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[JDCTeam][STABLE][5.1.1][26 January] Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 builds [EOL]

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Announcement from AntaresOne: First Android Lollipop 5.1 ROM for Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants)

Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants)
Brought to you by Jflte DevConnection Team

#include <std_disclaimer.h>

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.


  • Faster than a rocket!
  • Based on CyanogenMod 12.1 - Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • OTA Updates with OpenRecoveryScript support, automatic ROM update after download (needs TWRP recovery)
  • BSOD Killer - your superhero against the famous black screen of death bug which randomly occurs after a system crash
  • Custom revamped Device Info in Settings->About phone including live CPU/GPU frequencies & RAM status
  • Custom kernel Alucard-PWR-CORE by JDCTeam with STweaks support, compiled with Linaro GCC 4.9.4 optimized for Krait CPU and XZ compression
  • Easter egg somewhere!
  • Embedded "see Changelog" feature
  • F2FS support for cache, data, system and MicroSD Card
  • Google Nexus Lollipop system audio files
  • Improved speed, stability, RAM usage & battery drain
  • JustArchi's ArchiDroid Optimizations inside
  • LEDify by JDCTeam - choose your favorite notification LED pattern at device's boot!
  • LibSwitcher by JDCTeam - IR apps issues? Forget!
  • Network Speed Meter in status bar
  • Toolbox by JDCTeam - the all-in-one device manager
  • All Galaxy S4 variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 are supported (unique ZIP file):
    • GT-I9505
    • GT-I9505G
    • GT-I9507
    • GT-I9508
    • SCH-I545
    • SCH-R970
    • SGH-I337
    • SGH-M919
    • SPH-L720
  • Many, many more! Install and see yourself!

GT-I9515 is not supported (slighty different hardware)
GT-I9500 is not supported (completely different hardware)

AT&T and Verizon users: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL bootloader if you own an AT&T phone, otherwise if Verizon you must be on the VRUAMDK bootloader in order to use this ROM. Do getprop ro.bootloader in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which bootloader you have

Known issues
  • ANT+
  • A note about Android Pay: will Android Pay work here? The answer is no. According to Google infos it works only on factory-preinstalled and unrooted Android, do not blame us for this!

January 2016 ROM builds on AndroidFileHost
ROM builds (starting from 24/05) are hosted on Romhut
Mirrors and previous ROM builds are hosted on AndroidFileHost
TWRP Recovery v2.8.7.2 with F2FS management support: AndroidFileHost

If you are coming from the previous 5.0.2 Optimized version or any another ROM, please do a clean install!

TWRP Recovery v2.8.7.0 is suggested for installation

First time or clean install:
  1. Download the ROM from the link above
  2. Download Open GApps package for Lollipop 5.1
  3. Put the zip files on your SDCard
  4. Reboot in Recovery
  5. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  6. Optional: convert to F2FS
  7. Select "Install zip from SDCard"
  8. Choose ROM's zip file
  9. Choose GApps zip file
  10. Reboot system

Update from a previous build:
  • Via OTA Updates:
    1. Open OTA Updates app
    2. Download the update
    3. Press "Install"
    Your device will automatically reboot and install the update.
  • Manual:
    1. Download updated build from the link above
    2. Put the zip file on your SDCard
    3. Reboot in Recovery
    4. Select "Install zip from SDCard"
    5. Choose ROM's zip file
    6. Reboot system

First boot after install/update takes a while, wait at least 5 minutes for it to boot.

To convert cache, data and system partitions to F2FS look in post below.

Available on JDCTeam GitHub

  • AntaresOne - Lead developer
  • JDCTeam
  • CyanogenMod
  • OpenGApps
Special thanks:
  • Donators
  • RomHut
  • gkkovacs - JDCTeam-Build01
  • azuziel- JDCTeam-Build02
  • vt0r - AndroidBuilder build server - now off

XDA:DevDB Information
Android 5.1.1 | Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 builds, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

AntaresOne, side, smeroni68, alucard_24, -+BB+-, MattBooth, hawkerpaul, angelcalibur, Jimsilver73, javelinanddart, franzyroy, side, smstiv, FernBch
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 20160118
Stable Release Date: 2016-01-18

Created 2015-03-28
Last Updated 2016-03-06
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28th March 2015, 07:42 PM |#2  
AntaresOne's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer
Flag Chieti, Italy
Thanks Meter: 17,724
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Reporting issues

Please report issues in our issue tracker:

Things like "this doesn't work", "this keeps FCing", "found a bug: *someapp* FC" etc. don't help. We need logs!!!!!!

