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[ROM][7.1 r4][OTA][GCC+CLANG][Substratum][MULTIROM] ► Nitrogen OS ◄ [03/11/2016]

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By Mr.MEX, Inactive Recognized Developer on 4th September 2016, 03:15 PM
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  • Android OS version: 7.1.0_r4
  • Authors build: @xyyx, @Mr.MEX
  • Source code: |
  • Developers: @xyyx, @Mr.MEX
  • Thanks: all
  • Google Apps: Open gapps 7.1 pico
  • Recovery: TWRP.

The rich functionality is based on AOSP, development was begun in September, 2016.

xyyx (Max) - main developer
Mr.MEX - developer

Copy the ROM and Gapps in SD card.
  • Go to your recovery
  • Wipe Data
  • Install ROM and Gapps zip.
  • Reboot - 1st boot takes around 3-4 minutes.


  • See logs

If you are not indifferent, and you like our work, you can always support us. This will give us the incentive to make more and more opportunities in our firmware.
xyyx: PayPal
Mr.MEX: PayPal



Nitrogen Project | Nitrogen OS Devices

XDA:DevDB Information
Nitrogen OS N, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP 3.0.2-0 or last
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2016-11-03
Stable Release Date: 2016-11-03

Created 2016-09-04
Last Updated 2016-11-03
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4th September 2016, 03:15 PM |#2  
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   * device/lge/geehrc/
4a1febf uevent.rc: remove vidc encoder permission It seems that if mediacodec service acquire vidc encoder handle, cameraserver cannot use video encoder.

   * frameworks/av/
e8bd97e Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [3/3]

   * frameworks/base/
c58cf66 Option to hide Adb notification icon [2/2]
4b6150f Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [1/3]
a6eb478 frameworks_base: SystemUI/notifications: add a separate charging vibration toggle
3024aa7 SystemUI/notifications: fix charging connected/disconnected sound notification
cd7e15d Disable/Enable screenshot sound [1/2]
f69abc0 Adjust the power menu lock icon color
e8078a5 Pimp the power menu out [1/2]
9410ca2 SystemUI: Statusbar: Add HSPA+ icons
e33676e framework: port IME selector notification toggle (2/2)
84fef44 aapt: Default to 0 compression ratio
ff32848 Speed things up!!
898baab SystemUI: hide navigation bar faster in SetupWizard
0261cf7 Fix slow anim when using a gesture to open status bar pulldown
887f173 SystemUI: make sure to expand all the way when flinging
8885a67 telephony: Hack GSM and LTE signal strength
c754256 Show own tiles after reset in Quick Tiles Edit

   * packages/apps/Browser/
7cea375 Build in N

   * packages/apps/Calendar/
e875dde Merge my changes from MM

   * packages/apps/Contacts/
3a2ef5a Substratum expose hardcoded colors

   * packages/apps/DeskClock/
d186802 More materialization for icon
16f0f16 Update material icon
10aabbc New Launcher icon by Travis Hall aka Not Just Another Designer
bfd49fa DeskClock: Speed up animations a little

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
7441bc7 Themes: Separate background color from text color
7554ed1 Substratum expose hardcoded colors

   * packages/apps/Launcher3/
8f6c5cb Use material icon
1bd2bd9 Launcher3 -> Nitrogen Home
9a9bc9d WallpaperPicker: Materialize icon
65c29cd Options: Replaced blue on grey
18be839 Use Teal Theming for Settings
5a63416 Shorten dragOutlineFadeTime
a37bcf1 Shorten Scroll Delay
1ff0260 Put some SNAP into it!
7ac7753 Materialize Launcher3's settings

   * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
a93a0eb Pimp the power menu out [2/2]
9d591b9 settings: port IME selector notification toggle (1/2)

   * packages/apps/NitrogenWallpapers/
6ff58b3 Wallpapers: fix black text in wallpaper chooser

   * packages/apps/Settings/
159f2ee Option to hide Adb notification icon [1/2]
4233715 Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [2/3]
70d2cf1 [2/2] Settings: SystemUI/notifications: add a separate charging vibration toggle
c499582 Disable/Enable screenshot sound [2/2]

