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{FINAL/OFFICIAL} [REDMI2] 7.1.2 || Ground Zero ROMs || Validus - Tesla - Tipsy

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By premaca, Inactive Recognized Developer on 8th October 2016, 05:21 PM
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[STABLE] Unofficial -

Unofficial -

The All-In-One thread for Ground Zero ROMs - Validus, Tesla, and Tipsy

Brought to you by :

Ground Zero ROMs

Notes from the Official Google+ Community:

About the ROMs :
Validus is GZ-AOSP (Fancy name of AOSP-CAF?) based with a Dark Wolfie theme with full OMS support and has a lot of features.
Tesla is GZ-AOSP based with full OMS support and has handpicked useful features.
Tipsy is based on Slim with full OMS support.

G+ Community

Substratum G+ Community

Theme Ready and TBO apps


George's Validus, Tesla and Tipsy TWRP themes

Tesla themed Recovery Image (Thanks to kenymccornick)
His original post in this thread, #414

Kernel Features
  • Based on Official Xiaomi Lollipop sources
  • Supports Lollipop Bootloader
  • Fast Charge
  • Vibration intensity control
  • Schedulers - fiops, sioplus, tripndroid, zen
  • Governors - lionfish, impulse, despair
  • Hotplugs - Mako, MSM
  • Native Double-Tap2-Wake (Display->Tap to wake)
  • KCAL support
  • wlan wake locks toggle support
  • frandom support
  • fsync on/off support
  • Few more internal optimizations

Installation Instructions


Coming from another rom/clean install:
Reboot to recovery.
Wipe system, cache, dalvik/art cache, data
Flash rom zip and gapps

Updating from a previous build/dirty flash:
Wipe system, cache, dalvik/art cache in recovery
Flash rom zip, gapps and any other zips you may use

MAGISK is included by default in all GZRoms. Do not flash Superuser/SU. Incase if you prefer other 'SU', you can flash magisk uninstaller (search) and proceed with your preferred SU, see below.

If you want root access, SuperSU will need to be flashed, v2.78 works for me. After flashing, your device may boot twice before boot animation, don't worry it'll be fine after that.
Some users reported 2.52 Beta worked for them.

You can use phhSuperuser as well for root access, get the it from here and you need to install the play store app also.

Substratum support is there as long as you have root and latest Substratum app. Some themes may have a little catching up to do, have fun testing them!

If you have any issues, grab a log after a clean flash, upload and link here please. Add steps to reproduce the issue in your post.
Do not report issues dirty flashing this over some unofficial build or with some kernel flashed.
Logcat Extreme app is great as you can choose to start recording a log just before reproducing an error and stop recording just after so you log just the part you need.

Xposed is not supported here, if you want to run it and have issues, try an Xposed thread for support and bug reports here only welcome with a clean install with no Xposed present.

Selinux is permissive for now. Default hot plug is MSM.

Make sure to state which rom you are running when asking for support

Dynamic Gapps

Open Gapps


Validus :
FINAL Build 05/22
All Validus Builds

Tesla :
Supported Features List
FINAL Build 05/21
All Tesla Builds

Tipsy :
Supported Features List
FINAL Build 05/21
All Tipsy Builds

Source Code:
Device tree (branch: n7.1)
Kernel (branch: n7.1)
Vendor (branch: n7.0-caf)

Our Great GZR Team
Thanks to kenymccornick for helping in Initial Tesla Builds Testing
Thanks to shub chann for helping in Testing in the recent times.

XDA:DevDB Information
TeslaN, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 2

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 3.0
Beta Release Date: 2016-10-08

Created 2016-10-08
Last Updated 2017-08-16
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8th October 2016, 05:21 PM |#2  
premaca's Avatar
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*** Note Note Note ***
Since the builds are now relatively feature-rich and stable, Changelog maintainance may not be done accurately. Thanks for Co-operation!

