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[AOSP KERNEL] Hybrid 3.0 Nightly Builds [05/APR]

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Announcement from neobuddy89: v2.1 Stable Release for 5.0.2 AOSP ROMs & v3.0 Nightlies for 5.1 AOSP ROMs
Hybrid Kernel is for all AOSP ROMs powered by Android 5.0 aka Lollipop.
The main objective of this kernel is to maximize end-user experience with advance optimizations from CAF and 3.18 mainline kernel along with device specific features - A TRUE HYBRID.

Linux mainstream (3.4.y or torvald's dev git) offers FIXES and UPDATES for all architectures (like x86 as well as ARM)
We DO need these crucial updates to ensure stability and security. There are many CM kernels which are already updated with 3.4.y branch.
Hybrid kernel will keep up with latest wherever required. Don't fall for garbage talks.

Hybrid Kernel is descendant of CHAOS kernel - Kernel for CM11 with bleeding edge CAF updates, features and fixes.

You can play with all the features using SYNAPSE app.
We have developed support for Synapse in-kernel itself, no need to flash UKM or install any other kernel manager apps.

Feature Highlight:
  • Latest from Google (kernel_msm source + kernel_common updates)
  • Complete CAF Sound Experience (audio offloading and auto UHQ - ultra high quality)
  • Synapse Backend Support. Install Synapse app from Play Store.
  • Sound Controls and Profiles (including Faux sound app support - though you won't need it)
  • Gamma Controls and Profiles (including Franco Display control app support - though you won't need it)
  • Advcanced CPU Boost driver with unified hotplug boot, wake boost and input boost controls (Truly engineered for Project Butter)
  • In-kernel thermal driver (always enabled) and thermal controls.
  • CAF updates for WiFi driver.
  • Backported fastest ZRam from 3.18 kernel. (Fastest ZRam with customizable compression techniques)
  • Enhanced KSM (Enabled by default)
  • Enhanced LMK (low memory killer) with profiles and controls (Thanks Moto source and @Dorimanx)
  • Tuned virtual memory and LMK (Tuning based on our R'n'D, you can change as per your wish using Synapse)
  • Overclock upto 2.5 GHz (Still boots at stock frequency)
  • Per CPU Total Control (You can control how each core will behave individually - set min/max/boost freq and governor)
  • GPU Overclock and lower freq steps. (Still boots at stock max frequency)
  • GPU driver critical fixes and updates for smoothness.
  • Additional Interactive governor for GPU (thanks to Franco)
  • MSM Limiter driver (Does much regulation on CPUFreq driver than you can imagine. Check it out in Synapse app for details.)
  • Voltage controls (UV upto 675 mV. Please note our hardware have diff PVS category and so voltages and stability over diff voltages will differ user to user. Find your poison yourself with voltage controls in Synapse)
  • 3.4 upstream important updates and fixes (100% stable updates for our 3.4.y kernel)
  • Power-efficient workqueues (Ported from 3.18 mainstream - PE WQ aims at improving power efficiency.)
  • Enhanced MSM Hotplug Driver + Controls (Base driver by myfluxi - Enhanced further by me, Dorimanx and alucard)
  • Enhanced Intelliplug Hotplug Driver + Controls (Base driver by faux- Enhanced further by me, Dorimanx and alucard)
  • CyanogenMod Hotplug Driver (This driver is disabled by default)
  • Enhanced Bricked Hotplug Driver + Controls (On mass demand. Base driver by showp1984- Enhanced further by me)
  • Auto busybox installation (Busybox is required by root apps to perform misc tasks. Please note this wouldn't auto-root device.)
  • Multiple TCP Congestion methods (HTCP is default - can be changed via Synapse)
  • Additional FIOPS, VR, ZEN and BFQ Schedulers (ROW scheduler is our default)
  • Additional Classic Interactive, Intellimm and ZZMoove governors (Bacon governor is our default)
  • DT2W/S2S/S2W/Wake Timeout/Power Key Suspend (All the wake controls you'll ever need.)
  • Hardware Encryption (Faster and Powerful) (Removed to fix idle battery drain)
  • Built with SaberMOD 4.9.3 Toolchain (Performance + Power) The toolchain is rebuilt by me from their sources and has optimized few parameters.
  • CDROM emulation support (DriveDroid support included)
  • LCD KCal driver from LG G2 (This provides ability to change RGB values using Synapse)
  • Tuned LCD Backlight driver to save power
  • OTG Support for all ROMs (Use StickMount app if your ROM doesn't provide framework support to auto-mount like CM12)
  • MultiROM Supported (Thanks tasssadar)
  • init.d support to autorun user defined scripts. (Do not mess with it unless you know the conflicting risks)
  • Optimized RWSEM, AES and SHA1 routines with NEON mode enabled.
  • You name it, we will have it.*

