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[JDCTeam][6.0.1][25 March][EOL]Optimized LineageOS 13.0 Builds

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By side, Recognized Developer / Contributor on 11th March 2016, 09:48 PM
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Optimized Lineage 13.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants)
Brought to you by the Jflte DevConnection Team

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.


  • Faster than a rocket!
  • Based on Lineage 13 - Android 6 Marshmallow
  • F2FS support
  • Improved speed, stability, RAM usage & battery drain
  • LEDify by JDCTeam - choose your favorite notification LED pattern at device's boot!
  • Toolbox by JDCTeam - the all-in-one device manager
  • Powered by Alucard kernel
  • All Galaxy S4 variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 are supported:
    • GT-I9505
    • GT-I9505G
    • GT-I9507
    • GT-I9508
    • SCH-I545
    • SCH-R970
    • SGH-I337
    • SGH-M919
    • SPH-L720
    • SGH-S970G
    • SM-S975L
  • Many, many more! Install and see yourself!

GT-I9515 is not supported (slighty different hardware)
GT-I9500 is not supported (completely different hardware)

AT&T USERS: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL bootloader.
VERIZON USERS: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the VRUAMDK bootloader.
Do 'getprop ro.bootloader' in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which bootloader you have.

Optimized-Lineage-13.0 at AndroidFileHost: [HERE]
Old CM Archive: [HERE]
Official TWRP Recovery v3.0.2-0 for 'jfltexx' with F2FS Support: [HERE]

If you are coming from any previous Optimized Lineage 13.0 build or any other ROM, please do a clean install!

FULL WIPE (with external microsd card)
= Move any files you want to keep to your External MicroSD Card - OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM.
= DOWNLOAD your Optimized Lineage Rom and GApps Package
= Move your Optimized Lineage Rom and GApps Package to the external microsd storage
= Boot into Recovery Mode (HOLD Volume UP, Home, and Power button for 1 second after the vibrate)
= Wipe > Advanced Wipe
= Select ON (enable tick) for Dalvik / Art Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage, Cache.
= SWIPE to Wipe at bottom of screen
= Wipe > Format Data
= Type ‘YES’ and press blue checkmark at the bottom-right corner
= INSTALL to install Rom and GApps
= AFTER you have finished installing the Rom and GApps > WIPE CACHE/DALVIK > SWIPE to Wipe

FULL WIPE (without external microsd card with NO Home PC access)
= Move any files you want to keep to a safe folder - OR YOU MAY LOSE THEM.
= DOWNLOAD your Optimized Lineage Rom and GApps Package and place in Any Folder
= Boot into Recovery Mode (HOLD Volume UP, Home, and Power button for 1 second after the vibrate)
= Wipe > Advanced Wipe
= Select ON (enable tick) for Dalvik / Art Cache, System, Data, Cache
= SWIPE to Wipe at bottom of screen
= Wipe > Format Data
= Type ‘YES’ and press blue checkmark at the bottom-right corner
= INSTALL to install Rom and GApps
= AFTER you have finished installing the Rom and GApps > WIPE CACHE/DALVIK > SWIPE to Wipe

FULL WIPE (without external microsd card with Home PC access)
= Move any files you want to keep to your Home PC - OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM.
= DOWNLOAD your Optimized Lineage Rom and GApps Package to the Home PC
= Boot into Recovery Mode (HOLD Volume UP, Home, and Power button for 1 second after the vibrate)
= Wipe > Advanced Wipe
= Select ON (enable tick) for Dalvik / Art Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage, Cache.
= SWIPE to Wipe at bottom of screen
= Wipe > Format Data
= Type ‘YES’ and press blue checkmark at the bottom-right corner
= Copy Rom and GApps to your Internal Storage (create a new folder) using the downloaded files from the Home PC
= INSTALL to install Rom and GApps
= AFTER you have finished installing the Rom and GApps > WIPE CACHE/DALVIK > SWIPE to Wipe
= Once first boot is completed you can safely move your files back onto your Internal Storage
NOTICE: First boot after an install/update takes a while, wait at least 5 minutes for it to boot.
If the LED stops flashing and goes solid with any color then SuperSU did not correctly trigger the reboot.. You can either pull the battery -OR- hold down the power button for 15 seconds till the screen goes blank, then let go of the power button.. Then after another 4 seconds it will automatically boot and vibrate and everything is 100% normal.. It only happens that one time on a new Rom install with SuperSU.

