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[ROM][5.1.1_r34][p6800/p6810](6April2016-Build1.8)SlimLP 5.1.1-.beta.0.15-UNOFFICIAL

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By p3dboard, Senior Member on 15th September 2015, 02:45 AM
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Slim LP

SlimRom is a custom android operating system. The main goal is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems.
The entire SlimTeam work together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.
All of the sources can be publicly viewed through GitHub and Gerrit.

/* #include <std_disclaimer.h>
*  Your tablet's warranty is now void.
*  This is a custom ROM developed by p3dboard. 
*  You are flashing this on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at your own peril.
*  I am not responsible for hard bricks, damages to SD Cards, thermonuclear war, 
*  or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
*  I would definitely help you out if you are stuck somewhere, provided that you give 
*  me clear details of the mishap.
*  Don't ask for ETA's cause there is a thing called "LIFE" outside XDA.
SlimLP is currently in beta stage, some settings are already in place, much is still missing and would come with time. Stay tuned!

I am also new to development, so not as experienced as Daniel, and I also don't have a lot of extra time, so I'll do what I can, and fix what I can as I learn over time. But I wanted to contribute something new, and from Daniels survey, Slim was the second most popular rom after Carbon.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: (This is just a standard blurb, some of these SLIM extra's are not in their Beta yet)
Android Lollipop
Slim Center
Slim Launcher
Slim File Manager
Slim Heads Up
The Real Dark Slim User Interface
SlimPIE (inspired by ParanoidAndroid's PIE with a light touch of Slim)
Smart Card Service
Adaptive Backlight
Adaptive Brightness
Smart Lock
Privacy Guard
Sounds Tweaks(Audio FX and Music FX)
Status Bar Tweaks
Battery Saver Mode
Removed Bloatwares
Notification Reminder/Snoozer
Drawer Shortcuts
Lockscreen Shortcuts
Custom Quick Settings Tiles
Improved Performance
Camera - True View
Camera - Smart Capture
and Much More!

Video Recording
Proximity Sensor
External SD Card
Internal SD Card
Video Playback
Airplane Mode
RIL(Mobile and Data Network)
Compass - Can require calibration before being reasonably accurate (moving tablet around in a figure 8 a few times) - Might be a way to recalibrate this?
Automatic Brightness Sensor

Mobile Hotspot (can someone with a p6800 tell me if it works for them?)

Wifi Driver Bug that can reboot (ES Explorer Direct Send between two devices)
QS Torch Tile (Quick Settings Torch)
Touch Keyboard at initial boot - you need to either not flash GAPPS immediately or cancel the Setup with GAPPS flashed, then go into SETTINGS -> LANGUAGE&INPUT -> Current Keyboard and then turn on Hardware Input - After that the AOSP keyboard works - need to figure out how to fix this.

1. Download the ROM and the GApps and place them on your SD Card/Internal Storage.
2. Reboot tablet into TWRP recovery.
3. Wipe data, cache(factory reset), dalvik/art cache and system.
4. Flash the ROM and the GApps.
5. Reboot System. (First boot takes 5-6 minutes. Be patient.)

UPGRADING: If you are upgrading from a previous SlimLP build (not Kit kat Slim rom's, as you will get some issues)
1. Download the ROM, place it on your SD Card/Internal Storage.
2. Reboot tablet into TWRP recovery.
3. Flash the ROM
4. Reboot System.

Daniel_HK's GitHub
SlimRoms Website
My code change notes - Download "Slimlp Changes to compile.txt" - How to compile after you have read and understood Daniels Instructions on compiling Rom's - read - read - read - something I didn't and don't always seem to do

SlimROMs Team
and others I may have forgotten.


