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By kubersharma, Recognized Developer on 9th September 2018, 01:40 PM
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Announcement from kubersharma: ArrowOS Pie is here for ZUK Z2

ArrowOS 9.x comes with kernel 4.4 and requires a newer bootloader from ZUI3.5 or above. Apart from this, this rom is full treble ( will be FULL TREBLE in the future so that anyone can use it as base for Generic System Image ) hence it requires a latest OFFICIAL TWRP which supports /factory mounted as vendor
PLEASE! READ THE SECOND POST for all the information and steps. Thank you


ArrowOS is an AOSP based open source project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. We added just the right and mostly used stuff that will be actually USEFUL at the end of the day.

Telegram: Channel | Group
Code Review:

To apply for maintainership Check this out

  • Almost everything

  • Encryption - fixed in/after 3rd March 2019 update
Be sure to include a log : check how to

Clean Flash
  1. Download The ROM & GApps
  2. Wipe: System, Data, Dalvik, Cache
  3. Flash ROM + GApps
  4. Reboot & Enjoy
Dirty Flash
  1. Download the ROM
  2. Wipe: Dalvik and Cache
  3. Flash ROM (+Magisk if rooted previously or if want root)
  4. Reboot & Enjoy


ROM: Click Here for ROM
Gapps: Click Here for GApps

Note : Pico, Nano or Micro Gapps are recommended. use arm64 - 9.0

Rom Source:
Kernel Source:

Special thanks to

Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic
Alex Cruz
Tibor Kaputa
And all other Open Source - Developers, Teams and Organisations
DM if we missed someone - you can always look at GitHub to find more contributors!

XDA:DevDB Information
ArrowOS, ROM for the Lenovo ZUK Z2 (Plus)

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: ZUI 3.5 or above & Official Treble TWRP
Based On: Android Open Source Project

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 9.x
Stable Release Date: 2018-09-09
Current Beta Version: -

Created 2018-09-09
Last Updated 2018-09-09
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9th September 2018, 01:40 PM |#2  
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How to flash treble roms having /factory instead of /vendor?

* First time custom rom flasher/ coming from ZUI / Never flashed treble rom / Never flashed factory2vendor patch
1. Flash Treble TWRP ( which supports /factory )
( )
2. Flash ROM + GApps etc

* Coming from roms for which you had done factory2vendor conversion

1. Flash Vendor2factory zip
( )
2. Flash new TWRP with /factory support
It will work for both non treble like zui , and treble roms having /factory instead of vendor support
( )
3. IMPORTANT STEP : Reboot to new TWRP
4 Flash rom
5. No need to wipe if coming from same rom

1. Flash ZUI via QFIL
2. Flash TWRP ( which supports /factory )
3. Flash rom
updated information on 03/02/2019


[A copy paste of a message from Dd3boh in Telegram]
So, the other day me and Kuber were talking about treble related things and the current hassle/issues. Hence we thought of moving back to /factory instead of /vendor treble implementation to avoid all this (vinavil, kenny, faiz, yaro also somewhat agreed)

Moving back to /factory instead of /vendor implementation to avoid the extra hassle, pain and improvements over the current treble implementation

So, what might be the benefits of such change:
* Just one TWRP for treble, non treble roms like zui [ also Official TWRP might be updated will treble support]
* There will be no need to flash patches for factory to vendor conversion
* Anyone who unlocks bootloader, or a new guy to custom roms will have to flash no patches, no tricky steps, just flash rom and done
* It will make our treble implementation cleaner and might help fasten process to try making LineageOS official

* factory2Vendor if you have not:
* Treble TWRP 3.2.3 (by me :p):

There are were 2 build lines for ArrowOS 9.x :- One with Kernel 3.18 ( not anymore supported after 25th December update) and other with Kernel 4.4

ArrowOS with kernel 3.18 is now deprecated from 25th December build ( For easy identification, i have renamed all the 3.18 kernel builds and added "3.18" after ArrowOS-9.0 tag, and now all the new builds will come with Kernel 4.4.
Starting from, January 2019, all the builds will come with Kernel 4.4