*You can request any feature you like to see, we will respond for feasibility.
To know all the fixes and changes done, please refer detailed change log in below post.

Installation Checklist:
  • Your ROM is rooted. (If any root issue, please flash SuperSu)
  • Do not flash UKM after flashing this kernel.
  • Do not install any external busybox.
  • Install Synapse app from Play Store.

Download Here: (3.0 and above)
Click Here

Download Here: (2.1 and below)
Click Here

No mirrors. If you have trouble downloading, you can request in topic and since we have good user community, you will get mirror from our awesome user community.

The Awesome User Community Pinned Posts!
Typical Battery Stats using Hybrid Kernel
Companion review from one of the awesome devs.

Click Here

ROM Chefs, feel free to incorporate kernel in your ROMs or use above source for ROM build. Just do provide topic link for resolution of kernel issues/queries, if any.

Very special thanks to some real good devs, I came across while N5 kernels development -
@Dorimanx , @Alucard24 , @ak , @defconoi , @renderbroken , @LaboDJ , @xboxfanj @apb_axel
(I think I am missing some. Apologies.)
Kernel dedicated to your's and awesome user community's support!!

Also, thanks to these devs for contribution and inspiration -
@andreilux (Synapse interface app . This guy is best)
@apb_axel (Synapse backend support. Please thank him HERE.)
@myfluxi (device specific tweaks and fixes)
@franciscofranco (voltage controls and tuned parameters)
@showp1984 (wake controls)
@faux123 (faux sound baseline)
@flar2 (OC table and extended wake controls)

Let the Chaos Begin!

XDA:DevDB Information
Hybrid Kernel, Kernel for the Google Nexus 5

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Per CPU Total Control, CAF Sound, Overclock, Gamma Control, Sound Control, Volt control, CPU Boost

Version Information
Status: Nightly
Current Stable Version: 2.1
Stable Release Date: 2015-02-23

Created 2014-10-26
Last Updated 2015-04-05
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26th October 2014, 09:12 AM |#2  
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Change Log
* New build from refreshed lollipop-mr1 base.


Hybrid_v2.0 (23/Feb/2015)
* Stable Release
* Updated KCal driver to latest
* Fixed potential errors in Synapse
* Updated F2FS
* Misc updates

* Added KCAL - Advanced Color Control support. Get app HERE. Thanks @savoca.
* Impulse governor is new default governor with powersave_bias = 1.

* Uninstalled Camera Driver updates

* Update for camera driver to avoid possible mem corruption.
* Updated OTG mount for CM based ROMs.         

* Unified EXT4 and F2FS version.
*** MultiROM users please update multirom binary and recovery using MultiROM manager app.
*** F2FS users please report working of this version as primary ROM or secondary ROM or both.
* Disabled some qualcomm crypto routines
*** Encrypted users please test if encryption still works fine (it  should work as before, we have ARM optimized crypto drivers still  active)
*** This is a lean approach to reduce battery consumption. Please report if any difference in battery consumption.
* Updated Synapse backend support for profiles.
*** Please report if any issue.

