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[CAF KERNEL] Chaos 17.0 Nightly Builds [18/MAR]

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Announcement from neobuddy89: 17.0 Nightlies for CM12-CAF ROMs
✯ ✯ ✯ CHAOS KERNEL ✯ ✯ ✯
Welcome to the Future - CAF Hybrid Kernel
Synapse Support Included

  • Code Aurora Forum (Qualcomm Innovation)
  • CyanogenMod - CAF supported ROMs
  • Motorola - Many optimizations for MSM Board and LMK
  • LGE & Google - Device specific fixes
  • All developers mentioned in credits below

Chaos kernel is specially developed for CAF ROMs to enhance user experience.
Chaos kernel aims to provide organized, stable, feature-packed, smooth and performance-driven kernel for daily use.
More and more enhancements and improvements will be added based on reviews and requirements.

Daily updates from 4.0 Kernel upstream and CAF, as and when feasible. (That's why HYBRID)
Follow github source to know more in detail.

Features: (Updated after v12.0)

MultiROM support. Read instructions HERE. Not fully supported on CM12-CAF
CPU Controls, GPU Controls, Touch-Wake Controls, Memory Control and many more in one single app
Linux Kernel mainline updates to version 3.4.106
Kernel with most BACKPORTS from 3.14 Mainline kernel
Color Tweak control (Vivid and slightly cooler color preset)
Color Profiles
OOM advance controls and profiles
Compatible with most external kernel apps!
Entropy depletion fixed.
Samsung native Exfat inbuilt support
I/O schedulers: BFQ v7, CFQ, Deadline, FIOPS, ROW, SIO, VR, ZEN
Highly updated and tuned governors
Auto mount OTG
NTFS support enabled
Massive Driver updates
CAF Sound improvements and Sound Control via Synapse
Sweep2Wake, Sweep2Sleep and DoubleTouch2Wake interface with Power Key Toggle
USB Fast Charge Driver (to improve charging with cheap charger sources)
SELinux improvements
Default ROW i/o scheduler
GPU, USB, Vibrator, NET drivers updated from Google CAF
ZRam (Compressed memory) backported from 3.15 kernel with new compression algorithm and fixes
ZSMAlloc backported from 3.15 kernel (Compressed pages memory allocator)
CPU Idle driver backported from 3.15 kernel (CPU gets better deep sleep and settles faster when idle)
New Hotplug Mechanisms: MSM Hotplug (Default), Intelliplug Hotplug, Bricked Hotplug and CyanogenMod Default, switch between easily them using Synapse.
And much more... Read changelogs!!


Download Link:

Nightlies: Download Here

General Discussions, Tips & Tricks on NXTweaks Settings: Click Here

Kernel Source: Click Here

Installation Method:
  1. Backup YOUR entire ROM in your favorite way
  2. Reboot in Recovery
  4. Flash downloaded Zip File
  5. Reboot

Trouble Shooting:

Weird Battery Drainage?
  • Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache from recovery and reboot
  • Let battery drain such that about 10% remains. Now charge via AC source till 100%.
  • Please make sure there is no rogue app in background draining battery.

  • myfluxi
  • dorimanx
  • The user community (reviews and feedback)

If I have forgotten credit to your contribution, please send me a PM. Thank you.

You may post anything related kernel. Make sure to mention ROM name, Governor name, IO Scheduler name.
Feature request is served if feasible.

XDA:DevDB Information
Chaos Kernel, Kernel for the Google Nexus 5

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Everything!

Version Information
Status: Nightly

Created 2013-12-01
Last Updated 2015-03-17
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1st December 2013, 11:15 PM |#2  
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CM12 CAF got fresh builds from the scratch. Here is the changelog of each builds:
* Rebased to sync GPU and memory allocations with CM12.
* Updates from lollipop-mr1.
* Improved stability.
* Updated linaro toolchain.

