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    Post [KERNEL] [December 3] ElementalX-N5X 6.12

    Thanks for flar2's work. But i meet a problem... After installing version 3.0x for N preview, it will not load default settings on boot. Although the configuration file /data/data/elementalx.conf exists, /init.rc seems not be modified successfully to load /init.elementalx.rc. Is this normal...
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    Post [ROM][22.06.15][4.4.2][STOCK][STABLE][TW][AROMA] Blekota S5 Lite v12

    I have used this rom for several days. In my opinion, this rom is very good. :good: But i have some problem about SCloud and Weather widget... I want to display city list in Weather, but it will FC when i click the button And sometimes, SCloud will popup FC message while i connect to network :(...
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    Post [ROM][22.06.15][4.4.2][STOCK][STABLE][TW][AROMA] Blekota S5 Lite v12

    I use multi-window to run Facebook, Chrome, Settings and LINE. Right-bottom is the memory usage. I think zRam is useful :) Maybe it is due to i install less apps, so the memory usage is less? :confused:
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    Post [ROM][22.06.15][4.4.2][STOCK][STABLE][TW][AROMA] Blekota S5 Lite v12

    After installing this rom, i flash Boeffla kernel 6.1beta6. In my Boeffla-Config, i enabled zRam (4 devices, 600MB, 80% swappiness). While i open Facebook, the memory usage is 720/829 MB. And i have used it for 6 days, i think it is smooth and stable :)
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    Thread [SOLVED] CWM stuck on Formatting /data... Plz help me

    I flashed QS-I9300-KK first. Then i flashed Blekota-S5-Lite without full wipe because i just want to try it. After moment, i decide to install a clean Blekota-S5-Lite. So i enter CWM and install Blekota-S5-Lite using 'Install with full wipe' But it stucks on 'All your apps and data will be...
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    Post [EOL] [KERNEL] [I9300] [Samsung JB] Boeffla-Kernel 5.11/6.9/7.9 (23-10-2015)

    My build environment is Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit The toolchain is arm-linux-androideabi-4.7 I found a article that shows subversion makes this error. :( I will remove it and try again. If it works, i will report here. Thanks for your reply :)
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    Post [EOL] [KERNEL] [I9300] [Samsung JB] Boeffla-Kernel 5.11/6.9/7.9 (23-10-2015)

    Hello, i try to compile kernel source code, but it shows these error messages... CC drivers/gpu/mali400/r3p2/ump/common/ump_kernel_common.o arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: error: directory: No such file or directory arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: error: directory": No such file or directory...
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    Post [Kernel] [26/04] Perseus

    i have a trouble while compiling source, can someone help me? at first, it shows arch/arm/mvp/mvpkm/mvpkm_main.c: In function 'MapWSPHKVA': arch/arm/mvp/mvpkm/mvpkm_main.c:1928:20: error: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Werror] i removed -Werror flag in Makefile but, it...
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    Post [APP][2.0+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

    could it browse apk file without extracting it ? like 'Root Explorer' hope you can add this function
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    Post [Q] does installing cwm with odin increase the counter?

    thanks a lot. i have used google, but i wanna check again Version 2.1 will not increase the counter.
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    Thread [Q] does installing cwm with odin increase the counter?

    i have a question if i install cwm with odin, the counter in Odin Download Mode (Protocol V2.1) will increase?
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    Post [Q]Porting KartRider Rush for ARMv6?

    it is published by NEXON, no open source... i don't think NEXON will publish ARMv6 verison, so i want to know is it possible and how to do that
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    Thread [Q]Porting KartRider Rush for ARMv6?

    hello, there is a game called KartRider Rush. is it possible to port it for ARMv6 ?
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    Post [Q] Lg Optimus Chic (e720) custom rom????

    today, i try to compile kernel from drellisdee's and add some cpu frequency into acpuclock.c i flash my own kernel and increase cpu frequency by SetCPU when scaling governer is ondemand, the screen display abnormally when it is performance, the screen display normally why is it like this...
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    Post [Q] Lg Optimus Chic (e720) custom rom????

    so... because you can't log in google account and install those APKs from Market you don't have tools to root?