Do not report bugs if you:
  • Flashed a different kernel
  • Installed or did mods from untrusted sources
  • Installed Xposed
  • Modified system files

MD5 - 826c9c4288b41efb8ab1d1b7834f4275
  • Kernel:
    • Fixed SELinux command line property (fixes superuser access, SuperSU bootloop and STweaks)

MD5 - 0e711ddd5883da8969f9ce6734e5e68f - Post #7935
  • Device:
    • Sepolicy updates
    • Other little code updates
  • Kernel:
    • Finally fixed the stuttering audio
    • Fixed button vibration when screeen is off
    • Fixed freeze when booting connected to an AC/USB cable
    • F2FS driver updates
    • General code updates (see GitHub)
  • ROM:
    • Android-5.1.1_r33 (LMY49F)
    • Updated security patches to 2016-01-01
    • Fixed Cricket APN
    • Merged all the upstream CM changes up to today

20151130 - Final JDCTeam release - Post #7713
MD5 - 3a1af890b87c11256c943759459ec3e4
  • Final release supported by the JDCTeam. Includes all the most recent updates from us and CyanogenMod. Update 17 January: project reopened

20151113 - Two different builds, check specific build changes below, also check out post #7459
MD5 "BT_ONE" - be774523fa4e2fc7c3d2c134851b97ef
MD5 "BT_TWO" - d09d85e9c1c973524b96be58a9ae6ee1
  • Device:
    • Include Qualcomm PowerHAL
  • Kernel:
    • Disabled MSM watchdog V2
    • Various code updates (including mm, IntelliPlug, SELinux, UKSM)
    • Build 1 (BT_ONE) specific: Disabled BT bluesleep bluedroid support (MSM bluesleep is enabled)
    • Build 2 (BT_TWO) specific: Disabled BT MSM bluesleep (this could cause a higher battery drain when bluetooth is ON and not in use)
  • ROM:
    • Android-5.1.1_r26
    • Merged 1 November security patches
    • Settings:
      • Do not show FCC ID & device name
      • Get rid of Hardware info (now lives in Toolbox)
      • Updated team members row & implement horizontal scrollview for it
    • JDC Toolbox:
      • 1.3.0
      • Added issue report for the app
      • Added realtime hardware info (CPU, GPU, RAM)
      • Fixed another IlegalStateException
      • Code styling & removed redundant code
    • Updated boosted ringtones
    • Updated DeviceInfoNext, removed unuseful things & restored some others
    • Various other under-the-hood updates

MD5 - 91cdd57ef2bea809907d8cf0e2d81aae
  • Includes all the changes of the previous build and fixes the bootloop for those who experienced it after upgrading to that version

MD5 - 8110ebc45e93a0e718d030ad42c01386
  • Device:
    • Test for "Bluetooth Share has stopped" issue which some users experience
  • Kernel:
    • Linux kernel 3.4.110
    • Fixed freeze at boot if USB is connected
    • Minor ramdisk updates
    • Restored maximum AC charge amperage in STweaks
    • Update F2FS driver
    • Various code updates
  • ROM:
    • Added high touch sensitivity
    • JDC Toolbox:
      • Version 1.2.2
      • Added double press to exit
      • Fixed IllegalStateException while exiting the easter egg if the countdown wasn't over
      • Made some settings not selectable, they don't do anything but showing text
      • Minor code updates & fixes
    • Updated Settings app layout
    • Updates for DeviceInfoNext
    • Various code updates (merged all the upstream changes from CM)

