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[ROM][H870][US997][H872][PIE] HavocOS-v2.8 [Unofficial]

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By TheWolfSVK, Senior Member on 25th January 2019, 08:29 PM
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Havoc-OS 2.7 is based on AOSP, inspired by Google Pixel.
Has a refined Material Design 2 U8 by @SKULSHADY.
So many features that you probably won't find in any ROM.
All you can dream of and all you'll ever need.
Just flash and enjoy...


Rounded UI
Pixel Lockscreen weather
Substratum Support
Compiled using SDCLANG
OTA Support
Signature Spoofing
Micro-G support
Lockscreen charging animation
In-built Oneplus Camera & Gallery(Oneplus Device only)

Status Bar:

Double tap to sleep
Statusbar brightness slide
Quick & Smart pulldown
Clock Settings
Breathing Notifications
Battery customization
Battery bar
Network traffic indicator
Carrier label customization
Notifications count
volte icon toggle
Bluetooth battery status
Old Mobile type style
4G/LTE icon switch
Data disable icon toggle

Quick Settings:

Layout customization
Brightness Slider customization
  Auto Brightness icon
  Bottom brightness slider
Running services icon toggle


Expanded Desktop
  Background Color(Light/Dark/Black)
  Notification Color(Light/Dark/Black)
  Accent Color Picker
  Auto Night mode
  QS Header Style
  QS Tile Style
Font Manager
Rounded Corner adjuster
Dashboard toggles

Ambient Display:

Now Playing
Now Playing History
Always On Display
Ambient Display options(Tilt/Pick-up/Hand wave/Pocket)


Smart Pixel
Screen Stabilization


Volume Rockers
  Switch to make ringtone volume slider default
  Dialog timeout
  Volume steps
  Keyboard cursor control
  Reorient on rotate
  Music Control
  Volume Rocker Wake
  Volume keys call answer
Power Button
  Power Menu customization
  Screen off power button torch
Hardware keys
  Disable keys
  Swap keys
  Backlight timeout
  Backlight adjuster
  Accidental touch toggle
  Single/Double/Long-press button action
Navigation bar:

Pixel animation
One-handed mode
Navbar Pulse
Navbar button Swap
Extra button


System Gestures
  Jump to camera
  Prevent ringtone
  Swipe up on home button
  Full gesture mode
Swipe to Screenshot
Swipe Gestures
  Swipe up gesture
  Edge gesture
  App Circle bar
  Pie control
  Gesture Anywhere

Double tap to sleep
Media cover art
Lockscreen Visualizer
Clock/Date Font stlye & Size
Weather unit
  Pin Ripple
  FP authentication vibrate
  Face auto unlock
  FP unlock on reboot
  Pocket detect
  Quick Unlock
  Scramble layout
  Direct unlock
Disable Lockscreen Elements
  Disable Quick Settings
  Disable Statusbar
Lockscreen charging info
Hide lockscreen bottom elements
Lockscreen shortcuts


Recents style(Pie/Oreo/OmniSwitch)
Oreo Recent customization
  Clear all button
  Memory bar
Immersive recents
Hide app from recents


Lights Customization
  Charging light
  notification light
  Blink Flashlight on Call
FC notification disable
Disable Immersive messages
Heads Up
  Less Boring Heads Up
Ticker Notification
Ticker Animation
  Toast Icon togggle
  Noisy Notification toggle
  Force Expanded notification
In-call Vibration customization


Disable animation
Animation Duration
Animation customization
List view animation
QS tile animation
Power menu animation
Screen off animation
Toast animation
Scrolling Cache


Signature Spoofing
CPU info
Privacy Guard
Chooser Activity blacklist
Burn-in protection

IME Settings:

Selector notification
Auto keyboard rotation
Disable fullscreen keyboard
Show enter key

Battery Saving:

Sensor block per-package
Alarm Blocker
Wakelock Blocker
Suspended Actions
Doze settings


MediaScanner behaviour on boot
Wake up on charge
Launch music app
Screenshot type(Fullscreen/Partial)

Other Features:

