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Announcement from Crostantin: Simple. Fast. Stable and Linear

Hello guys! We present LinearBoost! Based on Lollipop, fast and.. Linear!.

This project starts with the collaboration between me and hottix. . The baseline is create a fast and stable ROM built from the source. All the features are added for improve the android experience without compromising speed and stability. The kernel is the fantastic Linear, created by Hottix for this ROM, based on the google kernel ! During the way CriGio became part of the team as the official themer. We hope you like our work.

**** Disclamer ****
Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for any damaging your device or alarm clock which will not come off. If you decide to flash my ROM, you are getting responsible yourself. matter how much it cries, don’t flash its after midnight, don’t get its wet and at last, absolutely don’t expose its to sunlight... Have a functioning Nandroid in case something goes wrong.

-A lots of optimization
- Navigation bar height
- Battery Percentage
- Volume Rocker
- Delete Screenshot and block screenshot sound
- Kill app by longpress back
- Advanced Power Menu
- Quick Pullwown right side
- Dialer Lookup
- Double tap to sleep
- Vibrate on call
- Clear all recents

First Installation
* factory reset
* flash last linearboost zip
* flash gapps
* reboot

Ota Updates
* flash last linearboost zip
* reboot


If you like our work,please feel free to donate ^_^

Where is the Linear kenel zip?
No is released on xda
How works OTA updates?
The rom has a solid backup system. We use the backuptools function and gapps are temporary saved and restored during the flash. If you want to change Gapps you need to wipe (or format) /system before flashing the ROM. In addition: SuperSU is integrated in the zip and we added a script for preserve the linear kernel configuration during the flash. If you already have used Linearboost and you have a custom kernel configuration, the zip will restore it from sdcard (don't wipe all your data).
Can you split the kernel?
No, we can't. Linear is the engine of the rom. Feel free to flash what you prefer, remember to delete 99linear in /system/etc/init.d before.
What about request?
Request will be ignored. Is the new way....

**** Thanks/Credits ****

Rascarlo - Slim - Omnirom - AOSPA -CyanogenMod - SimpleAOSP - Cl3Kener - EOS - Chainfire - AiCP - PSX


If you want this BANNER paste this code in "settings"->"signature":
HTML Code:

XDA:DevDB Information
LinearBoost, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

Crostantin, hottix, CriGio
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.4
Stable Release Date: 2014-12-07

Created 2014-09-22
Last Updated 2014-12-12
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21st September 2014, 11:09 PM |#2  
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Last Build

- Italian translation: Update

- ramdisk

- fixed SuperSU add in

LinearBoost-2.3- 05/12/2014

- Add SuperSU [2/2]
- Add flashing info

- SystemUI: make clock and time clickable in statusbar
- SystemUI: Use material delete icon
- Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen
- Italians: yes we need it

- Speed Dialer

- Fix some derps
- Boost Tweaks: Security settings
- bluetooth: Don't crash when the local adapter is not set
- Settings: Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen …

- restored original location

- Add SuperSU [1/2]
- Simplify recent cards work
- Doze: change again

LinearBoost-2.2 - 03/12/2014

- Merge tag 'android-5.0.1_r1' into linearboost-5.0
- Our sign
- releasetools: ota_from_target_files: add FullOTA_PostValidate
- build: Ensure /system unmounted at install start
- Remove nulls from the edify generator.
- Preserve linear.conf after flash

- Fix thread priorities for unstarted threads.
- ART Extension
- ART: minor bugfix
- more ART Extension
- art: Update QC-PERF board flag to TARGET_HAVE_QC_PERF

- Cleanup arm assembly.
- Add stpcpy assembler version.
- libc: denver: use Cortex-A15 Memchr

- hammerhead: add charging led support
- Enable multicolor lights cm settings

- AudioService: Show safe volume panel for non-interactive volume adjust
-  Battery and Notification Lights
- Statusbar clock and date customizations
- Add italian strings
- Change SQL to improve performance.
- Start MountService before performBootDexOpt
- pm: Add persist property to enable lazy dexopt
- Systemui: Recents - do not add search widget on recents if widget is …
- More fun whit glow

- Battery and Notification Lights (Notifiche)
- statusbar clock customization (Status Bar)
- AppOps: Enable App Ops (Boost Tweaks)
- Fix devloper options FC and remove all bug report options
- Add CPU & RAM info.
- Remove all system update settings for google OTA
- Set animations to 0.91
- Build date version