20151022 - Read post #6640
MD5 - da34d8ebd4705e13390f98e3a582f332
  • Device:
    • Added back FFMPEG codecs
    • Added eMMC trim at each boot (log file is saved for each boot in /cache/trim.log)
    • Added our custom init script
    • Custom Doze service (Settings->Gesture)
    • Fixed MMS
    • Fixed 2G data connection
    • Fstab: put f2fs above ext4
    • General RIL updates
    • Moved dancing LED to LEDify
    • Realtime CPU/GPU maximum frequency & RAM status in About phone (2/2)
    • Reverted to new consumerIR send command timing
    • Updated fingerprint for some models
    • Updated media codecs
    • Updated power management at boot
    • Updated RIL properties for I9505G
  • Kernel
    • Linux kernel 3.4.109
    • A lot of code updates & fixes including general code from Linux kernel 3.10
    • Added back kexec-hardboot patch (if this ROM is installed as primary, now secondary ROMs in MultiROM will boot)
    • Added KMS and UKMS from Linux kernel 3.10
    • Added VENO TCP protocol
    • Added ZRAM and enabled with 256MB (as default for ex. battery, battery and defaut STweaks profiles, 512MB for performance and ex. performance)
    • Changes and fixes on LMK
    • Changes on OOM control, less battery usage
    • CPU governors tuning/code cleaning
    • Increased maximum on call & standby freqs to 1350.000 KHz (fixed slow InCallUI while in deep sleep)
    • IPC: ported code from 3.10 kernel
    • Optimized alucard, darkness, nightmare and ondemand CPU governors
    • Various ramdisk optimizations & updates
  • ROM
    • Android 5.1.1_r24
    • Archidroid v4.1
    • Built with GCC 4.9.4
    • Improved build environment
    • Bionic: reworked the whole branch:
      • A lot of improvements and more optimizations for ARM-Cortex-A15/Krait CPU
      • Implemented pty.h
      • Removed unused/not needed optimizations
      • Lots of cleaning
    • Aapt:
      • default apk compression to 0 ratio (improved speed & memory usage)
      • don't compress qmg, wbp and arsc assets
    • Added battery saver Quick Settings tile
    • Added JDC LEDify:
      • Can be managed by the Toolbox app (below)
      • Patterns up to now:
        • JDCTeam dancing rainbox (default)
        • Hearbeat blue
        • Heartbeat green
        • Heartbeat red
        • Nexus-like
        • Nexus-like reversed
        • Police blue/red
        • Samsung default
    • Added JDC Toolbox app, wrote from scratch:
      • Manage LEDify settings (user-customizable notification LED at boot, prebuilt patterns)
      • Manage the IR LED driver (easy way to make any IR app work)
    • Added live lockscreen support & previews
    • Added show volume to tile chooser
    • Added volume boosted ringtones
    • Allow disabling the privacy guard notification
    • Audioflinger: do not build with -Os anymore
    • Correctly import wget binary needed by some STweaks features
    • Fixed remaining stagefright security issues & fixed some possible overflows
    • Fixed encryption for F2FS
    • Fixed ipv6 tethering
    • Format script:
      • Added ART cache & /cache autoclean
      • Added kernel settings autoclean, enabled when required like this build
      • Power on notification LED for debug purposes (blue if installing on /system, red if installing in MultiROM as secondary)
    • Framework: various multimedia updates
    • Improved SystemUI circle battery
    • Include Android security patch level in Settings
    • Libpng: small fixes from Marshmallow
    • New JDCTeam ASCII art
    • New bootanimation! Big thanks to @ovaxivanov
    • Personalized SetupWizard UI
    • Revamped Device Info in Settings:
      • Added device hardware info (under "Common"):
      • CPU info (number of cores, realtime maximum frequency for each core)
      • GPU info (model, realtime maximum frequency)
      • Realtime RAM status (size, used, free)
      • SoC info (manufacturer, model)
      • Added ROM logo with team members below
      • Added "ROM Thread" which links the user to ROM's thread on XDA (under "More")
      • Device-related infos moved under "Common"
      • ROM & kernel infos moved under "ROM"
      • Issue report & JDCTeam on G+ moved under "More"
      • Updated some strings
    • Removed dancing LED (there's LEDify now)
    • Reverted CM changes for BFQIO and cgroups
    • Show icon of app associated with the toast notification
    • Support for faster brightness response to light changes
    • SystemUI: various updates & fixes, use new lockscreen music visualizer from Eleven
    • Telephony: many framework updates & improvements
    • Updated & fixed some APNs
    • Updated system icon to material
    • Updated Webview to v46.0.2490.76
    • Various SELinux updates
    • Various other code updates (CM upstream merged 18 August~today)
MD5 - 806cfa06ea4fb6aad5282e3f868ea6c6
  • Kernel:
    • Added full support for I9507
    • Huge updates in memory management
    • More enhancements on MMC (Performance Mode)
    • slab/slub MM mechanisms: merged a lot of code from Linux kernel 3.10
    • Updated workqueue and idl from Linux kernel 3.10
    • Ramdisk updates
  • ROM:
    • Built with SaberMod GCC 4.8.5 optimized for ARM-Cortex-A15/Krait CPU
    • Fixed all stagefright vulnerabilities left
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM
    • Removed some logspam from proprietary vendor blobs
    • Some small fixes in build & Settings repos
    • Use our ART and bionic repos from AOSP, optimized for ARM-Cortex-A15/Krait CPU
    • Terminal: reverted some CM changes after latest changes