XDA: DevDB Information
SlimLP 5.1.1 by SlimRoms, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Galaxy Tab 7.7 (p6800,p6810)
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Build #1.8
Latest Build Release Date: 2016-04-06

Created 2015-09-15
Last Updated 2015-10-28
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15th September 2015, 02:46 AM |#2  
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Change Log and Downloads

Slim Gerrit - Slim Rom's change log

4 April 2016
SlimLP Beta 0.15 - Build #1.8 - Build Date 20160406 - Download ROM from this URL
- Updated Source Code to Beta 0.15 (Patch Level is up to February 2016 in Security - Possibly this is the last update Slim might make for Android 5.1.1, CM 12.1 sources have been updated to April 2014, but not Slim so far)
- P6800 & P6810 builds completed (just the NoZram version)
- Added Daniel's Performance Control app, but it errors out when going to the Battery tab, I'll leave it in their incase anyone wants to use the CPU / Governor controls - but if you want to tweak memory, use another app like Trickster Mod from the play store.
- Returned Davlik Memory settings back to stock in this build, as if you don't have too many apps installed that run background services, you can open apps that use larger Ram values.

I decided to recompile a newer build as I wanted a Rom with a more recent security patch level that also had Google Play Movies working, Android 6.0 currently has issues the the L3 DRM blobs. It's still got the same old issues as mentioned in the first post with workarounds as above - Touch keyboard, and the QS Flashlight not working, along with the reboot bug if you try to transfer data over Wifi using Es Explorer. But apart from that its pretty stable.

28 Oct 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.10 - Build #1.7 - Build Date 20151028 - Download ROM from this URL
- Updated Source Code to Beta 0.10
- Making two version of the build, one with zRam and one without - you can choose which one you feel performs better
- Updated RIL libraries for p6800 from Daniels latest CM 12.1 build (October 2015 build)

- p6800 rom's uploading now for Build 1.7, zRam and no-zRam version
- The no zRam version still supports zRam but its not turned on by default. If you have the app Trickster Mod from the playstore, (there's probably others) you can turn the zRam off any time you want to while running the rom. If you turn it off and then back on in Trickster Mod however, the new zRam partition is only 10% of the memory, which is smaller then the 256mb zRam I am turning on at boot.
- P6810 Zram build uploaded, uploading non-zram p6810 rom version now, compiling p6800 rom.
- P6810 beta 0.10 compile completed (no zRam version), uploading, compiling p6810 zram build. Once this finishes building, i'll start the p6800 build
- Synced SlimLP Beta 0.10 source code, starting compile of P6810 rom
- I'll make two builds of each for the next rom, one with Zram turned on and one without.
- I still haven't had time to look at the Keyboard issue or the QS torch icon, got to many things on at the moment - so just doing source code updates

14 Oct 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.9 - Build #1.6.2 - Build Date 20151014 - Download ROM from this URL
- Added missing blob file for p6800
- Added a 256mb zram swap partition (cm12.1 i9100 nightly just implemented this as they said it can help with low memory situations, so I've added it to see if it helps us at all - give me feedback, we can always turn it off).

@4:05pm - p6800 build is uploaded.
@3:35pm - p6800 build complete, checked that was in the /system/lib folder. Uploading now (about 30min it should be there)
@8:44am - build 1.6.2 for p6810 with 256mb zram uploading now. I am building the p6800 rom now.
@8:25am - I just discovered I missed adding /system/lib/ to the p6800 build (builds 1.6 and 1.6.1) - so stick with 1.5.1 until I fix this on the p6800, so Mobile services won't be available. I'll recompile the rom for the p6800 today.

13 Oct 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.9 - Build #1.6.1 - Build Date 20151013 - Download ROM from this URL
- New Stagefright security patch and October 1st Android Security patches (see Slim Gerrit changes for today for the latest list of changes)
- Bug in this build: P6800 rom missing RIL blob - mobile / data won't work

@6:43pm - p6810 build completed, uploading now.
@4:55pm - p6800 build 1.6.1 compiled, uploading now. Compiling the p6810 build now.
@4:00pm - i just noticed that the slimlp source just received the new stagefright security fix, i've synced the new source code updates and am compiling build 1.6.1, it also has the other Google security updates for October. Building p6800 rom now.