* Sync with CM12-CAF builds
* Compiled with latest linaro toolchain (We will switch to own compiled toolchain later.)
* Misc updates from CAF, google 3.4 and 4.0 mainstream.

* Unified Ext4 and F2FS build.
* Improved stability.
* Misc updates.

Chaos_v16.1-[02-04]-[05-11] / Chaos_v16.1-[02-04]-[05-19]_F2FS
* Fixed bug - CPU min-max frequencies resetting to stock values. Thanks @5echo2 for reporting.
* Linux 3.4.106 update (lots of bug fixes for file system, updates for  generic drivers, memory improvements, NET driver upgrades and fixes)
* Increased boost period for CPU to 500 ms for smoothness. (You can reduce using Synapse if you wish.)

Chaos_v16.1-[02-01]-[18-00] / Chaos_v16.1-[02-01]-[18-31]_F2FS
* Fixed Synapse Backend Support for CM12 built-in superuser. (Needs more testing)
* Updated interactive governor.
* Completed sync with Linux 3.4.105
* NET and USB driver updates from linux 3.4.y upstream
* Misc updates

Chaos_v16.1-[01-29]-[09-26] / Chaos_v16.1-[01-29]-[09-34]_F2FS
* Enabled Power Collapse for Panel
* Added Yankactive governor. Needs testing.
* Updated Zzmoove governor
* Modem update
* Sync with CAF24 kernel
* Updated F2FS, test with F2FS build.
* Updated WiFi driver
* Backport kernel locking mechanism from 3.14.
* Stability improvements

Chaos_v16.1-[01-23]-[07-46] / Chaos_v16.1-[01-23]-[07-52]_F2FS
* Panel updates and cleanup for new doze mode support. (More to come later by myfluxi  )
* Added Zzmoove, Intelliminmax and Smartmax governors from Hybrid kernel.
* ARM updates.
* Minor update for sound codec driver.
* Ramdisk update from CM12-CAF.

* Devfreq cleanup and final update
* Crypto update including ARM optimization with NEON acceleration
* Sound codec driver update
* MMC driver bug fixes and updates
* Android IPC subsystem update from android-3.10
* Updates and fixes from 3.4.y stable.

* Devfreq update
* Filesystem sync with 3.4.y
* Memory management update with 3.4.y
* ARM optimizations.

* Devfreq Cleanup
* IRQ handling improvements
* Potential memory corruption fix

* Misc fixes and optimizations.

* Activated ULPS (Ultra Low Power) for panel.
* Updated GPU driver.
* Memory allocation updates from CAF.
* Lots of performance optimizations from Motorola, CAF and mainstream.
* ARM architecture updates and optimizations
* CPUIdle driver backported from 3.14 mainstream
* Build optimizations for toolchain
* Newer and faster lowmemorykiller (LMK)
* Synced with CAF11 build.
* EXFAT 1.2.9 support
* Synapse Update

* Add F2FS support
* Enable Network Filesystem
* Enable KSM support (disabled by default)
* Improved workqueues + Power efficient workqueues
* Optimizations

* New SEPolicy - works with latest CAF06.
* Misc updates for ARM Crypto and audio driver

* Initial version based on Stock CAF CM12 kernel.
* Synapse support
* Added MSM, Bricked and Intelli Hotplug
* Added BFQ, VR, SIO and FIOPS I/O scheduler
* Added latest fast charge implementation
* Added Sound Control
* Added Charging LED control
* Added Voltage Control
* Added OC
* Added MSM Limiter Driver for Per-CPU Total Control
* Added SMP Hotplug infrastructure based and load-based sync CPU Boost Driver.
* Fixes here and there. Phew...
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1st December 2013, 11:15 PM |#3  
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Old !! Old !! Old !!

