workqueues
  • Removed underclocking
  • Added Intellidemand and Intelliminmax CPU Govs
  • Added FIOPS I/O scheduler
  • Removed some LMK commits that caused some slowdowns, systems are much snappier
  • Updated to CM Adaptive LMK and memory scanning for more stability
  • Updated LMK Adj RBTree for more memory stability
  • Sync with cm-13.0 changes

  • It seems that with the new Adreno/msm drivers, Simple GPU Gov cannot be set
  • V4A Cannot be set with an enforcing Kernel, make the kernel Permissive through the built in terminal (Settings > Dev Options > Local Terminal) Then in the app drawer run the Terminal and input
    • su
    • setenforce 0
  • The interactive governor is tuned to be on the power saving side, you may see lag/stutter during the the installation/updating of apps
Older Changelogs:

October 24, 2015

  • Removed loop optimizations. Caused some app issues on GCC4.8 and system wide issues on GCC4.9
  • Update updater-script output strings and enhancements for block_based builds
  • SamsungDoze add option to vibrate on notification pulse
    • Option located in Settings > Gestures > Vibrator Acknowledge
  • Add optimization fixes for bluetooth_bluedroid and frameworks_av, needed for GCC4.9
  • Added WiFi filter list
    • Ability to filter to only see Open or Secured WiFi connections
  • Removed BookmaksSyncAdapter from build, it’s a flashable zip now
  • Sync with CM Up until October 24 9AM PST

  • Add CPU boost to 1.458GHz on screen wake
  • Fix up Intelli_plug wakeup calls
  • Disable power savings by default during boot, they will be set afterwards
  • Ramdisk updates
    • Use boosted Interactive gov during bootup
    • Disable thread boosting after boot, more power savings when watching videos
    • Enable multicore power savings after boot
    • Enable power efficient workqueues after boot
  • Sync with CM Up until October 24 9AM PST
October 15, 2015

  • Changes to ART optimization
  • Bluetooth: Re-reverted upstream commit
  • Added wakelock blocker
    • Under Settings > Battery > Wakelock Blocker
  • Added AOSP Email and AOSP Browser bookmark sync
    • Bookmark sync will ask for you to sign in. Go into Settings > Account > your gmail account that you want to sync with the Browser and your Bookmarks and switch the Browser toggle until sync errors go away. Reboot to remove the statusbar notification. The Bookmark sync wasn’t intended for Android 4.4+ so that’s why there are issues.
  • Re-added CM File Manager, CM Wallpapers and Sim Tool Kit
    • Now the only things excluded from these builds are Sound Recorder and CM Updater. You can grab any other sound recorder from the Play Store, the stock app sounds like garbage
  • Removed some ART flags causing some micro lags
    • App optimization will go a lot faster compared to previous builds
  • Updated AdAway to Oct 9 build
  • Arter97 updated SQLite to 3.9.0
  • Arter97 updated jemalloc to 4.0.3
  • Sync with CM up until Oct 15 10 AM PST

  • Enabled Underclock to 162 MHz
  • May cause some slowdowns/lags with audio with notification tones especially if you undervolt
  • Add memcpy optimized for cortex-a15
  • Enable ARCH_POWER for better power calculations
  • Improved Async I/O performance
  • Switch to Westwood TCP congestion
  • Various other commits
  • Ramdisk
    • Tone down interactive values
    • Enable power efficient workqueues by default
  • Sync with CM up until Oct 15 10 AM PST
    • Fix CUBIC TCP Congestion bug