   * packages/apps/Stk/
45e52bd Do not display toast if alpha text is null.
bd74e58 Launcher: Present STK app name if possible
012f523 Update layout to Material
fe1f47a Stk: EL AOSP translation modification
dfad766 STK application should not show the STK menu for unsupported card.
452f072 Stk: New launcher icon

   * vendor/nitrogen/
89ee299 Build browser
b3ba0a9 Added more overlays
28ef5cc Clean global_reboot options in overlay


   * build/
fb21cfb Remove Feedback Directed Optimization support

   * device/lge/geehrc/
660ee90 Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock Bug: 25864142 from

   * frameworks/base/
162ab1a Expose hardcoded colors

   * frameworks/support/
53c2d7a Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.

   * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
7f95be1 Substratum expose hardcoded colors

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
9521d6a InCallUI: make incoming call screen background transparent

   * packages/apps/Gallery2/
3fba44f Materialize icons
55fd636 Add record time to details view
ee3c7e2 Fix crash of gallery on showing details
210b860 Gallery2 : Store DATE_TAKEN as milliseconds
d6325a2 Camera: Fix out-of-order operations while setting up the editor
75d9719 Camera: Ensure background edition complete on back Key
cd0b9d6 Gallery : Filter picasa specific options
ff5d15f Gallery2: Make grids scroll vertically by default
82ac3e9 Gallery : Remove DialogPicker theme in v21
63e5768 Gallery2: More material for filtershow
2bbd111 Add clean step after recent changes
eb60312 Gallery2: Fix filtershow renderscript for lollipop
8cef136 Gallery2: Materialization

   * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
9361ccf Button backlight timeout option
ad59b6d Volume rocker cursor control (2/2)
1490817 Hardware key custom rebinding (2/2) Longpress back to kill app [2/2]
5898884 Settings: Fix helper pref Switches

   * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
2b46208 Themes: Make dialpad seperator line theme-able

   * packages/apps/Settings/
9ac05a7 Move App Ops to nitrogen category in Main Settings


   * vendor/nitrogen/
4b614da builder: add branches for git clone command


   * build/
c8d39b4 OMS-N: adb shell command to access OverlayManagerService

   * device/lge/geehrc/
3c44757 - Update media_codecs.xml from Flo - Add media_codecs_performance.xml from Flo's CTS results - As MediaCodec acts as a separate process from MediaServer, it   can't read /dev/vidc_enc and /dev/vidc_dec. Fix this by allowing   both to be world writable (I'm not sure if it'll pose a security   threat later on) - Sepolicy: Add a rule for mediacodec to be able to read Qualcomm's   H/W based codecs

   * frameworks/base/
ead2e5b Move SystemUI Tuner to nitrogen category
1b1cbb7 Add back 'Show brightness slider'
ee5e949 fix foreground process will be mistakenly killed when it uses content provider.
a69f170 N-Extras: Add dynamic theme BootAnimation support
d2df264 N-Extras: AudioService: Allow system effect sounds to be themed
e20b2db N-Extras: Add dynamic theme fonts support (Squash)
8bbf056 OMS-N: ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum overlays [1/2]
7c25e34 OMS-N: Allow on-demand window refreshes using "om refresh"
6e992f3 OMS-N: Allow multiple targets for enabling and disabling overlays
24062ea Prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException
37699aa OMS-N: Disable Zygote preloaded drawables.
02ed80a OMS-N: Themes should be dynamically theming the power menu
270cb82 OMS-N: Officially announce the rebase completion to Nougat [14/14]
ce661ac OMS-N: adb shell command to access OverlayManagerService [13/14]
a3955eb OMS-N: Ensure unique type IDs when parsing overlays [12/14]
e07ee86 OMS-N: Persistence on boot through OverlayManagerServiceImpl [11/14]
e5f75f5 OMS-N: Fix memory leak during idmap creation [10/14]
938e8b5 OMS-N: Check invariants after ResTable is modified [9/14]
dbbe637 OMS-N: idmap: suppress print for padded resources [8/14]
aedef8e OMS-N: pm: set EXTRA_REPLACING correctly in ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED [7/14]
bde7b05 OMS-N: integrate OverlayManagerService into framework [6/14]
930b32f OMS-N: introduce the OverlayManagerService [5/14]
1033079 OMS-N: Add ResTable::remove(cookie) [4/14]
cf1ef26 OMS-N: Make asset manager cookies opaque [3/14]
91113ed OMS-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap' [2/14]
2f586b8 OMS-N: Support downloaded overlay packages [1/14]
b833282 Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
784f407 PDBS: bail out early if package name is not defined
d4b12ff SystemUI: Don't disable rotation tile
52d53a2 Fix Android 7.0 GApps permisions which were causing F/C
6916a17 Properly handle null URIs.
ae053de Treat default value that wasn't found as empty value
5781e40 Allow creating custom dialogs in DialogPreference