Advanced Battery info
Night Light brightness options
On-the-go mode 
Prevent Accidental wake-up
Seperate ringtone for SIM1&2

QS Tile Shortcuts:

  Heads Up tile
  Caffeine tile
  Ring mode tile
  CPU info tile
  Suspended action tile
  Smart pixel tile
  Now playing tile
  Ambient display tile
  AOD tile
  Screenrecord tile
  Stabilization tile
  Gaming Mode tile
  Screenshot tile
  Accidental touch tile
  Alarm/Calc/Phone/Camera/Music tiles
  Expanded Desktop tile
  Havoc settings tile
  HW key tile
  LTE tile
  Navbar tile
  On the go tile
  Pie control tile
  Reboot tile
  Sleep screen tile
  Accent picker tile
  Volume panel tile
  High Brightness tile


Spectrum Power Profile
Screen Calibration
Custom Calibration
High Brightness Mode
Off screen gestures
Slider customization
Vibration strength slider

Lead Developers:
ZeNiXxX (Viktor Hermann)
SKULSHADY (Anushek Prasal)

Support Team:
zzkW35 (Filippo Roggi)
theo.j22 (Tushar Jain)

If you like our work then please consider donating.
UPI: [email protected]


H870 - 10.08.2019
md5: 38927219dbb68eec330a43768262cb4d

H872 - 10.08.2019
md5: 2d4f1593ca53a77c4394908778961ec3

US997 - 10.08.2019
md5: 4b53323737f19df779418ca90c64c0de

-Kernel improvements
-Wide camera recording fixed
-1080p recording fixed
-Night Light fixed
-Kernel adjustments
-Gcam fixed
-Fixed screen freezing & FP unlock delay
-Clean flash recommended. If gcam still doesn't work wipe it's data & reinstall it.
-Gcam fully fixed
-Fixed random reboots
-Kernel improvements
-Stuttering fully fixed
-Disabled Night Light until we find a proper fix for it
-Fixed Night Light
-Updated DRM
-OpenGL Skia set as default renderer
-Fixed Gcam
-Fixed DRM
-Night Display is broken [Since I can't fix it]
-Fixed FP delay on unlock
* Added February Security Patches
* Added small VoLTE icon for some devices with notch
* Added per-app thermal control for some devices
* Added 8 new lockscreen clocks
* Added Custom QS header image
* Added Pie controls
* Added new SIM colors
* Added Cookie QS style
* Added support for DiracSound FX
* Added App picker QS tile
* Added Uptime in About phone
* Improved Edge gestures
* Improved Screenrecord
* Improved Lockscreen Weather
* Improved Messaging app UI
* Improved File manager app UI
* Improved Settings theme
* Improved app permissions header
* Changed 3G icon to H+
* Updated Privacy Guard
* Fixed Signature Spoofing
* Fixed Root detection for banking apps
* Fixed ADB
* Fixed Screen Pinning
* Fixed Statusbar signal icon
* Fixed Messaging app opening animation
-Fixed video switching in gcam
-Fixed VoIP mic in whatsapp
-Fixed sensors not working
-Kernel improvements
-Battery life improvements
-Fixed all issues from 12.2.2019 build
-Full Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) bringup
-Oreo camera blobs (may need some improvements)
-GPU stable undervolt (~60mV rails, ~20mV floor)
-Kernel improvements
-Battery life improvements
-EAS Fixes
-Minor audio improvements
-Kernel improvements
-Battery life improvements
-Reverted broken audio stuff
-Minor EAS improvements
-Mic fixed in calls and VoIP apps
-Kernel improvements
-Mic distorion fixed in normal calls
-Mic fixed in VoIP apps
-Fixed mic volume in video recording
-Fixed Night Light
-Camera order reverted in order to fix camera daemon crash
-Merged camera kernel changes from LGE
-Merged latest CAF camera changes
-Added missing bin/libs
-Fixed random reboots
-Fixed gcam
-Night Light will stay disabled until we find a proper fix for it.
- Significantly improved touch screen delay after FP unlock
- Switched back to HMP since EAS not cover all usages
- Fixed cameras order
- Updated kernel to 3.18.122
