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  • Alsalam A3alaikom Abu Muhammad
    do u know any arabic or english forums for windows mobile software applications?
    thanx dear
    ابو محمد
    مساء الله بالخير
    شوف هذا الرابط
    ممكن يكون عندك
    لكن حبيت اشاركك به
    انا ارسلته لك على البريد وقلت يمكن ما وصلك

    تحياتي لك
    hgi! Where can i get the interface where you get 5 columns on the homescreen. when u are pulling the shortcuts up that is.
    best regards
    1- Dear Bumohamad , we trying to apply some changes into the new ROMs v23020 and above , trying to create alternative for the start menu ,it always has problem or hide it or cancel it , so the idea if we can cancel it , how to put signal strength, battery …...etc and remapping the start key icon some where
    I am in Xperia X1
    2- ya 3azezi ,7ateen sorat el3alam malek magloba me 3ndhom (xda)
    hey Abumhmmd1 i DL'd the Black Berry SPB3 theme but there is no way to load it. I looked in the users manual it said i need to have a .wadesktop file. I don't see it in this only the .zip any help I so want to use this. Thanks again
    Hey abumhmmd1, I was wondering how you got InD 05 to work with MS3? I got WisBar3 installed but I cannot get InD 05 to install. Any help would be appreciated!
    hey i can not figure out how to add themes to MS3 driving me crazy can you help me step to step?
    I've just see you work BlackStorm+ weather iCones 4 MSH3 and i really love it but i have a QVGA Device, i would like to know if you can convert me the file to have it in QVGA.
    I Hope you can. Thanks.
    hey man i love the theme here ---> mobile shell berry66
    i was wondering if you would allow me to use it a cdma touch pro rom?!
    thanks for your great theme =D
    also do you mind if i make it in cab form?
    can you release the gfx or resize it qvga please :)
    ur s2u2 just in case u ddont knwo what xD
    Hey i saw your post here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=354111
    I have just got a Omnia and am looking to tweak it i liked your today screen. Do you have a description of how to set it up? i cannot for the life of me find a copy i trust of M2d

    Your help would be appreciated if not could you point me in the right direction ?

    ya habibi, salam
    can you tell me the best rom upgrade for my o2 atom pure with its download link......and the original rom link so that i can go back.......if any thing goes wrong.....
    habibi ana muntazir...
    Ya Allah masalam.....
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