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please be patient and all features will find there way back...

YOUR WARRANTY IS NOW VOID I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. A lot.


All new Features in last build displayed in RED

- Voted Apps:

- Nova Launcher (instead of Trebuchet)
- Google Chrome (instead of AOSP Browser)
- ESFileExplorer (instead of CMFileManager)
(Join us on G+ (link below) to help us make importand choices)

- ROM and Kernel build with UBER-TC
- OwnKernel-Angler
- Root Acces (Activate trough Developer Options)
- Optional decryption
- Quick Tiles Customizations
-Improved Colorpicker



- Statusbar icons
- Hide SuperUser icon
- OwnROM icon in statusbar
- Clock and Date Settings
Hide, font, color, size, date format
- Battery options
Icon, percentage, BatteryBar (Location, Style, Charge animation, color, width)
- Others
Screenbrightnes control, Network Traffic (Color, BPS, Update Interval, Automatic hideColor arrows to, Updated), Notification Count

Notification Drawer:

- Quick Open
- Time Contextual Headers
- Caf Task Manager


- Navbar
Show Navbar, Left handed modes, Dimensions, Re-arange, Cursor control, Color, DT2S
- SlimDIM
- Hardware Buttons
Remap, Enable, Disable
- PA PIE (V3.0)
- Volume Buttons
Wake Device, Music Control, Cursor Control, Switch Orientation

- Recents Apps Screen:

Fullscreen, Show Search Bar, RAM Bar, Close all Recents Button (Location, Inlude forground app)
- OmniSwitch (+ Option to set as default recents screen
- Slims recent apps screen + appbar


-Slims Lockscreen Shortcuts
-CMs Corner Shortcuts


- App Side Bar
- App Circle Side Bar

- Gesture Anywhere


- System animations
- Toast animations
- Listview animations
- Listview interpolator[/COLOR][/B]

OwnROM ChangeLog

- See All changes we made

Kernel Settings

- Kernel Adiutor


- Link Volumes
- Incrasing Ringtone
- Vibration intensetie

Display and Lights


- Brightness control
- Live Display
- Screen rotation(0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
- Active Display
- DT2W
- DT2S
- Slims Doze Options


- Expanded Desktop
- LCD Density
- Toast Icon Switch
- Font Size


- Battery light
- Notification light


- Heads Up (Switch on/off, Do not disturb)


- Live LockScreen
- Lock Screen Message
- Custom Corner Shortcuts
- Music Visualizer


- Waring Color (Switch On/Off)
- Set Waring on custom percentage


- Optional Encryption
- Screen Pinning

Multi User
System Profiles
App Permisions
Privacy Guard



Installation instructions:

1. Backup whatever you have to, also do take a nandroid backup via recovery (Just in case)
2. Erase '/system', '/data', Cache and Dalvik Cache
3. Flash OwnROM
4. Flash G-apps
5. Flash Custom Kernel of your liking or keep stock
6. Boot

OwnROM Github
OwnROM Devices and Kernel Github
OwnROM Website

Thanks to:
Me (lol)
The Whole OwnDroid Team (Where Would i been without you guys...)
Beanstown106 - Vendor, BL and Radio files
Banks - G-apps
Most importantly YOU - the users

Anybody left out please do feel free to PM me

XDA:DevDB Information
OwnROM for KLTE, ROM for the Galaxy S5

OwnDroid Team Get to know them Via G+
ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Lollipop
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP 3.0.2-0 + a Samsung Galaxy S5 :P
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-05-19
Last Updated 2016-06-01
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4th December 2014, 01:46 PM |#2  


