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By side, Recognized Developer / Contributor on 22nd November 2017, 09:25 AM
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Announcement from side: Release 6 of OptLos15.1 - All great things must finish. Oreo is all eaten up now.

Optimized LineageOS 15.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants)
Brought to you by the Jflte DevConnection Team

* Your warranty is now void.

* We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications and if
* you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
  • Based on LineageOS 15.1 - Android 8.1 Oreo r_43
  • September 2018 security updates integrated
  • F2FS support
  • Improved speed, stability, RAM usage & battery drain
  • LEDify by JDCTeam - choose your favorite notification LED pattern at device's boot!
  • Toolbox by JDCTeam - the all-in-one device manager
  • OMS integrated / Substratum supported plus LOS themeing
  • Spectrum profile manager supported
  • Powered by BUFFcore kernel:
BUFFcore 2.17:
Set CONFIG_HZ to 300
Add intelliplug, use as default hotplug.
Tweak our touch boost, after new hotplug
Add Color control tweak
Stop lowclocks from defconfig
Build with GZIP
Quickwakeup - the kernel can semi-wakeup and decide if needs to end suspend or return to suspend with losing doze.
fully optimized toolchain flags;
reduced sleep timeout;
dynamic file syncing - early_suspend and dyn_fsync by default;
boeffla wakelock blocker; 
print to dmesg log when a suspend gets broken;
sdfat enabled; 
fastcharge implemented (up to 1900 ac / 1600 usb); 
bcmhd wakelocks for rx and tx halved; 
libmemcopy and libstring sped up; 
io readahead to 1024k; 
lower min cpu governor frequency (270); 
power efficient work queues; 
voltage tweaking user interface; 
faster vmstat; 
autosmp hotplugging replacement; 
mmc crc disabled; 
allow for lower cpu voltage; 
reduce swapiness; 
optimize divide / multiply by power of 2;
added tcp optimization options; 
set westwood default; 
force doze screen off helper; 
optimize cbfillrect function; 
reduce wifi wakelock times; 
nohz: reduce overhead under high-freq idling patterns.
  • Many, many more - install and see for yourself!

All Galaxy S4 variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 are supported:
All Variants with a locked bootloader are currently unavailable until the unified tree is further updated.
AT&T USERS: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL bootloader.
VERIZON USERS: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the VRUAMDK bootloader.
Do 'getprop ro.bootloader' in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which bootloader you have.
You are REQUIRED to be using TWRP 3.2.3-0 to be able to flash any Pie rom.
If your device does not have an updated relevant version then you can use the standard JFLTE version.
If you have a device with a locked but exploitable bootloader as above (AT&T + Verizon) then use the Loki-patched version.

GT-I9515 is not / will never be supported (slightly different hardware)

GT-I9500 is not / will never be supported (completely different hardware)

Optimized-LineageOS-15.1 at AndroidFileHost: HERE
Official OptLos aroma addon package: HERE
Latest official TWRP Recovery v3.2.3-0 for JFLTE: HERE.
Latest official TWRP Recovery v3.2.3-0 for JFLTE Loki-patched by @mattgyver: HERE.
Other variants may require a different recovery.

  • Move any files you want to keep to PC - or you will lose them !
  • Make sure you are using the unofficial JDC version of TWRP above. Earlier versions will give Updater process ended with ERROR: 7.
  • Download the Optimized LineageOS rom , root solution and a Gapps 8.1 package (nano / pico or larger) for arm
  • Move the Optimized LineageOS rom, root solution and Gapps package to external storage
  • Boot into recovery mode (hold volume UP, HOME, and POWER button for 1 second after vibrate)
  • Wipe > advanced wipe > select (enable / tick) for Dalvik / Art Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage, Cache
  • Swipe to wipe at bottom of screen
  • Back to main start screen
  • Wipe > format data
  • Type ‘yes’ and press blue checkmark at the bottom-right corner
  • Back to main start screen and select Install to install rom, root solution, Gapps and Aroma.
  • DO NOT wipe cache / dalvik / art after flashing as this rom is pre-deodexed
  • Reboot System! Enjoy!
  • Once first boot is completed you can safely move your files back to Internal Storage
First boot after an install / update takes a while, wait at least 5 - 10 minutes for it to boot.

Phone will be hot / slow after first boot as dex optimisation of your apps occurs and media catalog is built of your audio / video files.
If the LED stops flashing and goes solid with any color then SuperSU did not correctly trigger the reboot. You can either pull the battery -OR- hold down the power button for 15 seconds till the led / screen goes blank, then let go of the power button. Then after another 4 seconds it will automatically boot and vibrate and everything is 100% normal. It only happens that one time on a new Rom install with SuperSU.