SlimLP Beta 0.9 - Build #1.6 - Build Date 20151012/13 - Download ROM from this URL
- Sources updated to SlimLP Beta 0.9
- Bluetooth built using Daniels new Bluetooth packages that allow Bluedroid and Bluez to co-exist
- Daniels USB-OTG update (from his sources)
- Bug in this build: P6800 rom missing RIL blob - mobile / data won't work

@3:08pm - p6800 build is up.
@2:20pm - p6800 build 1.6 compile completed. Uploading now (should be about 30min)
@8:23am - p6810 build 1.6 is uploaded
@8:20am - I'm uploading the p6810 build at the moment, then I'll start compiling the p6800 build

12 Oct 2015
- I've just downloaded SlimLP Beta 0.9 source code and sync'd Daniels latest device tries, starting on compile for the p6810 (Android 5.1.1_r20)
- I'm also going to test adding persist.sys.debug.multi_window=true to /system/build.prop - which might only be a Marshmallow (Android 6.0) setting, but I'll see if it works in 5.1.1_r20 of SlimLP Beta 0.9 source code
- I'm also going to test building Daniel's updated Bluetooth Package from his Github that allows it to co-exist with Bluedroid Bluetooth, rather then removing it.
- I haven't had any time to look at the Torch QS tile or the keyboard fault in the last two weeks, eventually I'll get onto those.

1 Oct 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.8 - Build #1.5.1 - Build Date 20151001 - Download ROM from this URL
- Modified /system/build.prop Davlik values again based on some more testing. dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=64m. Previous build 1.5 tends to be laggy when launching multiple apps. You can test Build 1.5 and 1.5.1 and decide which settings give better performance if you like. If you know how to modify build.prop with root access, you don't need to reflash the rom, just set the Build.prop values.

@11:00am - p6810 build also uploaded.
@10:20am - p6800 build uploaded. p6810 build uploading now.
@9:17am - p6800 build compiled. Uploading. Compiling p6810 build now.
@8:00am - I think the new Davlik values are a bit excessive. I think increasing to dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=64m, instead of dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=100m, provides better responsiveness, but still enough for background apps like facebook (which uses around 60m of ram). For example, with the 64m value, opening a hyperlink from Gmail in Chrome works nicely, but at 100m, it's very laggy. My previous builds had this value set at 48m.

I think these values are better - I'll put a build 1.5.1 up soon, for those who want to try the different values (or you can manually set it yourself in Build.prop if your comfortable).

30 Sept 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.8 - Build #1.5 - Build Date 20150930 - Download ROM from this URL
- Updated Device Tree's from Daniel, Mobile Hotspot should be fixed for p6800 users
- GPS fixed
- Modified /system/build.prop Davlik values based on Article about Ram and Davlik settings, seems to be giving better performance, Games like Asphalt 8 seem to be smoother, more Ram seems to be generally available.

@7:14pm - p6800 rom uploaded
@6:34pm - p6800 build completed, uploading now, should be there in 30min
@6:15pm - P6810 Build #1.5 is uploaded. P6800 build still compiling..
@6:10pm - playing with Facebook installed in the background, dalvik.vm.heapsize=256m is more friendly for Facebook (dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=100m is what helps Facebook to run more smoothly as a background process) in that games like Asphalt 8 are still playable with the 256m value, rather than dalvik.vm.heapsize=320m. But dalvik.vm.heapsize=320m / 384m is better for Real Racing 3 on High detail level, medium and low detail are fine with 256m.
@5:30pm - finished p6810 compile, uploading p6810 rom. Compiling p6800 rom now.
@3:35pm - doing a recompile of the p6800/p6810 with the adjusted Davlik VM settings, after which I will upload the rom's
@3:30pm - I finished my Davlik memory testing, I'm going with these values for my Build 1.5, a bit larger for the dalvik.vm.heapsize, as games like Real Racing 3 benefit from the larger value, and probably the Chrome Web browser does as well. The article recommended dalvik.vm.heapsize=174m, which is probably better if you have lots of smaller apps, but I'll optimize for some bigger apps using dalvik.vm.heapsize=320m. The dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=100m seems to have given back more base memory, I can get over 460m of free Ram at times now.
@8:35am - Test Build 1.5 - GPS works - so Non-Pie blob support is working again! Just testing the new Davlik memory settings now.
@8:00am - p6810 build 1.5 test build completed, if it's working ok I'll upload it as Build 1.5, otherwise I'll have to investigate why the Non-Pie support is not working.

