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By Stephen, Senior Moderator / Moderator Committee / Where is my ban hammer? on 10th March 2016, 05:45 PM
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In this thread we will provide a short Q&A for your stay on this forum. Please read thoroughly and act accordingly.
While most that is needed to know is pointed out in the forum rules, history shows that some points of these rules are not clearly understood by some users and others leave room for interpretation. With these Q&A we give you some additional guidelines how the forum for this device is moderated.

Who are the moderators for this forum?

The team leaders for Team HTC are: Stephen and Az Biker

Moderators are: jerryhou85, Oswald Boelcke, Timmmmaaahh

How do I contact the moderating crew?

While you are free to contact all of us via PM, for moderating purposes it is much more advisable to use report system. If you do that, your request reaches ALL moderators thus multiplying the chance for fast reaction to your request. If you PM a moderator, he does not know whether you have contacted others also and therefore it is possible that your request is handled by different moderators, overruling the others. In report system the ticket system avoids that. Therefore please always use report system.

Where do I post my thread/issue/question?

This is a very important decision and decides not only whether you achieve the goal you intend with your thread/post, but also whether it might be regarded off-topic/not allowed and therefore be removed. So here is a list to help you decide where to put your thread (or maybe to not post it at all).
Questions & Answers

What goes here:
  • All device/rom/kernel/mods/themes related questions and the corresponding answers
  • Guides, Collections, Tutorials (can also be posted in How-To)
What does not go here
  • see How-To section
Guides, News, & Discussion

What goes here
  • Guides, Collections, Tutorials (can also be posted in Q&A)
  • General information about the device
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Every general discussion about technical aspects of device
What does not go here (by far an uncomplete list, just some examples for topics that are not tolerated)
  • Everything prohibited by above linked forum rules.
  • The forum rules apply so that means no trolling/arguing etc. will be accepted.
  • "What was your last phone/will be your next phone" (Off-Topic to this phone, post that in OT-Forum)
  • "Hello"/"Goodbye"/"Merry Christmas,Easter,Hannukkah, whatever" (Obviously OT, just imagine every user posts that)
  • "I'll never buy HTC again", "Why HTC/Samsung/whoever sucks" and all other "hate"-threads (Tell that those guys, not us)
  • "Help!", "How do I...", "Why..." and all other Questions (belong in Q&A)
ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development

What goes here:
  • All discussions related to YOUR OWN development (roms, kernels, recoveries and flashable mods, exact rules for creating a thread there see in stickies of that section)
What does not go here:
  • Any Questions!!!
Themes, Apps, and Mods

What goes here:
  • All discussions related to theming and applications (self made and others) for this phone

What goes here:
  • All discussions related to hardware accessories to this phone
Not allowed in ANY section (and also not in signatures):
  • everything prohibited by above linked forum rules
  • specified or implied off-topic threads
  • Discussion of / Linking to work of developers that are banned from xda. If they are banned, so is their work.
  • political/religious statements of any kind
Where can I post things that are not allowed in Device Forum?

You might want to have a look in General forums like:

General Discussion
Off-Topic Section
Android Development and Hacking

What do I do when I do not understand a moderators decision?

Please feel free to contact the moderator via PM to get his decision explained. If that does not satisfy you, contact the team-leader.
DO NOT, however, discuss any moderating issues in forum. This will always be regarded off-topic (which it actually is).

Now let's all have fun on this forum and help together to make xda a place where users can gather useful information instead of sipping through knee deep piles of unorganised rubbish


your moderating team for ASUS / HTC / Nokia / OnePlus / Oppo / ZTE devices
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Kernel Developers

In order to be fully GPL compliant, your sources must:

  • Successfully build and produce a valid output file, which is the same format as provided in the binary
  • Contain all source code, interface definition files, scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable (it is not required to include the actual compiler/toolchain, but sufficient information should be made available to obtain the SAME configuration, including compiler flags, as used to build the binary version as released)


ROM Developers

  • If your ROM uses custom boot.img the source must be provided.
  • If the kernel you are using was created by someone else, you must link to their source.
  • If your ROM contains a stock kernel, source must still be linked - ie; link to htc-dev kernel page.
  • Using a non GPL compliant kernel makes your ROM non compliant and subject to removal.