JDC aroma flashable addon
  • This is an optional addon that needs flashed through TWRP after rom, SU and gapps.
  • Download from HERE.
  • It contains working tested versions of:
    Adaway, Arise, AudioFX, Bromide, Buffcore Aduitor, Eleven, Google Camera, Magisk, Magisk Uninstaller, Mixplorer, Snap, Toolbox, YT Vanced, Wallpaperpicker
  • The Buffcore branded version of kernel auditor is the full version. It has a settings page for boeffla wakelock blocker editing and a spectrum switcher page, so no longer need spectrum app, and other JF specific tweaks.


Available on:JDCTeam GitHub
  • Side - Lead developer / da boss.
  • Buff99 - Minor developer / major meddler
  • JDCTeam
  • LineageOS
  • OpenGapps
  • Donators
  • OptLos test team / Slack testers
  • AndroidFileHost
  • Sausages
  • All of you!


You are welcome to join the official OptLos chat / test group in Slack optlosoreo

XDA:DevDB Information
🌴 Optimized LineageOS 15.1 🌴 for S4 unified, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

side, buff99
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated

Created 2017-11-22
Last Updated 2018-12-02
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22nd November 2017, 09:25 AM |#2  
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Video review by @MikeTheTechSavvy
Here ->

Current issues

  • BT calling from headsets or cars MAY not work now. Stay tuned.
  • Wifi uses the region set in your phone sim, if you don't have a sim your region may get incorrectly set. See here

Since ROM supports all (SuperSU,native root,magisk) JDCToolbox is coming as a flashable depending on your root method.Download the one that fits you
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.30 MB, 1170 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.30 MB, 2122 views)
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22nd November 2017, 09:25 AM |#3  
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please join the public group at Slack:

Things you can find at this channel ->
  • -Direct messages with users and me
  • -Todo list for next version
  • -current changelog
  • -Requests
  • -Fast messages and bug reports
  • -Fast support

  • -No "BEST ROM FOR S4?"
  • -No "this doesnt work" without a log

Some notes from me:
  • Use opengapps 8.x and ARM ..not ARM64

Ledify custom pattern
Some notes about ledify. In case u need some "hardcore" edits or even create your own ledify patterns
here is a small tutorial:

at /system/bin/ledify the script exists.
as you can see at line 236 , the default pattern is the 'heartbeatblue'.
your options are:
  • disabled)
  • heartbeatblue)
  • heartbeatgreen)
  • heartbeatred)
  • jdcdefault)
  • nexus)
  • nexusreverse)
  • police)
  • secdefault)
if u want to create a new one do this :

go to line 70 and add a function with the name u want.lets say OPTCM

//write your routine here as the others.
now go to RUN() and add
optcm) OPTCM;;
finally go to final lines where it says
# Default
and change it to
# Default
save the file and u r ready.

For better results u better go to twrp,mount the system partition,take the ledify file to your pc,edit it and push it again back to it's location.
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22nd November 2017, 09:26 AM |#4  
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Version 6
  • kernel: Set CONFIG_HZ to 300
  • kernel: Add intelliplug
  • kernel: Tweak our touch boost, after new hotplug
  • kernel: Add Color control tweak
  • kernel: Stop lowclocks from defconfig
  • kernel: Build with GZIP
  • QS: Add "silent-vibrate-loud" tile
  • wifi: More edits again
  • BT: and again...
  • post-fs: Add permissions to trace_marker
  • Fixed flickering white fonts on black background
  • a2dp: Improve the driver
  • Upstream merge since:
  • Update our wallpaper
  • New bootanimation
  • Ledify: Match the color with the bootanimation
  • GPS: Edits again side
  • Fix the "unknown calls" issue for some providers
  • kernel: Add 'State notifier' for better sleep situation
  • Settings: Show version number at settings
  • QS Tiles reorder. Add the useful tiles on the first row
  • Audio edits,clean up and such
  • Remove 'x' sign from signal icon when no data
  • Update the 'over the horizon' Crapsung ringtones
  • Custom kernel adiutor comes prebuilt for buffcore
  • Septembers security patches.
  • Update to revision 46 of Oreo
  • Upstream merged until 11-September 2018
Old changelogs:

