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🎥 A better Slow Motion Recording Experience►

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By Hannah Stern, Senior Member on 10th January 2015, 07:28 AM
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Hello, everyone‼
Thank you for reading this.

Almost any phone of today has a Slow-Motion / High-Framerate feature.
Well, i've got nothing agianst it but there's something about it that truly sucks.

Here's my old thread about this.

The Bad method:
  • You Record: 00H:00M:10s@240fps (Resolution doesn't matter)
  • You get a Video with 80 Seconds @ 30fps
  • ...and Muted Audio ♫♪
  • So that ►x1.0 isn't realtime!

Well, the iPhones record in realtime, but they can only record for 20 Seconds (real time equilevant)

Originally Posted by kryz70fr

With the iPhone 5S camera software, you can edit your video to active slowmotion or not on the timeline ... how to do this with the Note 3?

Yes, you're right!

...but the Smartphones which use the sucking method of taking Slow-Motion Videos encode the output file being Slown Down.

The one and only advantage
of this method, is for Media-Players which haven't got a Fast/Slow motion playback mode so that ►x1.0 makes the Slow Motion Effect Visible.

But i'd like to have x1.0 is Realtime-Equivalent!

So the Correct way in my opinion [IMO] is this:
  • If you Record 00:00:[email protected]
  • The Output File must be also 00:00:10 encoded at 204FPS and with ♪♫ Audio from ALL Microphones of the Phone!

Also some other Devices use the WRONG Method:
  • Lumix FƵ1000 - Great Camera but Slow Motion Feature uses WRONG WAY.
  • Canon IXUS 255 HS

But those Devices use a Good Method!
  • Sony RX100/3
  • Canon Powershot 510HS and 50HS
  • Sony FDR-AX100
  • Samsung NX1 (i think)

Example Videos 📷 :

  • Only 720p BUT
  • And Audio
  • And Realtime

  • 1080p but...
  • No XAVCS
  • Not Realtime
  • Muted Audio
  • Sucks

All Example Videos are taken by DKamera.dé!

Feel free posting your opinion!
All the best Have a good and nice day ...
11th January 2015, 03:17 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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Video High Framerate Recording
Has anybody an Opinion about this?
There are many users who want Audio on Slow-Motion.
That, what i described there ↑↑↑, also covers this.

I'd be thankful for some feedback on my suggestion.

It's also nice, if every media player in the world has following features:
  • Speed Up / Slow Down
  • If adjust speed, enable/disable adjusting Sound Pitch that 120FPS with output file encoded to 30FPS and muted sound is not there anymore

With x1.0 i mean Original Playback Speed of the Output File.

I'd always like to have 1.0x Playback Speed being Realtime-equivalent and Sound from every microphone that the device has (not just 2), independent from the Video's Framarate . (And no time limit until the Deices Battery/Storage runs out)
Example: Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 have 3 Microphones. But they do only use them all for the Sound-Memo and only 2 for video recording. They also record Slow-Motion the wrong way

Feel free giving your Feedback
12th January 2015, 03:30 PM |#3  
OP Senior Member
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Camera Slow Motion - Redefined :) :·) :) (•:
I'd always like the Output file being always RealTime ►x1.0

That means, that i'd always like to get an Output File to be Real-Time-equivalent at x1.0 Playback Speed.

►1.0 to be Real Time Speed

And surely Audio from all Microphones of the device

(In FLAC Format, 1.6 Mbit/S )

(See Video04.Mp4✔)
13th January 2015, 01:53 PM |#4  
OP Senior Member
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Smile Just like [email protected]
If i record 00:00:[email protected] then i'd also like to have an output file with 0:00:[email protected]FPS with sound.
...and not 00:00:[email protected]FPS without sound.

It feels like Recording REAL [email protected]FPS, i don't know how to explain.

Just like normal Video Recording but with a Higher Framerate - not additionally encoded to be slown down so that Original ►x1.0 Playback Speed is 0.25x Real Time Speed or 0.125x.

And also see this

Scroll down to see what i mean.

Originally Posted by GSMArena Blog

The slow motion clips might look cool on your iPhone, but they look quite disappointing on a TV or a monitor. Which reminds us of our other disappointment about the feature – when we tried to play those iPhone 5s slo-mo videos on a PC we found that unlike all previous slow motion-capable smartphones, the iPhone 5s actually encodes the video at 120 fps and your computer will play it on 120fps unless you explicitly force it to slow the video four times in order to achieve the desired slow-motion effect. It would have been way more natural the iPhone 5s to process the frames and output a standard 30fps video as most of the phones do, which doesn’t require special players and tools to play properly.

They've got another Opinion. But their described opinion is caused by the only advantage of the sucking way to take Slow-Motion Videos.