20150725 - Stable #1 - Clean install required to avoid risk of falling in weird ghost issues
MD5 - 062667633a079fe594e50ab941905fde
  • Device:
    • Fixed IR Blaster (IR remote apps now work)
    • Init:
      • run BSOD Killer as service
      • run dancing LED as service
      • update jfltexx fingerprint to LRX22C
      • update product name (jgedlte -> jflte)
    • Loki tool:
      • Fixed MultiROM environment recognition
      • New script body
      • Updated strings
    • New way to handle Radio (RIL) properties for all jf variants
    • Switch to binary Camera HAL, enhanced camera: this makes it much more reliable and working way better (shoot consecutive pictures, video mode is stable and front-facing camera works. NOTE: some crashes may still occur, but are sporadic against before)
  • Kernel:
    • Built with Uber GCC 6.0 optimized for ARM-Cortex-A15
    • Ramdisk updates
    • Many various code updates
  • ROM:
    • Codebase updated to android-5.1.1_r6
    • New ROM name! OptimizedCM-12.1
    • Added back ArchiDroid Optimizations V4
    • Added BSOD Killer: this will prevent you from falling in the BSOD, goodbye nasty boy!
    • Added bug report feature in Settings->About phone
    • Added Dancing Notification LED at boot (rainbow pattern+reverse)
    • Added Google Nexus Lollipop system audio files
    • Added JDCTeam Google+ community in Settings->About phone
    • Added something secret somewhere (easter egg)
    • Added sound panel in power menu
    • Create jar files with 0 compression, improves speed and RAM usage
    • Fixed a bug where was impossible to have working custom ringtone sound
    • Fixed high touch sensitivity and touchscreen hovering
    • Fixed MultiROM support
    • Format script:
      • Fixed a bug where if current filesystem is impossible to be recognized, /system is formatted as F2FS instead of EXT4 as default.
      • Fixed MultiROM environment recognition
      • Updated script body, bye-bye to the ugly one used since November 2014 in previous Optimized CM12 (5.0)
      • Updated strings & description
      • Whitespace fixes
    • Many APNs updates
    • Network Speed Meter:
      • Added translation for Italy
      • Increased multiple indicator (incoming+outgoing traffic) size
      • Updated english (default) strings
    • Settings: CyanogenMod version -> ROM version
    • Switch to prebuilt Google WebView (version 44.0.2403.73), ROM build time decreased by almost 50%
    • Updated FFMPEG to 2.7
    • Many other code updates

20150701 - Clean install is strongly suggested
MD5 - d6575a871d1504f10351eae0caab98e4
Test for the black screen issue and sporadic slow wakeup/heavy lag. Please test this build for 7~10 days and let us know about
  • Kernel:
    • Various code updates (head over here for further details)
  • ROM:
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM
    • TEST - modifications for the things written in the orange text

20150616 - Beta #4
MD5 - d970bf197226a8168d74fca975540a2c
  • Device:
    • Removed CM bugreport service
  • Kernel:
  • ROM:
    • More system stability
    • Added prebuilt libjni for AOSP keyboard gesture typing
    • Added some new APNs & updates
    • Fixed back/menu keys remaining awake for a little time after screen lock
    • Set Android M wallpaper as default
    • Various code updates
    • Further details: here - here - here

MD5 - dfef8e3c90238a8faaed0a4fa1d5e5cc
  • Device:
    • Fix LTE doesn't come up on boot
    • SEPolicy updates
  • Kernel:
    • Unified platform: fixed sensors for all jflte variants
    • F2FS driver updates
    • Small optimizations for alucard, darkness & nightmare governors
    • Various code updates
  • ROM:
    • Fixed Google Play Services crash when Location is set to High Accuracy
    • Added Network Speed Meter in status bar
    • Added STweaks in Settings instead of CM's Performance
    • Bluetooth updates: fixed A2DP streaming for all BT devices
    • Camera: added option to save pictures in SD Card