- Move lookup settings to dialer app

- added script
- Build “User” type (fix battery drain)
- Update to LRX22C
- update linear setting
- Drop OmaDmclient and UpdateSetting

LinearBoost-2.1 - 28/11/2014

- Backup tool support
- build: edify: use set_metadata for backuptool
- ota: Include copies of the recovery scripts even if shipping in block mode
- ota: Fix recovery-script cleanups in block mode
- Remove libdvm dex preopt support.
- Drop APN list
- Switch to launcher 3
- Revert "Drop DownaldUI"

- bionic: Add flag to restore legacy mmap behavior
- Replace Cortex A15 strlen implementation with cortex-strings
- Import memchr implementation from cortex-strings for Cortex A15
- Replace memcpy with the cortex-strings implementation
- krait: use A15 memchr

- If we use AOSPA blobs we need this
- We have custom APN list

- Disable more debug
- PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
- AudioService: fix safe volume enforced even when disabled
- SystemUI: fix right hand side gestures on lockscreen
- volume rocker: volume key cursor control
- Introduce a new config item: config_lte_capable
- Add clear all recents action to recents panel
- Fix - place Clear Recents button above the nav bar
- Fix up 'clear recents' UX.
- Audio: Fixed system/call stream volume can't adjust with HS connected.
- Keyguard: Fix crash in widget pager
- Play with glow
- Try another method for volume wakeup
- Enable Dessert Cake dream
- platform/framework/base: Fix Half Blank screen issue in Wallpaper
- SystemUI: Add sound item in quick settings panel
- Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.
- Treat default value that wasn't found as empty value.
- SystemUI: Add double tap to sleep gesture
- SystemUI: add Settings.System toggle for quick-quick settings pulldown
- SystemUI: double tap to sleep improvements
- Frameworks: Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications (1/2)
- Change QS rotation string

- Add back in-call vibration features (2/2)
- Move lookup settings to dialer app (2/2)
- Dialer: Italian translation update

- fixed boost tweaks
- Introduce SystemSettingsCheckBoxPreference
- Add back a helper pref that holds a system setting.
- Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
- volume rocker: volume key cursor control
- Battery saver mode: more options
- Beautify
- Settings: Hide Development settings when it is turned off
- Add double tap to sleep
- Add quick-quick settings pulldown setting
- Italian translation: Quick pulldown e double tap
- Settings: Use a seekbar preference to allow setting arbitrary animation scale values
- Revert "Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25"
- Settings: Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications (2/2)
- Keyguard notification: Italian Translations

- healthd: increase healthd fast timer to 10mins instead of 1min
- healthd: disable periodic polled battery status
- Modular  Executes backup and restore methods defined in arbitrary /system/addon.d/*.sh scripts.

- track AOSPA blobs
- fixed green line
- fixed TimeService.apk
- fixed linear.conf
- Disable stock OTA components
- Add Gapps Backup script
- Change the behaviour of Doze
- Try 4 columns in QuickSettings

Last Build - LinearBoost-2.0 - 28/11/2014

- based on android 5.0.0_r7
- main:
- main: enable_target_debugging := true
- main: WITH_DEXPREOPT := false
- ota_release_tools: comment out build date assert
- allow override of device asserts
- core: remove
- core: drop the check-product-copy-files
- telephony: default dataroaming=false
- Build Stk and CellBroadcastReceiver
- compiled with -O3
- fun with flags (JustArchi and Cl3Kener)
- Dropped: DownloadUI, Gallery, Mail, Exchange, MMS, Calendar, BasicDreams, Browser, Pico, Music, Home, LiveWallapepers, VoiceDialer


- Include asm/sigcontext.h only for LP64 in singnal.h
- libc: Add cortex-a53 bionic code
- libc: krait: Implement optimized versions of memmove and bcopy
- Bionic/libm: math optimizations
- libc: krait: Re-factor high-performance memcpy for thumb2
- bionic: Detect userspace memory leak
- bionic/libm pow optimizations for arm64
- libm: add missing symbols to optimized math functions
- Partial revert "Remove ioprio_get(2) and ioprio_set(2) from LP64."