* android/
d0f939a Remove Gmail add AOSP mail back [OwnDroid]
b6d6bf0 Fix sync error [OwnDroid]
e773c28 Remove duplicate repo [OwnDroid]
313ef94 Remove Gello [OwnDroid]
61c0bcc Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]
* build/
820a665 qcom: Support 8937/8953 [OwnDroid]
c8f824e build: Fix caf and aospremote [OwnDroid]
db8948d ereleasetools: Allow for custom boot image signing tools [OwnDroid]
c5be740 Avoid accidentally using the host's native 'as' command. [OwnDroid]
8d38d0f repopick: support specifying a range of commits to pick [OwnDroid]
* device/huawei/angler/
1c51388 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]
* device/qcom/sepolicy/
4c32771 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into HEAD [OwnDroid]
* frameworks/base/
55a8d57 Merge derps [OwnDroid]
aeff0f7 Yet another fix [OwnDroid]
7bb1969 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]
699b834 Add Slack icon to LockScreenShortCuts [2/2] [OwnDroid]
930227f Revert "Add double tap option to lockscreen shortcuts" [OwnDroid]
44e91e0 fw: reintroduce PRIVATE_FLAG_PREVENT_POWER_KEY [Scott Mertz]
70d2082 services: Kick off to CMSystemServer for external service init. [Gerrit Code Review]
9a23f2e am: clear state for every protected app invocation. [Adnan Begovic]
* frameworks/native/
6500d42 Add dalvik heap/hwui overrides for xxxhdpi phone with 4096MB RAM [Gerrit Code Review]
* hardware/samsung/
9dad4fe exynos: multimedia: implement proper EOS signalling for encoder [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/apps/Camera2/
d2bb13d Camera2: only override power key [Scott Mertz]
* packages/apps/Settings/
9abd465 More revertion derps [OwnDroid]
1762c99 Clean up revertion leftovers [OwnDroid]
5c7c0a9 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]
ff17d25 Add Slack icon to LockScreenShortCuts [1/2] [OwnDroid]
d7f8b7d Revert "Add double tap option to lockscreen shortcuts" [OwnDroid]
* packages/apps/Snap/
a0a8d92 Snap: Only override power key [Scott Mertz]
* system/core/
99927ed Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]
* vendor/cmsdk/
5ba7017 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into HEAD [OwnDroid]
b51572d cmsdk: Create CMSystemServer to handle our platform init. [Gerrit Code Review]
* vendor/ownrom/
79ccedb Remove Gmail add AOSP mail back [OwnDroid]
876ec27 Yeah right, git these days.... [OwnDroid]
caf66b1 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of into own-mm [OwnDroid]


* android/
59ed518 derp LOL [OwnDroid]
ff8fdca Cleanup, Categorize and add opt/cards [OwnDroid]
* frameworks/base/
0c8bd12 Add delete icons to SystemUI [OwnDroid]
876cad3 [1/2] Slim Recent App Sidebar [OwnDroid]
4ecf9c7 Add SlimRecents 1/2 [OwnDroid]
531c80f Lockscreen shortcuts improvements 2/2 [OwnDroid]
df48706 Add WhatsApp icon to LockScreenShortCuts [2/2] [OwnDroid]
ed162b0 Add double tap option to lockscreen shortcuts [OwnDroid]
f785bc5 base: header image tweaks [OwnDroid]
681f037 -> add missing imports [OwnDroid]
cd73808 Add emergency calls only string [OwnDroid]
b00abe8 Update task manager icon [OwnDroid]
febd350 Improve expanded header icon padding [OwnDroid]
50e513c Fix Task manager icon layout and get rid of QS emergency calls only text [OwnDroid]
b64a579 SystemUI:Add Missing Parts for CAF Task Manager [OwnDroid]
b82ea5b Materialize task kill button [OwnDroid]
e085804 Reset to QS panel if task manager was visible last [OwnDroid]
00fdef1 Task Manager: Use one observer for changes, misc cleanup [OwnDroid]
27b558b Add more icons for task manager switch [OwnDroid]
1025b17 Task manager : Remove empty notification after switch on/off logic [OwnDroid]
9256344 Task Manager : On switch recreate statusbar to fix task view [OwnDroid]
e62f7de Update some Task Manager functions [OwnDroid]
d417d93 Fix Task Manager Strings [OwnDroid]
b62cc89 Task manager improvements [OwnDroid]
651405a Improve Task manager UI improved task and button view removed task manager text and layout Screenshot- [OwnDroid]
a9f46be Expose task manager values for themers [OwnDroid]
9c6ebc2 Fixed Task Manager bug described in post below [OwnDroid]
c11aea9 CAF Task Manager switch [1/2] [OwnDroid]
eb975f6 SystemUI: Add task manager [OwnDroid]
aa238e9 Core: Fix OOB [Michael W]
* packages/apps/Settings/
e808864 clearafy a bit [OwnDroid]
028371d Slim recet app sidebar [2/2] [OwnDroid]
fbb3788 Add Slim Recetns app screen 2/2 [OwnDroid]
031e607 Lockscreen Shortcuts improvements 1/2 [OwnDroid]
a07ea2f Add WhatsApp icon to LockScreenShortCuts [1/2] [OwnDroid]
66f871e Add double tap option to lockscreen shortcuts Change-Id: I640a8724e41b5549c0b949b2e94b54a0c5834e4b [OwnDroid]
589fd87 Create an entry for CAF Task Manager [OwnDroid]
5dd2c9b CAF Task Manager switch [2/2] [OwnDroid]
* vendor/huawei/
5c7dfbc Merge pull request #30 from dianlujitao/cm-13.0 [ciwrl]
* vendor/samsung/
62285ef Merge pull request #774 from crpalmer/adreno [Dan Pasanen]
099e55b mondrianwifi: Update adreno blobs to may 2016 qcom snapshot [Christopher R. Palmer]