  • Linux 3.4.104 update
  • Updates for backported drivers and features from 3.18 mainline.
  • Removed NXTweaks app and support. Added Synapse app support. Install app from Play Store.
  • ARM architecture updates.
  • Reverted voltage structure to use older and higher values for stability across different devices.
  • Improved overall smoothness.
  • Compiled using updated toolchain non-linaro 4.8.4 from Sabermod Sources - Optimized for Hammerhead.
  • Crypto driver fixes and updates from msm-3.10
  • Reduced debug crap from kernel.
  • Enabled ONDEMAND governor only for test-basis. You may run into random issue using it. Do not use.
  • Added BACON governor which is interactive governor of OnePlus one.
  • Improved INTERACTIVE governor. More smoothness and more power saving when idle.
  • Tegra patches from Nvidia for improved power efficiency.
  • Improved overall smoothness.
  • Video playback driver updates from CAF.
  • Audio driver updates from msm-3.10.
  • Sound control driver updates. Removed PA gain which is fully automatic now - changes dynamically.
  • CPU Idle driver updates from 3.16 mainline.
  • ZRam driver updates from 3.16 mainline.
  • Android specific driver updates
  • Fixed and enabled DIAG mode.
  • Improved routines for hotplug and limiter drivers.
  • Updates from google kernel common branch.
  • Better PM driver - from CAF kk-3.5.

  • Restored MDSS panel driver to stable point of CM-11.0.
  • Linux 3.4.100 update
  • Qseecomm driver bug fixes from CAF

  • Sync mount options with CM11
  • Disable ULPS and Partial update features of panel
  • Add FLAC to sound compress driver.

  • Update Linux version to 3.4.99 (from upstream)
  • Renewed hotplug mechanisms. Updated MSM Hotplug and Intelli Plug drivers.
  • Improved internal memory allocations
  • Tweaked interactive governor to kill microlag
  • Completely reworked Audio!! Feel the difference.
  • Bluetooth memory corruption issue resolved
  • Reliable BT connections for most cases
  • Fixed Encryption
  • Modem driver updated from msm-3.10
  • Updates from Linux kernel 3.16
  • GPU updates from msm-3.10
  • Android L kernel updates merged (No, it won't work with Android L preview release)
  • CPU governor updates
  • ARM architecture updates from msm-3.10
  • Added Ultra Low Power updates for Panel driver
  • Removed Morpheus mode code
  • Added CPU Limiter Driver and controls to NXTweaks
  • BFQ Scheduler update
  • CPU-Boost driver updated and tweaked. Added controls to NXTweaks.
  • Android specific driver updates
  • IDR memory allocation backport from 3.16 kernel

  • Update Linux version to 3.4.91 (from upstream)
  • Completely renewed and optimized MSM Hotplug.
  • Added option to switch between Cyanogenmod Hotplug, MSM Hotplug and new Intelliplug Hotplug
  • New CPU Boost Driver and new tunables for NXTweaks.
  • Camera, Video and Audio driver updates from CAF
  • ZRam Backport from 3.14 kernel
  • Smaller kernel size. Better compression.
  • Critical fix of voltage structure application via NXTweaks
  • New BFQ v7r4 I/O scheduler update
  • Added support for USB Keyboard app on Play Store
  • Misc driver updates from CAF and 3.14 kernel
  • Updated WiFi driver to suspend better
  • Soft IRQ handler backport from 3.14 kernel
  • Bluetooth fixes and Serial driver updates
  • Updates for interactive, intelliactive governors.
  • MSM Shared memory driver updates from CAF
  • Crypto driver updates from CAF
  • Smoother GPU and GPU fixes
  • EXT4 updates from 3.14 kernel
  • Synced with CM11
  • Update Linux version to 3.4.88 (from upstream)
  • Fix recurring audio glitch.
  • Camera, Video and Audio driver updates from CAF
  • Improved hotplugging routines..
  • Update Linux version to 3.4.87 (from upstream)
  • Add Sound Control to NXTweaks with different sound profiles
  • Enhance Wake Controls to NXTweaks
  • Add backlight dimmer controls to NXTweaks
  • Add HOTPLUG controls to NXTweaks
  • Updated COLOR profiles and new defaults for NXTweaks
  • Backports and updates for new task scheduler SCHED_DEADLINE from 3.14 Mainline Kernel
  • Updates for existing task scheduler from 3.14 mainline kernel
  • Backport enhancements for Red-Black Tree algorithm (RBTree) used widely
  • Workqueues enhancements and backports from 3.14 kernel
  • MUTEX enhancements and backports from 3.14 kernel
  • Improve SMP and Hotplugging operations - backported from mainline kernel
  • Enhanced, fastest and smartest LMK (low memory killer)
  • Massive updates and fixes from CAF! (Including sound, USB, video, GPU, CRYPTO, and many drivers)
  • Many fixes and implements from Motorola, Redhat, Linaro, SuSe, Intel and IBM sources
  • CPU load reduction (save power)
  • Reduction in retention voltages (save more power when idle)
  • Improved KSM
  • Update ExFat to latest v1.2.8 from Samsung sources
  • Initiate SELinux in enforcing mode (more secure)
  • Updates from Android-3.4 common kernel branch by Google.
  • New memory utilities for faster mem operations (from Motorola)
  • Performance optimizations
  • Dropped obsolete features
  • Sync with latest CM11

