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    Post Showcase Your Oneplus 7T Home Screen Setups!

    Nova launcher, stock icons (legacy)
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    Post [GUIDE] [XT16XX] [BOOTLOGO] [How to create your very own Custom Bootlogo]

    All, I no longer have an Athene ( since 2017 actually). Feel free to do whatever you want to your phones with these bootlogos. As long as you're not (hopefully) monetarily profiting out of them, you're all free to use them :) Have a nice day y'all!
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    Post [ROM]--[AOSP]-HAVOC-OS-[Official]-[PIE]--[9.0]

    Thats because you have other notifications under that. Without that, it looks just fine. Also in order to apply the theme properly to notification as well, I guess youll need to reboot. Atleast thats the case on Omni/Treskmod.
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0]Android Open Source Illusion Project[Enchilada][Official]

    Select dark theme first > Then select BlackAF. Also, make sure you don't have Substratum installed. Seemed to conflict a lot when I ran AOSIP.
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    Post [Live Wallpaper] Google Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL wallpapers

    Yeah I noticed that too. Turns out when I disabled Advanced and Sleep optimisation under Battery Optimisation, it seems to have fixed this issue :)
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    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS Android 10 Open Beta 3 for OnePlus 5T (dumpling)

    Na it would remain the same. It's in order to make visual adjustments to accomodate the notch on OP6. Though I wish there was a way to make this setting only for OP6 and not for OP5/5t with regular display panels.
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    Going great man. Hope all is well with you too :)
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    Hello there Silesh! Long time! Savage commenting skills as usual :cool: Nice to see our work on other devices, although I'm very surprised you actually released sources :p
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    Post [GUIDE] [XT16XX] [BOOTLOGO] [How to create your very own Custom Bootlogo]

    Haha since it happens before the phone boots I can't take SS
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    Post [Logo.bin] [N/A Workaround] Two More Nice Bootloader Images!

    I see you've used the bootlogo I've created for the G4 in your thread. Please mention credits. Thanks.
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    Post [HELP] thread for custom ROMs

    I'm stupid - I don't have a backup of my EFS partition :(
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    Post [HELP] thread for custom ROMs

    [XT1643 Indian variant] - IMEI 0 and baseband changed after restoring EFS partition Hey guys, I have a XT1643 Moto G4 Plus Indian Variant. So I was on a Nougat custom ROM (Invicta) and wanted to return to stock Nougat ROM (latest available - NPJS25.93.14-10) but I did not have access to a PC...
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    Post [Discontinued][ROM][InvictaOS v4.15][XT16xx][MotoG4/Plus][7.1.2_r29][11-17-17]

    Thanks for all the fun work! It was quite the experience working with you :) Good luck! Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Post [Discontinued][ROM][InvictaOS v4.15][XT16xx][MotoG4/Plus][7.1.2_r29][11-17-17]

    There's no water or coffee on Uranus. Much less swag. Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app