- Fingerprint driver updated
- Camera2 api enabled
- Minor performance improvement
- Minor battery life improvement
- Merged March Security Patches
- Added One Hand mode tile
- Added New Updater
- Added About section in Havoc Settings
- Fixed QS panel padding
- Fixed Power menu layout
- Fixed Auto-hide clock
- Some other fixes
- Fixed random reboots
- Fixed stuttering
- Fixed BT crashing
- Completely fixed stuttering
- Fixed Night Light [FINALLY]
- Fixed mic in voice recording in VoIP apps
- Updated Graphics driver to @331
- Kernel improvements
- Properly fix mic in voice recording
- Added Expanded volume panel
- Added WPS support
- Added a toggle to hide user switcher in QS footer
- Improved AOD on charge
- Improved in-call vibration
- Updated Lawnchair
- Updated inbuilt GBoard themes
- Fixed QS glitches
- Fixed Lockscreen weather disappearing after SystemUI restart
- Fixed less annoying notification sounds
Havoc changes:
- Added systemwide adaptive icon setting
- Added mobile data tile icon from OOS
- Fixed proximity sensor issues in Dialer
- Fixed partial screenshot
- Fixed music ticker on AOD
- Fixed multiuser icon glitch in QS footer
- Improved dark theme
- Improved padding in statusbar
- Updated Lawnchair
- Fixed missing characters in default font
- Fixed volume panel theming
- Fixed HW buttons vibration with pie navbar
- Added QS panel inspired by OOS
- Added Music ticker inspired by Android Q
- Added back the dividers in settings
- Added back Screen-off animation
- Added toggle to hide wifi icon
- Added new icon for Sim toolkit
- Added MD2 icons for power menu
- Improved expanded volume panel layout
- Improved and cleaned up Settings
- Fixed OnePlus gestures in landscape
- Fixed a few settings seekbars
- Fixed some theme glitches
- Fixed double vibration on pill navbar
Device changes:
- New kernel based on the latest caf pie including:
- Include almost all LGE changes
- Force fast charge support
- KCAL support
- Adreno idler
- Enhance power efficiency from NVIDIA
- Boeffla wakelock Blocker
- Some patchs from franco kernel
- CPU Input Boost from sultanxda
- Fixed camera focus
- CPU Input boost enabled
- Allow incompatible HVDCP chargers
- Some changes from franco kernel
- LGE Settings including:
- Toggle force fast charge
- Spectrum kernel power profile
- Advanced ambient display (Hand wave, Pick-up, Pocket)
- Daylight mode
- Reverted to stock thermal engine
- Fixed speaker noise at low level
• Merged April security patches
• Added media cover art filters
• Added long squeeze actions for Pixel
• Added Browser
• Improved gaming mode tile
• Added Agressive battery settings
• Added deep sleep info to uptime
• Added 2 more variants for Cover art filters
• Added OnePlus Red accent color
• Added Black Pearl theme color
• Added Slim recents enter/exit animation
• Added Statusbar logo customizations
• Fixed Cover art blur for some music apps
• Fixed screen unpinning with hw keys
• Fixed old mobile type icons
• Removed Browser temporarily
• Imported translations from Crowdin
• Added Lava lamp for lockscreen visualizer
• Added Dirac QS tile
• Improved seekbars for some settings
• Improved translations
• Fixed crash on changing default phone app
• Fixed Ambient visualizer glitches
• Removed Custom visualizer color
• Disabled boost framework for incompatible devices
• Added Android Q Text clock
- Completely fixed charging issues
- General kernel improvements
- Fixed Deep Sleep
- Fixed NFC & overheaing which was caused by NFC force stopping
- Fixed charging issues
- Removed USB fast charging toggle since its activated by default
- Fixed all charging issues!
- Fixed some sepolicy issues

