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    Post BORETS ZenUI56 [9.0] [NOT GSI]

    Your G-drive link for 27-sept ROM not working... Cannot download the file. Pls help. It says 'unknown error' in G-drive.
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    Post [ROM][PIE] SuperiorOS Nemesis [Sakura][UNOFFICIAL][19.05.2019]

    File not found on the given link... Please see.
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    Post [ROM][PIE][OFFICIAL] Pixys OS v2.4 [Sakura][08.05.2019]

    Awesome!!!! .... I liked this ROM very much, used it for my other devices as well - downloading and will install in a while, currently on Pixel Experience, will test this one too!!! And one more thing, please post some screenshots as well..... This is really important for all of us out here!!!
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    Post [ROM][PIE][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v2.4 [Sakura][21.04.2019]

    You're totally wrong because I am also flashed many roms and bricked many times but I used Sakura toolkit that recovered all error including system destroyed. So you don't have that knowledge to solve a problem.... ------- Okkk... Can you plz tell me where to get that sakura toolkit .. please...
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    Post [ROM][PIE][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v2.4 [Sakura][21.04.2019]

    Xiaomi.EU PIE firmware make device bricked - NOT RECOMMENDED as of now!!! ------------------------ I also got into this problem 2 times: (including my device was unlocked BL and TWRP installed) First, i was on MIUI OREO f/w and flashed Xiaomi.EU WEEKLY version - Android 9 firmware (MIUI 10)...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0][sakura] LineageOS 15.1 [2019-01-01]

    Speaker sound too LOW & future updates to LOS 15.1 Speaker call sound is very LOW while video calls using Whatsapp/IMO/Duo or any other apk. Because of this i have moved to a different rom - otherwise this is a good and non-heavy rom. By the way any more updates can we get for this rom in the...
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    Post [Recovery] TWRP with Dynamic Device Name for Redmi 6 Pro

    Good one! I am using this recovery right now and didnt face any issues so far. kudos :good::good::good::good:
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    Post [ROM][PORT][9.0] Mi A2 Lite Stock Rom Port For Sakura

    Requirements : - Unlocked Bootloader - TWRP Installed - Only Pie Firmware Is Supported ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question - Please explain, what do we mean by 'Only PIE firmware is Supported' - I have currently MIUI ( Version: v10.2.6.0.ODMMIXM -...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][r35] ViperOS for Redmi 6 Pro [OFFICIAL][SAKURA][4.9]

    Pixel Gestures NOT Present in '2019-04-23' build Which GCam should we use ... ? Please help and put a link will be much appreciated! - I checked in google but didnt get any google camera with potrait features works in our sakura device. :eek: Also, the Pixel like gestures are not present...
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    Post [ROM][PORT][9.0] Mi A2 Lite Stock Rom Port For Sakura

    Oreo f/w Can this rom be installed on oreo firmware as well.. ? I can install various PIE roms available without any probs using twrp & with unlocked bootloader...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL] MIUI 8 Pro for Galaxy J5 2016 (っಠ‿ಠ)っ

    This rom has every everything items which are daily usage are working, even the camera is working flawlessly without any issue except audio call bug. (Me any every person here is stretching this so much because this bug is a critical one and without fixing this bug - this rom is not usable at...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] MIUI 9 MULTIPRO For Galaxy J5 2016

    InCall Audio in MIUI 9/MIUI 8 Hello Dev's, Apart from the above bugs, Incall Audio in MIUI 8 rom for J5(6) /MIUI 9 is not working. Please help us fix this bug, otherwise its a great rom for us :good:
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    Post Help with unpacking system apps

    CM12 apps Hi, I had downloaded CM12 just now. There are no apks but only 1-img and 1-dat files in which "" file contains the stuff. Please provide a way to extract apks from file.
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    Post [Q] stock recovery.img for Lava iris 406q (ro.product.board=MSM8610)

    :good: Did you got the stock rom or still searching for one? If yes then i might can help you.