Available on:
JDCTeam GitHub
  • Side - Lead developer
  • JDCTeam
  • LineageOS
  • OpenGApps
  • Optimized-Lineage-13.0 Test Team
  • Donators
  • AndroidFileHost
  • All of you!

XDA:DevDB Information
Android 6.0.1 | Optimized LineageOS 13.0 builds, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

side, creeper36, smeroni68, alucard_24, -+BB+-, MattBooth, hawkerpaul, angelcalibur, Jimsilver73, javelinanddart, franzyroy,SkL*, smstiv, FernBch
ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 4

Created 2016-03-11
Last Updated 2018-05-18
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11th March 2016, 09:48 PM |#2  
side's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer / Contributor
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Some notes of installation by @Creeper36
Originally Posted by Creeper36

OPTIMIZED CM13 ROM (Android 6.0.1)

I will not be held responsible for you messing up your phone. It worked for me.. It SHOULD work for you.
This does trip your Knox Warranty Bit. This does void your warranty.

*NOTE: The lines marked for Windows 7 is only that single line.. the rest of the instructions are for ANY versions of Windows.

= Windows 7 ONLY: Download to your PC: Samsung KIES3 - found [HERE].
= Download to your PC: ODIN 3 v3.10.7 - found [HERE]
= Download to your PC: TWRP Recovery 3.0.*-jfltexx.img.tar - found [HERE].
= Download to your Phones External MicroSD Card: Optimized CM13.0 ROM - found [HERE].
= Download to your Phones External MicroSD Card: Open GApps 6.0 - found [HERE]- (Look for "open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-[DATE].zip")

= Power ON your phone and boot into the normal system.
= CHARGE YOUR PHONE TO AT LEAST 80%.. if your battery runs out while your flashing or loading you will be in trouble!!
= Windows 7 ONLY: Install KIES3 on your PC -- You must install KIES3 in order to install the Samsung phone drivers -- You do not actually need to use it. (Windows 8/8.1/10 does this automatically on the next step).
= Win 7/8/8.1/10: Plug your phone into your PC via USB cable.. WAIT for your PC to finish installing drivers.
= TRANSFER all the needed files to your phone now.. put the files in a 'ROM' folder on your External MicroSD Card.
= Unplug your phone from your PC.
= Power OFF your phone.
= Boot your phone into DOWNLOAD MODE (While Powered OFF - HOLD Power, Home, and Volume DOWN buttons for 6 secs, let go as soon as the screen changes).. then press the Vol UP button.
= Run ODIN3-v3.10.7 on your PC -- use "Run as Administrator".
= Plug in your phone (phone is still in Download Mode) via USB cable to your PC.
= In ODIN3: Make sure you see "COM #" and "ADDED!!" -- SEE HELP IMAGE HERE
* If you Do NOT see the 'COM#' and 'ADDED!!' then Samsung Drivers is Installed INCORRECTLY!
* If you DO see the 'COM#' and 'ADDED!!' then you Can Continue Below to the Next Step.