20150524 - Beta #3
MD5 - 5054b24c26267c65f92eeb1876c7efb1
  • OTA Updates by @Kryten2k35:
    • Direct download link & http support
    • MD5 check
    • OpenRecoveryScript support! Directly reboot to recovery after download to automagically update
  • Device:
  • Kernel:
    • HUGE code updates (see here for details)
    • Ramdisk updates
  • ROM:
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM (from 07/05 to 24/05, for details:
    • Optimized installation/update process
    • Cleaned framework
    • F2FS for /system not as default anymore (fixes ROM's installation on old non-compatible recoveries, you can choose what file system to use)
    • More system stability & speed

MD5 - ee79d35b1b58220e9f76c0b01aad57b5
  • Kernel:
    • Alucard, Darkness & Nightmare governors optimizations
    • Minor code updates
  • ROM:
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM
    • Enable/disable doze through Profiles
    • More system stability
    • STweaks app update
    • More changes here

MD5 - 19440b9142debd0dbbf59f0816c38217
  • Device:
    • SELinux policy update
  • Kernel:
    • Alucard and Darkness governors optimizations
    • Minor code updates
  • ROM:
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM
    • Full changelog: use this as reference

MD5 - 64563d896107fbddbe028a3f66cc58fd
  • Device:
    • Audio updates: disable AwesomePlayer, disable low power audio, enable NUPlayer (may increase battery drain by a little, but must fix Bluetooth audio stream)
  • Kernel:
    • Various code updates
  • ROM:
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM
    • Developer Settings: add warning to request root access & add setting for updating recovery
    • Quick Settings: add Ambient Display tile
    • Torch: remind user flashlight is still on

MD5 - 0dd3d94fe367ca825d534fecddedbd4e
26/4/2015 - Beta #2 - Clean install required
MD5 - 18d590e251db5a185f9c98ca327a1b19
13/4/2015 - Beta #1
MD5 - 3c85eafd854b33e9b02aa9b75c54be3c
  • Kernel:
    • Ramdisk updates
    • Various code updates
  • ROM:
    • No significant changes on user-side, many changes in code
    • Merged all the upstream CM changes
    • "Message not sent" on specific CDMA variants should be now fixed
    • More system stability

MD5 - 046c52386ce01797eef2a3234cece2bd
  • Device:
    • Add GPS set privacy
  • Kernel:
    • Various code updates
  • ROM:
    • Fixed in-call audio and general audio updates (dialer and sound across system fully working)
    • Added brightness settings in profiles
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM (branch cm-12.1)
    • Various other code updates & stability fixes

MD5 - cdc042dc6ada80b3bb162571ddbe79fb
  • ROM:
    • Fixed STweaks "no kernel support"
    • Merged all the upstream changes from CM (branch staging/cm-12.1)

MD5 - c93151deb61ecfb3fa5eff35a79a6cce
  • Initial public release

  • To enable Developer options go in Settings->About device and press "Build number" for 7 consecutive times.
  • STweaks shows "no kernel support", what to do? Go in Developer options and enable root.

Using F2FS
What it is? Wikipedia

To use it you should first convert your EXT4 partitions through recovery, before installing this ROM.

On PhilZ:
  1. Wipe and format options->custom format options->toggle ext4 f2fs migration
  2. Format cache->f2fs
  3. Format data and data/media-> f2fs (Warning: internal storage is formatted, make a backup of your personal data before doing this!)

  1. Download and install this TWRP version:
  2. Wipe->advanced wipe
  3. Select cache->change or repair file system->f2fs
  4. Select data->change or repair file system->f2fs (Warning: internal storage is formatted, make a backup of your personal data before doing this!)

Now you can install this ROM following installation steps in post above
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28th March 2015, 07:42 PM |#3  
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Video reviews

Thanks to @ISF

Thanks to @nadejo

Thanks to @osmar.menezes
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28th March 2015, 07:55 PM |#5  
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Thumbs up
Thanks a lot, downloading and testing right now !!!

(and changing my signature to celebrate that )
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28th March 2015, 08:11 PM |#7  
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@AntaresOne proves once again that he is a Recognized Developer even though that title is not attributed to him yet. Hopefully soon...
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28th March 2015, 08:20 PM |#8  
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Antares! Time for a Android 5.1 Updater?
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28th March 2015, 08:36 PM |#9  
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Is the f2fs conversion a must for this, or can I leave my partitions ext4 and install?

Thanks AntaresOne
28th March 2015, 08:38 PM |#10  
george stamatos's Avatar
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Thanks !!!! Could it boot with multiRom or none of the kernels could support it ? Thanks in advance
28th March 2015, 08:42 PM |#11  
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Talking ohh eaa
backup in progres... thank's
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