   * frameworks/native/
f0d9d0f OMS-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap'

   * hardware/qcom/display/
ab35efb msm8960: IQService: Allow more processes to access IPC

   * packages/apps/Settings/
42a6619 location: Enable 3dot menu
3f10077 Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen
05d0d84 Fix memory leak in Bluetooth settings
cd1434a Settings: Fix cannot search paired BT device issue.
3a1c5ad Fix crash when rotating HighPowerDetail dialog
ba84e75 Fix NPE when rotating "Saved networks" screen
c080e0e Fix NPE in SettingsPreferenceFragment
5a3d82f bluetooth: Don't crash when the local adapter is not set
c2751ff Fix InstantiationException when rotating Notification access settings
4db0cb2 Add Up button in Status settings
7ea00fc OMS-N: Apps: show/hide Substratum overlays [2/2]

   * system/sepolicy/
bcc4788 OMS-N: Add service 'overlay' to service_contexts

   * vendor/nitrogen/
bf8aecd Build masquerade


   * device/lge/geehrc/
a0e7fea Update overlay for CM hardware rebindind

   * frameworks/base/
3af17a2 Hardware key custom rebinding (1/2) -Added switch to last app -Fixed ActionUtils for N by @xyyx -Menu key logpress default action - last app
93aa103 Add Metric for NITROGEN_SETTINGS

   * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
f50c2a8 Prepared for Nitrogen OS. Thanks to @beanstown106 for base.

   * packages/apps/NitrogenWallpapers/
118003b This is NitrogenWallpapers

   * packages/apps/Settings/
69094b1 Build NitrogenSettings with Settings. Thanks to @beanstown106, @Mazda, @maxwen
92f1fb2 Make isPackageAvailable as public

   * vendor/nitrogen/
af9b1ea builder: add shamu support
b85784b builder: add mako support | bootanimation: add mako
cd686bf Build NitrogenWallpapers


   * build/
873361c Add header for Nitrogen logo
2352c1c colorize non-fatal javac stderr yellow (and actually display it... at all)
e6ce115 Colorize javac errors
8b714e3 Disable prereq
460d123 Drop Browser2, PicoTTS Launcher2 -> Launcher3
404d58a allow override of device asserts
33afca0 build: Remove OpenWnn IME from target config
397a3eb Nitrogen Logo

   * device/lge/geehrc/
bd3cae3 Add asserts override

   * frameworks/base/
166441c SystemUI: make clock and time clickable in statusbar
c145eac QS CellularTile: One click - enable mobile data (if enabled disable it and open detail), long click - mobile settings
acbb42b Enable SystemUI Tuner by default -Disable long tap and tuner icon
bd9b7e9 Don't show MENU_REMOVE in QsTuner, second method)
6bfd756 Return NightMode and NavBar editor
89b5d13 Longpress back to kill app [1/2] * kill app long press back -Rascarlo
8a17a1a volume rocker: volume key cursor control (1/2)
603cf48 services: button brightness should check proximity
9943568 Fix derp

   * hardware/qcom/audio/
ed4f242 audio: Use kernel headers
5d7f8bc Revert "msm8x74: remove from top level makefile"

   * hardware/qcom/bt/
6e07089 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"

   * hardware/qcom/display/
3c2b704 Revert "msm8974: deprecate msm8974"
a140255 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"

   * hardware/qcom/gps/
f430f21 Revert "msm8974: deprecate msm8974"
9712b54 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"

