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[ROM][9.0][OneUI][N920X/G92X]Floyd Note8 Port V4.0

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By ananjaser1211, Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on 30th July 2019, 07:09 AM
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Announcement from ananjaser1211: Bringing the forbidden fruits Samsung prevents us from.
Welcome to Floyd Port For the Exynos7420 Series

Some information you should know..
  • This is a full Note8 port with android version 9.0 based on HadesRomV11.1 By @corsicanu
  • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat OR with detailed explanation
  • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.
  • You are not allowed to use this base, if you want to make rom, "DIY"
  • Any sort of File Kanging will be reported without hesitation.
  • If you like this rom and appreciate my efforts, Hit the Thanks button, and consider a donation

Hey everyone, Finally after a long time V4 is here. ive put 10 times more effort into this compared to the previous releases. Tons were changed and the entire ROM was built up from scratch. everything rom the rom to the kernel was fully remade and improved. 30K Downloads later on V3.
Today happens to be my 22nd Birthday, and i would like to give you all a gift instead.

This Version is without a doubt the biggest ROM ive worked on to date, through development challenges, special device issues , ROM Size and tons more, it was exhausting. however
the end result makes it all worth it. testers on multiple variants / devices / configs came back positive.
While the buglist still leaves some to be desired i think this is as good as i can make it for now. maybe in the future if there was a V5 we will see it reduced.

The changelog is massive, and to summarize it, many annoying things in V2/V3 were finally resolved including the most important thing which is CALLING. US variants are finally properly supported. except the ones that use QMUX modems. maybe that will be for another day

As always, THANK YOU for being dedicated to this project. and special thanks to @DR_Amoxicillin @corsicanu @TheOGLunarixus and my testers for helping both directly and indirectly

I hope you Enjoy the ROM. if you appreciate this project consider donating @ Paypal

V3 Notes

Hey everyone, Somehow we are still standing with this project, it is as horrible as it seems, yet fun. I started this project 8 months ago to "flex" only, turns out people enjoy it including myself, Through Oreo and Pie this project has been hell to make yet i think we are at a state were we can drop the ALPHA and BETA labels of!, V3 was in active development for over 2 months (Unlike V2 where i started a month before release) This one was carefully built, and entirely from scratch (For the third time). However i understand, you guys are tired of Note7FE. and want something different, Thanks to my partner @corsicanu that is possible. He crafted one of the best feature-full roms on xda. HadesRom and with that as a base for our project, This device became something else, something amazing. and honestly better than any rom i would have made feature wise. Thanks to him and All the flagship features such as infinity wallpapers, Some S10 Features and many others are present, the aroma is PACKED with goods. This rom is around 200/300 MB larger than the previous one (which wasn't small to begin with) however i believe it is worth it. Me and [MENTION=7098450]kill-switch and my testers spent alot of time perfecting it, Now we support every variant that uses Exynos7420 besides china variants, those are to come later. the US variants of the S6E+ And Note 5 are supported too. I will be making a dedicated S6 thread aswell
While i am 100% sure not all users will have the same experience, i believe the vast majority will enjoy it, As always this rom is NOT for everyone, if you want a stock camera, this aint it chief. no matter how much we want it, it is just not gonna happen any time soon if ever, thats just the nature of developing a rom that is 2 major versions beyond samsung. if you dont mind the limitations mentioned below, Enjoy it as much as possible.
And as always, if you appreciate this project and want to support us , press thanks, share your opinions and help the people in this thread who are struggling. I wont be available 24/7 to do so.
You can also help us purchase more cocaine to continue development by donating me Here or @corsicanu here or @kill-switch here or @lunarixus Here

V1/V2 Notes :
So. 5 months ago i posted this ROM. big mistake, it means i have to maintain it, which i suck at. after 2 rebases and finishing V2 twice. OneUI happened for some reason god knows why, but yeah. This ROM is BETA AF. there is alot of crap that needs to be fixed besides the general bugs we had in oreo. give or take, if you are adventurous. go ahead and flash it, if not. dont B*itch in the thread about it and flash another ROM. This ROM is NOT for average ROM users. it is for those who want to be on the bleeding edge.. it wont come out of BETA until the bug list becomes shorter. This ROM is OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED ONLY on the NOTE 5 International variants. its the one i have, the one i can test personally. it will BOOT on N5/S6/S6E And S6E+ and work well relatively speaking if you bother to read the F.A.Q. Korean and US variants are also supported for all those models via Aroma options so take care. however Note 5 US variants might not work. you can try. S6/S6E support is very BETA so use with a grain of salt, a big one. read the f.a.q for tips on how to make the experience suck less.

