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[Kernel] Advanced / Standard V7.2.2 [20170201]

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Nebula Rises Again

[Features Coming-Soon]

Available Flavours:
Standard : Close to stock but with CAF updates and some minor additional stuff giving a balanced profile. Uses stock pnp manager and thermal engine.
Advanced : CAF Kernel with added basic HTC stuff. Uses custom thermal engine providing a performance profile. Added with sound mods and updates from higher 4.4 kernels.
EAS: Energy Aware Scheduler- Very intelligent kernel developed by linaro. Decides the frequencies and idle efficiently for smooth experience with great battery life.

Known Bugs: (Work Arounds)
  • Sound Mod: While playing Music, Switch off/on BoomSound

XDA:DevDB Information
Nebula Kernel, Kernel for the HTC 10

Eliminater74, thewalkingdude, indian-mafia
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: 7.1.0
Current Beta Version: 7.0.0

Created 2016-09-07
Last Updated 2017-03-25
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7th September 2016, 04:32 PM |#2  
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Source: UM 5.5 C1/R1: Android N
Nebula: [Standard Downloads]

Nebula: [Advanced Downloads]

Nebula: [Public Testing Downloads]


@Freak07, Has been kind enough to create a few scripts that are heavy tuned to nebula Kernel only.

Remember to thank this guy for his hard work...

This was posted with his Permission:
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7th September 2016, 04:32 PM |#3  
Eliminater74's Avatar
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  • Overclock up to 2265MHz big cluster and 1728MHz little cluster
  • GPU Overclock 133 up to 652mhz
  • GPU: Full Pixel's GPU Drivers
  • Sound Control mod that allows users to adjust digital audio gains
  • Backlight Dimmer
  • Button Light Notification
  • KCAL Color Control
  • Double Tap Fingerprint To Sleep
  • Fading/Pulsating Notification LED
  • Sweep2Sleep
  • Optional Disable FSYNC
  • Optional Disable magnetic cover
  • Home button Mapper
  • Various patches and fixes

[ Features And Additions ]


GOVS: Added

Overclock able
Sound Control By @GuneetAtwal, Modifications by @Eliminater74 to get it to work for HTC, @flar2 for intial modifications
Early Queue Merge (EQM) to BFQ-v7r7 for 3.18.0
Support USB Keyboard
Expose PVS Level visa sys
sys kernel interface to configure linux printk logging
Expose GPU used frequency statistics in a new sysfs (New Condensed Version)
lcd notifier
Notification LED control - V1.1b
msm_adreno_tz: add adrenoboost parameter By @tbalden
homebutton: add sysfs enable and vib_strength
homebutton: make visible to apps
mdss mdp: kcal for htc 10 (pme) Porting By @flar2 And or @tbalden
backlight dimmer
HomeButton: Press to Wake/Sleep By: @tbalden

Many more.. Will Finish later.. as well as more credits......
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7th September 2016, 04:32 PM |#4  
Eliminater74's Avatar
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Thank You To The Following:
@INDIAN-MAfIA <--- Helped so much with this project
@squid2 (sultanqasim)
@nvertigo (First person to teach me to Build roms)
@ZeroInfinity (Even know we had out Differences)
@Mostafa Wael (same as above)
The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to Eliminater74 For This Useful Post: [ View ]
7th September 2016, 04:33 PM |#5  
Eliminater74's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer
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Proper Way To Report a Bug: [/CENTER]

There are several apps that can do this process for you, Here is one: PlayStore: SysLog
And here is another: PlayStore: Andy Log (ROOT)
  • ramopps: is an oops/panic logger that writes its logs to RAM before the system
    crashes. It works by logging oopses and panics in a circular buffer. Ramoops
    needs a system with persistent RAM so that the content of that area can
    survive after a restart.
  • logcat: the logoutput of the Android system
  • kernel log: (kmsg / dmesg): the kernel messages
    Additionally there's the last_kmsg which is a dump of the kernel log until the last shutdown.
  • radio log: the log outpur ot your System / BB / RIL communication
  • 4

ramopps: Some Documentation on Ramopps

Normal Logcat:
adb logcat -v time -d > logcat.log
Radio Logcat:
adb logcat -b radio -v time -d > logcat_radio.log
adb shell su -c cat /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops > kmsg.txt
Kernel Log:
adb shell su -c dmesg > dmesg.log
Last_Kmsg: NOTE:
New location of last_kmsg on Android 6.0 and above: /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops

adb shell su -c "cat /proc/last_kmsg" > last_kmsg.log
  • -v time will include timestamps in the logcats
  • -d will export the complete log.
    If you want to save a continuous log you can remove the -d parameter - then you need to cancel the logging process via CTRL+C.
    To export a continuous kernel log use adb shell su -c "cat /proc/kmsg" > dmesg.log (and cancel it via CTRL+C again).

PS: This Document was taked from another XDA Thread Called: [Reference] How to get useful logs
Also check this one out: [Tutorial] How To Logcat

I only Revived it a bit for ramopps.
I will update this more at a later time..

[DMESG Help Commands]
 dmesg [options]

Display or control the kernel ring buffer.