Here is an example of how your kernel sources should appear in your development thread's OP (original post):


My Awesome Kernel
Source: [LINK] - Linked directly to where your source is located, ie; github, bitbucket, htc-dev.
Compiler: Linaro GCC 4.8 [LINK] - Link not nessacery but is helpul.
Branch: Android 4.2.2
Kernel Version: 3.10
defconfig: vigor

Violating the GNU General Public License, version 2 is breaking the law. We will not go lightly on violators.

Want to learn more about XDA and the GPLv2 License? Check out the news article by our very own, pulser_g2:
XDA-Developers and the GPL

Thank you for your attention.
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ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development Section

This section is for ROMS, Kernels, Recoveries etc
  • Try to keep the development forum CLEAN! No offtopic posting and no questions.
  • Use the report button in an offending post to let us mods know we need to take action. Dont take matters into your own hands!!!
  • Sources need to be posted for all kernels!!! Also for all ROMS where license demands it.
  • You need to use TAGS like [ROM] or [KERNEL] and so on as used in all dev forums throughout XDA
  • Any disputes between developers should be handled by pm. No public posting in a dev thread regarding these matters
  • Rom issues should be discussed within their respective threads
  • Thread titles should ALWAYS coincide with ROMS ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!!! No advance notification of incoming ROM through thread title. A changelog for the yet unreleased Rom can be included in the OP or in another post CLEARLY MARKED as EXPECTED CHANGELOG
All posts that are NOT about ROM development, or development in general will be closed or deleted. Posters that will choose to disregard the previous guidelines will be infracted.
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The purpose of this thread is explain how you can name threads in forums making their content easier to read and understand.



  • [INDEX] - Index for a specific device which can group together development subjects such as ROMs / Kernels / tools / etc.
  • [DEV] - Development for any projects.
  • [ROM] - Custom ROMs.
  • [KERNEL] - Custom Kernels.
  • [MOD] - Hack & Modifications for the phone.
  • [FIX] - Fixes for known issues & bugs.
  • [GUIDE] - Guides related to android development.
  • [TOOL] - Dev Tool.
  • [RECOVERY] - Custom Recoveries.
  • [RADIO] - All radios for a specific device


The title of the thread must also include this in a chronological order:

  • [Tag] - ROM, FIX, MOD etc.
  • [Date] - Date of latest version
  • [Name of the ROM]
  • [Android version] - 4.0, Sense, aokp etc.
  • [CDMA/GSM] - If the ROM is only for CDMA - GSM - 4G LTE - 3G - WIFI use the tag.



[ROM][18 JUL] ROM name [SENSE][4.0][CDMA]


If you are unsure where your new topic should go, then please post it in Questions & Answers Section.

************************************************** ************************************************** ***********************************************
  • Please Include Screenshots for ROM / MOD / THEME / Apps & Games, when possible as it's expected by our members.
  • Placeholder threads posted in the Development section will be removed.
  • Howto's and Guides should be posted in the How-To section.
  • Password must be provided for all password protected files.


Please respect these simple rules, and if you don’t respect them, your thread will be closed or deleted

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Telegram and Whatsapp Channels - Going Forward
You may be asking, "Why was my Telegram or Whatsapp thread closed?"

Well, it's just becoming too much.

Going forward, we will only allow one Telegram chat link on a development thread by the ROM's developer and only if thorough support is still provided in the ROM thread on XDA.

All discussion channels, photography channels, whatnot channels will be strongly discouraged and removed with immediate effect. Please reference the forum rules:

Self-promotion is forbidden, this includes blogs, social media and video channels etc. Random links will be removed.

Also, we now have an official XDA Discord Server. We would encourage you to try it out.
Announcing the Official XDA-Developers Discord Server



The Moderation Team
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