* frameworks/base/
3b827ee -> Add some missing imports [OwnDroid]
89450d0 Enable/disable notification color inversion [1/2] [OwnDroid]
737fd19 [2/2] Frameworks: Slim doze options [OwnDroid]
* packages/apps/InCallUI/
42df587 Remove ring around activated glowpad targets. [Danny Baumann]
* packages/apps/Settings/
3af5b60 Enable/disable notification color inversion [2/2] [OwnDroid]
2c22a8d [1/2] Settings: Slim doze options [OwnDroid]
* vendor/huawei/
ddea55d msm8916: Split che10 from cherry and commonize blobs [dianlujitao]
656843f Merge pull request #28 from dianlujitao/cm-13.0 [ciwrl]
* vendor/ownrom/
52f8e1e update COOPVOCE apn [RGIB]
fcb8147 vendor: add back bootanimation selection code [Akhil Narang]
f66a546 Merge into own-mm [Akhil Narang]


* device/qcom/sepolicy/
236f12d netmgrd: Allow netmgrd to set xlat property [Ricardo Cerqueira]
8ad941e sepolicy: Add zram, swap disks creation permission [Ricardo Cerqueira]
090aa3b sepolicy: add selinux polices for gamed [Ricardo Cerqueira]
fed995e sepolicy : Add new properties for ubwc support [Ricardo Cerqueira]
* packages/apps/Stk/
f9aecea Stk: Make the text a little smaller [Michael Bestas]
053ce97 Stk: Materialize message dialog icon [Michael Bestas]
* vendor/huawei/
ff108c7 cherry: Update QNfc.apk [dianlujitao]
f3ab608 Merge pull request #27 from dianlujitao/cm-13.0 [ciwrl]


* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
d6461d6 Correct the broadcast channel for Colombia [Deepak Kundra]
* packages/apps/Messaging/
4cc542b Automatic translation import [Gerrit Code Review]
ddf7c99 [SMS] Replace message content for protocol 0x41-0x47 [Deepak Kundra]
* packages/apps/Screencast/
1ecd521 Automatic translation import [[email protected]]
* packages/apps/Stk/
65aaf67 Change the theme and the style of the activities [Michael Bestas]
a1e3c60 Fix tab/space inconsistencies in stk_msg_dialog.xml [Michael Bestas]
* packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
cd53946 ThemeChooser: fix on theme installed notification [Joey Rizzoli]
* packages/services/Telephony/
1262004 Automatic translation import [[email protected]]
* vendor/huawei/
67b3189 cherry: Add QCA1990 blobs [dianlujitao]
* vendor/ownrom/
30e0b17 Don't dex-preopt Gello [Abhisek Devkota]
* vendor/samsung/
63c5d45 Merge pull request #773 from fourkbomb/cm-13.0 [Chirayu Desai]
1772c8d kona-common: use own cbd from n5100 4.4.4 [Simon Shields]
2632159 Revert "smdk4412 : latest CBD from stock 4.4.4 n5100" [Simon Shields]
d001648 Merge pull request #772 from RGIB/cm-13.0 [Ethan Chen]
2510661 Revert "smdk4412 : bcmdhd" [RGIB]


