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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

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    Post [FONT][Magisk Module] Google Sans font - systemlessly

    Try this one then.
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    Post [Module] iOS 14 Emojis Magisk (Unicode 13)

    For Samsung you need another specific module, try this one, should work.
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    Post Module as minminguard

    Magisk ≠ Xposed.
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    Post Why did Root disappear

    The "root checker" apps are useless, they just ask the root manager for root permission for no reason at all, since you can simply take a look at the magisk manager and check if stuff is working properly from there. So you're basically giving root permission (which is a not a toy) for a random...
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    Post [Q] v20.0 App prompts update to 20.4 but no mention in announcement thread

    Check the documentation website, there you'll find the proper release notes, changelogs and more stuff that you should know.
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    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    Loving this new design, browsing the forums have never been so smooth and fast. Thanks for this.
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    Post [MODULE] [07/11/2020] SFGS Font with IOS 14.2 Emoji

    How about a zip with emojis only? I want the emojis but I don't want the fonts...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Can someone explain to me that DoH option? I know what DNS-over-HTTPS means, I just didn't get this option there and there are no further explanation on what it does, I enabled it here and nothing changed, and my DNS stays the same.
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    Post [Magisk][Module] iOS 13.2 Emoji

    So, iOS 14 is going stable this week... Time for a new update tych_tych ?
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    Post [DEAD] Google Sans • San Francisco • Custom Font Installer

    Either twrp, or the magisk manager.
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    Post Youtube Music module (not YouTube)

    Did you ignore the part where I said that it makes no difference at all to use it as a module or simply install as a normal apk and the differences btw them, also the comparison? The mistake I mentioned is that you're asking for an apk mod, not a module. That's it. About the idea, yes I agree...
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    Post Youtube Music module (not YouTube)

    I doubt how could someone benefit out of this idea. My guess is that you're making a basic mistake here, you can't just achieve functions nor improve an app (that requires a paid subscription) by simply adding it to another partiton through a module or giving root permission to it... It won't...