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    Post [Mod][systemui & lockscreen](updated:2016.4.11)

    My edited systemui is made from an old base. I think its because of that. If i have time i update with new stock files. I`m sry about it.
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    Post [Mod][systemui & lockscreen](updated:2016.4.11)

    U Cant Install Like A Normal Apk U Should Copy To System/Priv-app/systemui Folder And Replace With New One. I Think I Write It In first Post
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    Post Quick connect and s finder

    This tutorial works With Rooted Phones Only. U Need A file explorer like Solid Explorer. Open the app, enable root folder access. Go to "/system/etc/permissions/ " Find the file "com.sec.feature.findo.xml", and copy It Anywhere U Want As A Backup File. After Then Delete The original File. and...
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    Post [Mod][systemui & lockscreen](updated:2016.4.11)

    hey guys i will be back soon with new all in one s8 mod... :p
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2][G850 Exynos] EpsilROM v4.4 ~ DISCONTINUED

    hi jjjhitel i use epsilrom 3.10 but xperiacle's screen off memo have problem in saving.( it dont save in Samsung notes and snote as action memo or anything else. can u test it and find out its problem?
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    u should increase height of notification if u can decompile and edit systemui. maybe its in dimens.xml and if it dont work change notification_row_bg.xml
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Google Pixel Launcher for any rom 5.0+

    thanks a lot my friend nice work
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    hi ikrom. thanks for this interesting source that u share i use this smali files and some change in your xmls and put it to my notification panel. but i want to change the current city to another city like weather widget. do u know how can we change the city? i see "cityid" in smalies but...
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    i think u can hide it with changing its layout height to 0 dip
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    Post [Update] N5 Air Command Port for S4 [Lollipop]

    hi alemtro i use your air command files for my galaxy alpha 5.0.2 . but when i press app icon , dont happen anything( i allow supersu before that). sometimes it gives fc (only some times.) when i get logcat i cant see any usefull thing except this: service asks to run at user -2 but is...
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    Post [Mod][systemui & lockscreen](updated:2016.4.11)

    what is your rom's android version?? which custom rom do u have?
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    Post [Tool] (v5.0) Fully automated tool for create deodex from ART (Nougat support)

    thanks a lot bro. your post rescue me from a lot of fc. :D thanks a lot again:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Post Screen off memo

    hi bro are u use offscreen memo now? on which rom and which android version? i install it. but it dont save its notes.
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    Post [Mod][systemui & lockscreen](updated:2016.4.11)

    screenshots are related to which rom and systemui?