Eventually when you discover a new Bug that shouldn't be there, DO NOT SEND ME MATLOGS. CATLOGS or whatever. Follow the guide up there on How to properly send logs. otherwise i wont care less about your post. very simple. Remember that this port is NOT supped to be possible. we should not be running oneUI, but the stars aligned in our favor. And please there is no need to tell me to fix XYZ. if its listed in bugs or was reported. im on it.

So. TLDR; This may or may not be your daily rom, it depends on who you are. if you want oneUI, this is the price. if not, there are plenty of other ROMs based on Nougat that will work right. so use them instead and let the thread be in peace.

I sincerely hope the people who end up using this rom have fun, its a fun experience, ive been using it for the past month. and its refreshing.

Old releases (Booreo)

Hey Note 5 Community, This is my first project for this device, one of many to come. many of you might know me from my Note4 projects, i have decided to purchase the note5 in order to provide for this community quality ROMs , in hopes that maybe one day everyone here will be using an Oreo based port, instead of living on nougat that samsung left us with.
Why N7FE and not N8 S9 or any newer port ? Simply said, it is too early for me and the current state of oreo. there is some important stuff that needs ironing out before introducing more bugs. N7FE Struck a great balance between a stable port, and a feature rich one. i have also thrown in alot of additional stuff you can check below.

Support for other variants will come in the future, i choose to support this small amount due to time constraints.

RULES OF POSTING : READ everything before commenting, And especially the install steps, the rom has been tested thoroughly for a long time, so if you have an critical issue like not booting or no sim, you missed the instructions, posts that are irrelevant to this project will be ignored(Constructive criticism is welcomed). If you do face a new bug however, dont just say "hey bug here" provide more information, and a LOGCAT, bug reports without logcats will most likely be ignored.

  • - Android 9.0
  • - Semi-deodexed (Apps only)
  • - Well debloated with Aroma options
  • - Zipaligned and tuned
  • - Optimized for battery and performance
  • - Full Samsung OneUI Experience
  • - Magisk Ready
  • - And all the goodies Android Pie brings
  • - Based on HadesROM V11.1
  • - Contains all features from Note8 minus hardware specific ones (Iris and stuff)
  • - All the original features are present (Wifi,Bluetooth, basic camera etc)
Floyd/Hades Port Features :-
  • - BluelightFilter / AlwaysOn Display
  • - Samsung DolbyAtmos
  • - Heavly optimised for N5/S6/S6E/S6E+ with their own separate configurations
  • - Many prop and feature tweaks and exclusive apps
  • - DE-Knoxed and disabled Additional samsung root prevention and security spams
  • - Full OMC setup with ALL samsung supported countries
  • - S10+ Livewallpapers (Aroma)
  • - Note8 Infinity wallpapers (Aroma)
  • - Full goodlock 2019 pack (Aroma)
  • - Added exclusive samsung apps (Aroma)
  • - 1700+ Fonts MOD (Aroma)
  • - Pie Edge Panels and edgelighting+
  • - BixbyHome And Bixby Voice
  • - Recovery toggle
  • - Ssecure/Secure Wifi etc
  • - Minor system mods
  • - Native AppLock
  • - Wifi S-Secure
  • - Native Screen Video recorder
  • - Native Call recorder
  • - Android 10 Apps
  • - And pretty much everything you see in hadesRom changelog
  • - And many more additions from My J5 / N4 Roms and previous Floyd
CronosKernel V4.0 :-
  • All of the custom kernel features can be controlled using HKTweaks by @corsicanu
  • - Updated version in collaboration with @lunarixus
  • - Compiled with Linaro 4.9.4
  • - Optimzed for battery and performance
  • - Tons of under the hood improvements
  • - AlwaysOn Display Supported
  • - Governors (Interextrem, smartmax, smartmax_eps, alucard, bluactive, yankactive,
  • bioshock, conservativeX, dancedance, darknes, hyper, intelliactive, intellimm,
  • lionheart, pegasus, preservative, smartass, wheatley)
  • - CPU / GPU Overclocking
  • - GPU Thermal control
  • - Compiler optimizations
  • - Many wakelocks reduced
  • - BoefflaWakelock Blocker
  • - WireGuard
  • - FakeKnox
  • - Blocked GMS Wakelocks
  • - Deodex Workaround
  • - 99Killer service
  • - Init.d Support
  • - Bootstate Green for safteynet
  • - Patched some props for safteynet
  • - MoroSound control
  • - Heavily optimized CPU GPU and battery
  • - Android 9.0 Supported