Hybrid_v2.0-[02-12]-[01-06] / Hybrid_v2.0-[02-12]-[01-23]_F2FS
* Updated Bricked hotplug
* Updated installation script to remove busybox conflicts
* Updated audio codec driver
* Removed GPU OC (doesn't work with Lollipop)

Hybrid_v2.0-[02-06]-[18-18] / Hybrid_v2.0-[02-06]-[18-38]_F2FS
* Linux 3.4.106 update (lots of bug fixes for file system, updates for   generic drivers, memory improvements, NET driver upgrades and fixes)
* CPUFreq & CPU Boost Driver updates and bug fixes
* A new shiny and our in-house CPU governor - Impulse
** Impulse governor is based on CAF Interactive but with additions to  work smoothly with CPU Boost driver and improved freq stabilization.
     Testing in progress.

Hybrid_v2.0-[02-01]-[23-40] / Hybrid_v2.0-[02-02]-[00-21]_F2FS
* Fixed Synapse Backend Support for CM12 built-in superuser. (Needs more testing)
* Updated interactive governor.
* Misc updates
* Adapted Interactive and CPU Boost defaults from Chaos Kernel (theoretically, these should lower power consumption)

Hybrid_v2.0-[01-28]-[09-26] / Hybrid_v2.0-[01-28]-[09-40]_F2FS
* Updated F2FS to latest. Please test with F2FS build.
* Updated zzmoove governor.
* Added Yankactive governor, some tuning may need to follow later. This is much similar to classic interactive.
* Fixed hispeed freq for interactive governor for smoother transitions.
* WiFi driver update.
* CPUIdle minor update.
* Audio driver updates.
* Updated kernel locking mechanism from 3.14 mainline.
* Improved stability.

Hybrid_v2.0-[01-22]-[01-48] / Hybrid_v2.0-[01-22]-[09-12]_F2FS
* Added new SmartMax governor, tuned for hammerhead.
* Updated ramdisk from CM12. (Still root issue only with Synapse app, will check later)
* Bacon governor is now default interactive governor. Classic interactive is removed.
* Updates for conservative and intelliminmax governor!
* RBTree algorithm optimizations from 3.18 upstream.
* Merged Camera driver updates (as that in previous preview build)
* Motorola optimizations for better performance and improved suspend routines.
* OOM improvements.
* Updated serial driver and ARM updates.

* Lots of bug fixes from Cyanogen team and stable upstream.
* Updated sound codec driver from CAF.
* Optimized crypto mode for ARM with NEON acceleration. 
* Mainstream backports for IRQ subsystem.
* RCU updates from CAF.
* ARM updates.

Hybrid_v1.0 - (03/Jan/2015)
* Stable Release
* CPU Global voltage steps change from 25mV to 5mV
* Update bacon governor
* Misc updates 

* Fix Fast Charge compatibility with other kernel apps.
* Misc fixes from 3.4.y
* Sound codec driver update         

* Added QCOM Audio Effects (from CAF)
* Ramdisk updates + Improved tuning
* Updated BFQ I/O scheduler to v7r7
* Enabled qcrypto hw interface (This is not hw encryption)

* Simplified Fast Charge control in Synapse
* Updated sound codec driver
* Disable qcrypto hw interface (likely to break l2tp protocol)         

* Improved Suspend Routines. (Better sleep)
* Reverted back to old settings for CPU Boost and Hotplug drivers.
* Fix misc issues.

* New settings:
** Hotplug Boost disabled by default.
** Touch Boosted CPUs disabled by default.
** KSM disabled by default.
* Improved headphone detection consistency
* Misc fixes/improvements from 3.4.y.
* KControl app should now show MSM_MPDECISION tunables (Please check)
* Improved CPU Boost control in Synapse. You can disable it per CPU.

* Add control under Misc Tab in Synapse to disable Charging LED.

