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    Post S8+ wont turn on after flashing bootloader

    Same here, Is your phone ok now? My booloader version was b8, and it seem competely bricked, no response whatever I do. I try to saving it by using 9008 mode but I can't find b8 stuffs.

    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    Hi jrkruse, My g950u seem bricked after flashed combination_v8.tar ... My steps: 1. flashed G950USQS8DTJ3 bl ap csc cp in origin odin and wipe data on recovery. 2. flashed COMBINATION_FA70_G950USQU8ATG1_CL13344735_QB33169116_REV00_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 as ap and...

    Post [Undervolt][Flashable] Oneplus 5T undervolt.

    1v = 1000mv = 1000000uv, logs the command output is your current big and small core voltage. You can observe the changes before and after using the tool to determine whether undervolt is effective:D

    Post [Undervolt][Flashable] Oneplus 5T undervolt.

    It's not kernel. :) Just a tool that undervolt by modify voltage_fuse in kernel_dtb. So all roms and all recovery should work fine.

    Post [Undervolt][Flashable] Oneplus 5T undervolt.

    Please reboot. dmesg store in kernel ring buffer, it will replace old log when hit the buffer size.

    Thread [Undervolt][Flashable] Oneplus 5T undervolt.

    Steps: 1. Download 2. Reboot to TWRP and select 3. Enjoy. Others: 1. How to check my current gpu and cpu voltage? Open your terminal and run: su -c dmesg -T | grep -E...

    Post Unlock Star Wars wallpapers, theme and clock on op5t 6 or 8gb ram

    I ported some kernel stuffs from OOS 8.0 to OOS 9.0, and now that disabled or enabled StarWar theme on OOS 9.0 is possible. steps: 1. flash my kernel: 2. flash magisk. 3. open your terminal and run: su echo 2 >...

    Post [Discussion] Hydrogen OS Android Q

    Post [Discussion] Hydrogen OS Android Q

    Does DC dimming really work? or just a fake switch?

    Post Lazy Kernel for OP5/T - 10/27/2020

    does this kernel work on OOS ?

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] [RECOVERY] [OnePlus 5T] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.1]

    sure, but you will lose some fox's custom files, eg AromaFM.

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] [RECOVERY] [OnePlus 5T] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.1]

    You can test with my build : flash via command: fastboot flashrecovery ../../recovery or flash via TWRP. I tested it on OOS 9.0.

    Post Guide: Relock bootloader with custom rom on oneplus 5/5t

    Is there anyone has success relock bootloader with custom android 10 rom and latest twrp?