Faced a green screen/blue screen when flashing ArrowOS 4.4 kernel build first time?
Remember, that Kernel 4.4 require a newer bootloader, so you will have to QFIL ZUI 3.5 or above.
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9th September 2018, 01:40 PM |#3  
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Much thanks to:
DD3Boh, DavideVinvail & Cosmedd on their work on zuk-devs device sources
Kenny3fcb, YaroST12, DD3boh and others for their work for bringup of msm-4.4 kernel for z2_plus/row
sonyxperiadev team, kholk for their opensource work on sony device/kernel sources
and to all the other open source developers

Changelogs & Updates:

An updated list of changelogs can be found at:

29th October, 2018

- Pepper Kernel updates | Latest CAF tag merged
- Safety net passes by default without Magisk
ROM Source:
VoLTE icon
VoLTE icon enable and disable switch.(disabled by default)
Added location tile cycle modes
Added arrowos default wallpaper
Fixed night mode to work on light theme
Added hide signal icons for disabled sims
Fixed usbdevicemanager null object reference
Added screen unpinning on devices without navbar
Notification light switch hide pref on no config
Removed night mode from developers settings
Moved battery light settings into dashboard battery section
Swipetonotificationsettings: added proper check on search index
Fixed ghost toggling of night mode
Fixed NPE of battery settings
Refactored ArrowOS preference in About into Firmware dialog.
Also added info for build date, and official status of the rom.
Fuelgauge optimisations for better and accurate battery stats.
Re-arranged density, display and font size options to their own category(Desity options).
Added screenshot QS tile.
Added translations
Upstream changes
Some QS tiles are temporarily disabled, will be back in next updates
And many more core optimizations & Fixes

21st October, 2018

Merged tag ‘android-9.0.0_r12’
Fixed initial value of qs columns to default aosp
Added phonograph
Add NightMode under display SystemUI theme category
Added config to disable cdma call forward/waiting
Added conference uri support
Added support for implicit call rejection
Added avoid wifi to cellular silent redial when roaming
Added config to control holding a video call
Added get sim card capacity count of sms
Added allow emergency ims network request in sim less case
Updater will generate changelog url dynamically
Updated pixel colors from taimen
Added fingerprint authentication vibration
Added unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot
Added Expanded Desktop
Fixed preferred calls sim not being disabled
And many more core optimizations & fixes

14th October, 2018

Added lockdown on power menu & its lockscreen visibility
Power menu tracks accents now
Option to disable QS footer warnings
Autobrightness toggle on QS
updated NFC QS tile and statusbar icon
fix facelock crash when lock screen is disabled
Show Auto-BT while driving setting
Pixel navbar animation
Dual Channel into Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode
Materialize Toast notifications
batterysaver ring on circle battery icon
Camera2 fixes and improvments
Misc bug fixes & improvements
Add switches to show city/temp on lockscreen
allow to swipe down on recents view to clear all default launcher
Google Feed integration on default launcher
Allow resizing any widget on default Launcher
Updated Translations (Thanks to community)

7th October, 2018

Merged tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' - October Security Patch
Updated Hals
Enable powermenu on hwkeys actions
Performance: Memory Optimizations
Various updates to Updater
Fixed wierd sorting of sim cards in statusbar
Restart system UI after changing theme
Fix crash in formatted string with date on right
Added support for more files systems
And many more core optimizations & Fixes

30th September, 2018

Added OTA updater
Added Updater Dark/Black variants
Added BlackAF variant to Updater
Added Updater to dark system themes
Added pocket bridge
Added pocket lock
Added pocket judge
Added pocket lock toggle
Enabled pocket mode for all
Pocket Service: Adjust light sensor rate to 400ms
Pocket: Added hardware acceleration
Added Snap Camera
Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter
Re-organised settings
Fixes in QS tile titles visibility
Correct navbar for dark/blackaf Updater themes
Fixed updater themes
Fixed the padding on StatusBar
Updater: Fixed white on white nav/status bar for light theme
Updater: Fixed theming
Fixed Updater Expose the lower background colour
And many more Core Optimizations & Fixes

