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  • Really im just saying cheers for getting back to me, Ive not been on the site in a while

    Ill flash my device with duttys rom, but im not going to do it until I get back from india in about 6 mnths as i want a stable device, ill let ya know

    Listen finger keyboard rocks!!

    over and out
    Sorry to hear about your bad news. i would love to try your new version. i am curently off work (bad back) so will have time to test for you. i am using Touch HD with Miri Rom. Thanks. :)
    Hello 600GOL,

    Sorry to hear that your phone is dead. Hope u will get new one quickly.

    As you wrote to PM you if we want to test new version of Changescreen. So, if it is possible, i would like to try next version. How can I get one?


    Nah - sorry dude. The application interacts with the HTC specific .dll files/drivers. Even if you were to copy them over to your device it still wouldn't be able to use your hardware...
    fantastic application - just what I needed. However I just switched my TouchDiamond for a Daxian T32 (needed a bigger screen) and the application asks for som HTC files. Is it not possible to use it on another Windows Mobile 6.0 phone?
    All the best
    hi bro m new there.....on this forum....
    i need ur help m using htc imate jasjar m phone blurtooth is not working..
    so pls help m
    kapil katyal
    hey There Again,
    Sorry to pester ya, but im flashing roms and stuff now, all great fun, but one thing i can not find out , what are "21000+ BUILDS ONLY?" what does this mean is 1.56+ builds?

    Sorry to ask you but noone want to be the new guy asking daft questions

    Still using your app, makes manilla work much better- thanks again

    Hey 600GOL
    Do you use the windows mobile keyboard or SPB keybaord please
    Thanks very much questions finished!
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