= Insert the 'twrp-3.0.*-jfltexx.img.tar' file in "AP" - Click START -- SEE HELP IMAGE HERE
= Wait for your phone to reboot into system.
= You can unplug your USB cable now.
= Power OFF your phone.
* Your custom recovery is now successfully installed!
= Boot into TWRP Recovery (While Powered OFF - HOLD Power, Home, and Volume UP buttons for 6 secs).. Let go of the buttons after the vibrate but just before you see the small blue writing appear at the top.. I was holding mine down for too long and it would just boot like normal and not recovery mode.
= MAKE A CURRENT BACKUP: Tap 'Select Storage' near the bottom > Select "Micro SDCard" > then "OK"
= Backup: Tick (enable): EFS Only > Swipe to Backup -- Hint: Change the filename from 'Auto-Generate' to 'EFS-ONLY'
* Note: You should only backup EFS by itself.. You only need to backup EFS one (1) time ever.
= Backup: Tick (enable): Boot, System, Data > Swipe to Backup -- Hint: You may change the filename from 'Auto-Generate' but its optional.
= Go back to Main Menu
= 'WIPE' > 'ADVANCED WIPE' > Tick (enable): Dalvik/ART Cache, Cache, Data, Internal Storage, and System.
= Go back one menu then 'FORMAT DATA' - type 'YES' and press blue checkmark.
= Go back to Main Menu
= Install Optimized CM13 ROM by Clicking 'INSTALL' > Find your Optimized CM13 ROM you downloaded. --> 'Select Storage' (near the bottom) > 'Micro SDCard' > 'OK'.
= Install Open GApps by Clicking 'ADD MORE ZIPS' > Find your Open GApps you downloaded.
= 'SWIPE to Confirm Flash'.
= Wait for completion.
= 'Wipe Cache and Dalvik'.
= 'REBOOT' into system.
* Your System is now successfully Installed!

* After your initial setup you need to tweak a few things:
= Settings > Location > Change to 'Device Only'.
= Settings > Location > 3-Dots > Scanning > DISABLE (untick) Wifi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning.
= Pull-Down Notification Panel > GPS (Device Only) changed to disabled.
= App Drawer > Google > 3-Lines > Settings > Now Cards > Turn OFF
= App Drawer > Google > 3-Lines > Settings > Voice > OK GOOGLE Detection > Turn OFF
* You should setup SuperSU first thing.
= Go to Settings > Optimized CM Settings > Developer Options > Root Access > Turn ON (enable) 'APPS and ADB'.
= Install SuperSU by Chainfire from the Play Store and Update Binaries. (See SuperSU notes below)
= Enjoy!

* SuperSU Notes: A basic Superuser is pre-installed with this Rom (called 'Privacy Guard)'. It does Not give you any control. You will be able to use the traditional SuperSU from the Play Store (updating the SuperSU binaries will be Successful). After you have updated the binaries it will work great with our phones. SuperSU Pro Key can be installed from the Play Store. BUSYBOX SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED. ITS ALREADY PRE-BUILT INTO THIS ROM.
When Privacy Guard prompts you in SuperSU for access, click 'Remember my choice' and hit 'ALLOW'.
You will never be prompted like this again. SuperSU will now take over control.



Before report an overheat/sim/cellular issues

Always update your baseband to the latest one selecting from this thread

Rom builds here

md5 aroma:81670b48f5962998077de299cc6a0c67
md5 non aroma:1b15638905e943fd5eab089886457803
  • Update stock kernel to 25-March-2018
  • Upstream merge until 25-March-2018
  • Spectrum support
  • Ramdisk and kernel updates
  • Update to r81
  • Hack the Nougat kernel into Marshmallow
  • Security patches
  • Final wallpaper
  • Device tree edits on odex speedup
  • Mark as EOL
  • Update Snap camera

This ROM contains ViPER4Arise by @A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems
Source: Here

Old changelogs:

Aroma md5:d4d5b489358b3b9293ea85f316dabbc8
Non-Aroma md5:5e94b00b1ebe186c2a344d1f8b457f77
  • Update stock kernel to 15-August-2017
  • Upstream merge until 15-August-2017
  • Ramdisk and kernel updates
  • August wallpaper
  • Android revision 79
  • Updated SuperSU to 2.79 (There was some problems with 2.82)
  • Android art to O3
  • Update snap camera
  • Update kernel adiutor
  • core:Support microG Gapps
  • system.prop:set
  • bacon:hack to make Youtube 4k videos work
  • try allow GMS saving
  • Pump dex2oat operation
  • system.prop:Add dex2oat limits
  • CameraWrapper:Increase camera open retries
  • jflteRIL: bring back handleNitzTimeReceived
  • jf: overlay:Record panorama with lower res to make it faster
  • jf: doze after screen is off
  • overlay: SnapdragonCamera: Reduce frame size of panorama pictures
  • system.prop: touch.pressure.scale=2
  • mixer_paths: reduce speaker volume from 88 to 80
  • bt:Enable BTM_WBS_INCLUDED flag