* Fix media driver leaks.
* Tune intellimm governor. So far so smooth!!
* Misc updates for MSM specific drivers.
* Set interactive as default GPU governor.

* Completed all required sync with 3.4.105 kernel.         

* Disabled HW Disk encryption (Fixes idle battery drain)
* Lots of fixes from Linux 3.4.105 update

* Fix CM12 native root. (No more issue from kernel side, not sure if any issue still persist in userspace for CM12)
* Misc fixes and updates for stability.

* Fix soft reboot with voltage below 700mV
* ARM updates

* MSM Idle and power mode driver updates from CAF.
* Misc updates for MSM board.
* Zzmoove governor for test drive.
* Modem driver updates.
* Increased max limit for sound controls in Synapse app.

* Add intellimm governor by Faux - This may need further tuning. (I still love bacon gov!)
* Tune bacon governor for battery saving!
* Tune hotplug drivers for battery saving. Set max cpus online (suspend) to 1 by default!
* Added and tuned bricked hotplug driver. Experimental and need reviews.
* Misc updates for internal memory.
* Thermal driver update.
* Ramdisk updates.
* Update hotplug monitor in Synapse, looks better now.

* Rework MSM Limiter driver and bug fixes.
* Add live monitor for min-max-current frequencies in Synapse.
* USB Driver update from 3.4.y and CAF.         

SuperSu version 2.27 or later required.

* HW Encryption support
* SELinux changed to "Enforcing" mode
* Fixed broken QSEEComm driver
* Misc updates         

* Fix broken root with SuperSu after CM ramdisk updates.

* Fixed Sensor regression - Removed optimized bionic libs.
[ If you already flashed prev nightly broke proximity sensor, dirty flash your ROM and then this nightly.]

* Added CyanogenMod hotplug mechanism (This is improved mpdecision. It also manipulates max freq)
* Added Qualcomm Power HAL
* Add vivid color preset tunable (under gamma tab)
* Added optimized bionic libraries 
* Added always-on charging LED
* Ramdisk updates from CM12
* Add Piereligio_True_RGB_V7 Color Profile

* New Feature: Add Per-CPU Input Boost Frequency Control.
* New Feature: Add Per-CPU Governor Control.
* Improved GUI for CPU tab in Synapse
* Add control for tuning vibrator strength when using wake controls
* Tuned CPU Boost driver to use 500 ms input boost. This gives real good smoothness!!
  You can change this to value as you like via Synapse.
   [AOSP Power HAL gave 3 sec boost which is too much, non-configurable and hard on battery.
     We had removed it long back.]
* CAF update and fixes for MSM BUS driver.
* ZRAM minor fix for potential crash. (from 3.18 upstream)
* Fix memory leak in video playback driver.
* Serial driver updates from upsteam. (not CAF)

* New feature: MSM Limiter Driver can control min/max freq of ALL cores  individually. Under testing. Please share your exp if tested.
* Complete file system sync with 3.4.y kernel. This includes lot of fixes by upstream.
* EXT4 misc fixes cherry-picked from Chaos kernel.

* Added wake controls! (S2W/S2S/DT2W/PWR Key Suspend/Wake Timeout) -- Experimental - Let me know does these work good.
* CM12 compatibility. (until CM12 decides to take another turn again)

* Awesome audio updates (Thanks to Steve's staging source and chaos source)
* Critical fixes and updates from 3.4.y
* Enabled support for USB serial drivers (3G cards)
* ARM updates and fixes
* Tuning for battery saving and more smoothness
* Lowered default temperature threshold by 5 degree.
* Added SIO, FIOPS, ZEN and VR I/O schedulers.
* Tuned ROW I/O scheduler

* Fix Synapse broken controls for some AOSP compiled ROMs (You still  need to install Superuser app separately, if you haven't already)
* Complete crypto, qseecom and security update from CAF. (Same as Chaos)
* Updated Bacon governor for performance.
* Minor update for CPU Boost driver.
* Misc missed updates which should be included in previous build.

