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Recent content by acadiantoast

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    Post [ROM][10.0][OneUI 2.5][G930X/G935X/N930X/N935X]FloydQ V5.0

    Beautiful rom, runs a bit on the warmer side though
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    Post [ROM] [S7flat+S7edge Exynos](Pie)Arcatarc NfeSuperleggera®V4

    Could you tell me if the samsung clearview case works with this rom?
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    Post [ROM][10.0][MONTHLY] Android Ice Cold Project 15.0 [HEROLTE][22.10.2020]

    Odin won't flash custom roms, however you could try booting into twrp, wipe data, plug phone into computer, go to twrp main screen and mount - mount usb storage. You should be able to go back to your computer and drag rom / gapps, to your android phone.
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    Post Alpha Plus Thunder X - NEXT

    Been running this the last 4 days, best pie stock rom imo. Battery life is well optimized as well. Waiting to find errors or faults and so far I've been unsuccessful.
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    Post Galaxy S7 (SM-G930VL)

    Did you have OEM unlocked adb allow USB debugging in developer options?
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    Post Alpha Plus Thunder X - NEXT

    Installed a day ago, battery life is awesome, nice clean stock experience. Good job
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    Post [ROM][S7Flat-Edge/Note7-FE][07-July-20][v6R]HYPER-ROM | be unique

    Great Rom, running on Canadian variant. After first reboot, hypertools crashes and as mentioned, fingerprint unlock is broken. Thank you for the awesome rom.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] crDroid Android 6.x for Samsung Galaxy S7

    Updater fetches the updates zip but install option doesn't work.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] crDroid Android 6.x for Samsung Galaxy S7

    I installed on a clean wipe, flashed ROM then gapps, make sure you select do not install TWRP at the end, wipe Dalvik and it took my phone close to 10 mins for first boot. Also, set up your phone before you install magisk
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    Post [OFFICIAL] crDroid Android 6.x for Samsung Galaxy S7

    Getting random reboots on Canadian w8 variant. Much better battery optimization since last time I tried this ROM. Thank you for your work, beautiful ROM overall, camera lags a little before taking photo but all around pretty decent.
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    Post Havoc OS 3.x for Samsung Galaxy S7

    Clean format, flash rom, wipe cache and dalvic, select Do Not Install twrp as system app, reboot
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    Post PIE OneUI 1.0 xFire ROM + custom boot logo v1.4

    How can I change boot screen right at the beginning of phone startup?
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    Post Havoc OS 3.x for Samsung Galaxy S7

    Working great on Canadian variant. Only issue I'm having is magisk, it likes to continue pop up saying application was granted supersuser rights but doesn't appear to let it. Also, camera crashes when using flash. Thank you,
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    Post [ROM][10.0] crDroid 6.x for A5/A7 2017

    No I haven't. I will give it a try though