• Added LiveDisplay
• Added Pocket Judge
• Added Force fullscreen for apps
(Thanks to @jhenrique09)
• Added fingerprint support for OP6T
• Added Lockscreen visualizer customizations
• Added Android Q style battery icon
• Added Reading mode QS tile
• Added advanced location tile options
• Improved QS detail view
• Changed NFC icon
• Removed proximity check on wake
• Fixed Battery icon padding
• Fixed In-call UI layout
• Fixed three finger swipe for screenshot
• Fixed statusbar icon animation
• Added toggle to enable FP detection in Pocket mode
• Improved date layout with text clock
• Improved Pocket mode UI
• Removed forced battery % when charging
• Fixed NavBar tuner crash when using Oreo QS style
• Fixed theming of notification shelf dot
• Updated translations
• Added Enhanced battery estimates in QS
• Added bolt when charging for Text battery style
• Added seekbar to media notification
• Added accents from Android Q
• Added outdoor mode in LiveDisplay tile
• Moved Music ticker to KeyguardSlice like Android Q
• Improved statusbar icons alignment
• Improved Android Q clock
• Fixed SystemUI crash with auto face unlock
• Added Android Q like Settings searchbar
• Added support for Pixel 3 live wallpapers on Ambient display
• Added network traffic back to the statusbar for devices with notch
• Added Lineage Touch HAL support
• Added Via browser
• Switched back to the old Music ticker
• Improved Lockscreen visualizer
• Improved QS edit layout
• Improved Battery estimates switching
• Disabled Battery estimates by default
• Fixed SystemUI crash for some users
• Fixed Smart charging for some devices
• Fixed Aggressive battery auto mode
• Optimized the size of statusbar icons on the right
• Smart Charging compatibility improvements
• Increased media art blur
• Added more actions for HW keys/Navbar
• Fixed SystemUI crash when Portugese is set as system language
• Fixed disappearing Q clock
• Fixed Amber accent color
• Fixed Home button while ringing
• Fixed Battery estimates showing in statusbar

- Increased microphone volume in camera apps and VoIP apps [Instagram, Snapchat...]
- Fixed some sepolicy issues related to thermal engine
- Updated GPS to pie

• Merged June security patches
• Added an animation for charging
• Added back Night Light
• Added battery saving mode for location
• Added toggle for lockscreen charging animation
• Changed Android Q clock to Accent color
• Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2081
• Some more fixes/improvements
- Fixed camera issues [Hopefully]
- Fixed flashlight
- Fixed CTS mismatch
- Updated wifi, bluetooth and graphics firmware
- Updated sensors libs

• Added a toggle for charging animation
• Added Battery temp in battery usage
• Fixed analog clocks not refreshing in AOD
• Improved Android Q clock related stuff
• Some more fixes/improvements
- Fixed 2.4 GHz hotspot
- Added Wifi screen sharing via Miracast
- Regenerated thermal engine config [Should result in lower heating]
Device changes:
- Completely fixed 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz hotspot on all models
- Fixed BT calling on all other devices [I need feedback from this, its just a test]
- Adjusted thermal config for lower heating
- Updated perf blobs from LA.UM.7.5.r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated CNE and DPM from LA.UM.7.5.r1-048008x96.0
- Updated TimeService blobs from OnePlus 3 OOS Pie
- Implemented WireGuard into kernel
- Enabled 2.4 GHz Wifi bonding

Havoc changes:
• Added Android Q activity animations
• Added new QS tile styles
• Added new Gaming mode
• Improved Pocket mode
• Improved LiveDisplay
• Improved media notifications
• Improved statusbar items layout
• Improved navbar pixel animation
• Changed battery stats reset level to 95%
• Removed screenshot delay
Device Changes:
- Fixed bugged charging icon
- Fixed USB fast charging [After toggle ~800 mA]
- Adjusted thermal config for lower heating
- Updated perf blobs from LA.UM.7.5.r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated Keystore from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated Gatekeeper from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated Post Processing from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated all Graphics from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated CNE from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated DPM from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated ADSP from LA.UM.7.5r1-04800-8x96.0
- Updated LG Keymaster from Stock H870 V20I
- Updated Bluetooth from Stock H870 V20I
- Updated CNE and DPM from LA.UM.7.5.r1-048008x96.0
- Updated TimeService blobs from OnePlus 3 OOS Pie
- Enabled 2.4 GHz Wifi bonding
Kernel Changes:
- Disabled WireGuard due to it breaking building
- Updated kernel to 3.18.140
- Implemented WireGuard
- Implemented DriveDroid
- Implmented and set as default Maple I/O Scheduler [Results in better performance]
LGE Settings Changes:
- Fixed daylight tile
- Readded USB Fast charging toggle
Havoc Changes:
• Merged July Security Patches
• Improved Gaming mode
• Improved Statusbar icon padding
• Improved Smart charging
• Removed Quick unlock
• Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2238
• Other fixes and improvements
Device Changes:
- Fixed perfd crashes
- Disabled automatic brightness at startup
- Dimmed the screen at startup [This prevents the flashbang after boot at setup.]