Here’s hoping Apple fixes this promptly with an update – it certainly can’t be that hard.

I hope not so lol
14th January 2015, 06:04 AM |#5  
OP Senior Member
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Camera Sensor output / Output File
The Output File should have the same framerate, as the Sensor is Capturing.

(Exceptionally HDR-Video. HDR Video needs a Higher Framerate/Sensor Speed but the Outputfile is still Realtime at ►x1.0 )
8th February 2015, 10:05 AM |#6  
OP Senior Member
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﴾From my Old Thread﴿:
Originally Posted by celderic

Suprised this hasn't been mentioned before, this will be very useful.

Wow, really? Not mentioned befre?
But yes, it will be very useful

Many Smartphone Manufacturers write in their User Manuals, that Slow Motion Recording with Audio {Sound} Recording is not possible.
So why don't manufacturers simply use the method for Slow Motion Videos that i Described?

Maybe it's just because of the „One and Only advantge of the Sucking way to take Slow Motion Videos:“

Not every player has an Adjustable Playback Speed--.....

The Galaxy K Ƶooom has also a Menu Option for PlayBack Speed for the Ouptut File.
But you only can use the 120FPS-Mode @ ¼ or ⅛ Speed for Output File, but i'd prefer it always to be x1.
I'd like 1x Playback Speed to be Real-Time Equilevant.

Accordingly, Every Player should have a Manually Settable Playback Speed, Sound Pinch, Reverse and Recording Feature.
VLC Media Player has ¾ it all - exceptionally the Reverse◄ Playback Feature.

If manufacturers fix this slow motion problem, have fun
12th February 2015, 03:08 PM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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Video Optical Flow / If you really want... / Video Converting,, Video Converters, Applicato

This iOS-App uses Optical Flow.
I hope this app also uses 📹▶► Real Slow Motion...

If you REALLY want the Output file to be not ►1.o Realtime, then you can convert it after recording it into a second file.

There are Programs to do that.
  • Most Famous: AVS Video Converter
  • Most User-Friendly and Free: FreeMake Price: 0.00

Have Fun/NiceDay/ All the best
16th February 2015, 05:18 PM |#8  
OP Senior Member
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Video Correction :
The NX1 also uses the Wrong way.

14th March 2015, 09:06 PM |#9  
OP Senior Member
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There's a very high Request on Slow Motion-Audio and being able to adjust the Playback Speed in the Media Player.

I also don't understand, why manufacturers use the Way for taking Slow Motion Videos that i mentioned, because the other frequent way sucks.

Isn't there an app, which can record slow-motion videos the way i mentioned?
However, the iPhones only use Mono-Audio for any kind of Video-Recording. Horrible.

Their Cameras (RX100 and FDR-AX100E etc.) record slow Motion the Proper Way. Congratiulations!
But their Smartphones only allow editing before saving - once saved, you can't adjust any speeds anymore.

Newer models like SX50 HS and 510 HS use the right way - even for 240 fps - no specific time limit!. Respect!
But the beautiful SX255 HS also sucks recording them - 120 and 240 fps. And there's a limit of 20 Seconds (in Real-Time.)

There are many - also free Video-Editing Programs for adjust the speed and Sound-Pitch (Pitchbend) of vidéos - so there's (almost) no reason for the (i call it the sucking way) of recording slow motion videos. (Only reason is the missing Playback Speed Pitch in many Media Players. S5+ aka S5 LTE A had it - from x0.5 up to x1.5 Playback Speed - even for 4k-Videos up to 61.2 mBit/s Bitrate!)

And also - setting playback is a small additional step before enjoying the Motion but if this step is too much, you're lazy.


I wanted to send (post) this message 20 Minutes before already - but i forgot to press the Sumbit-Button

23rd March 2015, 09:15 PM |#10  
OP Senior Member
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Info 2 Galaxy S6
Finally Samsung did it:
I'm rather disappointed from the S6 ( )
but finally, the Galaxy S6 does the RIGHT WAY of Slow Motion Recording.

Thanks god!!!!!!

Originally Posted by GSMArena

Finally, in Slow motion mode the camera goes back up to 48Mbps but is now shooting 720p @ 120fps. Videos are actually recorded at 120fps, but you can edit them on the phone - trim beginning and end and choose between half, quarter and eighth playback speed. Here's how it looks when we drop to 30fps (playing at a quarter of real time speed).

I hope the Slow Motion also includes Audio.
30th March 2015, 11:04 AM |#11  
OP Senior Member
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Audio Confirmed:
The S6 records Slow Motion WITH Audio and Realtime - like iPhone and SX50 and 510 HS and also RX100m3 (aka RX100 III)
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