   * hardware/qcom/keymaster/
fbcbfb9 keymaster: Use kernel headers
c4c9bb8 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"

   * hardware/qcom/media/
7e6ece8 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"

   * packages/apps/Settings/
9797f55 Return App Ops (bug - without tabs)

   * vendor/nitrogen/
6467bfa Add missed
ef5c95e Go to old best boot animation
8a617b5 Add builder script


   * art/
242a6c6 Art: Disable FDO_SUPPORT [1/2] *this allows ccache to work on art/skia and increases build times by 10+ minutes

   * build/
cb1c99f no matter what build type we dont want to see anything but Build_ID
ac7ee1e Build: Add support for specifying build variant in brunch/breakfast
cace817 Squashed commit of breakfast/brunch commands
c43d976 core: main: remove all the spam about including make files
eb44b69 user builds: set ro.debuggable=1,
7d7c5c0 Disable the after flash image verification
08a8de4 build: Ensure /system unmounted at install start Account for the possibility that a user has mounted system manually before installing the FullOTA package.
a76b1a3 add adb to the otatools
6c4aecd add support for overriding build.prop settings.
5d47115 Make package name better for OTA
fe16bdf Build Changelog always (1/2)
842260d build: kernel: arm64 uses Image.gz as the target
446c558 kernel: Fix kernelconfig build
d329f67 Don't set CCACHE_BASEDIR if its already set
ad8da81 build: Set ccache base to build top
29a3e4c envsetup: export ANDROID_BUILD_TOP earlier
81f1887 build: Add support for additional kernel config snippet
4eb7688 build: kernel: Fix stray "@"
56d99de Fix if SELINUX or VARIANT_DEFCONFIG is defined
0608c1d core: More flexible kernel configuration
81ac341 Fix libelf path
3afbf70 Allow specifying kernel toolchain and prefix
66a1a80 envsetup: use $(CURDIR) for getting current directory
c93def3 envsetup: set OUT_DIR to an absolute path always
91f1cf3 cout: move to $out
512bb47 build: Inline kernel building as a buildtime task
067cdf6 Return backuptools

   * device/lge/geehrc/
013e3be Prepared for NitrogenOS

   * external/skia/
67aa80a Skia: Disable FDO_SUPPORT [2/2] *this allows ccache to work on art/skia and increases build times by 10+ minutes

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
2f16af0 Squash of commits: -Add back in-call vibration features (1/2) -Fix call tracking -InCallUI: Bring back vibrate on call waiting
6381405 Russian T9 for Dialer (author @dimfishr) PS6:  final nitpick: replaced getLanguage() with       getCountry() call - primarily for those who are       going to implement Chinese Traditional/Simplified       support (because they all have "zh" language code,       but letters are different in rHK/rCN) PS7:  polishing: wrapped some lines at 100 chars, restored       original dimens.xml / colors.xml values (looks better       with 41dp, color change could go into another commit)       ... purged earlier patch set changes PS8:  fixed MDPI compatibility, marked 1/0/*/# "letters" as       untranslatable (they are not displayed in any case) PS9 & PS10: added "values-en-rRU" (Dmitriy). PS11: minor padding tweak (7dp -> 8 dp). PS12: fix buttons being 11dp off to the left, this can not       be unseen.
d088bd5 Dialer: add to support multi-language smart search - use the new API to realize multi-language smart search   for contact name. - change the match rules for number, use fuzzy match rules.
7a6d5dd Translate into Russia
de2d430 Add back in-call vibration features (2/2)
a4dda92 add missing permissions to dialer *these were in google dialer and not aosp dialer..
7da8fca CheckBox -> SwitchPreference Original commit by kufikugel. Adapted for Marshmallow,

   * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
fb0e8e9 Refactor dialpad layout to support t9 search in multiple languages * Moves t9 labels to the side in portrait mode to make room for secondary labels * Adds resources for alternate language t9 labels

   * packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
0419404 Don't interrupt active gesture input by modifier key presses.
77cc258 LatinIME: Only enable gesture mode if gesture lib is available
02322ca Update JNI fallback lib name
a60c6b5 LatinIME: Add fallback loader for JNI lib
05c4da2 Rearrange Slavic & Greek morekeys
b147b2b Rearrange Morekey Options to follow numbers/symbols menu
a71ba2c LatinIME: Add "more" keys to ALL the keys in Greek layouts
5e4237d Added smiles without noise to AOSP keyboard
9a80fc4 LatinIME: Bring back ALL the keys for QWERTZ
de79342 LatinIME: Apply "Enable more keys for top row on tablets" (f6620308ba) and "Add "more" keys to ALL the keys" (c561f31af9) to slavik layouts.
017cfdc Add Moar Key Options

   * vendor/nitrogen/
a687e9d Init


   * bionic/
bb34389 Fix mako, flo, geehrc sensors. Thanks to @DevSwift

   * device/lge/geehrc/
f1193d2 Restore aosp audio_effects.conf
4a84a78 Enable advanced options for GPS
2fb7397 Update overlay
c3f890f Fix mic volume and mic with headphones
a0c703d init.geehrc.rc: interactive -> ondemandplus
88341d5 init.geehrc.rc: disable thermald and mpdecision

   * frameworks/base/
69dfea1 SystemUpdateService: enable service but lock its receivers [1/2]
3d4ce90 PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
059d7cd Turn off carrier provisioning by default to allow tethering
80b583f Base: Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.
57f4333 Allow override of DUN settings
533755f Power menu: Change color of volume selector to material green
8fe3eb9 Materialize toast frames
92e07c4 Notifications: Materialize missed calls icons
52cf429 SettingsProvider: Update icon.
a7eeec4 Advanced Reboot + Fixs (Squashed) * SystemUI: Add global reboot option -CAF * AdvancedReboot: Add advanced reboot options -CM * AdvancedReboot: Enhance power menu reboot option -CM * ShutdownThread: Fix longpress power for safemode -EuphoriaOS * ShutdownThread: Enable advanced reboot by default -Beanstown106 * AdvancedReboot: Enable Via overlay instead of Setting -Beanstown106 * AdvancedReboot: adapted to work on android marshmallow -Beanstown106 * AdvancedReboot: Remove keyguard restrictions on advanced reboot -Beanstown106 * AdvancedReboot: Remove and cleanup duplicate strings -Beanstown106 99% of people who flash roms want advanced reboot their was no need for it to be a setting
2480fab PowerManagerService: Fix updating of mUserActivitySummary
980d63e power: Disable keyboard/button lights while dozing/dreaming
f40c1ed Add PowerManager integration for button and keyboard backlight.
0f3244a display: Don't enable keyboard lights when dozing
8f14894 keyboard: re-add code to detect lid state and handle lights
7e24247 Reintroduce button-backlight (and respective inactivity timeout)
1de3769 Camera: Don't throw exceptions when value pairs have spaces in them

   * hardware/libhardware/
76419a8 lights: Adding keypad alt/shift LED light IDs

   * packages/apps/Settings/
57598ee Translate to RU
b0a9133 Expose PhoneInfo
396b988 Show application's package name in the "App info" screen.
f49421d add additional battery saver steps
559f89e Enable Development Settings By Default regardless of build type * also kill dev countdown + redo arleady enabled string
f9045cb bluetooth: Show a refresh icon on the select devices screen
683f44b Remove all Google Legal Information, System Update Settings
107f67a apn: Update the add actionbar icon
1892565 Skip Misc/Overcounted battery stats regardless of build type.

   * system/core/
18a0511 init: Make restorecon_recursive work for /data/
91b08a8  healthd: increase healthd fast timer to 10mins instead of 1min
e36826c logcat: Map '-C' to 'logcat -v color'
a1a6eb3 healthd: Stop logspam
8f7993c set permissions on /system/addon.d/ and files within.
ceb5dd8 set /system/etc/init.d/* permissions
cab58a1 init: import specific init file


   * build/
0146113 Remove AOSP stock recovery

   * device/lge/geehrc/
dcab028 Sepolicy: update Thanks @zaclimon too
aea8809 Update codecs
c7e9d14 Remove audio_platform_info.xml

   * hardware/qcom/audio/
252f55f hal: Ensure device_name is copied if empty

   * hardware/qcom/gps/
1cde63e msm8960: Adapt loc_agps_open_with_apniptype from newer devices

