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Cataclysm  Marshmallow

  • Everything has been written from scratch, even common features have been perfected and improved.

  • Quality and stability first, bugfree and hassle free, install and forget.

  • An actually developed firmware which brings many innovations on the scene.

  • Cataclysm uses an unique way to bring AOSP features to stock firmware. genesis evolution

  • Cataclysm is 100% Google experience plus other features.

  • Cataclysm includes optional/configurable Google Apps with AROMA installer.

  • Cataclysm supports Android Pay and RRO themes out of the box.

Installation notes:

- If you're on stock MMB29S just flash latest mod over, no wipes.
- If you're on Cataclysm but not on MMB29S or stock but not on MMB29S, flash latest full Cataclysm, no wipes.
- If you're on anything else, wipe/factory reset then flash latest full Cataclysm.

Please read the FAQ and release notes.

Download Cataclysm from AndroidFileHost

Download Cataclysm from Mediafire


Cert fingerprints to verify the integrity of current and future signed zips:
(This is NOT the files checksum)

MD5:  3D:67:E0:62:CC:9E:44:5B:B6:EB:36:28:46:E8:23:09
SHA1: 59:7A:07:38:B4:D1:11:A2:E0:45:16:7E:E6:2D:70:0C:05:0B:96:15

PushBullet Cataclysm updates channel

Cataclysm translation project page

Marshmallow changelog:

Jan 05, 2016: Cataclysm Jan 05, 2016 Stable release Release notes
Jan 05, 2016: Sources updated to android-6.0.1_r9.
Jan 05, 2016: Smart Radio: added battery saver condition.
Jan 05, 2016: Allow led while screen is on.
Dec 21, 2015: Cataclysm Dec 21, 2015 Beta update
Dec 21, 2015: Enable USB data transfer if/when phone is unlocked
Dec 21, 2015: Battery charging led full at 100 instead of 96+
Dec 20, 2015: Announce battery charged: use custom notification tone or tts
Dec 20, 2015: Announce battery charged: misc improvements
Dec 18, 2015: Tethering shouldn't require a build.prop edit for some people anymore
Dec 18, 2015: Fixed Swap back and recent sometimes not surviving reboot.
Dec 16, 2015: Cataclysm Dec 14, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Dec 11, 2015: Announce battery charged with voice
Dec 11, 2015: Swap back with recent
Dec 11, 2015: Fixed text battery truncated at 100
Dec 11, 2015: Fixed closed dialer after call
Dec 08, 2015: Cataclysm Dec 08, 2015 Stable Release
Dec 08, 2015: Sources updated to android 6.0.1.
Dec 01, 2015: Cataclysm Nov 30, 2015 Stable release Release notes
Nov 28, 2015: Lockscreen shortcut color: Colorful/Black and white/White.
Nov 28, 2015: Fixed bluetooth icon sometimes sticking on statusbar.
Nov 28, 2015: Removed "Disable motion detection on doze".
Nov 27, 2015: Cataclysm Nov 27, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Nov 27, 2015: Per-app immersive mode.
Nov 27, 2015: Fixed left lockscreen icon tint when right was default.
Nov 27, 2015: Hide vibration icon.
Nov 27, 2015: Volume keys follow device rotation.
Nov 27, 2015: Swipe statusbar to adjust brightness.
Nov 27, 2015: SmartTimeout/Flash on notification: misc improvements.
Nov 20, 2015: Misc options: disable motion detection on doze.
Nov 15, 2015: Cataclysm per-app settings are now backuppable.(need to set them again)
Nov 15, 2015: Removed "AppOps Autorun".
Nov 15, 2015: Removed "Volume cursor control".
Nov 15, 2015: Removed "Disable full screen keyboard on landscape".
Nov 08, 2015: Cataclysm Nov 08, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Nov 08, 2015: Sources updated to android-6.0.0_r2.
Nov 08, 2015: Quick Torch.
Nov 08, 2015: Flash on notifications.
Nov 08, 2015: Optional hide BT icon only when disconnected.
Nov 06, 2015: Cataclysm settings icon is now consistent with others for theming.
Nov 06, 2015: Correctly use reboot strings on reboot system and bootloader.
Nov 06, 2015: Good old background services activity when longpressing Stats tile.
Nov 06, 2015: Fixed center clock tint not inverting on some themes.
Nov 06, 2015: Fixed issue preventing center clock from being hidden by third party apps.
Nov 06, 2015: Speaker proximity: misc bt fixes.
Oct 29, 2015: Fixed issue preventing Smart Radio white list from opening.
Oct 27, 2015: Cataclysm Oct 27, 2015 Stable release Release notes
Oct 26, 2015: Correctly update left shortcut icon if voice assist is disabled.
Oct 25, 2015: Wake on notification: option to enforce DnD rules.
Oct 25, 2015: Speaker proximity rewritten from scratch.
Oct 25, 2015: Disable Smart Timeout on secure lockscreen to avoid fights with Face unlock.
Oct 25, 2015: Immersive mode style: NavBar only, StatusBar only.
Oct 25, 2015: Center battery glow on status bar expanded.
Oct 25, 2015: Fixed disable recents widget glitch.
Oct 24, 2015: Cataclysm Oct 24, 2015 Release candidate Release notes
Oct 24, 2015: Security input prio: fixed double bouncing.
Oct 24, 2015: Fixed issue with quick pin unlock and sim pin.
Oct 23, 2015: Immersive mode + tile.
Oct 23, 2015: Fixed excessive battery redraw on notification panel expanded.
Oct 23, 2015: Proximity speaker: correctly activate on incoming calls.
Oct 22, 2015: Proximity speaker: correctly route audio call to BT if available.
Oct 21, 2015: Quick PIN Unlock.
Oct 20, 2015: Cataclysm Oct 20, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Oct 20, 2015: Clear LED when notification is read/expanded not only on dismiss.
Oct 20, 2015: Don't disable LED on prio if checked and package has priority.
Oct 20, 2015: Disable LED on alarm only.
Oct 19, 2015: Shortcut to AppOps from App details.
Oct 19, 2015: Allow Navigation bar resizing in portrait or landscape indipendently.
Oct 19, 2015: Fixed Volume skip music tracks unreliability (also requires kernel patch).
Oct 18, 2015: Center clock should now stick correctly on reboot for some users.
Oct 18, 2015: Revert Alarm only icon, changed Prio icon to a different, more consistent one.
Oct 18, 2015: Fixed RingerMode tile not updating the icon (or missing) on DnD mode.
Oct 17, 2015: Cataclysm Oct 17, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Oct 17, 2015: Fixed proximity speaker not activating.
Oct 17, 2015: Fixed Smart Radio not honoring the white list.
Oct 17, 2015: Don't clear LED and break notification sounds on screen on.
Oct 17, 2015: Charging LED prio fix.
Oct 17, 2015: Fixed left default lockscreen shortcut sometimes appearing as phone.
Oct 17, 2015: Right clock shouldn't appear sometimes when center clock is enabled.
Oct 17, 2015: Misc: Multi window.
Oct 16, 2015: Fixed global disable headsup notifications, also added dependency with per-app.
Oct 16, 2015: Rotation tile will show correct icon/text while locked in landscape.
Oct 16, 2015: NFC tile should be more reliable.
Oct 16, 2015: Use good ol' silent mode icon for alarm only settings, to differentiate from prio mode.
Oct 16, 2015: Cataclysm Backup will correctly backup and restore Battery styles and Tiles.
Oct 16, 2015: Reintroduce Ringermode tile (Normal/Vibrate only)
Oct 16, 2015: Reintroduce AppOps with 14 new Ops.
Oct 13, 2015: Fix Notification panel expansion when tapping on status bar.
Oct 13, 2015: Longpress stats tile for Memory settings.
Oct 13, 2015: Volume Music control should skip tracks on longpress now.
Oct 13, 2015: Removed from AROMA option to uninstall TTS, which caused SetupWizard crash.
Oct 13, 2015: Fixed AROMA not deleting some deselected apps.
Oct 11, 2015: Cataclysm Oct 11, 2015 Beta Release Release notes
Oct 11, 2015: Everything from LP has been added to MM except:
- Quick PIN Unlock
- Enable Notification Ticker