29 Sept 2015
- 7:50pm - Starting build 1.5 for p6810 - will test to make sure GPS is working before doing p6800 build.
-I've manually updated the Bionic libraries with the Non-Pie support, as the Bionic libraries in SlimLP Beta 0.8 had more changes to them then just the non-pie support additions from the previous library which Daniel had given me, which was basically the same Bionic Library as SlimLP Beta 0.7 with the Non-Pie additions.
- Found interesting article on Davlik Heap values and ART - I am going to test build my next one with their recommended settings to see the difference in performance (they say this benefits facebook as well due to the way it uses memory).

28 Sept 2015
- Looks like Daniel pushed another change to danielhk/proprietary_vendor_samsung_smdk4210 for the Hotspot after I did the Build 1.4 yesterday - - so I think that when I compile Build 1.5, this will hopefully fix the hostpot as well. I
- Build's 1.3 and 1.4 have issues with GPS again. I will have to do a recompile, it seems like the non-pie support was not enabled for GPS in those builds. Builds 1.1 and 1.2 the GPS works fine.

27 Sept 2015

SlimLP Beta 0.8 - Build #1.4 - Build Date 20150927 - Download ROM from this URL
- Updated Device Tree's from Daniel, Ambient Sensor should be fixed
- Mobile Hotspot doesn't seem to be fixed
- GPS has broken (non-pie support) - It has on my p6810 - will have to do a recompile for Non-Pie support that got missed some how

@10:15pm - The compile with CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SEC_DOCK=m or CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SEC_DOCK=n failed due to the fact that this causes other issues with the Kernel code. The code would need some adjustments to make this work for us. Anyway, I'll keep on investigating trying to turn the initial value to on for the Hardware switch in the Language and Input settings error. I checked Daniels omnirom build, and he's not turning on the hardware switch, so he must be specifically enabling the Touch Keyboard in the code even if a hardware keyboard is listed as present (I have seen some old code examples of people doing this, but some of the variables are not present in the SlimLP code - so I can't just copy their examples without finding the rest of the additional code needed).

@10:00pm - I got a reply from a Galaxy Tab 2 developer, he told me how they overcame this same issue, they got the commit included into Cyanogenmod to make the Keyboard Dock driver a module, so for anyone who needs it, the module can be started as an init.d module. I am doing a compile now to see if this fixes the keyboard driver, if so I'll make it build # 1.5...

espresso10: build KEYBOARD_SEC_DOCK as module Our sec_keyboard driver does not properly unregister the input device when no dock is detected, which makes the system believe that a physical keyboard is present at all times, which prevents the software keyboard from being shown. Some user own a Keyboard-Dock and meight miss the ability to use the dock if it gets disabled completely. Building it as module gives the user the ability to add a simple init.d script to start the module at boot if they need it.