 -C, --clear                 clear the kernel ring buffer
 -c, --read-clear            read and clear all messages
 -D, --console-off           disable printing messages to console
 -E, --console-on            enable printing messages to console
 -F, --file <file>           use the file instead of the kernel log buffer
 -f, --facility <list>       restrict output to defined facilities
 -H, --human                 human readable output
 -k, --kernel                display kernel messages
 -L, --color[=<when>]        colorize messages (auto, always or never)
                               colors are enabled by default
 -l, --level <list>          restrict output to defined levels
 -n, --console-level <level> set level of messages printed to console
 -P, --nopager               do not pipe output into a pager
 -r, --raw                   print the raw message buffer
 -S, --syslog                force to use syslog(2) rather than /dev/kmsg
 -s, --buffer-size <size>    buffer size to query the kernel ring buffer
 -u, --userspace             display userspace messages
 -w, --follow                wait for new messages
 -x, --decode                decode facility and level to readable string
 -d, --show-delta            show time delta between printed messages
 -e, --reltime               show local time and time delta in readable format
 -T, --ctime                 show human readable timestamp (may be inaccurate!)
 -t, --notime                don't print messages timestamp
     --time-format <format>  show time stamp using format:
Suspending/resume will make ctime and iso timestamps inaccurate.

 -h, --help     display this help and exit
 -V, --version  output version information and exit

Supported log facilities:
    kern - kernel messages
    user - random user-level messages
    mail - mail system
  daemon - system daemons
    auth - security/authorization messages
  syslog - messages generated internally by syslogd
     lpr - line printer subsystem
    news - network news subsystem

Supported log levels (priorities):
   emerg - system is unusable
   alert - action must be taken immediately
    crit - critical conditions
     err - error conditions
    warn - warning conditions
  notice - normal but significant condition
    info - informational
   debug - debug-level messages
[LOGCAT Help Commands]
Usage: logcat [options] [filterspecs]
options include:
  -s              Set default filter to silent.
                  Like specifying filterspec '*:S'
  -f <filename>   Log to file. Default is stdout
  -r <kbytes>     Rotate log every kbytes. Requires -f
  -n <count>      Sets max number of rotated logs to <count>, default 4
  -v <format>     Sets the log print format, where <format> is:

                      brief color long printable process raw tag thread
                      threadtime time usec

  -D              print dividers between each log buffer
  -c              clear (flush) the entire log and exit
  -d              dump the log and then exit (don't block)
  -t <count>      print only the most recent <count> lines (implies -d)
  -t '<time>'     print most recent lines since specified time (implies -d)
  -T <count>      print only the most recent <count> lines (does not imply -d)
  -T '<time>'     print most recent lines since specified time (not imply -d)
                  count is pure numerical, time is 'MM-DD hh:mm:ss.mmm'
  -g              get the size of the log's ring buffer and exit
  -L              dump logs from prior to last reboot
  -b <buffer>     Request alternate ring buffer, 'main', 'system', 'radio',
                  'events', 'crash' or 'all'. Multiple -b parameters are
                  allowed and results are interleaved. The default is
                  -b main -b system -b crash.
  -B              output the log in binary.
  -S              output statistics.
  -G <size>       set size of log ring buffer, may suffix with K or M.
  -p              print prune white and ~black list. Service is specified as
                  UID, UID/PID or /PID. Weighed for quicker pruning if prefix
                  with ~, otherwise weighed for longevity if unadorned. All
                  other pruning activity is oldest first. Special case ~!
                  represents an automatic quicker pruning for the noisiest
                  UID as determined by the current statistics.
  -P '<list> ...' set prune white and ~black list, using same format as
                  printed above. Must be quoted.

filterspecs are a series of

where <tag> is a log component tag (or * for all) and priority is:
  V    Verbose (default for <tag>)
  D    Debug (default for '*')
  I    Info
  W    Warn
  E    Error
  F    Fatal
  S    Silent (suppress all output)

'*' by itself means '*:D' and <tag> by itself means <tag>:V.
If no '*' filterspec or -s on command line, all filter defaults to '*:V'.
eg: '*:S <tag>' prints only <tag>, '<tag>:S' suppresses all <tag> log messages.

If not specified on the command line, filterspec is set from ANDROID_LOG_TAGS.

If not specified with -v on command line, format is set from ANDROID_PRINTF_LOG
or defaults to "threadtime"
The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to Eliminater74 For This Useful Post: [ View ]
7th September 2016, 04:50 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Celina ohio
Thanks Meter: 237
Is this gonna be for stock roms?
7th September 2016, 04:59 PM |#7  
Black_Eyes's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Lahore
Thanks Meter: 954
Nice to see another Kernel for our beloved 10
Keep up mate.
7th September 2016, 05:03 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Flag Celina ohio
Thanks Meter: 237
Not sure what blue is lol.its nice to see you here on htc 10 and look forward to trying your kernel.
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7th September 2016, 05:13 PM |#10  
jmkarnai01's Avatar
Senior Member
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Welcome and you'll always have a sprint tester here. You can always get a hold of me here or on Google+. Nice to see you back in the drivers seat.
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7th September 2016, 05:36 PM |#11  
Senior Member
Flag Walsall
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Great to see another kernel in development.

I'm currently running a cm based ROM and would be happy to test to see if it works (based on your comments in the second post).

More choice is always good for the community
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