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[GT-S6102] Gapps keeps crashing after firmware reflash

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By Pyro Phoenix, Junior Member on 25th October 2016, 02:14 AM
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Hey folks,

I'm new here and registered because of a recent problem with my SGYDuos which I can't solve on my own.

Prehistory: (for those who are interested in)

I've used this phone for a long time rooted with Gapps removed (~3 Years). Then I had the idea to start using the real powers of rooting. I began with manually relocating /data to EXT Partition on SD - and succeeded after some fails. Next thing I wanted to try was to improve the RAM management by enabling SWAP to SWAP partition on SD - and failed after finding out, that the stock kernel doesn't have SWAP support.

So I decided to do a full reset.

I downloaded stock rom firmware XXKL8 (XEU) - the only package I can find on Internet with pit + bootloader included for Odin. (bootloader, because I wanted to perform a full reset).

After flashing everything, the phone worked fine - but Kies couldn't find any updates for my phone (maybe because of illegal PDA/CSC/Modem combination).

So I downloaded the latest Firmware with SamFirm from the official servers (XXMA3 in my case for DBT CSC). I couldn't flash the downloaded file. After googling I found out that I had to split it with SplitFUS2 because Odin can't handle these untouched FUS files. (Due to illegal file structure or something ...)

After successfully flashing the update, I wiped data & cache via recovery menu. The Phone booted successfully and everything was working fine. So I began with setting up accounts, connecting to WLAN and doing all necessary updates. This was the moment, where things got screwed.


Google Play Services are installed in background. The phone begins to lag, hang and reacting crappy as hell. A look into the services manager will show, that Google Play Services ( keeps crashing and resating, also SNSServie does.

Consulting Google for possible solutions will result in this:

- Deleting cache & data of involved apps
- Doing a factory reset
- Reflashing firmware image

None of them work. (Except for deleting cache & data of SNSService)

After fiddling around for hours with no results (besides of getting more and more pissed off), I decided to open this thread. I could manage to take a log of the crash via ADB logcat:

Debug LOG:

I/DEBUG   (17615): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I/DEBUG   (17615): Build fingerprint: 'samsung/GT-S6102/GT-S6102:2.3.6/GINGERBREAD/XXMA3:user/release-keys'
I/DEBUG   (17615): pid: 17686, tid: 17686  >>> <<<
I/DEBUG   (17615): signal 4 (SIGILL), code 1 (ILL_ILLOPC), fault addr 80a15612
I/DEBUG   (17615):  r0 80b38928  r1 00000003  r2 80a15613  r3 0012e37e
I/DEBUG   (17615):  r4 80b3892c  r5 00000003  r6 00000004  r7 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  r8 80218240  r9 0000cec8  10 4428fbf0  fp bed607b0
I/DEBUG   (17615):  ip 80a00000  sp bed603d0  lr b00037f5  pc 80a15612  cpsr 80000030
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d0  3f8000003f800000  d1  3ff0000040000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d2  4d86762b424cbdfb  d3  00540ff04a2c1c60
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d4  3fbc71c7002b0718  d5  3fcef049fb9094d1
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d6  401c000000000000  d7  4018000000000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d8  0000000000000000  d9  0000000000000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d10 0000000000000000  d11 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d12 0000000000000000  d13 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  d14 0000000000000000  d15 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):  scr 60000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615):          #00  pc 00015612  /data/data/
I/DEBUG   (17615):          #01  pc 0007d062  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around pc:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a155f0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15600 e59f0004 e08f0000 eafffe90 001239f4
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15610 e92d4b77 447b41f0 4976b08c 4479681c
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15620 2c009101 80e1f040 26014873 4478601e
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15630 ee4cf7ff b1404601 46214622 ee0af7ff
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around lr:
I/DEBUG   (17615): b00037d4 2a002601 1e48d003 18e40083 00b64276
I/DEBUG   (17615): b00037e4 e0061c0d 19a46823 32031e5a 4798d800
I/DEBUG   (17615): b00037f4 2d003d01 bd70dcf6 1c03b510 1c0433e8
I/DEBUG   (17615): b0003804 28006818 3304d004 68192201 ffdef7ff
I/DEBUG   (17615): b0003814 682334f4 d0002b00 bd104798 4c05b510
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r0:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b38908 80b3882c 80b27ccd 80b387bc 80b38804
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b38918 80b27d30 80b3882c 80b27ce0 80b38914
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b38928 80a15611 80a15824 00000000 00000003
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b38938 00138e14 00000002 000003c0 00000017
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b38948 00014c7c 00000014 00000011 00000011
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r1:
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r2:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a155f0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15600 e59f0004 e08f0000 eafffe90 001239f4
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15610 e92d4b77 447b41f0 4976b08c 4479681c
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15620 2c009101 80e1f040 26014873 4478601e
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80a15630 ee4cf7ff b1404601 46214622 ee0af7ff
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r3:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0012e35c ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0012e36c ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0012e37c ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc ffcdcccc
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0012e38c ffcbcaca ff7a7a7a 0f070707 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0012e39c 00000000 00000000 c54b4948 ff8f8e8e
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r4:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b3890c 80b27ccd 80b387bc 80b38804 80b27d30
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b3891c 80b3882c 80b27ce0 80b38914 80a15611
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b3892c 80a15824 00000000 00000003 00138e14
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b3893c 00000002 000003c0 00000017 00014c7c
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80b3894c 00000014 00000011 00000011 00002194
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r5:
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r6:
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r7:
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r8:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80218220 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80218230 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80218240 e1f470b2 e207c0ff e088f30c e92d4ff0
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80218250 e24dd004 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 80218260 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000 e1a00000
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r9:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0000cea8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0000ceb8 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000013b
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0000cec8 00000001 00000008 00000000 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0000ced8 afd4d4c0 00004516 44290000 4428d300
I/DEBUG   (17615): 0000cee8 00003000 00000000 4428fc04 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): code around r10:
I/DEBUG   (17615): 4428fbd0 406b9368 4001cf88 40703978 40011890
I/DEBUG   (17615): 4428fbe0 00000007 00000001 4428fc3c 4706b8ea
I/DEBUG   (17615): 4428fbf0 4428fc20 44864870 4438f718 0000d018
I/DEBUG   (17615): 4428fc00 00000000 4074b830 40520178 4428fc4c
I/DEBUG   (17615): 4428fc10 4486a54e 4438fac4 44864870 00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):
I/DEBUG   (17615): stack:
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60390  b000e174
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60394  b0003c4d  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60398  ffffffff
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6039c  00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603a0  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603a4  b00140ec
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603a8  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603ac  b00047a3  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603b0  ffffffff
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603b4  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603b8  00000096
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603bc  0000255d
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603c0  80a02194  /data/data/
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603c4  80a017bd  /data/data/
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603c8  df002777
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603cc  e3a070ad
I/DEBUG   (17615): #00 bed603d0  b000e1cc
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603d4  b000e1c8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603d8  00002716
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603dc  b00038a9  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603e0  00145000
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603e4  afd00000  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603e8  0000002e
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603ec  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603f0  80b38a0c
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603f4  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603f8  00002716
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed603fc  b0004f93  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60400  0000002e
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60404  b000e174
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60408  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6040c  00000008
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60410  0017b8e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60414  8027d065  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (17615): #01 bed60418  44a2447a
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6041c  b000e0f0
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60420  00000001
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60424  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60428  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6042c  001acabe
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60430  40520178
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60434  b0004fdd  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60438  b000e0e8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6043c  b0004af7  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60440  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60444  bed604a4
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60448  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6044c  40520178
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60450  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60454  bed604a4
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60458  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6045c  b00059c5  /system/bin/linker
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60460  0000cec8
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60464  8024ba0f  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60468  40520178
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6046c  000007ff
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60470  00000001
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60474  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60478  802a05f0
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6047c  00000001
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60480  0000006e
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60484  80251c2f  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60488  00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6048c  00000000
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60490  001aca98
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60494  bed60508
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed60498  40077a38
I/DEBUG   (17615):     bed6049c  80263471  /system/lib/

Maybe it can be helpful in finding the reason of these continuous crashes ?

So is anybody here, who is willingly to help me in finding a solution for this problem ?
(I need Gapps for some apps I intend to use - so removing them is not a acceptable solution !)
(Also simply buying a new phone isn't - because of the missing learning effect )

Many thanks in advance !
21st April 2017, 02:47 AM |#2  
When u connected to internet, gapps will update to new version available, it cause hang, lag, root your phone, install lastest gg play version, freeze sns and gg play services with titanium or link2sd
30th April 2017, 10:49 AM |#3  
OP Junior Member
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Originally Posted by noob&noob

When u connected to internet, gapps will update to new version available, it cause hang, lag, root your phone, install lastest gg play version, freeze sns and gg play services with titanium or link2sd

THX 4 reply.

Yes, thats what i also figured out - there is something in the updated Play Services that will keep the GService crashing and get restarted over and over again - causing all the lag and hang.

Is there any way to figure out the problem, which lets the GService keeps crashing - and maybe fix it?
Is there any way to block the Play Services from being updated, like a modified Store apk via patcher or something? Everything is running fine with stock versions. Freezing will render some feature unusable.

There is a temp. fix for this:

Keep /data below < 80MB free. This will prevent GApps from being updated due to insufficient space.
30th April 2017, 10:57 AM |#4  
Did u try to freeze play service as i mention?
I install a lots of rom, and i figure out play service on galaxy y is suck, just freeze or delete it, play store don't need it to run, with youtube try older version on xda

And... i read again your first post, after flash firmware just let the phone boot up, u don't need to wipe, maybe that is the problem???
4th May 2017, 03:22 AM |#5  
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I suggest you delete Play Store+Play Services and use an alternative market. This tiny device doesn't support anymore the huge nowadays gapps.😀
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