@9:41pm - p6800 build compiled, uploading now.
@7:47pm - p6810 build compiled and uploading, building p6800

SlimLP Beta 0.8 - Build #1.3 - Build Date 20150926 - Download ROM from this URL
- SlimLP Source code updated to Beta 0.8
- GPS has broken (non-pie support) - It has on my p6810 - will have to do a recompile for Non-Pie support that got missed some how

@3:04pm - p6800 build 1.3 uploaded. P6810 build 1.4 commenced.
@2:35pm - resetting Code base and Resyncing Daniels Device Library changes for Build 1.4 (Hotspot fix and Ambient Display fix)
@2:30pm - P6800 SlimLP Beta 0.8 build finished, uploading now (build 1.3)
@ 8:00am - P6810 SlimLP Beta 0.8 build finished and uploaded. Building P6800 rom. (My Rom build # 1.3)
- I've just looked at Daniels new Omnirom Change Log for 20150926 build and his new sources (which came out just after I started this new build) fixes the Wifi Hotspot and the Ambient Display issues. Once the first build of Beta 0.8 is compiled, I'll resync my Sources to get his updates and then build 1.4, which will include these fixes.

26 Sept 2015
5:30pm - I've just updated my SlimLP code base to Beta 0.8, and am recompiling my p6810 build. I'll leave it compile tonight and compile a p6800 build after that.

Next week I'll keep on tracking down this Soft Keyboard bug, where it's not initially enabled (I'm only going to try set the initial Toggle value to on - not try and resolve the false positive on the driver believing that there's a keyboard docked).

5:00pm - My testing has confirmed that this code only removes the hardware option (set to false and the hardware option re-appears), it doesn't set the hardware toggle to on. But I might be able to use this bit of code to help me start to find the option. I just need to find where the Default Value of this toggle switch is set, and then adjust the default to be turned on, instead of off.

2:30pm - I just had a chance to test the build, the value of config_forceDisableHardwareKeyboard = true, completely hid the Hardware option from the Input and Settings area, preventing the value from being changed. I am just trying a test build with the value of False, but I don't think this is going to turn on the value.... I'll have to try see if I can find where the Hardware Setting is kept (probably in the same part of the code) and work on some sort of fix.
8:30am - I've made a p6810 test build to see if it fixes the keyboard. I'll test it later today as I have to go out now.

I've set the config_forceDisableHardwareKeyboard to true via an overlay file (which overrides the default value of false - which I believe turns off the fix and makes things behave as if the extra code was not included). From what I understand from my reading, the keyboard issue is present because the default driver is wrongly reporting that a Keyboard dock is present. Which if you plug in a keyboard via usb, you see that it behaves like one is, the softkeyboard just gives you word predictions on screen, but no keyboard. So I think that is right. Changing that Hardware option in input corrects this wrong assumption and then the soft keyboard appears.

25 Sept 2015
10:43pm @ I think i might have found some code to fix the soft keyboard not working at startup issue at
Edit: Looking over Cyanogenmod code, they have already implemented this fix, but SlimLP hasn't added it to their code base, so I have added it to the source code and am doing a compile now. The only thing I think I need to work out is if I need a true / false value for the config_forceDisableHardwareKeyboard parameter, but once I have that worked out, hopefully this should fix it.

24 Sept 2015
SlimLP Beta 0.7 - Build #1.2 - Build Date 20150924 - Download ROM from this URL
- Media DRM fixed for Google Play Movies / Youtube DRM based content (libraries from p3100)
- increased dalvik.vm.heapsize=320m - Hopefully should provide a bit more memory for Facebook / Facebook Messenger

@9:30pm - p6800 build is uploaded
@8:43pm (10:43am GMT)- Compile finished for p6800, uploading now
@7:00pm - Build #1.2 - Compiled p6810 build and am uploading. Compiling p6800 build
@10am - I fixed the Play Movies streaming issue. Using from p3100 ( - goes in the /system/lib, also the three libwv*.so files from ( in the /system/lib folder, the file from ( in the /system/lib/drm folder and finally, in /vendor/lib/mediadrm (the vendor folder should really be a link to /system/vendor, not a seperate folder as it currently is in our builds), the from (
- Next build if I will try incorporate this fix