* frameworks/base/
1c1efe4 appops: Respect screen interactivity before creating dialogs. [Adnan Begovic]
b4088dd appops: Implement concept of delayedcount. [Gerrit Code Review]
8e897a5 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
c73e481 PhoneWindowManager: add ability to use EdgeGestureService for system gestures. [OwnDroid]
b4a1c93 [2/2] framework/base: Add EdgeGesture service. [OwnDroid]
14a5d7f FWB: PIE 3.0 (1/2) [OwnDroid]
d9a6ee5 New contextual header images [OwnDroid]
4d0556b Fix FC when killing apps with app circlebar [OwnDroid]
f5e2185 Disable PIN entry after successful quick unlock [OwnDroid]
127caf0 Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (1/2) [OwnDroid]
5b05d97 Implement App circle sidebar [1/2] [OwnDroid]
* frameworks/native/
ea0ee31 dumpstate: add CM version to output [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/apps/Bluetooth/
8a156be Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/CMBugReport/
9ff9513 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Calendar/
411ad09 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
eadcfcd Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Contacts/
ffaa045 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
f05914c Contacts : fix FAB when an InCall plugin tab is in focus [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
f759863 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Dialer/
b4316ea Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
03c2c84 Alias Dialer's settings activity for use as caller-info settings [Rohit Yengisetty]
bafc8fd Fix NPE in caller-info settings migration component [Rohit Yengisetty]
* packages/apps/InCallUI/
241d00a Automatic translation import [Gerrit Code Review]
84db99a Fix copy constructor of ContactInfoCache [Rohit Yengisetty]
* packages/apps/Messaging/
26db7cf Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
2c6c8d3 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Profiles/
77051de Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Screencast/
1ad771f Fix reference to a renamed string [Greg Wilard]
e66278d Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/apps/Settings/
de99454 man I'm tired [OwnDroid]
0961b67 Forgot this [OwnDroid]
5f6176e Fix FC on Navigation Settings [OwnDroid]
d13fe2c Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
e228a15 Small Fixes [OwnDroid]
4359910 Settings: PIE 3.0 (2/2) [OwnDroid]
02ca2dd Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (2/2) [OwnDroid]
39d0f25 Squash: [2/2] Settings: Implement App circle sidebar [OwnDroid]
* packages/apps/SoundRecorder/
0023df8 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/providers/DataUsageProvider/
c42d795 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/services/LiveLockScreenService/
ba3b4f9 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* packages/services/Telephony/
1554030 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
926776b Move IMS strings to proper resource file [Gerrit Code Review]
* vendor/cmsdk/
970f0b6 Automatic translation import [Jessica Wagantall]
* vendor/ownrom/
25de700 New bootanimations [minar]


* frameworks/base/
34acda1 Add CM version to dropbox entries [Scott Mertz]
7e417ec Add missing ernum (}) [OwnDroid]
10d6366 WHY????? [email protected]#$% ("-_-) [OwnDroid]
10fdd3e Why tel me why... [OwnDroid]
392b86d Revert "App sidebar: notify if app is not installed" [OwnDroid]
cb20dd5 Fixes [OwnDroid]
9b2e90c SystemUI: fix qs pulldown on certain themes [Roman Birg]
* packages/apps/Contacts/
765f3a0 Contacts: only schedule metrics JobService if Ambient exists [Erica Chang]
* packages/apps/Dialer/
5b9db20 Add migrations for CallerInfo related settings [Rohit Yengisetty]
* packages/apps/Messaging/
a29d139 Integrate CallerInfo with notifications [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/apps/Snap/
b3cfd09 Snap: Update comment to reflect audio focus changes [Michael Bestas]
2bcea7e SnapdragonCamera: Release audio focus when video recording is done [Michael Bestas]
ed07584 SnapdragonCamera: request audio focus before starting video recording [Michael Bestas]
ccd3e81 SnapdragonCamera: Recording screen to be dynamic [Michael Bestas]
02fa448 SnapdragonCamera: Fix the memory leak on view. [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/services/Telephony/
f228ce1 Switch back to Auto selection if Manual fail's [Deepak Kundra]
* system/core/
2a02799 debuggerd: add CM version to tombstones [Scott Mertz]
* vendor/lge/
b3b8bbb vk810: switch to thermal-engine [Dan Pasanen]
1421d59 vk810: update all the things from VK81036B [Dan Pasanen]
* vendor/motorola/
0846a9f clark: move to ramdisk [Dan Pasanen]
* vendor/ownrom/
bdc5d03 cm: Remove GMS guard [Tom Marshall]