- supersu support
- Init.d support and userinit

- dropped Su

- Disable some debugging
- Core: Disable fullscreen keyboard.
- Disable packages verifier by default
- remove unwanted stuff
- SystemUI: add quick settings pull down with one finger
- FWB: added screenshot delete action in notifications
- UI tweaks (Make it boost)
- SettingsProvider: Update icon.
- Framework: safe headset volume option
- less notifications sound
- Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
- volume rocker control (wake up)
- kill app long press back
- Disable/Enable screenshot sound
- navigation bar: custom height
- Dialer lookup
- Add global reboot option
- status bar: native battery percentage
- volume key adjust sound

- Show build date
- Hide system updates
- Settings: apple can do...we can do as well
- Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25
- Backport Launch SuperSU from Settings
- Linearboost tweaks

- Italian reverse lookup

- AOSPA binaries
- try to fix date problem on boot
- Linear kernel supports
- linearboost vendor
- track omnirom busybox
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21st September 2014, 11:09 PM |#3  
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Linearboost Kernel

Kernel Source

  • Aosp kernel
  • Based on android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-lollipop-release
  • Stock mpdecision
  • Build with Linaro GCC toolchain optimized for Cortex-A15
  • LCD_KCAL: Color Control driver
  • Faux Sound Control
  • Voltage Control
  • Kexec-Hardboot support
  • Gamma Control
  • USB Fast Charge
  • Sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep,
  • Prevent touches during phone calls, fullscreen option
  • wake timeout
  • Option to disable touch wake with power button
  • backlight dimmer
  • network speed tweak
  • exFAT support
  • ntfs support
  • call recording support
  • Fixed some warning
  • Always on rgb led support
  • Reduce minimum panel brightness
  • kgsl: Report GPU frequency correctly

  • savoca
  • Christopher83
  • faux123
  • neobuddy89
  • franciscofranco
  • showp1984
  • myfluxi
  • flar2
  • Tasssadar
  • LaboDJ

If I forget someone ... please contact me with a PM (hottix).. thanks ^_^

LINEAR CONFIGURATION (for Linear kernel):

You can change many parameters with this configuration file located in /etc/linear.conf without using 3rd party applications.
Use a file manager with root permissions, making sure you have permission to read/write and the latest version of busybox.

Note - Applications such as trickster there may be conflicts... use script or app, otherwise any post reporting issue will be ignored. This kernel has mpdecision stock, a touch of boost frequency 1267 MHz, this frequency will be displayed as a minimum in applications such as trickster mod. Minimum frequency is 300 MHz.
If you want to use faux sound app download this zip to remove sound script in 99linear and to avoid conflicts.

After edit linear.conf to apply changes there're 3 methods available:
1 - reboot device
2 - install a file manager with run script feature as root browser, go to directory /etc/init.d and open (as a script) 99linear.
3 - Android terminal emulator and type these commands:
To verify configuration options open log file in /data/local/tmp/linear.log


CPU Governor
i/o Scheduler
Readahead Buffer Size
TCP congestion
Sweep2wake Sweep2sleep - 0 to disable sweep2wake / 1 to enable sweep2wake and sweep2sleep / 2 to enable sweep2sleep only
Doubletap2Wake - 0 to disable doubletap2wake / 1 to enable doubletap2wake bottom / 2 to enabled doubletap2wake fullscreen
Power Key Toggles S2W/DT2W - 1 to disable s2w and dt2w with the power button turning the screen off
S2W/DT2W Timeout - enter number of minutes to automatically disable Doubletap2wake and sweep2wake
Fastcharge - 0 off / 1 on
GPU Governor - ondemand/simple/performance
GPU MAX freq
Color Profile - 44 profiles
Backlight dimmer - 0 off / 1 on - minimum brightness lower than stock
Sound profile - 5 profiles

all credits to @hottix
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-- for future use--
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21st September 2014, 11:45 PM |#5  
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Downloading now.
thx for developing a new ROM
22nd September 2014, 12:01 AM |#6  
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Does it have quick tim tile settings/customisation?
22nd September 2014, 12:21 AM |#7  
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Very excited this thread is finally open! This ROM is FAAAAST.

Originally Posted by Shiesh1

Does it have quick tim tile settings/customisation?

Not at the moment, it just has the screen orientation tile added.
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22nd September 2014, 03:25 AM |#8  
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Done good work on RastaBoost. I can't wait to test this tonight. You will definitely hear a report back from me.
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22nd September 2014, 07:00 AM |#9  
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*your warranty is not void

Releasing your Aosp based build,Great job ..
Best of luck
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22nd September 2014, 07:10 AM |#10  
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let's try this baby
22nd September 2014, 08:05 AM |#11  
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I will try this ROM.
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