October 5, 2015

  • Mobile radio standby bug incorporated, battery stats are now correct. Source: (Note, this doesn’t improve battery, it only makes battery stats accurate)
  • Block based build, smaller zip package and faster flashes
  • boot_trim service TRIMs /data and /cache on every boot
  • boot_sqlite3 is delayed by 60 secs
  • Included Viper4Android
  • Added SamsungServiceMode
  • Updated Adreno blobs to GPE OH2 source
  • Built with Arter97's updated SQLite, better database performance
  • Optimizations:
    • Using my own GCC4.8.5 SaberMod toolchain optimized for cortex-a15 and neon-vfpv4 devices
    • Built with L1/L2 cache parameters for more optimization (Correct values this time)
    • Optimized ART and Bionic
    • Updated SaberMod Optimization with upstream
    • IPA Analyzer, scans for dead code and removes it
    • Added -fmodulo-sched flags for better loop handling
  • Sync up with CM Upstream up until Oct 4 5:00 PM PST
    • Steve Kondik calls the new UI handling “superbutter” so look out for smoother UI, and I can vouch for that

  • Using my own GCC4.9.4 SaberMod toolchain optimized for cortex-a15 and neon-vfpv4 devices
  • Removed some excess SaberMod flags that may be causing the slowdown/lags when running intensive apps such as Snapchat and Facebook
  • Tuned interactive governor and CPU Boost based on Temasek’s hlte kernel
  • Better LMK routines and better LMK RB Tree Optimization
  • Adaptive LMK for when memory resources gets very tight
  • Reduced WiFi wakelock period
  • Added Simple GPU Gov (default)
  • Added Intelliplug (default)
  • Disabled MPDecision
  • Added FauxSound
  • Added power efficient work queues
  • Slimbus overclocking
  • Aggressive Multicore power saving
  • Disabled CRC check
  • Disabled Fsync by default
  • Enabled Asynchronous Fsync
  • Using BIC TCP Congestion over CUBIC
  • L1/L2 Cache flag optimization
  • Ramdisk:
  • Sync up with CM up and until Oct 4 5:00 PM PST
    • BFQ updates to make the UI fluid
    • Fix for Livedisplay not sticking after screen off
    • Removal of exFat
    • Change readahead to 512KB

  • I don't know yet
September 13, 2015

  • Updated SaberMod GCC 4.8 Toolchains
  • Removed Strict Aliasing Optimization
  • Reverted some device specific optimization
  • Built with a slightly optimized Bionic Repo, many thanks to @-+BB+- and the JDCTeam
  • Built with an updated Jemalloc repo, the memory allocator used with Bionic, thanks to @arter97
  • Added the Android M Preview 3 Bootanimation
  • Added Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Google colored LED animation during boot, all credited goes to @AntaresOne for his implementation
  • Removed Nova Launcher, and added back Trebuchet
  • Re-added all previously removed apps
  • Updates for boot_trim: F2FS partitions can now be trimmed at boot
  • Updates for boot_sqlite3: Add a 60 second delay
  • Changed the Ambient Display pulse schedule:
    • Initial pulse is now a bit faster
    • Pulses stay on for 10 seconds
    • Once you get a notification you will see: An initial pulse, one 15 seconds after the first disappears, another 30 seconds after the first, and a final pulse 1 minute after the second
  • Sync with CM Upstream up and until Sept 13 @ 12 noon PST

For the kernel, I've removed many things, so it's just easier to say what I re-added

  • Change back to latest SaberMod GCC 4.9 toolchain
  • Intelliactive is the only new CPU gov
  • BFQ IO scheduler added
  • BFQ/Interactive is the default config
  • Built with XZ compression for smaller boot.img
  • Enabled sched_autogroup for better multitasking support
  • Added NVIDIA power saving commits
  • Made LMK a bit more aggressive thanks to @arter97
  • Still using an RB Tree for the LMK, this needs testing still
August 12, 2015

  • Built with SaberMod GCC4.8 Toolchain build 8/1/2015
  • Built with strict aliasing optimizations
  • Slightly Optimized ART
  • Improved bootanimation
  • Sped up system animations, also included 0.75x and 0.25x animation times
  • Powersaving/Balanced/Performance battery profiles will change intelli-plug and other kernel parameters accordingly
  • fstrim and sqlite3 vaccuum and re-indexing services will activate upon each boot
    • TRIM only works on EXT4 partitions, F2FS automatically trims.
    • You can run each service manually using the terminal with root permissions and run "boot_trim" or boot_sqlite3"
    • Logs for what each service does can be found in /data/local/logs
    Sync up with CM upstream up and until August 12 @ 9:00AM PST