Marshmallow feature list:

Quick Torch
Flash on notifications
Swap back with recents
Announce battery charged
Enable USB data when unlocked
Hide BT icon only when disconnected
Allow led while screen is on
Quick PIN Unlock
Immersive mode + per-app
Swap volume on rotation
Statusbar brightness control
Custom batteries
Softkeys fade mod
Navbar cursor control
Allow data background while on battery saver per-app
Battery save scheduler
Smart Timeout
Battery saver and Smart Radio intents
Wake on notifications + per-app
Force headsup
Clear all notifications button on status bar
Show status bar clock on keyguard
Hide status bar elements
Disable album arts
Security input priority
Opacity slider for keyguard
Disable LED on prio or None
Disable recents widget
Hide IME switcher
Show statusbar clock on lockscreen
Vibrate on remote call pickup/hangup
InCall blocker
Don't send number to unknown
Close dialer after normal hangup
Hide multiple lockscreen elements
Expand all notifications
Custom headsup timeout
Show app optimization on first boot
Volume controls always music
Disable QS on secure lockscreen
Quick Settings: Quick Puldown (includes DRAG)
Custom Quick settings with rearrange/scale and much more
LTE and 3G only network modes
Lockscreen double tap to sleep
NavigationBar swipe to sleep
NavigationBar show left menu
Wider landscape notification panel
LED Customization + per-app
Per-app Lockscreen notifications/force peeking
Battery charging led
Disable key press on security input
Custom left/right lockscreen shortcuts
Force show menu
Center clock/Hide clock
Unlink notification volume
Smart Radio
Raised volumes steps number
Custom lockscreen wallpaper
Volume music control
Volume rocker wake
Clear all recents button
Longpress actions to clock/date
Disable OTA update
Volume key cursor control
Sleep button on status bar
NFC polling mode/Disable NFC sounds
Lockscreen rotation
AM/PM clock style
Disable DUN required for tethering
Disable full screen landscape keyboard
Allow 180° rotation
Disable low battery warning
Disable wake when (un)plugged
Longpress recents for last task
Longpress back to kill non system apps
Resize Navigation Bar
Disable ADB notification
Reboot menu/Disable when secure/Hotreboot

Lollipop changelog

Kitkat/Jelly Bean changelogs


Kernel sources are HERE

* Implement kexec-hardboot - <[email protected]> Tassadar - Vojtech Bocek et al.
* Implement always on rgb led support - <[email protected]> Sam3000 - Sam Mortimer
* Don't reset keys pressed at suspend time - <nope> atl4ntis

Custom intents:
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Question FAQ updated Oct 21, 2015


I'm reading the FAQ, am i good?
- You sir are the best.

Is Cataclysm heavily themed?
- No, Cataclysm is 100% stock themed.
- All extra features are disabled by default.

How should i install Cataclysm?
- Do a Wipe/Factory reset and then flash. Strongly suggested to update to latest recovery.
- Should be safe to dirty flash new releases over the old ones unless it's a new android version.
- Cataclysm (as other roms) won't update radio or bootloader for you so you gotta do it yourself.
- It's not mandatory but it's a good practice.
- If coming from KitKat/Lollipop i suggest to flash Google Factory images first to avoid internal storage issues,
- Be careful as this will erase your internal storage data.

How should i install Cataclysm Mod?
- Be on or wipe/factory reset and flash latest system factory image.
- Optional flash latest Radio and Bootloader.
- Flash relevant Cataclysm Mod.
- Optional flash custom kernel.
- Optional flash SuperSU.

How can i update to latest beta release?
- Install latest full beta release and latest beta update on top, if available.
- Latest Beta Release --> Latest Beta Update --> Reboot.

I have this BUG?
- In general, most of the time, if the bug isn't in a Cataclysm feature, it's likely an MM bug.
- Marshmallow is plagued with some bugs which are not related to Cataclysm:
- Wi-Fi heavy battery drain.
- Screen turning off while/after calls
- WiFi slow connect from Quick Settings
- Slow/lag/unreliable clock.
- Bluetooth and car stereo issues.
- Misaligned expanded volume button
- Recents widget disappearing by itself or being substituted by another widget.

How can i change the led color for missed calls?.
- The app in charge for the missed call notification is Phone Call Management.
- It's a system app so you need to show it first before the per-app led customization.

Can't transfer files when connected to my PC.
- Tap on the USB notification and select "MTP Transfer files" instead of Charging only.

Can't enable SystemUI Tuner.
- Tuner has been absorbed in Cataclysm settings.
- Demo mode documentation.

Can't enable Multi Window .
- There's no need to change build.prop.
- Just enable it in Misc settings, no reboot needed.

How to customize the LED/Wake per-app?
- App -> Notifications.

How to enable data background for an app while on battery saver?
- App -> Data usage.

Support to adb remount / init.d scripts.
- These features need a custom kernel, the one included in Cataclysm is pretty much stock.
- Please refer to your best kernel dev.

New sources are up, why don't you update your rom?
- I will once Google Factory images are up for our device.

Internal storage issues, permission denied, 32gb instead of 16gb, files missing, screenshots error.
- Sdcard problems upgrading android thread

Smart Radio is grayed out.
- Smart Radio is not available for CDMA users.

Network Mode toggle is grayed out.
- Network Mode toggle is not available for CDMA users.

My home/back button, notification pulldown isn't working after a dirty flash.
- Open a terminal emulator on the phone and digit:
- su (enter)
- am start -n (enter)
- follow the instructions and possibly reboot after.

Can't select AM/PM clock style.
- You can't select it if you're using the 24Hour clock format.

Volume wake doesn't wake the device.
- When music is playing or you're on a phone call you need to press both volUp and volDown.
- This allows you to adjust the volumes without waking the device.

Is there a way to soft reboot the phone?
- Longpress reboot in powermenu to soft reboot.

Is there a way to access the brightness slider if i remove it from Quick Settings?
- Longpress torch tile for brightness slider.

How can i disable some led notifications?
- To disable the led just pick the black color from the dialog.

I have radio/signal/gps issues.
- Those issues aren't and won't ever be related to Cataclysm.
- Make sure you're on latest radio available in Google Factory image.
- Any issue about them is on your side only.

Can't make phone calls while on LTE.
- Make sure you didn't check LTE only in misc settings if your carrier doesn't support calls over LTE.

Smart Radio disconnect me on switch, it also takes seconds to reconnect.
- It's normal to get disconnected when you switch radio
- The switch is handled by the radio itself, can't make it better nor faster.
- If you want a seamless switch and still saving battery, just enable it without any other options and it will switch only
- when you're connected/disconnected from wifi or mobile data is enabled/disabled.