  • Update Linux version to 3.4.80 (from upstream)
  • Add Color Profiles to NXTweaks
  • Add option to disable additional logs to NXT
  • Add option to prevent memory hog to NXT
  • Revert CPUIDLE and WORKQUEUE updates for this release
  • Restore ondemand governor from stable base
  • Updates fro GPU and VIDEO driver
  • Stability and smoothness
  • Add more governors: Hyper, Nightmare, Pegasusq, Intellidemand, Intelliactive
  • Performance optimizations

  • Update VIDEO driver (from CAF)
  • Fixes and updates for CPUIDLE driver
  • Minor improvement for Ondemand governor, CPU Boost driver, CPU bandwidth governor
  • Update for SELinux
  • Update BFQ I/O scheduler from v6 to v7r1
  • Implement new power efficient workqueue (patches from Linaro!)
  • Use new hashtable implementation for workqueue
  • Heavy reduction of high load avg on CPU by using interruptible threads (CPU gets idle faster than before!)
  • Upgrade and improve generic Interrupt code - GENIRQ and new lib code for RCTREE (patches from redhat and intel)
  • Core throttling for temperature is now enabled but only when screen is off. Requires morpheus mode enabled.
  • Revert an commit done earlier for page-writeback to sync with CM11 - gives more optimal usage of RAM
  • Fix power config in ramdisk - lpmlevels
  • Minor memory leak fixes
  • Performance improvements

  • Drop support for stock based ROMs => Read more HERE
  • Support only CAF based ROMs (CM and CM-based ROMs)
  • Complete rewrite of the code
  • New power saving architecture
  • New voltage structure (lower volts than previous)
  • Clean the zipped file (Now only boot.img within zip, rest required files are auto installed from ramdisk)
  • Charging not supported if kernel flashed separately on secondary ROM you may share with secondary though.
  • OC upto 2.5 GHz
  • CRON Jobs added to NXT for self-maintenance
  • Removed unupdated governors (which were causing instability issues)
  • Retune all the profiles
  • Core throttling disabled. Theoretically, at higher temperature cores should not be throttled; frequencies should.
  • mpdecision replaced by msm_hotplug driver. This driver does the job and is less aggressive.
  • zRAM and KSM added (Off by default)
  • Updates for CPU Freq driver (interactive and ondemand governors)
  • Updates for GPU driver
  • Updates for Video driver
  • Updates for Camera driver
  • Updates for Thermal driver
  • Minor updates for other drivers
  • Linux version of kernel updated to 3.4.79
  • Scheduler optimization
  • TCP optimization
  • Add logger control to NXT
  • Retain only few steps to offset voltages of NXT (to prevent users messing too much with voltages)
  • EXFAT is now built-in just like FRANDOM
  • Reduced Panel Voltage - to save power when Screen on
  • Reduced CPU DMA latency - more performance
  • Sync some latest updates from Android-kernel-3.4 common branch
  • Sync Ramdisk with CM11 and specifications from Qualcomm
  • Many minor performance optimizations all over
  • Add debug capabilities to NXT - Please submit all logs while reporting any bug
  • Compiled with Google GCC Toolchain 4.8.2
  • Disable touch boost by mpdecision (+1 for power saving)
  • Enable CPU Boost drivers (to compensate boost feature and alleviate any lag due to lack of touch boost)
  • Experimental support for PAC ROMs (not tested)