  • Built with SaberMod GCC5.2 toolchain build 8/4/2015 Optimized for cortex-A15 devices
  • Removed Dynamic/Asynchronous Fsync
  • Removed CPU/GPU OC, didn't work well and caused excess heat
  • Improved Low Memory Killer
  • Changed SmartMax governor parameters to be more powersaving
  • Enabled Hybla TCP congestion algorithm
  • Ramdisk updates:
    • Run boot_trim and boot_sqlite3 on every boot
    • Disable CPU boost for more power savings, can be re-enabled through a kernel tweaker

TEST Build August 8, 2015

  • Built with SaberMod GCC4.8 8/1/2015 Toolchain
  • Optimization tweaks
    Things not listed in last test build, but are included in both:
    • Optimized ART
    • Sped up animations
  • Sync up with CM Up until Aug 8 @ 5 PM PST
    • Fix 2G Mobile Data

  • Re-enabled some optimizations I thought were causing the lags but weren't
  • Small sync up with CM

TEST Build August 5, 2015

  • Updated SaberMod GCC 4.9 toolchain
  • Updates to compilation flags for stability
  • Enabled strict aliasing optimization
  • Sync up with CM up and until August 5 @ 5:00PM PST

  • Version compiled with SaberMod GCC 4.9 optimized for cortex-a15 devices
  • Version compiled with SaberMod GCC 5.2, not optimized, but bleeding edge
    • People say a "device optimized" doesn't make too much of a difference if you build with the device optimization flags, which I do in both cases of the toolchains
  • Ramdisk updates
  • I stripped down the kernel again for stability's sake, I've removed:
    • Dynamic/Asynchronous Fsync
    • CPU/GPU OC. CPU OC never worked and GPU OC caused excess heat
    • Many misc commits
  • Sync up with CM
    • New color calibration interface
    • Interesting added support for low power panel mode, I don't know what it can do yet but I want to figure it out

  • Sound control: Headphone PowerAmp Gain is broken, I'm trying to find which pieces of the code to disable, but it doesn't hurt us
  • Reports of calls not working, but I need logs and more people to verify this
  • Stay on the lookout for freezes/reboots
July 22, 2015

  • Device specific optimizations
  • Make bootanimation faster and smoother
  • Sync up with CM upstream up until July 21 6:00PM PST

  • Updated to GCC 5.2 SaberMod toolchain
  • Disabled MPDecision in favor of intelli-plug hotplugging by @faux123
  • SWEEP2SLEEP re-added
  • New Simple GPU governor
  • CPU Under/overclocking (Overclocking doesn't work yet) 162-2106 MHz
  • GPU GPU Steps 128, 200, 360, 600 MHz
  • Added ability to edit frequency voltages
  • FauxSound 3.6 drivers added
  • Dynamic Fsync switch, set off to default
  • Enabled asynchronous Fsync
  • Reduce WiFi wakelocks
  • Low memory killer optimized RB Tree
  • Enable sched_autogroup for better multitasking

  • Some random rebooting can happen regarding plugging in headphones while screen off or unplugging headphones while playing music
  • Some buzzing with audio, it may be fixed in this build but it can still occur
July 9, 2015

  • Removed JustArchi's Optimizations
  • Updated SaberMod toolchain
  • Added SaberMod Optimization info in Settings menu, mainly a cosmetic thing
  • Synced with CM upstream up until July 9 @ 11:00AM PST

  • Removed Mako Hotplug variant, it never hotplugged correctly anyway
  • Removed many commits and slimmed down to the essentials for better stability
  • Updated SaberMod Toolchain
  • This kernel now only features: Intelliactive, Intelliminmax, SmartMax CPU governors and FIOPS I/O scheduler
  • Default configuration is now Interactive/FIOPS
  • Removed SWEEP2SLEEP
  • XZ Compresion for a smaller boot.img
  • Synced with CM upstream up until July 9 @ 11:00AM PST