May i suggest/request something?
- Constructive feedbacks are appreciated.
- Keeping asking for the same features over and over won't make them implemented sooner.
- Posts like "Add this feature cause that rom has it" or "Add this feature, here's the code" are not welcome
- and are considered offensive.

How can i help translating Cataclysm?
- Please use the translation project page located here:

Why didn't you answer to my post/pm?
- I try answering to all the relevant questions posted on thread whenever i can.
- I won't answer in PM to questions that can be posted on thread.
- I won't answer to posts that are already covered by this faq, but ironically you won't know this.

Pls buddy I want ur mods from the catacalysm, can I have ur codes of some of ur mods that u put in the catacalysm ROM?
- Unfortunately Cataclysm sources aren't publicly available.

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Info 2 Lollipop changelog
Retired Lollipop Banner:

Lollipop changelog:

Sep 25, 2015: Wake on notifications: don't wake if covered is now optional. Cataclysm Sep 27, 2015 Stable Final Release (524MB) Release notes
Sep 25, 2015: Wake on notifications: removed global wake dependency on pocket detection.
Sep 18, 2015: Clear notification button on statusbar: don't hide default one.
Sep 13, 2015: Slightly bigger circular battery.
Sep 13, 2015: Fixed crash on DPI below 290.
Sep 09, 2015: Sources updated to android-5.1.1_r14 (LMY48M). Cataclysm Sep 10, 2015 Beta Release (524MB) Release notes
Sep 06, 2015: Clear all notifications button on status bar.
Sep 06, 2015: Layers 2.1 support.
Aug 07, 2015: Sources updated to android-5.1.1_r9 (LMY48I). Cataclysm Aug 07, 2015 Beta Release (524MB) Release notes
Aug 07, 2015: Layers: SystemUI toggles FC fix, fix sorting of overlays list.
Jul 10, 2015: Layers: expose toggles rearrange and lockscreen wallpaper dialog text.
Jul 02, 2015: Lockscreen: double tap to sleep. Cataclysm Jul 03, 2015 Nightly Update (9MB) Release notes
Jul 01, 2015: Fixed possible Smart Radio white list settings FC on first launch.
Jul 01, 2015: Lockscreen: Allow cropping wallpaper vertically.
Jul 01, 2015: Color picker: less cryptic default button.
Jun 26, 2015: Longpress status bar settings wheel for Cataclysm settings.
Jun 25, 2015: Hide bluetooth status bar icon when disconnected.
Jun 25, 2015: Wake on notif: make pocket extraction detection optional.
Jun 20, 2015: Show Deep Sleep on Stats tile. Cataclysm Jun 20, 2015 Stable Release (524MB) Release notes
Jun 20, 2015: Fixed status bar double tap glitch.
Jun 19, 2015: Wake on notification pocket detection: misc fixes.
Jun 19, 2015: Quick Toggles: USB Tether. Cataclysm Jun 19, 2015 Beta Update (25MB) Release notes
Jun 18, 2015: Show status bar clock on keyguard.
Jun 18, 2015: Proximity speaker: disable on audio mode changed by user untill end of the call.
Jun 18, 2015: Proximity speaker: misc BT fixes.
Jun 17, 2015: Don't fully expand QS when tapping on statusbar with quick pulldown or two fingers.
Jun 17, 2015: Wake on notification: wake if pulled out of pocket within 10 sec.
Jun 14, 2015: Hide Keyguard Clock/Date/Alarm. Cataclysm Jun 14, 2015 Beta Update (25MB) Release notes
Jun 12, 2015: Cataclysm features now fully support multiuser.
Jun 11, 2015: Layers: fix multiuser dialog text white over white.
Jun 11, 2015: Quick Toggles: Quick pulldown: Drag mode.
Jun 11, 2015: Wake on notification: don't wake if phone is in bag/pocket.
Jun 11, 2015: Use B/s KB/s MB/s instead of B KB MB in network speed stats tile.
Jun 10, 2015: Don't truncate time elapsed since last charge on some languages.
Jun 10, 2015: Allow reposition of clear all recents button.
May 21, 2015: Sources updated to android-5.1.1_r3 (LMY48B). Cataclysm May 21, 2015 Beta Release (532MB) Release notes
May 11, 2015: Ringer Mode custom intents for Normal/Vibrate/Silent.
May 02, 2015: Cataclysm Settings app shortcut.
Apr 25, 2015: Smart Timeout: disable while on secure lockscreen.
Apr 24, 2015: Prevent soft reboot caused by getCameraInfo() stock bug.
Apr 16, 2015: Global Force headsup notifications along with per-app settings.
Apr 16, 2015: Reintroduce Global Wake on notification along with per-app settings.
Apr 16, 2015: Don't hide Rotation tile if disabled from accessibility.
Apr 16, 2015: NFC Tile should disappear less frequently.
Apr 13, 2015: Speaker follows proximity: disable while bt/wired headset is connected. Cataclysm Apr 14, 2015 Stable Release (532MB) Release notes
Apr 10, 2015: Smart Timeout: fixed camera busy issue. Cataclysm Apr 10, 2015 Beta Update (26MB) Release notes
Apr 10, 2015: Smart Timeout: won't activate (more then once) if screen is forced active.
Apr 10, 2015: Speaker follows proximity: added delay, sync dialer icon/button with speaker.
Apr 05, 2015: Security input prio: fixed insecure lockscreen not showing on first boot.
Apr 05, 2015: Smart Timeout: cleanup/misc fixes/improvements.
Apr 05, 2015: Don't kill dialer if any call is on hold.
Apr 04, 2015: Wake on notification moved to per-app settings. Cataclysm Apr 04, 2015 Beta Update (26MB) Release notes
Apr 04, 2015: Speaker follows proximity sensor while in call.
Apr 04, 2015: Smart Timeout beta.
Apr 02, 2015: Fixed white notification title under some conditions.
Apr 02, 2015: Security input priority: no notifications.
Apr 02, 2015: Fixed Sprint issue.
Mar 31, 2015: Readded softkeys padding. Cataclysm Mar 31, 2015 Beta Release (532MB) Release notes
Mar 29, 2015: [RRO] Layers support.
Mar 28, 2015: Sources updated to android-5.1.0_r3 (LMY47I).
Mar 28, 2015: BSS: use exact alarm instead of optimized.
Mar 28, 2015: Lowered end margin when hiding battery.
Mar 28, 2015: Lockscreen options: disable albums art.
Mar 28, 2015: Lockscreen options: security input on top priority (never/no clearable notifications/always).
Mar 28, 2015: Lockscreen options: opacity slider.
Mar 28, 2015: Lockscreen: fixed ghostly glitch on album art (aosp bug).
Mar 28, 2015: Allow fine grain animations control up to 2x speed (up from 1x).