Version 5

  • Fix OMX video recording after Coocle's changes came from August security patch
  • Set stats collect to false.
  • Add OnePlus sounds for alarms/ui/notifications/ringtones
  • Updated wallpaper
  • Display and general hardware edits.
  • 4g/lte status bar icon is now selectable (Settings/System/Status bar)
  • Upstream merge until 20 august
  • Fix netflix
  • Turn LED to BLUE when camera is used (This feature is added for security reasons.Now you know which app spys your face)
  • GPS edits
  • Reduce system's partition size. (ROM's ! not partitions. that means u have ~200mb more available)
  • Speed up coocle apps installations and pure apks
  • SystemUI: Do not use transparency on QS
  • Use some Ubuntu's fonts
  • Wifi is edited again
  • Build audio amplifier
  • Added Airvoice APN as requested
  • CPU scheduling edits
  • init:fix a bug on boot completed
  • No more low clocks
  • Viper4android now works ( )
  • Kernel edits:
    • Add quick wakeup feature

Version 4

  • FULLY rework the camera and go to the closed source solution
  • Fix our hardware sources ( fixed my fault on branches tracking )
  • BuffCore updated including Doze improvements
  • GPS edits
  • 9507 is now supported (?)
  • General source clean
    • Clean my build script (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Clean device tree. (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Clean double directories (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Clean blobs (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Clean vendor/jdc (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Rename the rom after build complete (-Doesnt affect the rom)
    • Create script to create remotes in one shot (-Doesnt affect the rom)
  • Add more permissions from framework ,affecting camera
  • Some fun at settings/vendor security date
  • Fix google play edition installation (?)
  • system_prop:Set dexopt.boot to verify.
  • jf:Add seccomp policy for media stack
  • system_prop: Dalvik:Use 4 threads when needed
  • Force enable aptx for bt
  • Update our wallpaper
  • Enable doze with a better way
  • Fix recents icon lines
  • Revert wifi when kernel is ready
  • Tweak the boot up process to improve speed
  • Edit WiFi driver and downgrade the hidl version - Seems stabler
  • Make recents blocks,circle
  • Upstream until 10 august
  • Reduce minimum CPU clock (We may gain some juice from here)
  • Enable multisensors HAL - a better overall experience
  • Cleanout the doze/display sources. (possibly better sleeping and on-screen drains)
  • Aptx is now fully working - YOU HAVE TO UNPAIR AND PAIR AGAIN YOUR DEVICE - Thank that guy -> @Buff99
  • update to _r43
  • Add August security patches
  • Build date is now in english
  • Add Reading mode at QS Tiles
  • Update for O
  • Youtube playback edits on 720p-60fps/1080p - still kinda broken i guess
  • Do not use sdclang
  • Add ldac support
  • emmc_trim now works on boot
  • Add some camera,wifi and nfc permissions just in case

Version 3

  • jf:Remove a double-declared cache partition size
  • edits here and there.not affects the flashable zip
  • Τweak the GPS
  • Binary permission fixes
  • Enable SDclang
  • BlueTooth:Revive optcm14.1 code
  • BlueTooth:Fix prepatch dir
  • jf-common:Vendorize permissions
  • jf-common:Vendorize bt prepatch
  • init.power:Rewrite it from scratch
  • prop:Set LCD density to 420
  • Add vidc firmware
  • Add missing props
  • Declare Radio Access family
  • Add vendor props and fingerprint
  • prop: Declare the security patch level
  • Fix alarm's/clock's visual bug
  • Tweak thermald's sampling time (We may have better temperature?)
  • Now building both ROM and kernel with Linaro,specially tweaked for our jf
  • add classifier (
  • Clean out the ledify script execution
  • Fix proximity reset on first boot
  • wifi: wait for kernel driver to get ready
  • Set default 'Never turn off wifi on sleeping'
  • overlay:Set wake gestures off
  • Replace recents icon when no app
  • Show USB mode dialog when USB is inserted
  • Back to stable Webview
  • Speed up the installation process by 2 seconds (Remove 2 sleep commands)
  • Ship FlipFlap-A common Lid/Flip Cover app for AOSP, focused on rooted devices and specially designed for the LineageOS Project.
  • Tweak the input boost
  • Use Samsung fonts
  • Add call recording feature
  • Add 3-finger-screenshot gesture
  • Reset camera when media service restarts too
  • base:Allow screenshot secured apps
  • Disable kernel checks ( we may gain some juice from here)
  • prop: Calls: Do not delay at all
  • props: Disable power collapse on RIL
  • prop:Remove unused props
  • props:Enable stagefright smoothness
  • props:Enable HW accelaration on video playback
  • Update our wallpaper
  • Replace jelly with Bromite browser
  • Fix mixplorer initial crash
  • Upstream until 30 july
  • aapt: enforce 0 compression
  • core: use 0 compression when creating the target_files package
  • Create 0 compression ratio jar files
  • Scroll: modified velocitytracker
  • Frequently used OpenGL ES methods whitelisted for fast JNI path
  • Use -O3 on our ART
  • Updated buff kernel
  • Use -O3 on dalvik executables
  • Add clock position option