23 Sept 2015
- I was having a bit of a play last night with Google Play Movies, as to why it doesn't stream. It seems that Lollipop (as compared to kitkat) requires /vendor/lib/mediadrm/ and possibly a few other components. I have gotten a copy of this file from the exynos 4412 smdk files, but there are a few more components missing (this might not even be compatible with our exynos 4210 but its worth a try). But with this file in place, it no longer gives the device is unsupported message, it tries to start streaming and errors out. I had a quick look in the log and I think it also wanted another crypto .so driver file, so I'll see if I can find that driver as well. There's a large collection of samsung blobs at

20 Sept 2015
- 1:25pm - 3:25am GMT - I tested GPS on my P6810 (wifi model) and it now works!
- 7:51am - 9:51pm GMT - p6800 build is uploaded.
Daniel has given me some feedback on the i815 and some other things I was wondering about, so I'll go read over his instructions and my code some time next week and see if I can work this out. Once I have it compiling i'll make an update. Thanks @daniel_hk
- 7:24am - 9:24pm GMT - uploading p6800 build. It should be there in the next 20 minutes.

19 Sept 2015 - 11:18pm - I've uploaded the P6810 build of the rom, I'm waiting on the p6800 build to finish compiling - going to sleep now, so that will probably be in the morning. I've had a report from a tester that the Package Installer was crashing on the p6800 build when trying to manually install an APK package. I haven't had this happen on my P6810 build, so if someone can test the new build and let me know if this is an issue still that would be great.

SlimLP Beta 0.7 - Build #1.1 - Build Date 20150919 - Download ROM from this URL
- Rebuilt rom with Bionic Library supplied by Daniel that has Non-Pie Blob / Driver support
- GPS working
- Manually copied RIL Libraries into /system/lib folder from Daniels latest Omnirom Build - Hopefully for the p6800 this should enable RIL / Sim Card support - Files copied from Omnirom build are as follows:

19 Sept 2015 @ 7:14am - Checked my PC this morning and it failed with the same compile error again for the i815. I'll have to keep on looking.

18 Sept 2015 @7:55pm - 9:55am GMT - Clearing out my build folders to try a fresh compile of the i815 code in case some of the p6800/p6810 build code is causing issues. I'll probably post an update tomorrow on how this went. Once I can compile the i815 code properly, I'll start looking at the other issues.

Update: 10:48pm - it may have gotten past the error below now, during the build I noticed the following in the output... still a number of hours to go before the i815 compile finishes.
build/core/Makefile:46: warning: overriding recipe for target '/home/peter/android/slimlp/out/target/product/i815/system/lib/hw/'
build/core/ warning: ignoring old recipe for target '/home/peter/android/slimlp/out/target/product/i815/system/lib/hw/'
15 sept 2015 @10:42pm - 12:42am GMT - My compile of the i815 code hit an error, I'll have to track it down tomorrow if I get a chance

make: *** No rule to make target '/home/peter/android/slimlp/out/target/product/i815/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libinvensense_hal_intermediates/export_includes', needed by '/home/peter/android/slimlp/out/target/product/i815/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/sensors.exynos4_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
15 sept 2015 @5:38pm - 7 :38am GMT - p6800 rom uploaded
Around 7hr 15 min for my old e5400 CPU to compile the 21gb of output per device specific folder to build the p6800 rom (there's a common output, and then device specific output). I'm just about to start the i815 build... just moving my cm12.1 code folder off the drive to an external disk so I have enough room to build the i815 rom.

15 Sept 2015 @ 10:52am - 12:52am GMT - I've uploaded the p6810 rom, I'm currently compiling the p6800 rom and when that's done I'll compile an i815 rom