  • Call recording seems to be fixed!
  • Ambient Display seems to be fixed from being broken in the recent nightlies
June 18, 2015

  • Removal of AOSPA/Omni Ambient Display Implementation
  • Introduction of Samsung Doze, CM's Ambient Display for Samsung devices
  • Updated SaberMod Toolchain
  • Included Google's WebView, reduces build time for me and you guys get a more up to date WebView
  • Many many upstream merges since May 25 until June 17 6:00 PM PST

  • Merged stock kernel and Mako Hotplug, a swtich is available to enable Mako, but be sure to disable MPDecision
  • Low Memory Killer Optimizations thanks to @faux123
  • Mako Hotplug updates
  • Quick wakeup driver

Bugs still exist:
Call recording doesn't work

A clean install is highly recommended. You can dirty flash, but don't post about any errors or FCs you face.
May 25, 2015

  • Build with GCC 4.8, resolves many issues and brings better battery life
  • Removed pthread, introduced openMP, a better flag that handles multithreading
  • CM Sync up until May 24 5:00 PST

  • Common: Updated GCC 6.0 toolchain
  • Mako: Various updates
May 17, 2015

  • Remove pthread GCC flag, a bit better battery life and an intermediate step in the next optimization
  • Update Nova Launcher to Stable 4.0
  • Sync up with CM up until May 17 9:00AM PST

  • Common: Enabled support for exFat and NTFS for kernel
  • Common: Update to GCC flags
  • Mako: Attempted to lower the overall screen brightness, it seems that things were already at the lowest
  • Mako: CPUs go idle faster
May 10, 2015

  • Graphite updates
  • SaberMod Toolchain update
  • Better system stability
  • Sync up with CM up until May 10 3:00PM PST

  • Common: Tie GPU to touch events for smoother interfaces
  • Common: Enabled the Deadline IO scheduler
  • Common: Slimbus overclock thanks to @Tkkg1994
  • Mako: Add kernel name, you can check in Settings > About Phone
  • Mako: Updated Ramdisk such that Powersave, Balanced and Performance profiles will set proper tunings to Mako Hotplug
  • Mako: Updated the Balanced (default) profile's load threshold. The hotplug will stay as a dual-core with low loads, but will more easily go up to quad if the load demands it
  • Mako: Many many updates and optimizations coming form @franciscofranco's Flo and @Tkkg1994's jf kernels
May 4, 2015

  • Sprint Mobile Data fixes
  • Change Free Mobile APN to the original
  • Sync with CM up and until May 4 (minimal changes from May 3)

  • Updated GCC 6.0.0 SaberMod Toolchain
May 3, 2015

  • Built with SaberMod GCC 4.9.3
  • Updates to SaberMod and JustArchi Optimizations
  • Moved radio blobs, and by this, they're ina different location during the flashing process, so I wanted to make sure things were placed properly
  • Sync with CM up until May 3 12 Noon PST

  • Updated SaberMod GCC 6.0.0 toolchain
  • Added BFQ IO Scheduler
  • Intelliactive updates
  • Version with Mako hotplug available
April 26, 2015

  • Android 5.1.1
  • Disabled AwesomePlayer by default - Fixes most Bluetooth issues
  • Update to SaberMod Optimizations
  • Re-return of JustArchi's Optimizations
  • Added 1.5 and 2.5 hours to the duration of priority/none mode (WIP) - I still need to make it look pretty, it rounds up 1.5 -> 2 hours and 2.5 -> 3 hours
  • Sync with CM 1PM PST
  • Silent mode available, no notifications, but alarms will still go through
  • Enable/Disable LEDs in priority/none mode
  • Privacy Manager notifications take you to the privacy manager settings of the app
  • Ability to change LCD density

  • Updated arm-eabi-6.0 toolchain
  • Remove stack protector flag due to some RR
  • Reduce IO latency
  • Enable Sweep2Sleep thanks to @friedrich420 - Bottom right to bottom left, back button to menu button. NO SWEEP2WAKE due to battery rain