  • Performance optimization
  • More smoothness
  • Power saving settings
  • Add Ondemandplus Governor - Semi-agressive governor based on interactive and ondemand

  • Linux version updated to 3.4.76
  • Updated Linaro Toolchain to 4.8-2013.12
  • Added Profile Management to NXTweaks - Now you can save your settings and switch between different profiles
  • Available profiles: Balanced, Performance, Power -saving
  • Added Voltage Control to NXTweaks - You need to enable master switch from NXT
  • New Gamma Calibration App (Find in attachments)
  • Gamma Correction on restart option added to NXTweaks
  • Restore old mount options (should fix data persistence issue)
  • Updated Ramdisk from latest CM ROM (should fix drain issues if any to some extent)
  • Added CM11 led support
  • Implemented Slimbus overclock (better audio?)
  • OOM Tweaks and fixes
  • New Fastcharge Driver with custom charge control
  • Advanced performance optimization (Backport from kernel 3.11)
  • Advanced performance optimization for workqueues (Backport from kernel 3.8)
  • EXT4 and UNIX code optimization
  • export SECONDARY_STORAGE option
  • Multi-core power saving technique adapted from Franco kernel
  • Network tweaks & Fixes -- Better data connection
  • TCP Congestion Prevention method set default to stock "cubic" - more reliable and battery friendly
  • GPU drivers update from CM11 and CA
  • CPUFreq drivers update from CM11 and CA
  • WiFi drivers update from CM11
  • USB drivers update from CM11
  • Miscellaneous updates for ARM
  • Retune NXT defaults
  • Update GPU driver - Sync with CM
  • Restore old frequency structure to fix battery drain
  • Maintain slightly lower voltage for 300 MHz
  • Tune low memory killer and OOM
  • Disable UKSM by default

  • Completely renewed source code. You can find it HERE. Thanks to all beta testers.
  • Linux Kernel mainline updates from version 3.4.75
  • No more stutter, freezes and micro lag. If you are facing any freeze, please clean install your ROM.
  • Added Morpheus mode to NXT - Screen on/off tweaks
  • Better camera picture quality
  • New frequency structure, 268 MHz is new lowest frequency with slightly lower voltage
  • Switched to kernel's thermal engine (ROM's thermal engine switched off)
  • Added thermal controls to NXT
  • Revised compiler flags - switched back to Linaro -O2 optimization. More smoothness.
  • GPU updates, GPU frequencies listed properly in NXT
  • New defaults in NXT
  • UKSM turned on by default
  • Sync with android 3.4 kernel branch
  • Added "Disabled" switch to Color Tweak in NXT to avoid interference with Faux Gamma app
  • mpdecision is on (it was turned off in v7.0)
  • NXT control to disable IPv6
  • Heavy performance optimizations
  • Removed intelli hotplug and intelli thermal engine

Previous Version changelogs:

v7.0: Cancelled

  • Separate build available for CM11 latest nightlies where battery indicator is broken on custom kernel (Do not use this on other ROMs)
  • Added and tested MultiROM support. Read more HERE.
  • Added OTG auto-mount support
  • Added Power Key Toggle (PKT) for DT2W/S2W
  • Added Sweep2Sleep
  • Added control to disable GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS to increase UI responsiveness
  • Added vibrator strength control
  • GPU updated and synced with CM11
  • GPU controls added - Max/Min Frequency, Polling interval, Governor
  • Fixed CPU governor/frequency settings not being applied to sibling cores
  • Added Color Tweak control (Vivid and slightly cooler color preset. NXTweaks => Miscellaneous)
  • Added support XBOX360 controllers with camera-spin fix
  • Complete in-sync with CM11 kernel
  • Deadline governor optimizations
  • Updated Ondemand and Interactive governors