  1. ensure you have LATEST TWRP (3.2+)
  2. Download and copy the ROM to your device
  3. Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK and if possible internal storage)
  4. Flash the ROM.ZIP (Select only what you will use otherwise it will fail due to system size)
  5. Setup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.
  6. After a full boot. you can flash Magisk

  • -Hardware composer : We do not have sources to compile oneui compatible blobs
  • -Samsung camera Front camera and video are NOT working (Only back camera is usable reliably)
  • -Camera in many 3rd party apps (Whatsapp QR , facebook messenger)
  • -Rotation is Slow and takes time
  • -N9208 NFC is disabled
  • -No support for Qcom QMUX modem variants (P and 00 Variants)
  • -UHQ Upscaler on T/W8 variants (SoundAlive/Dolby work however)
  • -N928T/W8 And G928T/W8 have audio glitches while using headphone jack
  • -US variants cant change call audio, refer to F.A.Q
  • -S6/S6E models will flicker when entering samsung gallery

Imgur Album with ALL photos : IMGR

IF you helped in this rom and i forgot you, tell me in a PM or in a reply i 100% forgot some people fam
@corsicanu For various help throughout the years and letting me use HadesRom as a base (xoxo)
@kill-switch For tremendous help on V3/V4
@Lunarixus For fixing IR Blaster and kernel help
@AbrahamGC and @kurtlestat for letting me use some of their mods from BlackDiamond Rom
@ljjehl , @SnowFuhrer and josuesim1 for keeping up with my crap while testing US variants. Thank you friend
@enesuzun2002 For general help in 7420
@lukasb06 For Making The camera shim, without it we wont have a working camera
@Noxxxious For all his amazing kernel work in 7420
@Androidwizzard For valuable help in Note5s
@RickyBush_ For IOS Emoji
@Team Vanced For YouTube Vanced

And the rest of EliteTeam

Testers :
@khoailang2500 @CusuferR @SnowFuhrer @moonje @josuesim @Attor @qaziiabdullah @josuesim1 @Alhaitha2020
@SongJH @Thekillerbunny12341 @KeepSOBP @ljjehl @arshia_mpz @LeeXDA18 @arshiazare @Keyvintakeo @vsvarli
And few more that didnt give me their usernames

Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below

XDA:DevDB Information
Floyd OneUI, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

ananjaser1211, kill-switch, corsicanu
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest bootloader and modem
Based On: OneUI

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V4.0
Stable Release Date: 2020-01-12
Beta Release Date: 2018-12-07

Created 2019-07-30
Last Updated 2020-01-11
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30th July 2019, 07:09 AM |#2  
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OP Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor
Flag Dubai
Thanks Meter: 15,473
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Downloads and changelogs

NewsChannel : Telegram
Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram
Floyd V4.0 Based on HadesROM V11.1[LATEST]
Release Post :XDA
AFH : Download
Mega : Download
Google Drive : Download
P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive
Size : 2.8GB
MD5 : 21b476f7ee4ceeca2dc36374f1196d6a
Floyd V3.0 Based on Android 9.0 Note8
Release Post : XDA
Battery and performance configs : XDA
AFH : Download
Mega : Download
Google Drive : Download (Might get limited so download fast)
Size : 2.2GB
MD5 : c40e2240f90e506e88538f04e107e174
Floyd V2.0 Based on Android 9.0 N7FE
Release Post : XDA
Important Read : XDA
S6/S6E Performance Fix : Here
Battery and performance configs : XDA
AFH : Download
Mega : Download
Google Drive : Download
Size : 2.1GB
MD5 : 4c4cb5a771811004ae7c25836f62598b
Floyd V1.0 Based on Note7FE
Initial Release - OREO
AFH : Download

FloydRom V4.0 Changelog :-

Special Notes
-Samsung camera only runs when auto brightness is turned off
-Updating gametools (without installing navbar) will break it
-On first setup, let the phone update everything before using it
-to keep youtube vanced, untik autoupdates from platstore
-Q keyboard does not support most languages (you need to install language packs from xda)
-if your apps are not getting internet, reboot