  • Button backlight values don't persist over a reboot
April 19, 2015
  • Temprarily built without JustArchi's Build Optimizations
  • Enhance the HOST compiler
  • Updated radio blobs thanks to @AntaresOne
  • Don't use AwesomePlayer (Dev Options), may fix some bluetooth issues
  • Sync with CM up and until 9:00 PST

  • Built with GCC 6.0
  • Add more SaberMod flags
  • Compiled with stack protector to build more secure code
  • Fixed some wifi issues during sleep thanks to @Alucard24
April 12, 2015:
  • Updated SaberMod toolchain
  • Sync with CM up until April 12th
  • Fix bluetooth music streaming

  • Updated SaberMod toolchain
  • Reduction in GCC flags

  • Haven't seen the messaging FC
  • The keyboard FC appeared in SwiftKey for me, it may be gone in the AOSP keyboard, please report on this

  • Space between Battery as Text and Signal bars is still big

April 5, 2015:
  • Rebased on the cm-12.1 branch
  • Rebuilding cache on bootup displays current APK
  • Re-added CM's opticharger, squashes built-in APK's png files

  • Re-add kernel pthread and graphite flags
  • Update GCC flags thanks to @alucard_24
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FAQ / Common Issues / Bug Reporting
  • What makes this different from Optimized CM12.1 or CM12.1 Nightlies?
    • The CM nightlies are the baseline that provides a fast and clean experience. Optimized CM and my SaberMod CM try to take that even further by applying our optimizations to the source code. The difference between Optimized and SaberMod is that the JDCTeam strives to provide the best, polished experience for the Galaxy S4 whereas I’m an enthusiast turning this ROM into a collection of commits and features that I find interesting that I share for you guys.
  • What is SaberMod?
    • The SaberMod team provides Android optimized toolchains and ROM optimizations. Their toolchains are based on Google’s and cherry-pick from GNU. They also offer modular optimizations that speed the Android system even further.
  • Why don’t you use JustArchi’s build optimizations?
    • The SaberMod optimizations fulfill nearly the same optimizations with a different approach. It’s redundant to include them both.
  • XXX Doesn’t work for me?
    • I have the T-Mobile variant SGH-M919 as my daily driver, so I cannot cover every aspect of the ROM. I test enough so that I can run SaberMod CM as a daily driver, but our usage patterns may vary.
Common Issues
  • How do I enable Developer Options?
    • Settings > About Phone > Tap “Build Number” multiple times.
  • How do I remove the “ # “ icon from the statusbar?
    • You could flash SuperSU as with other ROMs, or you can turn it off in the Settings. Settings > Status Bar > Superuser indicator
    • *Note: A System UI FC may occur sometime after setting this, this is normal and will only happen once.
  • Bluetooth share keeps crashing / Bluetooth won’t turn on
    • Reboot your phone. Once the ROM boots up, wait for Bluetooth to automatically turn on. Make sure you turn it off, or else it will silently crash until you repeat this process.
  • I don’t have superuser/root
    • Enable Developer Options and enable Root Access from this menu. Changes in CM make it so that I can’t set root to default, so you have to set this after every clean flash.
  • I can’t install the ViPER4Android driver!
    1. Temporarily set the kernel to "Permissive" through ADB shell or the local terminal (Enable in Dev Options)
      • su
      • setenforce 0
    2. Proceed with V4A driver installation
  • Audio/Notification lag
    • If undervolted, try raising voltages
    • If underclocked, step up the lowest clock frequency
  • WhatsApp audio lags
    • There are some errors with the S4 and CM based ROMs due to our audio driver
  • Bookmark sync will ask for you to sign in
    • Go into Settings > Account > your gmail account that you want to sync with the Browser and your Bookmarks and switch the Browser toggle until sync errors go away. Reboot to remove the statusbar notification. The Bookmark sync wasn’t intended for Android 4.4+ so that’s why there are issues.
  • I can’t power on from power off while charging
    • It’s a known issue. Just unplug, wait for the battery icon to disappear then hold power to boot. Then you can charge once the phone is booting.
How to ask for help / Bug Reporting