SlimLP Beta 0.7 - Build #1.0 - Build Date 20150915 - Download ROM from this URL
- Built from SlimLP Beta 0.7 Sources
- Bluetooth Fixed
- OpenGL ES values set to 2.0 values in /system/etc/build.prop
- Davlik VM settings adjusted to possible better values
- Compiled from Daniel's Github sources - check the local_manifest.xml to see which sources where used
- GPS and ASOP keyboard bugs still present, QS tile for torch not working.
- Google Play Movies only work if you download locally first then play, not streamed - I have tested this on other Android 5.1.1 roms on my p6810 and it's the same on all of them at the moment.
- (GPS driver) from Galaxy S2 i9100 / CM 12.1 rom in this build (it may or may not work with our Exynos 4 processor, but it's a PIE build of the GPS blob for Exynos 4, which means that I didn't need to modify the BIONIC libraries for Non-Pie support). I've uploaded the GPS exynos 4 blob to my folder for Slim as well - Next build I try for my p6810, I'll use Daniel's older GPS blob's and enable non-pie. However with this PIE based GPS blob, I don't get any GPS Client communication errors / socket not open errors. So I might simply need a different gps config file for this to work

Official SlimRoms GApps
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15th September 2015, 02:46 AM |#3  
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Questions and Answers

Testing- Just a note at the moment, I only have a p6810 (wifi only model) so my testing is limited to this. I am compiling p6800 and i815 rom's based on @daniel_hk's github source tree's, doing the modifications that I do for my p6810 to compile. So if you want to test and let me know about p6800 and i815 issues that would be great

i815 - Hopefully in a week or two I'll have time to make a build once I sort out a compile error. Daniel's given me some feedback, I just need to find some time to look over it.

QS Torch - I'll try work out the code for this QS torch tile setting soon

Memory Settings - Interesting article on Davlik Heap values and ART on android 5.0 and 5.1 Give me some feedback on performance as i still think we can tweak ram a bit more.

No time frames on anything, I'll just do what I can when I can.
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18th September 2015, 03:16 PM |#4  
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Sim card not detected
I tried the new rom on p6800 with no sim card error.
18th September 2015, 11:18 PM |#5  
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Thanks for reporting back, at least I know that it boots on the p6800. Next build I do for the p6800/p6810 I'll be enabling the Non-PIE blob support which should help with some of the older driver libraries for things like GPS and possibly the RIL library which might fix this error for you as well.
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20th September 2015, 07:26 AM |#6  
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hot spot not working on p6800
dear sir,
I just flash the new 1.1 rom on p6800. Every thing was fine except the hotspot.
My phone can detect the hot spot by p6800, but cannot get connected.
Thank you so much for such a great works.
20th September 2015, 09:45 AM |#7  
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Wait so is beta 0.7 the newest or alpha 1.1
On beta0.7 now and very smooth
20th September 2015, 02:05 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by philipnzw

Wait so is beta 0.7 the newest or alpha 1.1
On beta0.7 now and very smooth

Beta 0.7 is the slim ROM teams designation of their ROM build status. Alpha 1.1 is just my own designation to say it's my test builds, that being my second build, once I have the bugs sorted I will call it stable.
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20th September 2015, 03:37 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by p3dboard

Beta 0.7 is the slim ROM teams designation of their ROM build status. Alpha 1.1 is just my own designation to say it's my test builds, that being my second build, once I have the bugs sorted I will call it stable.

It's quite stable already
21st September 2015, 12:18 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by philipnzw

It's quite stable already

I've changed my personal Labelling to Build #, instead of Alpha, that way its less confusing
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Originally Posted by p3dboard

Questions and Answers

QS Torch - I'll try work out the code for this QS torch tile setting soon

i think this could be an issue with slimroms in general.
it wasnt working on slimbean last time i tried it and its currently not working on slimkat either. (im on daniels slimkat)

Originally Posted by p3dboard

Automatic Brightness Sensor - Have to do some more testing - Turning off Automatic Brightness, allows for a greater range of brightness

this issue is also present on daniels CarbonLP for me. either its related or somethings wrong with my p6800 thats duplicated on your p6810.

even tho its stable according to some, i think ill wait for a gps update before trying this out.
its times like these i wish we could have the dual/multi boot functionality.
way better and easier for the community to help test out the new/experimental builds.
especially for people like me whos using the p6xx as a daily driver.

good luck to you sir.
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