MD5 side - bfad49ba1d021354d9f5fc39485f7437
MD5 AROMA - 9b6905a95c78b4d3f93c9e416d166393
  • Update stock kernel to 10-Feb-2016
  • Upstream merge until 10-Feb-2016
  • Ramdisk and kernel updates
  • Februarys wallpaper
  • Android revision 78
  • Updated SuperSU to 2.79 SR3
  • From CM to LineageOS
  • Update Snap camera
  • Disable LiveDisplay by default
  • Allow some BT profiles
  • Enable quick power on
  • Set delay of ringing while calling to 0
  • Disable cpp duplication (affects camera)
  • Enable all cores on installing apps
*NOTICE: I am removing the continued references to STABLE # ....
We all know its stable now.. We will just be using build dates.


MD5 - c4d29e21ce5fe252374dc2621f1a4b9d
  • Update stock kernel to 24-dec-2016
  • Upstream merge until 24-dec-2016
  • Ramdisk and kernel updates
  • Decembers wallpaper
  • Fix SELinux switch at STweaks
  • Updated BusyBox
  • Updated Snap Camera
  • Correctly replace STweaks profiles on dirty flash
  • increase sms limit
  • update to r74
  • Remove Gello.If you fresh install choose whatever you want in aroma

MD5 - 1b86e791a0d4d4ecb5831b18373abffd
  • Update stock kernel to Nov-25-2016
  • Upstream merge until Nov-25-2016
  • Ramdisk and kernel updates
  • Clouds wallpaper
  • System partition will be wiped on every installation.
    That provides dirty installation capability
  • Add LTE QS Tile
  • Fix battery icon color while using battery saver mode
  • Add option to remove browser
  • Add option to remove OptCM QS Themes
  • Add option to remove Eleven
  • Major Camera edits I will need your feedback!
  • Also clean
    • /sdcard/Android
    • /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails
    • /sdcard/LOST.DIR
    when installing the rom
  • Edit initialized Home Screen



This ROM is named "FinalSide" because its MY final dev on this rom.maybe one day someone of my people
want to maintain it and release a new update!Of course i will also test that before release.
Do you think you can maintain it?Drop me a message.i got something to tell you

MD5 - c86e1af2ac9da036770797dd41cf4050
  • Many changes on kernel
  • Many changes on Ramdisk
  • Edits on sound (affects voip and calls)
  • Changed wallpaper/bootanimation
  • Updated stock kernel to aroma
  • qmuxd edits
  • Edits on sound that affects gaming sound
  • Remove some Aroma Root apps
  • STweaks now works with systemless root
  • Update SuperSU to v2.78 SR1
  • Replace viper4android with viper4arise
  • Busybox will be installed if you select viper4arise
  • Speaker Optimization (Broken Ringtone,Notification tone,etc.)
  • Camera edits(Seems stabler)
  • User can select kernel editor via Aroma
  • Huge updates on audio HAL sources
  • Remove Wipe options from aroma(You have to wipe from TWRP,BEFORE zip installation)
  • Upstream merge until 1022 date
  • Returned to Alucard governor since its stable now
  • Completely removed Snap camera

MD5 - fd05afe6d3bf16c5b579c393e7db8993
  • Update Stock kernel to 02-nov-2016
  • Upstream merge from 02-nov-2016
  • Edits on STweaks profiles
  • Ramdisk changes
  • Aroma: fix SuperSU installation

