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    Post [ROM][Updated][4.4.4]ACERom [Build 2][HALO][HOVER][HEADSUP][PEEK]

    will pureperformance script run with the kernel provided in this rom or I have to install any custom kernel. ---------- Post added at 02:46 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:37 AM ---------- What to do now Trickster22
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    Post [ROM][discontinued][BETA][V10.1][4.4.4]CMX11 for s5830i - fast cm11 experience

    can't download the file please provide new link
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    Wifi prob My friend is using Micromax A109, I know this is wrong forum to ask question for this device, but i will be very thankful if you will answer me. the device is showing problem in Wifi connectivity, although the hotspot is working correctly. i thought to install stock rom in the...
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    Post [Q] USB Tethering on UBUNTU

    Is there any method to use Odin in Ubuntu. Or any other alternative for flashing stock firmware in ubuntu.
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    Thread [Q] USB Tethering on UBUNTU

    I am planning to multiboot Ubuntu and Win 8.1. I just want to confirm that whether USB tethering works on Ubuntu or not. Is somebody tried USB tethering on Ubuntu.
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    Post [Stock][ROM][Odin] Galaxy Y Duos S6102 flashable firmware packages

    Thanks. But after flasing your firmwares it resulted into bootloop. Then i followed this thread and now mob is working fine.
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    Post [Stock][ROM][Odin] Galaxy Y Duos S6102 flashable firmware packages

    manoranjan2050 can you provide me link for INDIA version. as the download link is not working. I need it ASAP. By mistake I bricked my friend's phone and now he is flaming on me. Thanks.
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    Post [Read 1st post][OFF-TOPIC]No Question is noobish here

    It is made by a Chinese firm :eek: . So beware !! We all know that what China product means, and why it has low rate. :cyclops:
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    Post [Read 1st post][OFF-TOPIC]No Question is noobish here

    +1 from me too. And it also looks better than Moto mobs. It is full computer itself.
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    Post [Q] Change in memory Credit: mahithm
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    Post [ROM] TouchWiz-Resurrection V9.5 [08/03/2014] This sidebar is light on system resources. Please integrate it if you like it. :)
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    Post [ROM] TouchWiz-Resurrection V9.5 [08/03/2014]

    Yes you are correct it will become bloatrom but if sidebar is added then the rom will completely look like S5 styled Rom And i think the size of sidebar apps are quiet less. So you can consider adding one.