*** TESLA *** Change Log

* Download
* Statusbar Ticker fixes
* Slim Recents
* Pulse changes
* QS Tiles: Caffeine, weather(OmniJaws)
* Expanded statusbar weather
* IME Switcher notification
* Blur ( no idea if this works for our device)
* Few modifications to kernel (Latest CAF changes are merged)
* Other fixes and changes
* Version bumped to 3.7

* Download
* Seconds in status bar clock
* Statusbar clock font styles
* Lockscreen fonts/colors
* Toast message can show package icon
* Quick settings custom headers
* Status bar notification ticker
* Option to hide lockscreen clock/date/alarm texts
* Nightmode improvments
* QS Tile: screen record
* Other fixes and changes
* Version bumped to 3.6

Brand new kernel from CAF, LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.11 merged with Xiaomi changes.
- No F2FS support
- No faux sound configuration (didn't think necessary, will see in future)

* Download
* DT2S on navbar
* Lockscreen charging info improvements
* Gestures Anywhere
* AppCircle sidebar
* Battery Bar
* HotLink to Tesla Features at-a-glance in About-Phone
* Other fixes and changes
* Version bumped to 3.5

* Download
* Kernel cleaned and redone from scratch
* Stability improvements
* Reverted charging commit, that should fix USB connect/disconnect for some when battery is low
* Android_7.1.1_r13
* few source changes

* Download
* Bluetooth File transfer is fixed
* Slight modifications to Battery styles, and QS battery icon, system ui FC fixed, now themable too.
* Added more QS tiles, slight update to Date+Time positions
* Status bar double tap to sleep
* Lockscreen double tap to sleep
* Arrow indication on status bar Wifi/Mobile icons while data usage
* Battery charging voltage on Lock screen
* Modifications in Sound Settings, like charging sounds etc.
* January security patch
* Android 7.1.1_r12

* Download
* Reverted new RIL blobs for now
* Recents settings in Tesla Coil
* Quick pin unlock (note, this only works with 4digit PINs)
* Headsup disable/enable
* Custom Carrier Label can now be set
* Initial Tesla Dark Theme
* Pie control navigation
* MSM hotplug is slightly revamped
* Nova is updated to 5.0

* Download
* Version bumped to 3.4
* Ota fixed (minor glitch in the earlier build, sorry)
* Jio APNs added
* Hotspot fixed
* Volume wake/music control work together
* Volume key answer phone
* statusbar brightness control
* Tesla Logo in statusbar
* Round icons overlay enabled, those apps support will use it
* Experimental: RIL blobs, check the connectivity/stability
* Android 7.1.1
Note: During boot, if its taking long to get network connection, try Airplane mode off/on. Please report about the network connectivity.

* Download
* Native VoLTE
* OTA included, notifications from next build
* other changes/fixes
NOTE: This is kind of test build for VoLTE. Couple of things need to be solved

* Download
* Android 7.1
* If you find minor feature parity with 7.0. Don't complain!

* Download
* 7.0_r19
* screen record shortcut to power menu
* November security patch
* Dark theme toggles, better visibility for on/off
* Vendor libs related to CNE/DPM removed for improving battery consumption, not great in use as of now
* kexec is implemented in the kernel, no need to install kexec patched kernel while using as Primary
* Other changes/fixes

* Download
* Fixed Stock Camera Video recording (Also, Snap replaced AOSP Cam2)
* Fixed Lag on playback of high quality videos
* screen record (Longpress Volume UP + power)
* screenshot crop
* Chromium replaced Browser
* About Tesla added
* OTA (from next build, you would be notified about updates)
* Stock Tesla dark theme is back (More stock apps for dark theme would follow)
* New Button settings (single,double,longpress) with many actions
* Option to disable Hardware keys completely (I prefer using Fling with this option)
* OMS support is brought upto-date

* Download
* Version bumped to 3.1
* Status bar weather
* Custom carrier label (for now, controls just display)
* App ops
* Customize lockscreen bottom L/R shortcuts
* Jio4GVoiceApp should work now, as an alternative to native VoLTE
* Other minor changes

* Download
* Lock screen weather
* Music app
* Unlink notification volume from ringtone
* Power menu animation
* Native tap2wake option
* Ambient Display
* Easy Wifi Toggle
* Option to use Volume Keys to control Media anytime
* PIN Quick Unlock
* Updated Nova
* Animations now Defaulted to 1x
* Heads-up notifications

* Download
* Nova launcher default
* Battery Settings
* Advanced Reboot
* Navigation Bar (Fling/Smartbar)
* Pulse
* Faux sound added

* Download
* Expanded desktop
* Quick Settings Layout (Rows/Columns)
* NavBar (basic, no customizations yet)
* Mobile network settings FC fixed (check and report)
* FM Radio

* Download
* WiFi issues fully fixed
* Notification settings added
* dexpreopt enabled, image size is reduced by 40-50mb
* base changes and bug fixes