23rd September, 2018

Added perf mode binder interface
Added Call Recording support
Added App Ops
Added theme power menu items
Added Pixel animations for smart battery & other parts
Fixed settings search bar “white” outline on Black/Dark themes
Added heads up tile
Added support for multiple displays
Added caffeine qs tile Adapt for P
Added required to unlock phone for enabling Mobile Data & Wifi
Updated AOSP keyboard Package
Set brightness slider thumb based on mode
Added visualizer feature
Keyguard weather view - Fixed initial kick off after boot
Various fixes for Lockscreen weather
Fixed debug drawing lines for icon containers
Hide keyguard weather when pulsing
Added Check for wifiservice's existence before its access
Added partial/full screenshot QS tile single tap to choose the mode, long press to fire
Added Reset battery stats option
Added tile for enable/disable HW keys
Fixed haptic feedback on navbar when hwkeys is disabled
Fixed resetting battery stats after reboot with battery level >= 90
Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
Fixed pinned stack may be null after animation end
Added animations on some preferences
Added custom pref for devices with custom doze packages
Added lockscreen visualizer toggle
Fixed search panel bg color for correct themeing
Added support for Bépo keyboard layout
Fixed status bar padding for all devices
Fingerprint: Added locking to default impl
Use common style for recents task menu divider
Added Bulgarian, Georgian and Ukrainian wordlists
Added support for Australian English
Disable sound on keypress on all devices by default
Support for incognito mode
Enable spellchecker for Addeditional languages
Fixed send button not being centered for non-standard densities
Fixed interruption on active gesture input by modifier key presses
Various Core Optimizations & Fixes

15th September, 2018

Added Omnijaws qs tile integration
Added Statusbar weather
Added Status network traffic
Added Omnijaws keyguard weather view
Added Keyguard weather view
Added Statusbar clock date customization
Added Double tap to sleep on statusbar
Added quick settings pull down with one finger
Added Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
Added pixel navbar home icon
Added tuner interface to statusbar signal policy
Added Alternative weather apps when google weather not installed
Added missing text tint in weather details
Added tinting for omnijaws provided qs images
Added black themes
Added omnijaws config
Added ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode
PixelNavbar Fixed colors for light colored navbar
Enabled white accent picker button for black theme
Used unique package name for arrow provided themes
Fixed Display wind direction as pinwheel and not degrees
Added Start google weather on longclick
Enabled enhanced call blocking function
Named cellular tile based on carrier
Improved Fingerprint speed up wake-and-unlock scenario
Correct colors for pixel navbar home icon
Cleanup pixel navbar code
Fixed landscape pixel animation view
Fixed the monkey crash issue
Fixed avoid ui freeze issue
Fixed system server crash while booting
Fixed dummy expansion of qs on double tap to sleep
Hide unsupported USB modes automatically
Forward port pattern visibility settings
Forward port lock pattern grid size
Fixed memory leak on pause
Fixed bug in the summary of "special app access"
Exposed power menu items
Fixed hiding of right clock on lockscreen
Always show time in the quickstatusbar
Updated whitelist when installing system application
Reduced padding between clock and notification area
Removed child parent when a new view is added
Fixed janky traffic indicator tint
Filter service disabled broadcast for qs weather tile
Changed disabled qs weather tile image
Fixed autofill saved entries picker dialog
Configured systemui theme
Fixed Jump to homescreen and back on theme change
Fix notification colors on black
Core optimizations and Fixes

8th September, 2018

System Accents (Fruity Pebbles)
System wide Dark / Light Theme
Heads up notifications customisations
Navigation Bar / Hardware keys customisations
Advanced Power menu customisations
New launcher based on QuickStep launcher with row, columns, home screen icon rows, Dark/Light themes etc customisations
Lockscreen shortcut customisations
Accidental Wake up toggle
Turbocharger/Dash charger strings for supported devices
QS Panel rows and columns customisations
QS panel transparency

Initial build
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9th September 2018, 01:43 PM |#4  
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Downloading!! 😉
9th September 2018, 01:43 PM |#5  
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9th September 2018, 01:46 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by kubersharma


Can we have some screenshots pls 😁
9th September 2018, 01:50 PM |#7  
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Wow this was much awaited. Arrow Oreo was the smoothest Oreo ROM. Hope Pie would turn out the same as well.
9th September 2018, 02:25 PM |#8  
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Encryption Is working?
9th September 2018, 02:34 PM |#9  
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getting error 7
9th September 2018, 02:46 PM |#10  
Junior Member
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Nice! Thanks!
9th September 2018, 02:47 PM |#11  
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can we dirty flash over oreo build? or by just wiping dalvik, cache, system and vendor but not data directory?
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