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  • i tried unlocking my omnia i900 for 3 days but no hope... i tried upgrading my phone from samsungs official website to 6.1 latest upgrade but it didnt work at first then i read in a website that i neede to change my phones language by pressin some numbers which i did changed to singapore and downloaded the upgrade for singapore from samsungs official website, however everthing went smooth till i saw i had network key which i couldnt manage to unlock i tried all carriers numbers i am not kidding lol... but nothing seems to work. before i upgraded my phone it was dxhk3 now its dxia5. i even tried changing the register version manually to dxhk3 didnt work... can you please help me with this issue i am trying to use this phone with my at&t usa carrier. thank you
    boas tou com problema no samsung i780 ja mudei a eboot+pda+phone com miragebbhc1
    corre tudo bem mas quando chega a parte de calibrar o ecran faço tudo e colta outra vez ao inicio da calibragem ja fix o hard reset tecla vermelha + verde e power e format e fica igual ja fui pelo register mas nao consigo mudar os valores da erro que posso fazer?
    Alternative method, works on i780, no copying of anything required:
    - in 3), instead of launching .lnk, type the following code in the Phone app: *7465625*638*#
    - in 7), instead of launching .lnk, type the following code in the Phone app: *#7465625#
    - in 8), instead of launching .lnk, type the following code in the Phone app: #7465625*

    Omnia, Zip has only short cuts in it.

    I use your FloatMe! (Thanks for useful program^^)
    Can I get the FloatMe! with minimum height (about 5 pixel) of Caption Windows.
    (Close, Minimize etc. button is not necessary, only Dragging Area enough)


    Best Regard.
    hiii :) i need help :) about omnia i900 ... after typing NCK 12345678 it says "fail to ... network lock"
    what can i do about that? please help
    Jaki rom polecasz ??
    przepraszam że z takim prozaicznym problemem ale jeśli można się zapytać to kogo jak nie gooru w i780??
    Pozdrawiam i jeszcze raz dzięki za odblokowanie phona.
    excuse me but i need your help, everytime i try your solution i got this error message :"Sim Failure Error Happened".
    what can i do to unlock this phone ?
    thx for your help
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