MD5 - b01a8c917eaa605e67a85cf901e04990
  • -Bring live wallpapers back
  • -Fix SIM issue for some cdma variants
  • -Upstream merge until 2016-20-09
  • -Ramdisk updates/edits
  • -Fix dexopt welcome fonts
  • -Updated kernel
  • -Update stock kernel to the latest one
  • -UI speed boost
  • -Edits on sound(Distortion and stability)
  • -qmuxd edits
  • -Fix Viper4android installation(requires your OWN busybox from playstore!)
  • -Reworked camera(still crashes)
  • -Update to r66 android revision
  • -Remove google play killer
  • -Airplane mode - sim card issue fixed by CM upstream
  • -Rdit recents menu(add tweaks to optcm settings section)
  • -Add some android N notifications flavor
  • -Changed wallpaper again (3D mandelbrot)
  • -Force fast charge by default
  • -Use darkness as default governor(That means better sleep and UI transitions)
  • -Make STweaks to work with systemless superSU
  • -Workaround on CDMA variants(Read here
    for details)
------------aroma edits------------
  • -Edit the license.
  • -Speedup the boot of aroma

MD5 - 24c8500b28fceb4cbed4c0969311bf06
  • Bring OptCM QS themes back
  • Updated manifest
  • Upstream merge since 0831
  • Updated kernel to latest Linux changes and general fixes
  • Kernel now got CRON services(Check out the CRON tab at STweaks)
  • Updated toolchains
  • Ramdisk updates and changes
  • Updated webview
  • Busybox:Change the way we handle it
  • GPS doesnt affect cpu/battery/heat as before
  • Edited dexopt screen while booting
  • Changed wallpaper...again
  • Back to old camera version as default
  • Build CLANG with -O3 flag[testing]
  • Reduce CPU frequency while on call
  • Prevent a logcat spam caused by a wifi event
  • Add an EXPERIMENTAL feature about Google Service drain(See OTHER Stweaks tab)
  • QMUXD edits(Affects gps connecting speed,maybe battery too)
  • Removed some ugly wallpapers
  • General fixes and define some default-enabled values from Settings apk
  • New Gallery app
AROMA updates
    • Updated stock kernel
    • Remove launcher selection
    • Add option to remove STweaks(HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED THOUGH)
    • Add a warning message before return to recovery about gapps and SU
    • Option to add both aosp and snap camera
    • Add aroma option for SuperSU

MD5 - 15fec0a3b23d6a29079a42853c8f816d
  • -AROMA installer with advanced wipe options and JDCTeam theme(Thanks to @Kushan02 for helping me sort some things out)
  • -Allow dirty installations
  • -Increase VoIP app's mic volume
  • -Back to 0.75 transitions
  • -ROM is now odexed
  • -Clean on 'About Phone' Section
  • -Add test team as contributors
  • -Change boost time according to CAF
  • -Kernel general fixes
  • -Ramdisk general fixes
  • -Fix STweaks typo
  • -upstream merge until 20160806
  • -Truly fix lockscreen wallpaper
  • -Update graphic drivers and blobs
  • -Update to R61 Android

MD5 - fa644ff8048acc1402db22983deccc41
  • -updated kernel
  • -Remove some unused props from jfcommon and add new ones
  • -MMS while no data enabled
  • -Final Audio/BT edits
  • -Fix the STweaks typo
  • -Edits on packages/apps/Bluetooth
  • -upstream merge
  • -fix a FC when Settings/lockscreen/2nd wallpaper changer selected
  • -KERNEL:allow reconnect wifi
  • -Updated RAMDISK
  • -Smoother UI

Rom builds here
MD5 - 694a940401f17958daaa9cd4f6f7d22c
  • Use gello
  • restore ledify
  • upstream
  • wallpaper-summer mood
  • s7 clicks/lock
  • duration to music app
  • voip volume
  • bt edits from CM upstream
  • fully updated kernel
  • Latest ramdisk
  • Fix WGET ad block issue
  • return dev options to stock location
  • edits on bt/audio again
  • F2FS is back
  • webview from CM
  • Remove the orange borders while battery saver mode is enabled
  • 2 sound patches.Use them as you like.Read below

Suggested Gapps
Always remember the google now bug with BT...Make your tests and check which package is comfortable for you.
a good solution is to disable Google Now Card and OK Google

MD5 - 579fc63b59f2b3a7ab13b429233fe0e6

ROMHUT is under construction again
Download here

If you use BT we suggest you to NOT use google search app!
So ,use pico opengapps
If you dont use bt,use whatever u want

