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Recent content by abou7mied

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    Post Random Reboots

    I just did something weird, I kept the phone in the freezer for 3 minutes and it started :LOL: Not sure is it a heating issue or it just a random start
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    Post Random Reboots

    Actually, I tried to do that fix, and after I connected the battery connector, I tried to power on the phone but it doesn't start, I left it for few hours then it started by itself, and I still encounter the same random restarts. This is really annoying, on the moment I write this comment the...
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    Post Random Reboots

    I have the same issue for more than 4 months. @Hubuskus did you encounter any restarts since doing the fix suggested by @Cédric147 ?
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    Post Themer Tutorial Videos

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    Post [Theme] Star Trek

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    Post [ROM][WIP] CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1

    Great job developers :good::good: Mic now working and recording Videos and Sounds. Big thank for all developers :o You should hold First [Call key] then hold +[End key] not vice versa.
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    Post [ROM][WIP] CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1

    Peace be upon you In the first thanks for Rebellos, Volk204:good: I'm following Rebellos's thread from year ago and this is my first post. v1.1 is the best version till now. New key mapping + navigation bar was bad for me too So that what i did to fix it as Volk204 said :- Used Expanded...