* Download
* Initial Release

*** TIPSY *** Change Log

* Download
* Refactored Slim Recents
* Android_7.1.1_r26
* March Security patch
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Rootless Substratum support
* Expanded Statusbar weather (OmniJaws)
* QS Tiles: Caffeine, weather(OmniJaws)
* Few modifications to kernel (Latest CAF changes are merged)
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Status bar Ticker fixes
* Kernel now includes sound driver from CAF
* Brought back GZR Kernel Adiutor
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Status bar Ticker
* Increasing Ringtone
* AppOps
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Custom Carrier Label (+ fonts styles n' colours)
* Statusbar Temperature
* Option to hide Lockscreen Weather,Date and Alarm
* Quick Unlock Custom PIN length (4-12)
* 7.1.1_r21
* Feb security patch
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Beta builds over, Release builds started
* Enabled Gestures Anywhere
* lock screen charging info
* AOSP Recents clear-all settings
* New Boot animation
* Fix lock colors not sticking sometimes
* QS custom headers
* Tipsy Wallpapers
* Snap replaced Camera2
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Music player added
* FM player added (please verify)
* volume keys to control media anytime
* SuperSU/Substratum into dashboard, if installed
* Reset battery stats
* Power connect/disconnect notifications
* Dashboard Columns Portrait/Landscape
* Statusbar Clock - show seconds, fontstyles
* Lockscreen - Fontstyles, colors
* Improved Battery Bar - charging Animation, low-charging-color
* Fixed QS tile FC
* Statusbar clock, date now clickable
* Night mode
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Charging current on Lockscreen
* dashboard suggestions default off
* screenshot sound enable/disable
* Hotlink for Tipsy features at-a-glance in About-Phone
* heads up toggle
* screen shot type full/crop
* QS Tiles - reboot/recovery, Sync, Tether, NFC, screen off/screen shot
* better visibility for switch toggles in default dark theme

* Download
* Initial Release

*** VALIDUS *** Change Log

* Download
* March Security Patch
* Rootless Substratum support
* Expanded Statusbar weather (OmniJaws)
* QS Tiles: Caffeine, weather(OmniJaws)
* Few modifications to kernel (Latest CAF changes are merged)
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Version Bumped to 13.5
* Slim Recents
* Updated status bar Logo
* Kernel is updated with new Sound drivers from CAF
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* Statusbar Notification Ticker
* DT2S on navbar
* Gestures Anywhere
* AppCircle sidebar
* One handed UI mode
* About Validus and OTA
* Lockscreen PIN Quick unlock (4 digit PINs only)
* Lockscreen charging info improvements
* Enable/Disable settings drawer
* Few new QS Tiles
* Night mode
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* LS clock widget fonts
* LS colors
* Carrier label font style/color
* Validus wallpapers
* Few fixes for onehand mode
* OTA will work from next build
* Enabled Nightlight mode
* Android 7.1.1_r17
* Other fixes and changes

* Download
* android_7.1.1_r13
* lockscreen visualizer
* System Animations
* Charging voltage on lock screen
* Few more styles to status bar battery
* XOSP blur
* lockscreen/statusbar weather
* Statusbar custom headers
* Few more..

* Download
* Initial Release
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8th October 2016, 05:21 PM |#3  
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Known Bugs/ Issues:

1. - Camera Video Recording.
Workaround is to use other apps from Play store, like Footej.

2. VoLTE doesn't work
Workaround is to use Jio4gVoice app (for Jio users)

3. Some times, status bar Flash Light may not work.
Workaround is to restart phone or use any Torch app from play store.

4. You tell me...
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Name:	Screenshot_20161008-022248.png
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Name:	Screenshot_20161008-022230.jpg
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8th October 2016, 05:23 PM |#4  
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Yessss finally!!!

Sent from my 2014811 using Tapatalk
8th October 2016, 05:23 PM |#5  
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Downloading right now, Great job again.
8th October 2016, 05:24 PM |#6  
Junior Member
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Thankyou,brother,well done
8th October 2016, 05:25 PM |#7  
rohitsonone's Avatar
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Does volte work? Have waiting for this a long time,thank you very much for your contribution to redmi 2 community.
8th October 2016, 05:27 PM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 11
Wow.. Download yeay..

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8th October 2016, 05:32 PM |#9  
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Boom you are really rock *downloading*
Note : I think permissive selinux is labeled as bug
8th October 2016, 05:46 PM |#10  
salah6805's Avatar
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Does it require SuperSu to flash or pre rooted
8th October 2016, 06:01 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Man, I wish I can give you a thousand thanks.
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