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    Post Showing 4g instead of LTE

    4G is LTE My phone says 4G too. An older phone would be more explicit about the technology (eg. 4, H, H+) but I guess Google or Android doesn't do that anymore. Maybe this helps?
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    Post Disable screenshot sound

    Attached are screenshots of the ringer modes.
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    Post Disable screenshot sound

    If you set the ringer to vibrate or silence that also silences notifications, including the screenshot sound.
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    Post Make app system

    There's probably a Magisk module if you just want to grant system privs to a user app. If you are trying to save space by storing things in /system, I'm not sure that even makes sense in android 11 due to the way partitioning works now.
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    Post Secure key/tokens

    If you don't trust the private storage of the phone you need to store your data in the cloud. If that's a little too much for you, try this as one example of keeping at-rest data encrypted.
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    Post [Stock/Rooted Boot Images] Pixel 4a [NOV 02]

    Apologies if this is a dumb question but does google withold otas from people with unlocked bootloaders? I got this phone and installed the Jan update. I have never been offered the Feb update (even with manual polling) and now March is here. I have root via Magisk but dropping Magisk...
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    Post No encoding found. Expected encoding 'utf-8' to be present in message header.

    Stack overflow is a better place for programming questions than here I suspect... This looks like the same question. There's a good-looking answer there.
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    Post Is there a way to utilize the fullscreen and cutout area?

    I'm sure I've seen a Magisk module to let you force old apps to ignore the notch... No idea if it works on the pixel 4a though.
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    Post For the Millions of Pixel 4a's sold , not much going on here.

    Android has the ability to block any app from running in the background. It's a battery saving feature. But you can't do it to system apps. The primary system app I've seen abusing this inability to block it is Google maps. It works just fine as a user-installed app. Magisk debloat apps (I used...
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    Post Oreo - Magisk Root Patch - Lose Root After Reboot

    Don't flash the patched boot, boot it and use Magisk manager to install (direct). It will flash the correct boot partition for you.
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    Post For the Millions of Pixel 4a's sold , not much going on here.

    I think you and I have different ideas about what needs to be fixed. Adding busybox, updated tz files, removing system from apps so they can be suspended in the background. That's the kind of stuff I have.
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    Post What means in ADB and Fastboot: failure (install_failed_older_SDK)?

    Not the app. The android underneath. My Ticwatch E runs Android 8. Your moto is only android 6 or maybe 7. New watches are running android 9 or 10 (called H for some reason).
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    Post Http POST request not sending

    If you network on the main thread, the UI blocks which is bad. You need to make a separate thread and do the networking on that. Send a message back to the UI thread when you're ready to update the UI. Eg. final handler = new Handler(); new Thread(() -> { // Networking... ->...
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    Post Blinking LED replacement?

    I have turned on AoD and I find it a suitable alternative to the led. There are notification icons in the centre of the screen when a notification has gone off. Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Lock Screen Always show time and info on. Everything else is off.
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    Post Developing Wear OS apps for Ticwatch GTX

    It's not wear OS. It's a much smaller, simpler system that probably cannot run third party apps.