  • Fix ART reset on reboot bug
  • Update SMP driver
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fix panel bugs at boot

  • Updates pulled from 4.4.2 kernel
  • Linux Kernel mainline updates from version 3.4.74
  • MTP Driver update - More speed
  • Video Driver update
  • Camera Driver update
  • MSM ARM code upgrades
  • Prevent thermal engine setting overclock frequency if not set
  • Boot at stock frequencies or user defined frequencies
  • Attempt fixing ART reset on boot issue
  • Remove zRAM as we have enough RAM already
  • Trim kernel from debugging codes
  • Backlight optimizations
  • I/O optimizations
  • Minor other optimizations
  • Linux Kernel mainline updates from version 3.4.73
  • Add new governors: SmartAssH3, AbyssplugV2
  • Add new I/O schedulers: VR, ZEN
  • Update Interactive governor and set as new default
  • Use 1.27 GHz as Max freq for Interactive governor when screen off
  • Update ROW I/O scheduler and tune values
  • Update BFQ I/O scheduler
  • Update CPU frequency driver
  • Use Neon library with hard float (for performance)

  • CPU Idle for C0, C1 and C3 enabled. Idle for C2 disabled. [Better deep sleep?]
  • Use SIMPLE governor as default for GPU.
  • Added simple GPU governor controls to NXTweaks
  • Better loading of NXTweaks config on boot
  • Updated and cleaned ramdisk
  • Better mount options for performance

  • [COLOR=Red]Fixed ART compatibility issues
  • Removed Thermal control to fix bootloop issues
  • Minor Optimizations from Google MR1 release
  • Enabled ASync File sync
  • CPU boost disabled as it caused conflict with mpdecision

  • [COLOR=Red]Fixed Root and Full compatibility with all ROMs including 4.4.1
  • Linux Kernel mainline updates from version 3.4.72
  • Updates from Google Kernel common source
  • Added ZRam with LZ4 (fastest) compression/decompression.
  • Added Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging (UKSM)
  • Added new thermal driver control with throttling temperatures
  • OOM advance controls. Control behavior of OOM Killer when screen on/off.
  • Added Backlight Dimmer Control
  • Added CPU Governor Control
  • Added IO Scheduler Control
  • Added Frandom, EDS module Control
  • Added few more miscellaneous tweaks and controls
  • Fixed hysteria of backlight at boot
  • Fixed auto reset of governor at boot
  • Driver updates for GPU and vibrator from Google
  • WiFi fixes
  • Minor bluetooth and USB fixes
  • Fixed Clean Cache button and functionality in NXTweaks app
  • Removed OC
  • Auto-install compatible Busybox

  • [COLOR=Red]Root on Stock based ROMs NOT Fixed yet
  • Enabled -O3 optimization for linaro toolchain 4.8
  • Added NXTweaks app to satisfy your fantasy!! More controls later.
  • Added new thermal driver, enabled by default.
  • Intellidemand Hotplug option in NXTweaks
  • S2W/DT2W controls in NXTweaks
  • Added OC but default max frequency is stock max frequency
  • CPU controls added in NXTweaks
  • Dynamic Fsync and USB Fast charge controls added in NXTweaks
  • Compatibility with Faux's reverse engineering tool for gamma.
  • Corrected reset of governor on reboot. Intellidemand is default governor.
  • FIOPS is new default scheduler.
  • Use EXT4 code for EXT3/2 as well.