Here are some steps to reporting bugs. You must follow these steps to streamline the help process, and it may lead you to finding the solution.
I will eventually ask all of these questions regardless, so let’s save a post or two:
  • Did you verify the MD5sum of all packages you flashed?
  • What ROM are you coming from?
  • Coming from a previous SaberMod CM release did you try wiping /system?
  • Coming from a different ROM did you fully wipe /system, /data and /cache?
  • What else did you flash? What modifications do you have?
    • Xposed: I do not support Xposed or any of it’s modules.
    • Specify a custom kernels:
      • Check if your problem persists within the kernel thread, then come here
      • It’s possible that kernels older than the current SaberMod CM build has some incompatibilities
    • Other system modifications must be specified
  • Have you searched the thread? There’s a high possibility that a problem you have in the ROM is being discussed in the latest pages of the thread
  • Is it in the bugs list? It may be a known problem

If it's an issue no one has reported:
  • Can you recreate the issue? Try to be as detailed as possible so I can recreate it.
    • ex. I can't play mp3s in Play Music but I can in PowerAmp
  • Make a logcat!
    1. Know how to recreate the problem
    2. Acquire software to make a logcat (ADB/CatLog on the playstore)
    3. Do a fresh boot
    4. Begin a logcat via "adb logcat"/start a Catlog
    5. Let the phone settle for a bit
    6. Create the issue
      • ex. Play a song that will FC/Go to an app that FCs
    7. Stop the logcat
    8. Send it to me over PM/Post with details on what you did

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Thanks.. I will try this out
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14th August 2014, 05:59 AM |#5  
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I'd like to thank the 37 people who have downloaded the ROM so far! Your opinions and thoughts are greatly welcomed here.

I'm getting a build ready for tomorrow with 3 new changes:
  • Tuned in-call and speaker volumes
  • Dynamic Kernel Tweaker shortcut in Settings App that replaces Performance Settings!
  • Rebuilt with cortex-a15 flags for a little performance boost

I'm doing a clean build tonight with the new build flag, so I'm hoping to give you guys something tomorrow. I've spent all day working on the Dynamic Kernel Tweaking shortcut in the Settings menu (You can check my github to find the mess in trying to get it right) but I'm very very happy to say that it's finally complete.

For the not-yet convinced on this ROM, it's just CM11 with a few additions which I will highlight in this video:
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14th August 2014, 01:54 PM |#6  
Alright a new one tot try. Nice

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14th August 2014, 07:33 PM |#7  
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New build posted 8/14/2014
Hello everyone, my latest build is available for download.

Build 08/14/2014:
  • Tuned in-call and speaker volumes
  • Updated Alucard kernel to 2.7.0d
  • Added cortex-a15 flags to build for a little performance boost
  • Added Dynamic Kernel Tweaker shortcuts in the Settings Menu!
I would really appreciate if someone with an S-view cover would test to see if it works! Also any feedback, good or bad is welcomed!
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14th August 2014, 08:54 PM |#8  
Originally Posted by Synergy510

Hello everyone, my latest build is available for download.

Build 08/14/2014:

I would really appreciate if someone with an S-view cover would test to see if it works! Also any feedback, good or bad is welcomed!

When trying i become the message: Url not found

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14th August 2014, 09:00 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ruud

When trying i become the message: Url not found

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Thanks, I replaced the link
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15th August 2014, 09:04 AM |#10  
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Well I'm downloading now, and as long as it's got lock screen notifications and Heads up I'll try it for a few days and test the ass out of it

Thanks for the rom Synergy510
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15th August 2014, 10:38 AM |#11  
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I think you undersell yourself.
I am downloading this rom and looking forward to its performance.
You have the passion to make something better.
You have learned new skills in the process.
You are now a developer.

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It won't allow me to access my external SD card.

It only shows /Android and /Data.
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