AOSP Oreo [8.0.0] for Nexus 5 [05/10/2017]

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Santhosh M Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor
AOSP Oreo 8.0.0 for Nexus 5

Hi all,

This is a highly WIP oreo build for Nexus 5. Things like bluetooth are broken or maybe even more stuff.

I have released it just for people to have a taste of the OS and hence use it at your own risk. Do not spam saying stuff doesn't work after flashing

What works ?
  • Wifi
  • Audio
  • RIL
  • Sensors (atleast the basics should probably work fine)
  • Camera

What doesn't work :
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS ? ( i would guess so as i didn't look into it yet)
  • Other stuff that quickly don't come into my mind.
    (Please don't ask ETA for any bug fixes and i repeat this)

Flashing method :
  • Need to have TWRP
  • Do a full wipe and install the rom
  • Reboot
    First boot will take a while (min 10 min or so). So don't panic


AOSP Oreo for Nexus 5 (05/10/2017)

XDA:DevDB Information
AOSP Oreo [8.0.0] for Nexus 5, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

Santhosh M
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2017-08-28
Last Updated 2017-10-05
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Santhosh M Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor
Reserved for future
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razor17 Senior Member
Thank you so much Santosh M for this build
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ydv21yash Senior Member
Thank You So muchh @Santhosh M
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HermannSenator Senior Member
Omg thank you
28th August 2017 06:55 PM 1 Thanks
ReeSilva Senior Member
That's awesome

Santosh, besides the kernel included in the OP, which device tree and vendors are you using to build?

Just to know because so I can help in anything so we can have a full working Oreo

I'm a begginner ROM builder but I'm a developer so maybe I can help

Thank u for your awesome work, u'r awesome, guy
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Xaif Account currently disabled
Thank you for your great work!

Edit: Yes, if you want to give a try to 8.0 GApps so give a try to this one.
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BIade Senior Member
And this year's award goes tooooooooooo...................
(as usual)
Santhosh M

Thank you soo much, for throwing a tasty fresh piece of meat into a legion of hungry wolves <3

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Aerys Senior Member
Wow thanks alot! Appreciate your hard work.
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surubutna Member
History in the making, as always!

Appreciate the dedication man.