Mar 21, 2015: Fixed recents animation glitch. Cataclysm Mar 21, 2015 Stable Release (577MB) Release notes
Mar 20, 2015: Battery saver: 0-100 low battery values (slider).
Mar 19, 2015: SmartRadio: correctly listen for Data on/off changes.
Mar 17, 2015: Cataclysm backup date/time is again localized.
Mar 17, 2015: Fixed Volume Music control needing a reboot to make it working once enabled.
Mar 17, 2015: Smart Radio: re-added custom intent to enable it from the outside.
Mar 17, 2015: Smart Radio: added two different delays for Low and High power switch.
Mar 15, 2015: Disabled SystemUpdateService wakelock for good. Cataclysm Mar 16, 2015 Beta Update (16MB) Release notes
Mar 15, 2015: Smart Radio: delayed switch.
Mar 15, 2015: Smart Radio (Beta): rebuilt from the ground up.
Mar 14, 2015: Attempt to disable SystemUpdateService without wakelocks. Cataclysm Mar 15, 2015 Beta Update (16MB) Release notes
Mar 14, 2015: Stock-a-like animation to custom toggles.
Mar 14, 2015: Readded notification volume slider, if unlinked, on sound settings options.
Mar 14, 2015: Disable led on priority mode/no interruption.
Mar 14, 2015: Animate recents and recents button like new dismiss notifications button.
Mar 14, 2015: Don't flip custom toggles icons on RTL languages.
Mar 14, 2015: Center glow when pressing battery with no labels on status bar.
Mar 14, 2015: SoftkeysFadeMod: center dots when ime is enabled.
Mar 11, 2015: Sources updated to android-5.1.0_r1 (LMY47D). Cataclysm Mar 12, 2015 Beta Release (577MB) Release notes
Mar 11, 2015: Disable recents search widget.
Mar 11, 2015: Wake on notification: misc fixes.
Feb 28, 2015: Hide IME switcher.
Feb 28, 2015: Haptic feedback for cursor arrow keys (if enabled system wide).
Feb 26, 2015: Swipe HeadsUp up for an early timeout. Cataclysm Feb 27, 2015 Stable Release (502MB) Release notes
Feb 26, 2015: Fixed navigation bar cursor keys being too tiny on stock dpi.
Feb 26, 2015: Fixed Circular battery text misaligned at different dpi.
Feb 26, 2015: Pulse led color chooser, removed redundant disable checkbox.
Feb 26, 2015: Fixed oval default led color picker.
Feb 26, 2015: Correctly handle silent mode while in priority mode aswell.
Feb 25, 2015: Fixed low battery pulse led color.
Feb 25, 2015: Allow silent mode to be set with volume down key. Cataclysm Feb 25, 2015 Nightly Update (26MB) Release notes
Feb 25, 2015: Circular battery.
Feb 24, 2015: Wake on notification: misc fixes.
Feb 24, 2015: Navigation bar cursor control.
Feb 22, 2015: Hide status bar on lockscreen.
Feb 22, 2015: Hide carrier label.
Feb 21, 2015: Led control: new colors, color picker dialog.
Feb 20, 2015: Led control: default notification led color.
Feb 19, 2015: Notification control: Wake on notification. Cataclysm Feb 19, 2015 Nightly Update (26MB) Release notes
Feb 19, 2015: Notification control: Expand all notifications.
Feb 18, 2015: Notification control: Custom headsup timeout.
Feb 18, 2015: Led control: Notification led: priority to first/last, On/Off time.
Feb 18, 2015: Led control: Charging led: custom colors, priority to charge/notification, On/Off time.
Feb 12, 2015: Raise vol panel timeout and show zen modes when controls always music is active.
Feb 11, 2015: Lockscreen shortcuts: none, shortcut.
Feb 10, 2015: BSS: reenable on unplug if in range and disabled cause plugged.
Feb 10, 2015: BSS: don't disable if enabled cause low battery.
Feb 09, 2015: Per-app settings: custom LED "none" option.
Feb 06, 2015: Battery saver scheduler: misc fixes. Cataclysm Feb 06, 2015 Nightly Update (26MB) Release notes
Feb 05, 2015: Per-app settings: custom LED color.
Feb 04, 2015: Volume controls always music stream.
Feb 04, 2015: Battery saver scheduler.
Jan 31, 2015: Per-app settings: allow background data while on battery saver mode.
Jan 31, 2015: NFC polling mode: fix screen on locked.
Jan 26, 2015: Per-app settings: AppOps.
Jan 25, 2015: Softkeys Fade Mod.
Jan 21, 2015: Disable low battery led even if already lit. Cataclysm Jan 23, 2015 Stable Release (502MB) Release notes
Jan 21, 2015: Per-app settings: restrict mobile background data.
Jan 20, 2015: Display on battery stats the time elapsed on battery since latest full charge.
Jan 20, 2015: Disable battery saver orange bars.
Jan 19, 2015: Swipe2sleep is again optional. Cataclysm Jan 19, 2015 Nightly Update (25MB) Release notes
Jan 19, 2015: Fixed possible network mode issue due to Smart Radio race condition even when disabled.
Jan 19, 2015: Volume wake: adjust volume while in call, press volDown and volUP at same time to wake.
Jan 17, 2015: Swipe2sleep: misc fixes.
Jan 17, 2015: Disable low battery blinking led.
Jan 16, 2015: Cataclysm settings: entries are now indexable and appear in Search bar.
Jan 15, 2015: SmartRadio: don't downgrade if wifiAp is active.
Jan 15, 2015: Per-app settings: force headsup, disable headsup if available.
Jan 15, 2015: Per-app settings: block lockscreen notifications, block ongoing lockscreen notifications.
Jan 13, 2015: Wider landscape notification panel/quick settings layout.
Jan 13, 2015: Volume cursor control (inverted).
Jan 09, 2015: Navigation bar swipe to sleep. Cataclysm Jan 10, 2015 Nightly Update (19MB) Release notes
Jan 09, 2015: Allow locking current landscape orientation with rotation toggle.
Jan 09, 2015: Close dialer on hangup only if is foreground.
Jan 09, 2015: Fixed disable QS on secure lockscreen still showing them under some conditions.
Jan 08, 2015: Backup: correctly restore "Hide alarm icon" and "Close dialer on hangup" values.
Jan 08, 2015: Fixed FC restoring backups with animations scale and/or smart radio never used.
Jan 07, 2015: Longclick expanded clock/date for clock app.
Jan 07, 2015: 3G only/LTE only network modes.
Jan 07, 2015: QuickToggles: Volumes.
Jan 05, 2015: Center toggle's icons (and glow) and regain wasted space when hiding labels.
Jan 05, 2015: Fixed battery text not showing below 5% under certain conditions and styles.
Jan 03, 2015: Hide persistent alarm icon. Cataclysm Jan 04, 2015 Nightly Update (11MB) Release notes