   * system/core/
13820a1 Drop recovery_install service

   * system/sepolicy/
311b10e Hack: remove neverallow for geehrc


   * bionic/
038fd2b Revert "Remove text-relocs support for apps targeting M+"

   * device/lge/geehrc/
fa308e6 Sepolicy: Give getattr shell access Required for and
a928f7f Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed. When the toolbox domain was introduced, we allowed all domains to exec it to avoid breakage.  However, only domains that were previously allowed the ability to exec /system files would have been able to do this prior to the introduction of the toolbox domain.  Remove the rule from domain.te and add rules to all domains that are already allowed execute_no_trans to system_file. Requires coordination with device-specific policy changes with the same Change-Id.
0c47062 Use sepolicy from marshmallow
dcef46d Update kernel
808202c TEMP: enable keylights
e3a4bf7 BoardConfig: Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE
5d684b1 Revert "geehrc: introduce camerawrapper"
5679cd6 Update fstab.geehrc to boot N
23abab3 Fix load BT address on geehrc

   * packages/apps/Nfc/
79300d4 Revert "Stop building NXP stack."

   * vendor/lge/geehrc/
e552020 Update vendors
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4th September 2016, 03:15 PM |#3  
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Merge tag 'android-n-preview-5' into n
Delete dhcpcd init entries, since dhcpcd is no more.
Delete /mnt/sdcard symlink
bluetooth: Our kernel is missing CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM (alarmtimer)
Correct model name and unused RVF
Fix media HAL path
enable text relocations
Kill copy apn list, use system
update vendor path
hammerhead: kill bugreport service
hammerhead: disable touch boost debug spam
hammerhead: Disable modem ramdumps
hammerhead: add missing facelock props
hammerhead: add missing drm prop
hammerhead: enable doze power saving mode
hammerhead: Fix typo in sensor disable
hammerhead: add charging led support
hammerhead: fix denial for ssr ramdumps on user builds
enable SystemUI doze mode in config overlay.
hammerhead: disable subsystem ramdump on userdebug builds
Hammerhead does not have a pickup sensor available during sleep
selinux permissive
Kill Logspam
gps: Only show errors
lets do the battery some favors and not light it on fire..
Add post_boot service
Add persist.sys.usb.config=mtp
Add media product property overrides
Revert "Add fingerprint config to *hammerhead_fp target"
Revert "Add car_hammerhead build for Bluetooth automotive profile testing"
camera: Use kernel headers
Add loc_api lib source to device tree
Overlay: kill default wallpaper
Add TWRP build support
Revert "Kill copy apn list, use system"
hammerhead: build kernel inline
Overlay: disable unsupported overlays
Prepared for Nitrogen OS
board: add configs for sepolicy
hammerhead: Update mixer paths and platform info
hammerhead: Update audio platform info
Camcorder audio fix
Kill has_powercontrol_widget overlay
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4th September 2016, 03:23 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 87
thanks for your work! testing
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4th September 2016, 03:31 PM |#5  
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Ooops, music app has stopped, i killed this app in next build.
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4th September 2016, 03:44 PM |#6  
shoeseat's Avatar
Senior Member
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Does led work when charging or when fully charged? Can you list outextra features added other than AOSP? I am using AOSP 7.0 by Santhosh M. but want to try this ROM.
4th September 2016, 03:47 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by shoeseat

Does led work when charging or when fully charged? Can you list outextra features added other than AOSP? I am using AOSP 7.0 by Santhosh M. but want to try this ROM.

I wrote everything in the header.
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4th September 2016, 03:54 PM |#8  
shoeseat's Avatar
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Yes i have read the contents updates but they are a bit confusing.I mean to say a some kind of list of features of this ROM for us(users) so that we can understand clearly which additional features we are getting with this ROM.
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4th September 2016, 04:43 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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Pics please ???

Enviado desde mi Nexus 5 mediante Tapatalk
4th September 2016, 05:02 PM |#10  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
Can anyone confirm if they can activate/get mobile data on Sprint network with this rom?

4th September 2016, 05:35 PM |#11  
nomancoolboy's Avatar
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Flag Ahmedabad
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really appreciate your work ???... downloading
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