* cts/
978b415 Merge "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Update CTS to 6.0R7" into marshmallow-cts-release [Gerrit Code Review]
63ce966 DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Update CTS to 6.0R7 [Daniel Xie]
* device/huawei/angler/
d800f36 Gello: Add Gello browser [Gerrit Code Review]
* external/koush/ion/
3bee672 Ion: Ignore get exif rotation exception [Keith Mok]
* frameworks/base/
1f02ff1 frameworks/base: Fix ContentService JNI leaks [OwnDroid]
ba3b8cc App sidebar: Fix Left/Right position. [OwnDroid]
86f726b App sidebar: notify if app is not installed [OwnDroid]
c6f5a11 Fix force close for App Sidebar. [OwnDroid]
c73e559 App sidebar (1/2) [OwnDroid]
24196a4 Revert "Enable SystemUI Tuner By Default" [OwnDroid]
2ca88f6 pm: Use sourcerecord if available for protected app validation. [Gerrit Code Review]
955c97f SystemUI: improve keyguard with SIM PIN interactions [Gerrit Code Review]
c1aab91 Frameworks: icon materialization [OwnDroid]
82f8b7b frameworks: vectorize slim shortcut action icons [OwnDroid]
3092b0e Frameworks: rest of shortcut icons by Sven R. [OwnDroid]
851e8e2 Frameworks: moar shortcut icons by Sven R. [OwnDroid]
ef2bb7b Base : Add more lockscreen shortcut custom icons Part2 [OwnDroid]
45cf6d9 Base:Add new 73 hd lockscreen shortcus icons [OwnDroid]
7515691 SystemUI: vector support for action icons [OwnDroid]
76046c2 squash Frameworks: Keyguard - Add user configurable shortcuts [OwnDroid]
1f6e9ed Enable SystemUI Tuner By Default [OwnDroid]
d1bac5b StatusBar: Do not just define vars... [Gerrit Code Review]
* frameworks/native/
0921754 Add dalvik heap/hwui overrides for xxhdpi phone with 3072MB RAM [Bruno Martins]
* kernel/lge/bullhead/
8063dcc setlocalversion: remove deprecated code [Akhil Narang]
* kernel/samsung/klte/
fe288ca USB: usbfs: fix potential infoleak in devio [Kevin F. Haggerty]
* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
89bcf56 Enable broadcast channels for Colombia [Deepak Kundra]
25e7ce5 Support playing the alert and vibrate until dismissed [Deepak Kundra]
* packages/apps/Dialer/
560f3a8 Crash Fix When DeepLinkEnabled callback returns to a null Context. [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/apps/Messaging/
110cdf8 Add handling of MMS Read report. [Gerrit Code Review]
9da3129 Revert "[SMS] Replace message content can't be replaced" [Deepak Kundra]
88b174e [SMS] Replace message content can't be replaced [Gerrit Code Review]
54374cf Added support for video and audio mms attachments [Gary Kipnis]
* packages/apps/Settings/
47af181 Create GestureSettings with App Sidebar [2/2] [OwnDroid]
b9214c7 Squash: Add user configurable lockscreen shortcuts [2/2] [OwnDroid]
084f557 Add Locksreen category to OwnSettings [OwnDroid]
134ca21 add dslv controller [OwnDroid]
398ecc1 Settings: Add CM's shortcut picker [OwnDroid]
e3b9678 Settings: Disable cancelable with multi-windows confirm dialog [Keith Mok]
d48e7e9 Settings: Update oem unlocking status with back button [Keith Mok]
317b86e Settings: Update oem unlocking status when dismiss [Gerrit Code Review]
* packages/providers/TelephonyProvider/
f320e09 Support playing the alert and vibrate until dismissed [Deepak Kundra]
* vendor/ownrom/
243d369 cm: Fix the backuptool importation logic [Adrian DC]
b9f0c17 Fix GMS guard [Gerrit Code Review]
184bb3d Update ambientsdk version 1.5.11 [Stephen Bird]
* vendor/samsung/
dad583d Merge pull request #771 from raymanfx/cm-13.0 [ciwrl]
ade921d gts210ltexx: Import SM-T815 blobs from T815XXU2BPD6 [Christopher N. Hesse]
7261500 gts2-common: Import Galaxy Tab S2 blobs from T815XXU2BPD6 [Christopher N. Hesse]

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4th December 2014, 02:25 PM |#3  
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En weer een Nederlander! Hoppa!:thumbup:
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4th December 2014, 02:36 PM |#4  
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4th December 2014, 02:56 PM |#6  
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Awesome, i am going to give it a try
4th December 2014, 03:20 PM |#7  
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Can u make a klteusc build of this ROM please?

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4th December 2014, 03:26 PM |#8  
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I like the name of the Rom and Kernel alot that's what an aosp rom about, make it your own, the way you like it i will try it for sure

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10th December 2014, 06:52 PM |#9  
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Anny progress dude?:sly:
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10th December 2014, 06:58 PM |#10  
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Will there be a g900p kltespr version?
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11th December 2014, 03:03 AM |#11  
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I thought this thread was only going to be opened if OP posted a rom, rather than a place holder for his work?
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