-Updated base to N950FXXU7DSJ1 OCT
-Updated HW libs to N935FXXU6CSK1 NOV
-Rom rebased and redone on HadesROM V11.1 For 8895
-Fixed rotation FC in system UI
-Recovery toggle removed and integrated into a long press on restart (By corsicanu)
-Improvments to AudioFX libs to fix some audio artifacts
-Fixed bad HQM config that caused some extra heat and performance issues
-Added props to improve surfaceflinger performance
-Added other misc props to imrpove media/jpeg quality
-Removed some sview permissions that broke the ROM on some S6/S6E devices with replaced charging ports
-Updated and added more Android 10 Apps by TechDev18
-Android 10 Edge apps
-Android 10 Gallery And video player
-Android 10 SmartCapture
-Android 10 Editors (Video, trimmer etc)
-Android 10 CallUI
-Fully Odexed Framework for performance and faster boot By TechDev18

-Removed GPS Hacks and improved it
-Removed old sensor hacks from oreo
-Removed WiFi Hacks and wifiloader
-Fixed a bug causing S6 to reboot on boot few times
-Fixed a bug where WiFi wouldnt start automatically
-Removed AOSP Audio hal for international S6/S6E and use the functional N935F port
-Fixed Calls in S6/S6E without relying on hacks and 6+ seconds of waiting
-Improved T/W8 Audio in calls for all variants
-Fixed a bug where 3rd party calls would be muted
-Re-organized device-specific libs and files
-Added Modded CSC/Korean CSC from Floyd V2 (selectable in aroma) With Echo fixes
-Improved Bluetooth stability while device is locked (no stuttering)
-Fixed headphone hack on N920T/W8 and G928T/W8
-Fixed delayed 6+ sec calls on N920T/W8 and G928T/W8 and G925T/W8 and G920T/W8
-In general all devices have the same call setup as stock

-Switched some more HW libs to Exynos8890
-Updated OMX stack to N935F Pie instead of using old ones
-Switch to N935F Pie Gralloc Pie lib
-Switch to N950F widevine DRM libs
-Switch ALL hals into hwbinder mode ( Trebelized everything for the future )
-Fixed bad Power , memtrack , thermal Hals greatly improving battery and heat
-Switched to legacy camera hidl to fix tons of camera issues
-Add patched samsung camera by @Cvolton to fix rotation and media scanner issues
-Fix many camera plugin errors that broke photos
-Fixed some 3rd party camera usage (Fixing Footej, Google camera , Unixcamera etc)
-Support UHD recording in some 3rd party cameras ( UnixCamera)
-Back camera in samsung camera is now 100% reliable and wont crash in high/low light scenarios (Both auto/pro modes)
-Fixed Camera in some apps (Instagram and snapchat)
-Fixed Long coldboot time (splash image)

-Summary of hadesRom Changelog by @corsicanu
-(Full changelog is below)
-Rebased to N950FXXU7DSJ1 - October security patch
-Updated most samsung apps to latest versions (By 30.10.2019)
-Updated bunch of apps from S10+ Latest firmware
-Added some apps from Android 10 beta (Clock, Calendar, Keyboard, Weather, Messages, MyFiles)
-Added Android 10 fonts and emojis (Samsung and AOSP)
-Added Microsoft Link To Windows (Aroma selectable)
-Updated GoodLock apps to latest available
-Fixed the scripts wipe of Call of Duty
-Updated & patched Samsung Internet (
-Added back Android 9 apps and fonts
-Made Android 10 apps and fonts Aroma Selectable
-Added Secure Folder & Knox apps (Aroma selectable)
-Patched settings to show status Official
-Fixed Font selection in Aroma
-And tons of other misc improvments

