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    Post [ROM][PORT][8.1.0] Samsung Experience 9.5 [26.12.18]

    Use more premium samsung devices for porting that would be better. Like S9/S8/N9 etc
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    Post [ROM][PORT][8.1.0] Samsung Experience 9.5 [26.12.18]

    ProtoDeVNan0 Which phone's samsung experience is used? S9/S8/N9?
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    Post [JAR TEAM] [ROM] Phoenix Grace ROM v2.4 Final [17/04/2019]

    Try again using different recovery. May be philz or twrp 3.0(not recommended) gear cm one by alberto96.
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    Apology accepted!!!:)
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    Sry for this delay....i have the files but cant and wont gonna share those files with u guys as work is not mine moreover i got a pm from their team that the files i have is their work and i will be reported if shared those files which shows that i wasnt lying. But still i can share ss and...
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    Sure i will share something bigger than that....just w8....i have to go somewhere....as soon as i will be home i will share it.:) I wasnt sharing before because it was not my work....but i will share it now....as ale said he never uploaded the rom.
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    That is the thing....u guys only look for ale95 account....i got it from jason rr account....but now he has removed it too. I think i will have to provide u screen shot and screen records...or i can share apks.....grx touchwiz, themed setting, systemui etc. Moreover i am not an attention...
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    I am not lying....i got the system folder from Android file host....if you want proof..I can share screen shot or screen record.
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    Nop......It cant be marshmallow PM me...if u want an explaination. I have tried the partial rom!!!
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    Post [I9500]-[RomControl V7.6] FirstFlight N7 Themed V6

    Lollipop but faked to show android 6.0.1(marshmallow)
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    Post Ale95 Note5 Port Final v7.1 Fix

    It will changeable....there are two options in settings...condensed and normal.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2][I9500/ja3gxx] XenonHD 7.1 [06/18]

    No more development will be there as i have ran into ram failure. And i can't buy anymore ram. All the rom thread by me will be closed soon.
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] [i9500] RESURRECTION REMIX N [5.8.3]]

    Well i have a nice idea i can update the rom if someone provide me linux server because my computer is total wreck now.(microsoft provide free trail for linux server but it requires credit card for registration and my age is only 16). Any one who can register on their site and is willing to give...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r17][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V4.3 [OMS/DUI][i9500/ja3gxx]

    I am not working on rom anymore but i can look at the logcat(if u provide me the log) and may be i can provide some patch for it.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2] AOKP N [UNOFFICIAL][i9500/ja3gxx]

    Well it cant be kernel because this rom uses the same kernel configuration as that in the lineageOS. Performance is good because i used different tool chain which might have result in bad battery life as u cant get both in this device with nougat.