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    Post 100% working Solution for m30s random freezing rebooting stuck at bootlogo.

    Press and hold volume up and down and Connect to computer with drivers installed. Flash stock rom using odin tool.
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    Thread 100% working Solution for m30s random freezing rebooting stuck at bootlogo.

    Hello friends As many of m30s user reporting random freezing while using and auto reboot on itself or sometime not even turns on by pressing and holding volume down and power key. I too was mad at this hardware problem I tried all possible ways like flashing old firmware or using aosp ,lineage...
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    Post Random reboots after the last software update

    I too was facing random freezing reboot etc I tried every custom rom ,flashing old firmware, nothing worked. But today I finally found 100% Working solution and did short yt video so please watch and share I it worked for you.
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    Post [ROM][11.0]PixelExperience Plus for Galaxy M30s

    I can't find Dolby option to toggle or sound booster app
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    Post A50S One Ui-3.1 port for M30S

    Good compared to stock ROM Faster ui Sound assistant app working Dolby is working Thank you for this rom
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    Post DreamX_OS_A50s_OneUI3.1_Port_V1_For_M30s_By Ivan2005

    This is Best rom for m30s Battery friendly Very stable and fast I noticed that Dolby Atmos is not full functional as in stock m30s ROM. In stock rom Dolby gave more volume boost ,but ported ROM for m30s Dolby option is not doing any increase or any effect in volume. I tried prish os also but...
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    Post Restart in every 1,2 min .

    I too have freeze and reboot problem whenever I use device, its random and cannot be predicted when its going to happen,i tried all ROM ,still same issue persists
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10.0][Dragon] Havoc-OS 3.8 [2020/08/18]

    volte not working jio outgoing call{call ended error} and sms not working ,only incomming call working
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2.][STABLE][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix 5.8.5

    Bluetooth finally works perfectly and cpu clocks are perfectly tuned for battery optimization:good:
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    Post [PATCHER][APP] Dual Boot Patcher [OFFICIAL SNAPSHOT]

    can't boot; stuck at eui letv boot logo eui primary and lineage 14.1 as data slot