CronosKernel V4.0
- ReDid entire kernel from scratch once more
- Removed tons of useless commits and ugly hacks
- Removed buggy upstream (until a proper upstream is done if ever)
- Tons of reworks into how noble/zero/zen are compiled to make workflow smoother
- Re-did all defconfigs N > O > P with as minmal changes as possible
- Redid AOD implementation for Zero/Noble/Zen
- Early-Mounted SYSTEM for faster booting/splash
- Boosted Crypto, block , gpu and few others performance (Compiled with Ofast)
- ReDid entire Ramdisk from scratch based on N935F one
- Removed some useless ramdisk scripts
- Added WifiLoader service to auto-enable WiFi on boot and fix Zero bootloops
- Disabled ALOT of samsung security , FIPS and Fail policies
- Removed Unification and rely on seperate kernel for zero/zerof
- Fixed high GAIN issues with morosound
- Added and improved FadeLED for noble/zero/zen
- Fixed alot of userspace errors due to kernel missing some nodes
- Added back wakelock control (Toggles, boeffla wl blocker , default wakelocks lists)
- Improvments to sched, interactive gov , usb and misc)
- Added back Dynamic Fsync and powersuspend
- Tuned inputbooster to be less agressive and more battery friendly
- Added GamePad booster frequencies
- CPU Min clocks are 400/800 To avoid Bluetooth playback stuttering and other wakeup lags
- Removed Buggy spectrum configs and replace with default Auto set configs (Non user changable)
- Revert some drivers back to Nougat (IRQ , TOUCH)
- Disabled SamsungHotPlug Fully (Improved Performance, Reduced frequency of MediaCrash by ALOT)
- Backported spinlock and Interactive speedchange from Exynos8890 (Reduced MediaCrash even more)
- Include Modified powerHAL tunables (power.rc) based on TeamNexus
- Fixes to Headphone jack on TMO variants
- Added Back GPU Control (Overclocking, Thermal etc)
- Tuned GPU freq relative to CPU freq and reduced over boosting
- Removed GPU freq connection to CPU freq ( Since we dont have HWC, this should limit GPU draw by alot)
- DT2W Implementation (Only works while AOD is on)
- Added back Battery charging control (noble/zen/zero/zerof)
- Updated Ramdisk to N935FXXU6CSK1
- Removed old ramdisk hacks, updated permissions and nodes to pie, and many misc changes
- Upstreamed CPUFREQ, FREQStats and ION Drivers to fix memory leaks and Panics
- Added S7E battery modded S6 devices support
- Tons of misc changes and improvements overall

Floyd V3.0 Changelog :-
Floyd v3.0 - 08.2019
Rom is based on HadesRom V8 by @corsicanu . go show him some love
Hotspot is fixed and working as expected
Camera is a bit more stable (tested on note 5 only)
Snapchat works without issues
UHQ Upscaler fixed
Instagram front/back camera works with the mentioned version (
Rotation bugs are less common (not eliminated fully yet)
Overall the rom is noticeably faster, stutter is less
The entire rom is now based on pure Exynos8895 base. with minimal changes done for our phones
Aroma is totally different, with more options for bloat, features and much more hades features
Rom base is optimized as much as possible for our aging device
HWC while disabled, is more robust and stable
Stutter and lags resolved in most S6 devices (possibly not all)
Kernel CPU performance is improved alot thanks to @Lunarixus
AOD crash on Note 5 and S6E+ is resolved
Media crash seems to be solved
LED Fade control is added for both the note 5 and the s6 / s6e / s6e+
some source cleanup and minimal optimizations
WifiDirect and screen mirror fixed
NFC Fixed
S6/S6E Call issues resolved
US Note 5 / S6E+ Incall audio fixed
Added an option to disable nativeblur (Thanks @Kill-Switch)

Helios Kernel V3.0
Improved performance
Removed Samsung input booster
Added CPU/DEVFREQ Booster
Disabled GPU DVFS control
N9208 NFC Specific build added
Improved SWAP
Fix AOD crash on N5/S6E+
Disable Argosd sevice due to drain
Added LED Fadecontrol for all devices
Added a service to set full res at first boot
Rewrote all spectrum profiles
Fixed Interactive governor issues
Set bioshock governor by default
GPU Policy "always_on" by default
Fixed some logging spam caused by LMK
Fixed the main cause behind many panics
Ported morosound audio
Improvements to GPU rendering
Many more performance improvements
Floyd v2.0 - 05.2019
- Updated to Samsung OneUI Running Android 9.0
- Entire rom was reworked from scratch fully based on N935F Pie
- Imported most of the aroma and features from my Prometheus Roms
- Fixed Bluetooth issues faced in V1.0
- Fixed random reboots caused by media in V1.0
- Fixed some Audio related issues
- Updated and added YUVA features
- Added custom CSC Features and prop tweaks
- Fully reworked install script for S6/S6E/S6E+/N5 Support
- Added Aroma options for Single/DualSim devices
- Added Aroma options for CSC/KoreanCSC/OMC
- Added Aroma options for International/Korean/US Audio
- Added Reboot to Recovery
- Added Missing Toggles
- Enabled Screenshot in all apps
- Disabled Signature
- Fixed Share External in Facebook
- Disabled High Brightness Warning
- Disabled High Volume Warning
- Dolby Audio effects fixed
- Added Korean CSC option
- Added US variants Fix for S6 (Not sure about N5/S6E+)
- updated goodlock apps
- Replaced EliteTuner with HadesKernel Tuner
- Most of the lags are gone
- AOD should be working on S6E+
- Fixed install issues with S6 Variants
- Audio freeze should be fixed
- Added OMC for VoLTE Users
- And many more stuff changed/added

