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    Post [Guide] Root

    Can't get to Pie I wonder what I'm missing. I was unlocked & rooted & on WW-15.1630.1811.46 for the longest time. Went through this thread yesterday & started my updates. From OP instructions, I was able to sideload & boot from: 15.1630.1811.46 -> 15.1630.1812.68. -> 15.1630.1902.80 ->...
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    Post Blind app is detecting root with Magisk Hide

    How many days does the ban last for?
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    Post Blind app is detecting root with Magisk Hide

    Looks like it's broken again? I tried following the same process; but even after being hidden through Manager, it's still able to detect either root or bootloader unlock. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Post I'm Theming

    Have you looked at this thread: ? The steps are quite straightforward & has worked for me. Reply back if something isn't clear or if you're stuck on a particular step & someone can surely help you out.
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    Post [Guide] Root

    Does anyone have Xposed installed without tripping SafetyNet?
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    Post Blind app is detecting root with Magisk Hide

    I uninstalled Blind. Uninstalled Xposed. Made sure Magisk was able to pass all SafetyNet checks. Re-installed Blind from the Play Store. Used Magisk to hide it & was able to launch it without issues.
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    Post Blind app is detecting root with Magisk Hide

    So you uninstalled it & re-installed it after a week? When you say backup, do you mean an APK that you had backed or a backup taken from TiBackup?
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    Post [Guide] Root

    Is it correct to assume that I would fail the Safety Net check after installing Xposed. Even through it's installed through the Magisk Manager?
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    Thread Calls Going Straight to Voicemail?

    Has anyone run into this issue of calls (sometimes, not every call) going straight to voicemail? I have had Do Not Disturb mode turned off, the phone was on vibrate alert. Network connection showed all bars, so full (or at least, good) connectivity. I've noticed this for about a couple of weeks...
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    Post Notification Bar Customization?

    Finally rooted. Though Gravity Box O didn't work, Flat Style Bar Indicators was perfect for what I need. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Post Screen Protector

    Where did you get it from? Amazon?
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    Post Google Play Taking Too Long to Download

    Thanks for that. I should've checked over there as well. I've just disabled & rebooted. And at least for now downloads seem to start instantly. Any other known Apps that I should be disabling?
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    Thread Google Play Taking Too Long to Download

    Whenever I try to download an App, the download bar just becomes an indeterminate type & keeps moving; but there's no progress.. After an eternity (never actually measured, I think an hour or so) or so, the App starts getting downloaded & I can see the actual progress bar with the number of...
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    Post Screen Protector

    It's not bad. I didn't have a screen protector on my previous phone so I'm sure what to look for. I've only used one of the two provided. Was easy to apply. But after a couple of weeks, I can see some air bubbles forming on the side. Should've mentioned, it was from Amazon. This is the one I...