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  • Sorry if i disappoint you, Ma'm here :)
    I know thats not obvious, and there's no clue either.

    As for adding new features to the apps i published: I'm about to jump ship to another mobile platform, so development will soon be discontinued.
    Dear sir, I enjoy your application and would like to suggest that you add an equalizer and mp3 player
    hi, you post [UPDATE: start button updated, made 2nd version with HTC logo] but i found the two files are exactly the same. I would like to get the HTC start button, however i could not find it. please
    check it for me. THX
    Beta Versionen sind ab v1.4 public bzw. als solche gekennzeichnet, ebenfalls die "last stable". Closed beta's mache ich nur mehr in Ausnahmefällen. In jedem Fall danke fürs testen und bugreporten :)
    Wuerde mich bei der Gelegenheit auch als Betatester melden wollen. Ich denke das will so ziemlich jeder um so nahe wie moeglich an der Entwicklung zu sein.

    Nochmal an dieser Stelle. Grossartiges tool, dieses Powerradio!

    Danke dafuer.
    Hi 6Fg8
    That's a BIG surprise. Thanks for the invite. Keep cool.. keep in touch. Take care!
    hallo, hab ein x1 - gibts dafür schon wm 6.5 hab schon etliche seiten durchforstet war mir aber bei einigen nicht sicher. wäre für eine info sehr dankbar. lg thloe

    wenn noch ein Betatester erforderlich ist, würde ich mich gerne bewerben ;-)

    lg. Sepp Himmelbauer
    I need some help from u.
    I'm a beginner using PDA phone.
    My PDA is HTC TP (Raphael).

    I want to ask u, i already installed "mUn background4allpages.cab" --> to make the same background in all tabs
    but it can not function as i intended for in my Raphael (HTC TP).
    the TF3D didn't appear as well as the background picture for all tabs?

    i'm using very regular rom & radio.
    i downloaded it from HTC ASia on february 09.

    ROM version : 5.07.707.2 WWE
    ROM date : 02/129/09
    Radio version :

    is it because the ROM & radio?
    or bcoz Manilla? (actually i don't know bout the Manila thing), could u help me explained it please..
    or maybe bcoz the .NET file (i haven't install it also, i don't know where to install .NET program, is it on my laptop or on my Raphael??)

    i barely don't know what to do..
    i'm waiting for your kindness to help me fix this problem.

    many thanks
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    Hi maxycy,

    never thought i'd ever write a piece of software that could do that :D
    I'll PM you.
    Hi there, want to say big THANK YOU for the M9editor which has completely changed my life. :D

    I'm currently writing an app in .net compact and is looking to do some qtc->png/jpg vice versa. I see that you algorithm in M9editor is super fast. Would you be kind enough to help or shed some light for me. I have no knowledge of image file formats but if there's an algorithm/code that you can share, that will be great. Thks in advance for your help.
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