- Helios Pie V2.5
- Reworked the kernel to support Pie
- Added support for S6/S6E/S6E+ Variants
- Rebuilt from Noxxxious Source
- Unified S6/S6E
- Lags and other issues patched on pie
- Disabled tons of useless tracing and logs
- Updated helios scripts

Bugs and notes
- Camera Video recording only works in snapchat , candy camera etc
- GoogleCamera will NOT work
- Hotspot turns on but does not connect
- StockCamera is unusable (sometimes it works in landscape)
- Rotation gets stuck sometimes in UI but works in apps
- N9208 NFC is Disabled
- HWC is Disabled until further notice
- S6 IR Blaster is not supported for now
- MiUi Camera needs to be granted permissions manually through settings

Floyd v1.0
-initial release
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Thanks Meter: 15,473
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Good idea to read this F.A.Q While the rom is installing


Special Notes
-Samsung camera only runs when auto brightness is turned off
-Updating gametools (without installing navbar) will break it
-On first setup, let the phone update everything before using it
-to keep youtube vanced, untik autoupdates from platstore
-Q keyboard does not support most languages (you need to install language packs from xda)
-if your apps are not getting internet, reboot

Floyd V4.0 F.A.Q

Q : No Simcard being detected
A : Disable / remove SIMLOCK From another device or ROM

Q : Whatsapp web QR not working

For those, who have problems when trying to use Whatsapp Web:
1. Go to Developer Options
2. Change the Smallest Width to 443 dp (443 works for me, try bigger or smaller value)
3. Switch to WhatsApp and scan QR Code
4. Restore Smallest Widht to 411 again
credit: @vijayinani

Q : Samsung camera does not turn on
A : Disable auto brightness (idk why dont ask)

Q : Some apps lose internet after a while or at first setup
A : Reboot your device or change process limit in developer options to 2 (due to wifi implementation)

Q : What is the best camera app ?
A : For back photos use samsung camera, for videos and selfies use Footej or idan gcam or unixcamera

Q : Cant lower incall volume on US variants
A : Side-effect of using AOSP HAL, use hkTweaks > MoroSound > reduce earpiece volume

Q : How to use GEARVR ?
A : Download and install GEARVR Setup from APKMIRROR
P.S : it is very laggy. in order to fix that you need to edit system/build.prop and change SM-N960F to SM-N920C
However that is likley to break BixbyVoice. and maybe other FE specific features which are unclear now

Q : how to use GameTools ?
A : Due to prop being changed to N950F to support bixby, if you want to use Gametools go to settings > apps > show system apps if needed > gametools and UNINSTALL updates
P.S : You can also disable it from auto updating from there

Q : My gallery cant sync samsung photos from Cloud
A : A common bug on oneUI roms from samsung. we are waiting for an update

Q : How to get Root ?
A : Download Magisk and MagiskManager from the Official Thread . flash and install the APK

Q : Can i use SView cover ?
A : I haven't tested myself as i dont have the cover, but it might not work

Q : What to do after the rom is setup ?
A : Go to samsung apps, let the phone update everthing

Q : My phone does NOT boot help pls
A : Ensure you have LATEST AF bootloader and modem installed, did all the wipes, and did your house chores,

Q : How to take videos ?
A : use Footej Camera

-- Oreo version F.A.Q --

Camera works in apps that have their own jpeg processing, whatsapp, snapchat are some
HDR+ Might cause weird wobbbling in google camera, avoid it
For the most optimal feature set, Pick CSC instead of OMC
- In some countries OMC can lose feature sets
If you pick OMC be sure to select the RIGHT slection for simcard question at setup wizard
- Failure in doing that will keep the the popup and no simcard will work
- You can Pick CSC to avoid this or read the thread instructions