Kernel changes:
- Added Westwood TCP and set it as default
- Moved from GCC compiler to Clang 7.0.2 [Results in overall better performance]
- Added K-Lapse v5.0
Havoc Changes:

• Added Gaming mode QS tile
• Improved Gaming mode
• Improved OP gestures feedback duration
• Improved Aggressive battery
• Improved LiveDisplay
• Improved Pocket lock
• Fixed crash with some music players
• Performance improvements
• Added Gesture Anywhere
• Added NFC Sounds
• Added translations for Text Clock
• Changed Text Clock color to Wallpaper based
• Improved Battery Estimates
• Improved Pocket Lock
• Improved App info
• Improved Sound settings
• Fixed PiP for Multi-user
• Removed QS tile overlays from app list
• Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2338
• Other fixes and improvements

Device changes:
- Fix LG Settings crash when using QS Tile for kernel profiles
Kernel changes:
- Small power efficient adjustments
Havoc changes:
• Merged August Security Patch
• Added ability to restrict app vpn usage
• Added translations for Text Clock
• Enabled OP gestures on keyguard
• Improved Dynamic gaming mode
• Updated prebuilt apps
• Other fixes and improvements

Open GApps:
Telegram LG G6 Group:
Telegram Support Group:
Telegram Announcements Channel:

1. Download the ROM, Firmware and GApps from the links above.
2. Wipe System, Data, Dalvik, Cache.
3. Flash the latest Firmware for the respective device.
4. Flash the ROM and GApps.
5. Reboot and Enjoy.

MSM-Xtended Team (
Nitrogen Project (
Crdroid (
Omnirom (
And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.
Device Tree
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25th January 2019, 08:29 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me
5 GHz Tethering
BT Calling
4K Video recording

Oreo Bootloaders
H870 20I:
US997 21E:
H872 20A:
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25th January 2019, 08:32 PM |#3  
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Whoop whoop!

Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
25th January 2019, 08:33 PM |#4  
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And known bugs? I'll give a shot.. Thanks

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25th January 2019, 08:45 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by dr_jerremy

And known bugs? I'll give a shot.. Thanks

Sent from my LG-h870 using Tapatalk

Just updated the reserved post
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25th January 2019, 09:17 PM |#6  
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Thank you very much for providing another rom for our device

Will try it soon.
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26th January 2019, 02:47 AM |#7  
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Where is the frimware guys
26th January 2019, 12:42 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Ajnomono

Where is the frimware guys

Just look at the second post
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26th January 2019, 12:45 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Ajnomono

Where is the frimware guys

If You want bootloader, check this out:!Dy5m0aaB!npSFSnNq...N_54g!6ihEjIgb
It's not mine. I get this link from Telegram LG G6 group.
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26th January 2019, 02:47 PM |#10  
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Dong Xoai
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Thank you guys, but I'm using H872 version, so flash stock Oreo mean flash kdz file, and I have to unlock bootloader again. Or something else, teach me.

---------- Post added at 02:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:45 PM ----------

I came from Aquarios Rom, Android 8.1, I flash without firmware, that's ok but the wifi and fingerprint won't work, everyone have the same problem. And how can I fix this,
26th January 2019, 02:59 PM |#11  
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how is the camera?
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