Jan 03, 2015: Close dialer on hangup.
Jan 03, 2015: Show menu on both sides.
Jan 02, 2015: Settings backup.
Jan 02, 2015: Hide brightness slider.
Jan 02, 2015: Quick Toggles: resize, hide labels, custom columns, unify, longclick.
Jan 02, 2015: Expandable volume panel.
Dec 23, 2014: Battery styles: misc fixes. Cataclysm Dec 24, 2014 Stable Release (502MB) Release notes
Dec 23, 2014: Don't show default shortcuts preview on custom shortcuts launch.
Dec 23, 2014: Fixed right shortcut not working on secure lockscreen for some users.
Dec 22, 2014: Fixed custom wallpaper lag. Cataclysm Dec 22, 2014 Beta Update (32MB) Release notes
Dec 22, 2014: Led support for charging (optional).
Dec 22, 2014: Led support for missed calls (default).
Dec 21, 2014: Disable material glow for pinpad clicks.
Dec 21, 2014: Retuning icon + inner text battery style.
Dec 20, 2014: Custom swipe left/right lockscreen shortcuts.
Dec 19, 2014: Fixed notification volume auto unlinking from ringer on reboot.
Dec 17, 2014: Smart radio: apps white list. Cataclysm Dec 17, 2014 Beta Release (502MB) Release notes
Dec 17, 2014: Longpress back to kill: don't kill pinned apps right after unpinning them.
Dec 17, 2014: InCall Blocker original + custom numbers.
Dec 16, 2014: Custom animations speeds.
Dec 16, 2014: Sources updated to android-5.0.1_r1 (LRX22C).
Dec 14, 2014: Force show menu on navbar.
Dec 14, 2014: Hide phone number to unknown.
Dec 11, 2014: Disable autorun for apps on AppOps. Fixed another index out of bounds error (aosp bug).
Dec 10, 2014: Volume rocker music control. Cataclysm Dec 10, 2014 Nightly Update (14MB) Release notes
Dec 10, 2014: Disable Heads up notifications.
Dec 09, 2014: Enable notification ticker.
Dec 08, 2014: Quick Toggles: Battery saver.
Dec 08, 2014: Custom lockscreen wallpaper. Will temporarily hides on media album art showing.
Dec 08, 2014: Raised multimedia volume steps to 21, up from 15.
Dec 08, 2014: Disable Nfc sounds, vibrate instead.
Dec 08, 2014: Nfc polling modes (Screen on unlocked/Screen on locked/Screen off)
Dec 07, 2014: Unlink notification volume.
Dec 04, 2014: Fixed battery scaling on non standard dpi. Cataclysm Dec 05, 2014 Stable Release (502MB) Release notes
Dec 04, 2014: Disable QS on secure lockscreen now works for every quick pulldown modes.
Dec 03, 2014: Battery Styles: Stock / Stock + Inner Text / Text only / Gone. Cataclysm Dec 03, 2014 Beta Update (10MB) Release notes
Dec 02, 2014: Quick Toggles: Network mode (2G/3G/LTE) - Gps.
Dec 02, 2014: Quick Toggles: System Stats (CPU speed/temp - Network speed download/upload - Memory available (real, includes cached).
Dec 01, 2014: Longpress reboot in powermenu for hotreboot (zygote restart).
Dec 01, 2014: Quick Toggles: RingerMode (normal/vibrate/silent/priority/none).
Nov 29, 2014: Quick Toggles: Screenshot - Nfc - Sync - Screen Timeout.
Nov 29, 2014: Longpress back to kill won't kill screenpinned apps.
Nov 29, 2014: Disable Quick Settings expansion on secure lockscreen.
Nov 29, 2014: Clear all recents button is now optional.
Nov 29, 2014: Reboot entry in powermenu is now optional.
Nov 27, 2014: Fixed switches in appops detail being out of the view sometimes (aosp bug). Cataclysm Nov 27, 2014 Beta Update (10MB) Release notes
Nov 27, 2014: Temporarily fixed animation when pulling directly QS without notifications and while not on lockscreen (aosp bug).
Nov 26, 2014: Lockscreen rotation.
Nov 26, 2014: AM/PM on status bar clock.
Nov 26, 2014: Center status bar clock.
Nov 26, 2014: Quick PIN unlock.
Nov 25, 2014: Volume rocker wake: correctly eat the volKey after waken.
Nov 25, 2014: Fixed sleep button overlap with QS Header switch when closing QS with showdetails.
Nov 24, 2014: Aggressively disable Play Services System Update causing wakelocks for some users. Cataclysm Nov 24, 2014 Beta Release (501MB) Release notes
Nov 24, 2014: Fixed sleep button overlap with QS Header switch when toggling QS details.
Nov 24, 2014: Shortened longpress back to kill the foreground app to 1s (down from 2s).
Nov 24, 2014: Disable status bar clock.
Nov 24, 2014: Disabled dun required for Wifi tethering.
Nov 24, 2014: Volume rocker wake. Press both volUp and volDown to wake if music is playing.
Nov 24, 2014: Moved clear recent button up for pie users. Faster/smoother animation. Fix showing when not needed.
Nov 24, 2014: Vibrate on call remote pickup/hangup. One for pickup, two for hangup.
Nov 22, 2014: Delete button on screenshots notifications. Cataclysm Nov 22, 2014 Beta Release (501MB) Release notes
Nov 21, 2014: QuickToggles haptic feedback.
Nov 21, 2014: QuickToggles quick pulldown (six modes).
Nov 21, 2014: QuickToggles rearrange for default toggles.
Nov 21, 2014: QuickToggles choose for default toggles.
Nov 21, 2014: Expanded date clickable go to calendar.
Nov 21, 2014: Exposed AppOps. Fixed index out of bounds error (aosp bug).
Nov 20, 2014: Disabled system update.
Nov 20, 2014: Volume key cursor control.
Nov 20, 2014: Disable full screen keyboard.
Nov 20, 2014: Disable power menu on secure lockscreen.
Nov 20, 2014: Smart Radio.
Nov 19, 2014: Sleep button on status bar. Longpress for power menu.
Nov 18, 2014: Clear all recents button on navbar. Won't kill the task from which is invoked and go back to it.
Nov 17, 2014: Disable low battery warning.
Nov 17, 2014: Disable wake when (un)plugged.
Nov 17, 2014: Allow 180° rotation.
Nov 17, 2014: Longpress recent to last task. Move task to front or reopen.
Nov 17, 2014: Led notification light shortened to 3 sec (down from 7).
Nov 17, 2014: Longpress back to kill the foreground app. Also remove it from recents.
Nov 16, 2014: Disable GoogleNow gesture.
Nov 16, 2014: Disable volume adjust beep.
Nov 16, 2014: Added proper resource for ime key land.
Nov 16, 2014: Disable adb notification.
Nov 16, 2014: Navigation bar resize. Icons scale down only below 75%. Optional portrait only.
Nov 16, 2014: Extended power menu - Reboot.
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Info 2 Jelly Bean / Kitkat changelogs
Retired KitKat Banner:

Kitkat changelog:

Sep 19, 2014: Disable dun required for wifi tethering.
Jul 24, 2014: Added cursor control arrow keys on keyboard layout.
Jul 07, 2014: Updated code to reflect new Play Services changes, causing wakelocks.
Jun 20, 2014: Sources updated to android-4.4.4_r1. Cataclysm Jun 20, 2014 release.
Jun 09, 2014: Updated code to reflect new Play Services changes, causing data usage.
Jun 03, 2014: Sources updated to android-4.4.3_r1.
Dec 26, 2013: Added option to switch between art and dalvik without recreating the cache each time.
Dec 25, 2013: Added ability to record audio from mic during screen recording.
Dec 14, 2013: Fixed network mode change upon switching data on/off. Cataclysm Dec 12, 2013 release.
Dec 12, 2013: Sources updated to android-4.4.2_r1.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed immersive mode confirmation popping sometimes for a moment.
Dec 12, 2013: Added option to show touches while screen recording.
Dec 12, 2013: (Re)Added ability to open AppOps from outside.
Dec 12, 2013: More consistent screen recording notification with dedicated stop button and elapsed time.
Dec 12, 2013: Screen recorder max limit bumped to 30 min.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed lag when powering off torch after screen timed out.
Dec 12, 2013: More consistent reboot menu / high res clear recents pic.
Dec 12, 2013: Removed force sleep after missed call being obsolete in 4.4.x
Dec 12, 2013: InCallBlocker: fixed pickup/hangup mode showing the call for a moment.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed Google dialer not showing nearby place pictures.
Dec 12, 2013: Reverted white buttons to stock.
Dec 06, 2013: Sources updated to android-4.4.1_r1. Cataclysm Dec 06, 2013 release.
Dec 06, 2013: Google dialer: incoming call ui revamped with bigger picture.
Dec 06, 2013: Google dialer: answer with text more consistent.
Dec 06, 2013: Misc: disable fullscreen landscape keyboard, better implementation.
Dec 06, 2013: Fixed bottom portrait keyboard gap on immersive mode.
Dec 06, 2013: Misc: added statusbar brightness control.
Dec 06, 2013: Exposed App Ops in Cataclysm settings.
Dec 06, 2013: Added screen recorder toggle.
Dec 06, 2013: Added delete and share action to screen recorder notification.
Dec 06, 2013: Added screenrecorder service and native lib (0xD34D). Power + volUp to start/stop recording.
Dec 06, 2013: Text inside circle battery is now centered correctly.
Dec 06, 2013: Disabling SmartRadio will reset radio to default power mode.
Dec 06, 2013: Longpress backilling an app will remove it from recents most of the time.
Dec 06, 2013: Disabled internal OTA receiver.
Nov 26, 2013: Fixed recent button lag.
Nov 26, 2013: Fixed Quick Toggles landscape resizing layout issue.
Nov 26, 2013: Clear recents button will place itself correctly with no navbar or when immersive mode is active.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed AOSP bug on statusbar transparency when putting phone to sleep with notification expanded.
Nov 25, 2013: Disable PowerMenu when secure lockscreen will disable it on lockscreen camera aswell.
Nov 25, 2013: Clear recents button will place itself accordingly to navbar size.
Nov 25, 2013: Fix center clock overlap when unlocking the phone during an incoming notification.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed "portrait only" incorrectly resizing the default width.
Nov 25, 2013: Navbar and toggles resizing is 100% accurate.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed support for H+ and RTL languages.
Nov 25, 2013: Lockscreen targets bumped to seven, fixed settings layout while on landscape.
Nov 25, 2013: Lockscreen targets: fixed inability to pick custom icons from other apps then gallery.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed possible inability to rearrange toggles for Spanish lang people.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed Smart Radio still appearing as Smart3G for non english lang people.
Nov 25, 2013: Added .nomedia file to Cataclysm folder to avoid displaying Cataclysm related stuff on gallery.
Nov 25, 2013: Replaced holo background when rearranging toggles, replaced holo string for No recents.
Nov 21, 2013: Cataclysm is now ART compatible. Cataclysm Nov 21, 2013 release.
Nov 21, 2013: Fix Force menu showing on lockscreen.
Nov 21, 2013: Added Immersive mode toggle.
Nov 21, 2013: Lockscreen options: disable powermenu if secure.
Nov 21, 2013: Misc: disable fullscreen keyboard on landscape.
Nov 21, 2013: Fixed issue with clock getting truncated when too many system icons.
Nov 21, 2013: Smart Radio: you can now select high and low power mode.
Nov 21, 2013: Batteries revamp, some icons replacement/fix.
Nov 15, 2013: Immersive mode *Experimental*.
Nov 15, 2013: Longpress lockscreen slider when maximized to unlock.
Nov 15, 2013: Fine tuning batteries layouts / new gps icon.
Nov 13, 2013: Misc: added force LTE only.
Nov 13, 2013: QT: added LTE tile.
Nov 13, 2013: Smart3G is now Smart Radio and supports LTE.
Nov 13, 2013: (Re)Added one click app picker.
Nov 13, 2013: QT: added Cataclysm toggle.
Nov 13, 2013: Misc: force show menu.
Nov 13, 2013: Misc: data activity overlay on statusbar is now optional.
Nov 13, 2013: Fix H+ statusbar icon being lowres.
Nov 13, 2013: Fix battery "!" below 4%.
Nov 11, 2013: Fixed FC when hiding battery.
Nov 11, 2013: Fixed center clock being brighter.
Nov 11, 2013: Fixed custom lockscreen icons not sticking.
Nov 11, 2013: Removed "pull statusbar on full screen apps" in favor of the builtin one.
Nov 11, 2013: Improved fullscreen lockscreen, using new apis.
Nov 10, 2013: Fix batteries being brighter sometimes.
Nov 10, 2013: Added Text + Icon battery.
Nov 10, 2013: Added darker and more consistent notification pulldown background, still transparent tho.
Nov 10, 2013: (Re)Added activity overlays on statusbar for WiFi and Mobile data.
Nov 10, 2013: Fix longpressing FC for InCall Blocker and Toggle2G3G tiles.
Nov 10, 2013: Fix notification volume not visible inside sound settings when unlinked.
Nov 08, 2013: Cataclysm Nov 08, 2013 release.

Jelly Bean changelog:

Oct 22, 2013: Cataclysm specific features are now RTL-aware. Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_final_jb_release
Oct 22, 2013: Misc: hide statusbar ticker for all apps instead of just sms.
Oct 18, 2013: Keyboard layout customization (size/rows) will work for every language/layout.
Oct 15, 2013: Misc: optional auto-show statusbar (if hidden) on incoming notifications.
Oct 14, 2013: Disable fullscreen lockscreen while incall/ringing.
Oct 07, 2013: Added FR translation. (Gawayne) Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Oct-09-2013
Oct 07, 2013: Added BG translation. (DiDk070)
Oct 05, 2013: Optional hide statusbar/navbar on lockscreen only.
Oct 05, 2013: Lockscreen wallpaper: landscape wallpaper is now sized correctly.
Oct 01, 2013: Shows StatusBar on full screen lockscreen aswell using configurable one or two fingers gesture.
Oct 01, 2013: QuickToggles: use expanded volume for volume toggle.
Sep 30, 2013: Misc: disable low battery warning.
Sep 30, 2013: Expanded desktop: added option to hide only statusbar.
Sep 29, 2013: Added delete button on screenshot notification.
Sep 29, 2013: Misc: enable upside-down rotation.
Sep 28, 2013: Misc: disable phone wake when (un)plugged.
Sep 28, 2013: Optional shows StatusBar on full screen apps using configurable one or two fingers gesture.
Sep 25, 2013: SystemUI: added 2 lines layout on statusbar date.
Sep 24, 2013: QuickToggles: prevent disable location while gps is active.
Sep 07, 2013: Revert Dark Theme, available as flashable zip. Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Sep-07-2013
Sep 04, 2013; Added EL translation. (jolas)
Sep 04, 2013: Added ZH-simplified translation. (wasdf)
Sep 04, 2013; Added PL translation. (Timsgo)
Sep 03, 2013: Misc: crt animation is now optional.
Sep 02, 2013: Added crt landscape animation.
Aug 31, 2013: Misc: left menu button is now optional.
Aug 30, 2013: QuickToggles: added "Left", "Right", "Always" pulling modes.
Aug 29, 2013: InCall Blocker: added 4th flagged contacts tab in People app.
Aug 29, 2013: Misc: added lockscreen rotation.
Aug 26, 2013: FakeCall: schedulers and timers will stick upon reboot.
Aug 26, 2013: QuickToggles: network speed in byte/kbyte/mbyte accordingly to fit 4 columns layout.
Aug 26, 2013: Clear All Recents: bigger button clickable area.
Aug 23, 2013: Added ZH-traditional translation. (wasdf) Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Aug-23-2013
Aug 22, 2013: Updated sources to android-4.3_r1.1 JWR66Y.
Aug 21, 2013: SoftkeysFadeMod: temporarily disable on ringing call.
Aug 21, 2013: Added VI translation. (dunghnguyen)
Aug 20, 2013: Added PT translation. (tiaoAlvino)
Aug 20, 2013: Added SK translation. (matesc)
Aug 20, 2013: Added CS translation. (matesc)
Aug 20, 2013: If longpress home to app drawer is enabled Gnow ring won't popup, you can still swipe up tho.
Aug 20, 2013: Added ES translation. (nachordez)
Aug 19, 2013: Added DE translation. (matesc)
Aug 19, 2013: Added FI translation. (TToivanen)
Aug 19, 2013: Added NL translation. (kriss1981)
Aug 18, 2013: FakeCall: added scheduler (time/date).
Aug 17, 2013: QuickToggles: added Volume tile.
Aug 16, 2013: VolumeWake won't wake the screen when music is playing, it will with both volUp volDown pressed.
Aug 16, 2013: Clear All Recents became smarter and won't kill the task from which is invoked.
Aug 15, 2013: QuickToggles: added optional 4 columns portrait layout.
Aug 15, 2013: Added RU translation. (gaich)
Aug 12, 2013: QuickToggles: enabled Ime tile. Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66V_Aug-12-2013
Aug 11, 2013: LatinIME: added cs/da/el/fi/hr/nb/nl/pt-pt/sv dicts.
Aug 10, 2013: QuickToggles: own implementation of 2nd row for long labels.
Aug 08, 2013: Misc: keep last task clearing all recents will "dismiss and go back" at the end.
Aug 08, 2013: QuickToggles: enable force usb fast charge toggle only if kernel supports it and phone isn't charging/plugged.
Aug 08, 2013: Kernel: force usb fast charge won't disable usb mtp anymore.
Aug 06, 2013: FakeCall is back.
Aug 06, 2013: Added some extra steps for Music volume stream.
Aug 06, 2013: Misc: sleep button on status bar is now optional.
Aug 06, 2013: Misc: announce caller when on earphones/headsets.
Jul 29, 2013: Added AM/PM Clock style for StatusBar clock.
Jul 26, 2013: Updated kernel sources to jb-mr2. Cataclysm - Android 4.3 beta release
Jul 26, 2013: Updated sources to android-4.3_r1 JWR66V.
Jul 26, 2013: Removed FakeCall (for now?)
Jul 26, 2013: Removed PowerKey longpress on screen off (for now?)
Jul 25, 2013: T9 Dialer: enabled by default.
Jul 22, 2013: QuickToggles: added brightness percent on brightness tile.
Jul 22, 2013: Smart3G: enabling mobile data should switch before connecting.
Jul 22, 2013: Misc: longpress home to app drawer. Currently supports Nova, Holo, Holo HD, Aphex launchers.
Jul 22, 2013: Misc: keep last task when clearing all recents.
Jul 19, 2013: Default Notification Led pulse shortened to 3s (down from 7s).
Jul 19, 2013: Removed CM T9 dialer. (Available as stock in 4.3)
Jul 16, 2013: Removed powerKey camera shutter and volKeys zoom. (First available as stock in 4.3)
Jul 16, 2013: Misc: move phone app to back only on regular disconnect, i.e. not on busy calls.
May 29, 2013: Misc: longpressing recents go to last task. Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_May-31-2013
May 27, 2013: Added 1click "open with" app resolver, default "use once", 2 click "use always".
May 27, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: refresh on NavBar resize.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Usb FastCharge can be enabled only when usb is disconnected.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Wifi-Hotspot restores previous wifi state when disabled.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Wifi-adb/Usb-Tethering icons and strings are now consistent with others when wifi/usb are disconnected.
May 24, 2013: Kernel: added Row i/o sched.
May 23, 2013: Misc: Volume camera zoom, Powerkey shutter, Force sleep after missed call are now optional.
May 23, 2013: Misc: center StatusBar clock.
May 21, 2013: Misc: go home after phone call now move phone app to back.
May 20, 2013: Misc: vibrate on call pickup/hangup is now only on remote pickup/hangup.
May 19, 2013: QuickToggles: double finger swipe down gesture will bring opposite of one finger gesture (qt or notifications).
May 19, 2013: Misc: start lockscreen widgets maximized.
May 11, 2013: Forces phone to sleep after a missed call only if screen was previously off. Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_May-11-2013
May 10, 2013: Added keyboard qwerty layout customization (size and rows).
May 10, 2013: Misc: allow only one lockscreen widget (no bars).
May 08, 2013: Misc: disable lockscreen camera widget.
May 07, 2013: InCallBlocker: properly group rejected calls of same contact with other call log entries.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added proper call log entries for incoming, missed and rejected fake calls.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added real notification with hangup while in fake call.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added real missed notification for missed fake call.
May 06, 2013: Misc: hide incoming sms/mms text subject/body on statusbar notification.
May 05, 2013: Added "PowerKey while screen off" chooser: Default/Torch/FakeCall/SilentRecorder.
May 02, 2013: Forces phone to sleep after a missed call (regardless of screen timeout).
May 02, 2013: Added led notification support for missed calls.
Apr 30, 2013: Added option to backup/restore all Cataclysm settings (experimental).
Apr 27, 2013: Quick Toggles: Added USB Tethering tile. Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_Apr-27-2013
Apr 24, 2013: Added Quick Torch.
Apr 24, 2013: FakeCall: added ability to crop custom pics, select no ringtone, improved code.
Apr 23, 2013: Added custom dimmed wallpaper option to lockscreen wp.
Apr 23, 2013: Misc: disable Nfc sounds, vibrate instead.
Apr 22, 2013: Added Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper.
Apr 21, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: refresh on Expanded desktop.
Apr 21, 2013: Quick Toggles: added Hide NavBar tile.
Apr 19, 2013: Misc: disable proximity sensor during calls.
Apr 18, 2013: Misc: Volume key Cursor control.
Apr 18, 2013: Misc: Quick Pin Unlock.