Q : Camera doesnt open (googlecam)
A : try to install manually from here

Q : Phone took alot of time to boot, and is very laggy
A : pay attention to install steps and reboot if you flashed magisk

Q : There is SIM popup that keeps coming to ask me for restart
A : you DID NOT follow the instructions, Reinstall the rom and pay attention

Q : in the first SIM question in setup wizard, language is not english, what does it say
A : The RIGHT button is what you need to press, it will factory reset the phone (not touching your internal) and setup your /EFS with an OMC file that is linked to your simcard, so the rom will auto detect your CSC just like official samsung phones

Q : I dont see any EDGE panels after installing
A : Reboot the phone

Q : How is battery Life ?
A : With some tests and some cycles, it will be better than stock due to optimzations
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30th July 2019, 07:10 AM |#4  
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PATCH 1 : G92XS/L/K Audio Fix

Download : Here

PATCH 2: GPS fix
For those N5/S6/S6E/S6E+ users facing GPS issues
(Such as no lock, no GNSS FIX or no offline gps etc)

Download Fix : Here

So far only some S6 Devices needed this
Thanks @sammomin for sending logs of the issue and testing with me

PATCH 3 : No simcard on some devices

if you dont have simcard being detected, the issue is due to SIMLOCK. so using another Nougat ROM or a different device, Remove simlock and it will work

PATCH 4 : WifiHotspot Fix

Download : GoogleDrive

This will fix WiFi hotspot "failed to obtain IP"
P.S : Dont ask me about WiFi Sharing as our hardware does not support that afaik
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30th July 2019, 07:20 AM |#5  
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First comment, oh, this isn't YT, anyway i'll flash this on my G920F dude
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30th July 2019, 07:32 AM |#6  
Originally Posted by ananjaser1211

Enjoy, Please report S6/S6E Specific bugs here.

Kudos on a great ROM! You guys did some fantastic work here! Thank you for all of the time and effort spent putting this together.
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30th July 2019, 07:50 AM |#7  
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Biiiig Thanks
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30th July 2019, 08:24 AM |#8  
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Gonna give it a try! Thanks for your hard work
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30th July 2019, 09:28 AM |#9  
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Thanks for making this old device shine again .
Originally Posted by ananjaser1211

Enjoy, Please report S6/S6E Specific bugs here.

one ui v2.0 was my first entry to custom roms and i was supriced and i was so amazed by it.I used the rom for a quiet sometime and it was ok but it had so many bugs some were ok for me but after a while i tried 2 or 3 different roms that are stable and they were fine but i ws not getting the same feeling the same experience that i had with one ui rom i daily checked the thread for updates and today as the daily routine i checked the thread and wow it has been updated i was super amazed.I searched for the download links but they were not there so i thought it will take a day or two to get those but i recieved a telegram notice saying that new verison has released i rushed to the thread and downloaded it. wow it had so many options to choose ,love that. Im currently exploring it . By the way huge huge huge thanks for the developer and all the other people who made this possible . Thanks for giving a new life for this aging device.Love you guys a lot.
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30th July 2019, 12:53 PM |#10  
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Rom is superb and gaming is also smooth. I have not encountered any problems as of now.. Great work done.. Thanks for giving life to our old device
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30th July 2019, 01:25 PM |#11  
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First congratulations for this, it's a really good news Pie (and especially One UI) is coming to our phones. By the way, it's really funny to see people are more hyped by a Samsung port rather than AOSP, who would have believed this couple of years ago ^^

The ROM is smooth even if the lack of HWC can be felt sometimes (freezes, etc). Everything works fine except one thing: in-call audio. Whether speakers or not, I can only hear sound for like a half of second then it mutes (the volume is at max), also switching speakers ON/OFF can produce a little freeze (the call duration counter freezes for like 4 seconds).

Except this and of course already known bugs (stock camera for example), nothing to report! I tried to force enable HWC by tweaking build.prop and the result is even better, it's very smooth I can only congratulate you and all the team behind for this work!

I come back to my original ROM since calls seems buggy but however whenever they get fixed I might switch back to it.
Model: G925F
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