* Misc updates for timers and IRQ.
* CPUIdle complete backport from 3.16.

* Minor correction in GPU freq steps. (perfect now)
* Complete MMC update from CAF. (same as Chaos)
* Complete kernel memory management update from CAF and 3.4.y. (virtual, swap, slab, slub, compaction etc)
* More updates for sound driver from CAF.
* Readded tuned LMK and OOM.
* DIAG complete update from CAF.
* Readded nvidia tegra patches for improved power efficiency.
* Fix broken Synapse control for hotplug

* Readded CAF sound codec driver (which was removed for a test build)
* Default governor changed to Bacon which is OnePlus one interactive governor.
  This governor offers lower timer_rate which helps a lot preventing any gliches in audio.
  If we had kept mpdecision binary in place, min freq would have stayed  higher most of the times and helped audio glitch BUT that's too much to  sacrifice.
  Let's give a shot to Bacon magic.
* Clean ups of misc updates.
* Add interactive governor for GPU. Pretty good.

* Auto disable mpdecision to stop messing with minfreq.
* Clean sound control driver to improve compatibility with PowerAmp app. 
* GPU OC and improvements. (Still it will boot at stock freqs)
* GPU controls for Synapse
* Various fixes from 3.4.y branch
*  Misc updates from Chaos
* Add F2FS support (no auto mount due to some limitations in 5.0)

* Initial version with core features and Synapse support!
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26th October 2014, 09:12 AM |#3  
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__/\__ Updated 24th Nov, 2014.



Q. What ROMs this kernel work?
A. It should work on ALL lollipop ROMs so far. If it doesn't please highlight.

Q. Is this CAF or AOSP kernel?
A. This is AOSP kernel with best updates from CAF and 3.4.y

Q. Root is no longer working. What do I do?
A. Install SuperSu 2.27 or higher. We need Superuser app that is compatible with Enforced SELinux.

Q. How do I change kernel specific settings?
A. We have developed SYNAPSE backend support. Install Synapse from Play Store. Do not install UKM.

Q. XYZ is not working as expected. What to do?
A. Describe what ROM you running, whether this issue exist on stock kernel of your ROM, share dmesg log when issue just occured,
share steps to reproduce the issue.

Q. Can you add ABC feature?
A. We already have most features. If you need new any ABC feature, provide link to it's development if available.
Also let us know how will it be helpful. If same is not feasible for me to add or there is no need to add same, I will reply back.

Q. ???

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26th October 2014, 09:18 AM |#4  
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Good to see you back neo

Sounds interesting, will give it a try. Thanks and a great Sunday.
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26th October 2014, 09:45 AM |#5  
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About to flash this right now. Thanks neo. Looking forward to OTG support! Thanks for sharing.
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26th October 2014, 09:59 AM |#6  
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Does this kernel works on @sykopompos rom?
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26th October 2014, 10:01 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by llevo3

Does this kernel works on @sykopompos rom?

Link please. It works on last L-preview found in Vomer topic.
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26th October 2014, 10:03 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by neobuddy89

Link please. It works on last L-preview found in Vomer topic.
26th October 2014, 10:05 AM |#9  
RoyJ's Avatar
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Originally Posted by llevo3

Does this kernel works on @sykopompos rom?

I'll let you know in 5 minutes. About to flash it over B15.

Edit: Sorry for the wait. 1st boot took nearly 20 minutes!

Anyways, works fine over B15. Root works and all.
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26th October 2014, 10:34 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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Indeed good to see you back Neo

Anyways, kernel is running stable for me, any chance to get fiops or sio schedulers in the future?
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26th October 2014, 11:31 AM |#11  
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Good to see this from you neo! Have you set selinux to permissive or enforcing?

Sent from my Android 5.0 Lollipop + ElementalX powered Nexus 5
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