  • more bt fixes
  • back to Eleven app
  • kernel changes for performance and no heat
  • Ramdisk updates
  • fixed wakelocks
  • CM upstream

MD5 - 591436f70b13517d0950a32e72f6949c
  • Updated Bluetooth sources / audio
  • Upstream merge (Android R46)
  • Rotation fix
  • Remove logcat spam

Snapshot doesnt mean stable !
Snapshot is an important build that i mark it like this to show us that from this build and on new ones,we got mayor stability changes.
its just a flag to mark ,a new stage of build process

MD5 - a2e0afb4707ea0318661479bdc967551
Download here
Google drive due to romhut issues
  • upstream
  • kernel changes
  • ramdisk changes
  • sound and BT edits
  • rocket player instead of stock one
  • double tap to lockscreen = sleep
  • super su icon at status bar can be hidden
  • adb enabled(for better battery saving,please turn it of via STweaks)

MD5 - 39572e9b32b25a263ef3aa1b72105682
  • upstream
  • back button kill time reduced
  • updated device tree (affects RIL)
  • bt edits (seems like works 101% perfect with poweramp.CM app still buggy)
  • VoIP edits
  • gello app
  • battery bar tweak
  • membar at recents menu
  • changed temperature unit
  • caf ril and sound sources.Cleaner sounds on stream

MD5 - 4a535f97d9a4557864631dee5b4b83cc
  • Fast unlock if lockscreen's password is correct
  • Ability to change wallpaper of lockscreen
  • Added some QS themes.
    These are preinstalled.Just go to Themes and enable only affects QS and volume panel!
  • Small UI animation push
  • Added Samsung's stock sounds for notifications and alarms.You can freely choose them from options
  • Remastered and compressed the stock sounds.Made them louder and cleaner
  • Upstream merge to android r43
  • Critical fix on kernel & Stweaks
  • ZRAM updates
  • Some device tree edits/tests.Report me about BT
  • Ramdisk updates
  • Unknown source apps:Enabled by default

MD5 - 70535a842235be8a30ab2d69b81338c3
  • CM Upstream merge and sync
    Contains fixes for:
    • Dialer/Phone stability
    • Some BT Fixes
    • Settings crashes
    • GAPPS related issue.Please also read post #2
  • Kernel updates
  • Ramdisk updates
  • Hotness seems to be disappeared

MD5 - 6778f6ea80b7d30f53e0211c0ee0150c
  • android N wallpaper
  • introducing Optimized CM Settings
  • updated device tree from aosp
  • updated kernel+ramdisk
  • upstream merge
  • switch to linaro toolchain
  • edited bootanimation(simpler/smoother)
  • moved dev options to Optimized CM Settings(always enabled),Fast Data enable tweak,Network traffic status bar
  • dev tools = disabled

MD5 - ba20b00d512de37a4b037b98fec21dc2
  • RIL fixes (CDMA issue with SIM is dissappeared.Change network type is possible)
  • Overall performance (kernel updates-Ramdisk updates)
  • Archi's Optimizations
  • New Bootanimation
  • Removed OTAupdates app for now
  • Added OptimizedCM12.1's BSOD killer
  • Merge with CM upsteam

MD5 - 75252dd20f3243775b3e84ee2f0a0e57
  • Canadian/US Carrier fix ( crash).
  • Merge with CyanogenMod upstream.
  • Merge with latest alucard kernel.
MD5 - e3f678d68c2497bed6d9b89c4fb78a00
  • Initial release

Changes of upstream merge can be found
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11th March 2016, 09:49 PM |#3  
side's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer / Contributor
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Thanks Meter: 13,820
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Thank you @AntaresOne for this great ROM and for every development you have done for our device!

Video preview by shark jungle.thanks mate!
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11th March 2016, 09:49 PM |#4  
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OP Recognized Developer / Contributor
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Thanks Meter: 13,820
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Tricks and Tips of this ROM
  • STweaks shows "no kernel support", what to do? Go in Developer options and enable root.
  • ADB logcat is disabled by default.Run STweaks,go to OTHER tab and enable it
  • If you issue microphone volume problems-> Look here

Get the benefits of F2FS(Speed!)
Using F2FS
What it is? Wikipedia

To use it you should first convert your EXT4 partitions through recovery, before installing this ROM.

