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  • Hey A_C

    Been following your updates for a few months now. I'm posting your new 1.18 software at wm6software.net. I know u probably get enough feedback as it is, but if you want to check out what people are saying about it, feel free to check it out.

    I also wanted to ask and see if you had a website you would like me to link back to you? Right now all I'm doing is pointing to the thread you start, but that's because I couldn't find your own. If you have one, let me know and I'll link to u :D

    Take care
    Suggestion: Hi A_C thanks for you great App.
    I have two suggestions:
    1: What do you think about adding an option to let the phone vibrate for 50 Millisecs, when the slider hits unlock. I like this option in the Autolock csdevctrls.exe
    ATM i call a Mortscript through the unlockrunexe reg key. But this vibrate comes quite late :)

    2: An option only to lock the phone in todayscreen or specific app would be usefull too.
    hello A_C
    thank you so much for all three "Slide2..." apps
    is there a way to donate to you?
    (found it and did it)
    i want to show my gratitude and to interest you in further development
    thanks again
    hey man I just wanna say thank you for your software its freaking awesome. one question for you though that I can't find the answer to after searching through almost all the forums. how do I get the battery status to display on the screen?? I have ilock running but it only shows the battery status when I'm charging my phone. I have this awesome app installed on an unlocked palm treo 750 running WM6 professional.
    great job but there is a bug
    i have htc diamond
    with s2u2 v 1.13 instaled
    1 without enabling the volume control i canot change the volume (device phone and in call volume) from the volume buttons
    only from the touch screen.
    2 with enabled the s2u2 volume control i can change the device volume from the volume buttons
    but icannot change the phone volume and in call volume from the volume buttons only from screen .

    if it is possible can we have a version without the s2u2 volume control ?
    Question about S2U2 software.

    Is there any way to stop the notifications from unlocking the phone? I have a Wing and find that when the phone is unlocked in my holster I manage to hit buttons by mistake and the Wing starts making phone calls. I appreciate the help.

    Hey A_C,
    is there any trick to increase the speed of the cover flow function.
    Do you use a special size or type for your album art?
    The problem is, after some pictures the prog will stop and a screen reports hat i have not enough storage(i think it means RAM) but s2p is the only app running.
    Please give me a tip cause it's the only player so far that has cover flow.
    By the way grat work with S2V and S2U2 i'll use both of them.
    My device is a TyTnII with ROMeOS V4.1 and the HTCCA drivers(latest ver.)
    AC - I know that you are a WM developer but I was wondering if you might be interested in developing S2P for the Samsung Instinct? Sprint has a developers kit with emulator and there is a $20,000 prize for the coolest app developed. I am sure I could get some donations going once you have a beta version and I would be happy to beta your development versions.

    Your work is awesome and is the number one thing I miss about my Touch when I use my Instinct. Let me know what you think.
    Please put files in MS's SKY DRIVE.
    Your file was so hard to download.
    Don't Waste everyone's time.
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