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    Post How to port rom for mtk6737m devices ?

    Read below guide: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 [T713][T719][T813][T819]

    It is already mentioned in bug section.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T719][9] LineageOS 16.0

    Great dev, hope Q come soon to T719. keep it up
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T719][9] LineageOS 16.0

    incall audio fixed or not in these builds?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T719][9] LineageOS 16.0

    gkwok Thanks for your great hard work keep it up.
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    Post How to Port Samsung Rom to other Samsung devices (Small Update as of 10/13/2018)

    Friends please help me about bellow problem, lots of below error in logcat 01-01 12:22:49.454 371 378 I : Socket created with fd:-1 01-01 12:22:49.454 371 378 E : Exiting
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T719][9] LineageOS 16.0

    LuK1337 and friends, thanks for the hard work i have a question is it possible to downgrade to stock android 7.0 or not?
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    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][A500FU][MULTILANGUAGE]Roshnaie[ODIN]

    Hi friends, This model (A500FU) is designed for Europe and only some of language displayed in settings, one of my friend asked me for Persian (Farsi, فارسی) language so i just removed CSC related files and all language displayed (included Persian language) in this ROM. Guide: Download the ROM...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T719][9] LineageOS 16.0

    LuK1337 and others friends THANKS for your all efforts.
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    Post [Poll]LineageOS for Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719

    I thing this model is not enough familiar yet.
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][J510xx] SkiesROM UX Note7 Port

    is this a multi language ROM ? including Arabic(عربی), Persian (فارسی) etc. and also does above mentioned language contain in base ROM witch link is available in first post?
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    Post [UPDATED][ROM][6.0.1][Galaxy J5 2016/FN]Light Stock Rom V3

    Please someone list the language included in this ROM, is this ROM have Persian (فارسی) language?
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    Post increase graphics in NFS no limits

    the good resolution worked for me my device Galaxy Tab S2 2016 SM-T719N
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    Thread [Poll]LineageOS for Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719

    Dear XDA friends, can someone do favor to develop Lineage OS for this model, although Galaxy Tab S2 confirmed to receive Android 7 officially. but lineage OS is great.
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    Post [LINUX][FREE] SuperR's Kitchen (v1.2.1.2 - 7-24-20)

    SuperR. Thanks for the great and powerful kitchen keep it up. :)