  1. Download and install TWRP from post #1
  2. Wipe->advanced wipe
  3. Select cache->change or repair file system->f2fs
  4. Select data->change or repair file system->f2fs (Warning: internal storage is formatted, make a backup of your personal data before doing this!)

About Logs/LogCat

Logcat is disabled by default.
  • Less battery consumption
  • Less CPU Load
How to enable it:
  1. Run STweaks
  2. Swipe to right side/menu and reach the one called "OTHER"
  3. Enable logcat from there
  4. Reboot to make it happen


Originally Posted by sjamie

GApps & Google Search Clarification: The test team has determined most GApps packages trigger the dreaded "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped" error message (BSE). The problem seems to stem from the bundled Google Search app. If you use OpenGapps (pico) and simply download the Google Search app from the Play Store, you should be error-free and you can use all of Google's features (ie. OK Google, Google Search, Google Now, etc.).

Bottom line: You will have many less problems if you use OpenGapps (pico). It was just discovered that there seems to be a problem with the 6/18 version which may not allow you to download apps from the Play Store resulting in Error DF-DLA-15. To avoid the possibility of getting this error, use an older version of pico gapps like 6/17 which works flawlessly.

Οf course if you dont use BT you can freely use Banks Gapps or A-Gapps!

STweaks Corner

My old STweaks profile:
  • Governor: interactive for all CPUs
  • min CPU frequency = 1 scale before max.
  • ZRAM disabled
  • GPU performance governor.
Antutu benchmark score 40500.Lost 1% of battery after 2 hours of sleep device.No hotness while antutu was running.
i dont care for battery life.

PS.i also use f2fs

My latest STweaks profile to attachments
To install it,paste it to internal storage,select 'default profile' at stweaks if u changed it.
if not,then simply press IMPORT from the most-right menu.Reboot after import just to be sure

@Feedmeeeee 's profile

Battery save Corner

I personally have disabled:
  • NFC
  • battery and notification light
  • Display music visualizer
  • any kind of gesture
  • Went to settings/memory/apps started on boot and disabled useless apps i dont need to boot
    and disabled KEEP AWAKE too.
  • locations/settings/bluetooth scanning disabled
  • locations disabled
  • backup and reset/disable automatic restore
  • backup my data disabled

RILJ Work-around

Some infos about RILJ wakelock.
RILJ is the background process that is functioning the phone signal/location etc.if you got drain that maybe means
  • you got wrong baseband/modem/ril.PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THIS AND USE THE CORRECT ONE
  • you got a full pack of gapps.if yes,please disable the 'news and weather' app.
  • the quickly change of signal's strength will always keep rilj busy.

Try some things like:
Use Wakelock Terminator to block the wakelock of RILJ.

1. Turn on airplane mode
2. Turn off the phone and pull out the battery for a couple of minutes (~2 minutes)
3. Put the battery on then turn on the phone
4. After it booted, turn off the airplane mode..

About the touch screen bug on SOME devices
For the minority of users who got issues with touch screen after sleep,please use the stock kernel from nightlies until i will be able to fix it .
Here is how to

About donations
I do accept donations .
My paypal mail is

All donations will be spent to make this ROM better. Even for new parts of build server or a new device other model of s4 for tests
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11th March 2016, 09:52 PM |#5  
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And finally here... Optimized CM 13... from JDC team!!
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11th March 2016, 09:54 PM |#6  
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Good work mate.
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11th March 2016, 09:55 PM |#7  
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Many thanks guys !!!!!
11th March 2016, 10:00 PM |#8  
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finally it is here !!
we have waited a lot but it deserve it from recognized developers
will try it soon
11th March 2016, 10:04 PM |#9  
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The download link does not work
11th March 2016, 10:08 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by LimitsX

The download link does not work

try again my friend
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11th March 2016, 10:09 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by side

try again my friend

lol i went to romhut and found the rom . The link works!
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