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  • hi, staryon. first of all id like to ask you that is this application possible in flashlite? im actually planning to create an app which has an exact function like yours but with more gui.. the problem is my programming is weak but however, are there any tutorials?
    Hi Staryon,
    I visited this forum, but couldn't find the following message:
    One or more TrackMe tables in your database are empty. You must generate data by running the TrackMe application on your Windows Mobile device before the map display will work properly.
    I installed on the server (MySQL+PHP support) the server.zip without any problems, *.kml file was remote updated in the /trackme/routes directory. What do I need to get the nice google maps in to my screen ?
    Sorry to bother you, and I am not shure if my question belongs here ...
    hi there, im from manila and i really wanted to try using your program. i downloaded it and install it but i've been having issue with the config window. theres no remote tab or any tab on that window. I only see icon like General,Tracking,Notification etc. Hope you can help me with this. im just new on this forum so i decided to Private message you. Thanks a lot. HTC TyTn II
    I remeber sending you a mesage when you released your first version and all I can say is WOW, I havent checked your software until today. THANK YOU. you added every possible feature. You really lsitened to all of us as I am sure the first version suited you well. Payday I got to give you something as my gratitude! Gain thanks for listening to us all, with all that goes on in this world, call me crazy but its these little gadgets that let us escape and have fun/ - Jack
    Hola Luis,
    Tienes algunas instrucciones en castellano. He mirado en tu web y en esta en Ingles. No entiendo como, una vez almacenados los datos en la PDA (offline) enviarlos a un fichero o enviarlos a tu servidor para verlo por el Google Earth. Si tienes tiempo y ganas agradeceria un poco de ayuda ya que creo que tu pograma es muy bueno.
    Muchas gracias y un saludo desde Idaho.
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