Apr 17, 2013: Misc: 5th number row on Google keyboard (Portrait/QWERTY only).
Apr 17, 2013: Misc: remove StatusBar Clock (excluding the one in the pulldown).
Apr 16, 2013: QuickToggles: added brightness percent to brightness dialog.
Apr 16, 2013: QuickToggles: direct pulldown modes: Never/No Notifications/No clearable notifications.
Apr 15, 2013: Fake Call: pick custom ringtone.
Apr 15, 2013: InCall Blocker: UI redesigned, flag contacts from within the settings.
Apr 14, 2013: Fake Call: loading a contact will load the custom ringtone if any.
Apr 13, 2013: InCall Blocker: added White list mode and Block all contacts.
Apr 12, 2013: Fake Call: load contact data, custom pic, reset/test.
Apr 10, 2013: Fake Call: Added tile and customizations. Cataclysm-jb-mr1.1-JDQ39_Apr-11-2013
Apr 10, 2013: Added Fake Call.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added Pickup/Hangup behavior.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added optional Icon and Notification.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added blocked calls to call logs.
Apr 05, 2013: Misc: remember volume levels when headset is plugged or not.
Apr 05, 2013: Misc: disable Nfc sounds.
Apr 05, 2013: Added Ezekeel Sound Control and Wi-Fi PM Fast switch.
Mar 22, 2013: Shorten vibration on call connect/disconnect.
Mar 21, 2013: Added CM Circle battery + Hide battery.
Mar 21, 2013: Added display percentage in brightness popup.
Mar 21, 2013: Added option to resize just portrait NavBar.
Mar 20, 2013: NavigationBar: resizing now affects landscape mode aswell.
Mar 18, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: improved code, refresh on rotate, fix for landscape.
Mar 17, 2013: Text Only Battery: 100/16 holo blue, 15/5 Orange, 4/0 red.
Mar 14, 2013: QuickToggles: some string rewrite.
Mar 14, 2013: Smart3G: Using ScreenOFF switch will force to use ScreenON aswell.
Mar 13, 2013: Smart3G: Added Low Battery and Charging switch.
Mar 13, 2013: Misc: keep StatusBar on Expanded Desktop mode.
Mar 12, 2013: Added Text Only Battery.
Mar 10, 2013: Misc: better implementation of Volume Skip music tracks.
Mar 05, 2013: Misc: disable Safe Headset volume warning. Cataclysm-jb-mr1.1-JDQ39_Mar-06-2013
Mar 05, 2013: Misc: Go Home after a phone call.
Mar 05, 2013: Custom Kernel updated to jb-mr1.1 sources.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Volume Rocker Music Control.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Volume Rocker Wake.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Longpress Back to kill foreground app.
Mar 04, 2013: Added "Enabling..." label when activating Bluetooth with tile.
Mar 04, 2013: Added label notifications on Toggle2G3G tile when switching network mode.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Force3G Only network mode checkbox.
Mar 04, 2013: Using Smart3G will reflect as label on Toggle2G3G tile.
Mar 04, 2013: Using Toggle2G3G tile will disable Smart3G if in use.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Block Flagged Contacts as checkbox aswell.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Block Flagged Contacts to InCall Blocker tile rotation.
Mar 03, 2013: Updated sources to android-4.2.2_r1 JDQ39.
Jan 20, 2013: Misc: disable beep on volume adjust. Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Jan-21-2013
Jan 19, 2013: InCallBlocker: hide Phone number to Non Contact.
Jan 18, 2013: Added Network Speed monitor tile.
Jan 18, 2013: Added Smart3G.
Jan 17, 2013: Reset to default unlock anywhere behavior when not using customizable lockscreen shortcuts.
Jan 16, 2013: Bigger send sms textbox to fit at least one sms before scrolling (6 lines).
Jan 15, 2013: Misc: National data roaming.
Jan 15, 2013: Longpressing Torch tile will brings up the Brightness dialog.
Jan 15, 2013: Added VolUP/VolDown zoom feature to GoogleCamera modules.
Jan 14, 2013: Added Nfc polling mode selector (Scr-On Locked/Scr-On Unlocked/Scr-OFF).
Jan 14, 2013: Misc: Link/Unlink notification volume.
Jan 10, 2013: Added visual mark on blocked contacts.
Jan 10, 2013: Added CM full T9 support for foreign languages.
Jan 08, 2013: Added option to disable temporary tiles.
Jan 06, 2013: Added InCall Blocker toggle. Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Jan-07-2013
Jan 06, 2013: Added InCall Blocker feature.
Jan 05, 2013: Added "About Cataclysm" section.
Jan 05, 2013: Added option to resize Navigation Bar.
Jan 05, 2013: Added onClick and onLongClick actions to StatusBar Clock/Date.
Jan 05, 2013: Added "Enabling..." label on toggle when turning on Wi-Fi.
Jan 04, 2013: Added "Disable" checkbox in softkey fade mod popup.
Jan 04, 2013: Added size percentage text in toggles resizing popup.
Jan 04, 2013: Added optional haptic feedback for toggle clicks.
Jan 04, 2013: Added option to disable toggle text labels.
Jan 04, 2013: Longpressing RotationLock will switch/force rotation (Portrait/Landscape) regardless of sensor state.
Jan 04, 2013: Added new mount flags to fix eMMC sw/fw bug.
Dec 18, 2012: Misc: enable vibration on Call connect/disconnect.
Dec 17, 2012: Misc: disable GoogleNow swipeUP gesture.
Dec 15, 2012: From now on Cataclysm will be deodex. Cataclysm Xmas Release 2012
Dec 15, 2012: Added Ringer Mode toggle.
Dec 15, 2012: Added Expanded Desktop feature.
Dec 14, 2012: Added option to disable Battery percent.
Dec 14, 2012: Added option to set Softkeys fading delay.
Dec 13, 2012: Misc: disable USB debugging notification.
Dec 13, 2012: Misc: disable IME Switcher.
Dec 13, 2012: Clear all recents button revisited.
Dec 13, 2012: Added Screenshot toggle.
Dec 12, 2012: Added Overlay Icon for Data On/Off in Mobile Signal toggle.
Dec 10, 2012: From now on Update Pack will wipe cache and dalvik-cache itself.
Dec 10, 2012: Added CM Custom Lockscreen targets.
Dec 10, 2012: Added Clear all Recents Button.
Dec 07, 2012: Added option to reorder toggles via d'n'drop.
Dec 04, 2012: Now QT panel can be pulled down with one finger if no ongoing notification.
Dec 04, 2012: Added option to resize toggles.
Dec 04, 2012: Added ADB over Wi-Fi toggle.
Dec 01, 2012: Added Cpu Speed/Temp - Battery Temp monitor tile.
Nov 30, 2012: Added Force Usb Fast Charge toggle.
Nov 29, 2012: Added support for H+ in StatusBar and QuickToggles.
Nov 28, 2012: Added left menu softkey for simmetry. Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Nov-28-2012
Nov 28, 2012: Now softkeys dim have dots for menu aswell when needed.
Nov 28, 2012: Added Unicode support in Mms.apk.
Nov 27, 2012: Added Wifi Hotspot toggle.
Nov 27, 2012: Added Sync Quick Toggle.
Nov 26, 2012: Added Quick Toggles ™ customization.
Nov 23, 2012: Added speaker volume boost.
Nov 23, 2012: Added GPS toggle.
Nov 23, 2012: Added NFC toggle.
Nov 23, 2012: Added Hot Reboot toggle.
Nov 21, 2012: Added de/el/es/fr/it/pl translations.
Nov 21, 2012: Added PowerKey Shutter to GoogleCamera modules.
Nov 21, 2012: Added Extended Power Menu.
Nov 20, 2012: Added 2G3G toggle.
Nov 20, 2012: Added Screen Suspend toggle.
Nov 18, 2012: Added Sleep Button on Notification Bar.
Nov 18, 2012: Added Quick Toggles ™ (BETA).
Nov 17, 2012: Added 40dp Navigation Bar - Softkeys keep their size - No Ime switcher.
Nov 17, 2012: Show Kernel Version.
Nov 16, 2012: Added Expandable Volume Overlay.
Nov 15, 2012: Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40C_Nov-15-2012
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Info 2
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Video review by @kcbboy

Video review by @AL92 (TuttoAndroid) (Italian)

Video review by @Haeretik (German)

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8th November 2013, 09:38 PM |#7  
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I can't wait to try it out!
8th November 2013, 09:39 PM |#8  
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Ohh nice. I'll give it a try.

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8th November 2013, 09:40 PM |#9  
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Everything from JB included? Awesome.
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8th November 2013, 09:41 PM |#10  
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Flashing this, NOW.

8th November 2013, 09:43 PM |#11  
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Added reviews from the N4 side for the time being. I shall update the clips when N5/KK reviews pop up.
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