BUFFcore 2.09b - 2.12 changes
  • fully optimized toolchain flags;
  • reduced sleep timeout;
  • fastcharge properly functioning now - AC forced on highest you can attain and USB now working higher than 460mA
  • dynamic file syncing - early_suspend and dyn_fsync by default;
  • boeffla wakelock blocker;
  • print to dmesg log when a suspend gets broken;

Printing broken suspends to dmesg.log - you can check the dmesg.log file to see what is waking your device from suspend. Using SYSLOG, grep the dmesg for "active wakeup source" to see if you get any reports. Alarmtimer here is OK, other WLs are worth checking, then possibly adding to the blocked WL list if deemed safe.

Wakelock blocker : the following WLs are blocked by default -
qcom_rx_wakelock; wlan; wlan_wow_wl; wlan_extscan_wl; netmgr_wl; 
NETLINK; IPA_WS; [timerfd]; wlan_ipa; wlan_pno_wl; wcnss_filter_lock; 
_rx_wake; wlan_ctrl_wake; wlan_wake; qbt_wake_source
you can also ADD more yourself if needed to the following user file in ROOT
This will be a list delimited by ; semicolon and no-spaces. WLs should be exact case you find them.
So an example addon file would be
The wakelock blocker may give absolutely no difference to your battery life in suspend - It will only help if your issues are wakelock based. Monitor the log file for any broken suspends for a few nights, look them up in google to see what they are (some wakelocks are not safe to remove) then try adding any identified wakelocks to the user file.

Date: 11-July-2018
Version 2

  • Update to r36
  • Update july security patch
  • Tide up the policies
  • Revert:jf:Allow adjust the lights
  • Update media profiles
  • Enable memcg at kernel
  • overlay:Remove burnin protection
  • overlay: Allow display HWC hardware accelerated transformations
  • manifest:Add graphics.composer
  • manifest:graphics.allocator:Move to hwbinder
  • jf:Make device debuggable
  • Fix a thermald path(fixes battery drain?)
  • Fix the toast icon and expose it to themers
  • Disable bt by default
  • Enable advanced reboot by default
  • Fix spinners' lag
  • overlay:Set default theme's color to a custom one
  • SystemUI:Enable alarm info to QS
  • Change ledify pattern
  • Revive System UI Tuner
  • Trim partitions on every boot
  • Correct ledify contexts
  • Refresh proximity sensor on every boot
  • Change rom name display at settings
  • Fix toolbox working with magisk
  • Always use the latest webview even its beta (we trust Coocle)
  • Add turbo app (Contains Pixel wallpapers)
  • Add Mixplorer

Date: 5-July-2018
Version 1


  • Update to r30
  • Replace "clear all" with a button like previous opt lineage series
  • Smooth out BT and wifi
  • Fix some background denials ( affects the battery while sleeping )
  • Switch to buffcore kernel as main kernel
  • Update our wallpaper
  • Upstream merge until 5-July-2018
  • Fully fix camera ( video and photos are working for both rear and back camera )
  • GPS edits
  • Enable SDfat
  • Enable 64bit binder
  • Use pure-native Oreo build.Not GO configuration
  • Network Traffic to status bar
  • Introduce the Boost framework under the hood
  • Speed up the damn animations
  • Speed up the whole core while compiling
  • Use -Ofast flag for our bionic
  • Refresh the mediaserver sources ( mismerges happened and now its fixed )
  • Completely remove STweaks ( Bye Bye alucard .....for now (?) )
  • Smooth out the screen's flickerings and such
  • Speed up our dex like older optlos series
  • many more i dont remember.
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22nd November 2017, 09:30 AM |#5  
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Good job mate
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22nd November 2017, 10:32 AM |#6  
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Yeah here it is! Big thanks for all the good stuff you spread out
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22nd November 2017, 10:58 AM |#7  
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@side congrats mate! Running smooth on my OP5! 😜😁
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22nd November 2017, 11:00 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by lekiaM

@side congrats mate! Running smooth on my OP5!

hahahahha.thats true.
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22nd November 2017, 11:37 AM |#9  
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I try later. Maybe camera works with the Camu app.
22nd November 2017, 11:45 AM |#10  
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I am going to flash this as my secondary rom(dual boot to test alpha builds).hope it will work
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22nd November 2017, 12:26 PM |#11  
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Thanks for your work, it's a great rom.
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