  • Linux Kernel mainline updates to version 3.4.71
  • Linaro Toolchain 4.8 - 2013.11 compiled
  • Entropy depletion fixed. No depletion anymore.
  • Samsung native Exfat modular support
  • Faux Sound improvements and interface (Thanks @faux123)
  • Sweep2Wake and DoubleTouch2Wake interface (Thanks @showp1984)
  • Exponential brightness delta (replaced Linear)
  • Voltage Control interface
  • Dynamic File Sync
  • Power Suspend Driver (replacing deprecated Early Suspend)
  • Improvements in MSM hotplug driver
  • Added Intelliplug Hotplug driver
  • Reduced Wifi wakelocks
  • Performance optimizations with unaligned memory access
  • Added USB Fast Charge Driver (to improve charging with cheap charger sources)
  • SELinux improvements
  • Auto junk clean stored in Cache and Data
  • SWAP Enabled
  • Reduced Logger RAM usage
  • Improved Load Handling
  • Default ROW i/o scheduler
  • Default intellidemand governor

  • Linux Kernel mainline updates to version 3.4.30
  • Linaro 4.7 Based for performance
  • Fully CyanogenMod compatibility
  • SWAP enabled
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1st December 2013, 11:17 PM |#4  
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NXTweaks is no longer supported Chaos 14.0 nightlies onwards.
Install Synapse app from Play Store. We have backend developed to support Synapse app!

NXTweaks FAQ:

What is NXTweaks?
NXTweaks is a core app for this kernel which gives many controls at your finger tips.
These controls will help you to easily customize interfaces developed in this kernel.
So as you won't need to use Terminal Emulator and echo commands!
Try it once, and you will love it.

Why not TricksterMod or other kernel apps?
I would recommend NXTweaks since there are many interfaces like hotplug control, limiter driver, etc
will only available in NXTweaks. Also, NXTweaks classify different controls in different tabs making easy
for you. If you still don't like NXTweaks, leave it alone as it is.

NXTweaks vs STweaks
NXTweaks app is same as STweaks app in Play Store, however NXTweaks is updated one to fix crashes and comparatively better UI.

How can I install NXTweaks?
It gets auto-installed once this kernel boots. If not, read below.

NXTweaks not getting auto-installed / NXTweaks not showing up in App Drawer
This issue can be faced by users with encryption where data partition is not easily available to inject script.
You can install manually from here:

NXTweaks app showing "Kernel Not Supported"
This issue can be faced by users with ROMs other than CM11 due to missing bash binary.
You need to flash fix from here:
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1st December 2013, 11:18 PM |#5  
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Reserved #2
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1st December 2013, 11:32 PM |#6  
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Looks good. I think the link is broken. Won't let me download on tapatalk app.. :/

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1st December 2013, 11:34 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Carbajal3009

Looks good. I think the link is broken. Won't let me download on tapatalk app.. :/

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Try again:

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1st December 2013, 11:39 PM |#8  
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Oh man glad to see you here on nexus 5 neo! Been using your ROM back in the day with the galaxy s. Great Dev!

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1st December 2013, 11:40 PM |#9  
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New Kernel for cm is good. I'll test it next time.

Inviato dal mio Nexus 5
2nd December 2013, 12:12 AM |#10  
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Thumbs up
Originally Posted by teambestyrandy

Oh man glad to see you here on nexus 5 neo! Been using your ROM back in the day with the galaxy s. Great Dev!

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Oh thanks, took me 4 hours to make fist standalone linaro-based kernel for Google device. The source code is very clean and neatly maintained by Google unlike Samsung folks. And took me another 4 hours to upgrade from 3.4.0 to 3.4.30... more to go.

I am on DroidKang ROM currently (love the features of it) However, felt experience can be maximized with custom kernel and so starts Chaos kernel project.
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2nd December 2013, 07:14 AM |#11  
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I am also on latest droidkang ROM actually with elementalx kernel.

Feature request for your Kernel: s2w and dt2w like in bricked kernel and elementalx kernel

Thank you.
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