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    Thread Android Auto issues

    So my son and I recently moved to Pixel 4a's... Him from a Nokia 6.1 and me from a Pixel 3A XL (screen cracked, otherwise would have stayed with it for a while)... And we both have used Android Auto for years with no major issues, so we are pretty familiar with it. He has a launch model and mine...
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    Post Call quality issues with new Pixel this a known issue?

    We have a launch model, and one I just got a week or so ago after having to wait a few weeks for it to be restocked... No one has mentioned any audio issues on either device.
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    Thread Android 11 Upgrade available OTA

    Android 11 full release upgrade is available OTA now... downloading as I type this, just check for updates in Settings - System.
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    Post fast charging broken after a week

    Do you know anyone who has a QC 3.0 adapter and cable USB 3 end? Try it on a different charger... If it fails on multiple chargers/cables, then you device is likely defective and you will need to get it repaired/replaced. Sorry, no quick fix here...
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    Post Sprint 3aXL Root

    Get Sprint to unlock it... If it is carrier locked, you can't unlock the bootloader, but once it is unlocked you can do an OEM unlock and root to your hearts content (except Verizon models). No real way around that at this time, but must get it unlocked from the carrier.
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    Post Pixel 3a and 3aXL rom compatibility?

    No... The 3A and 3A XL are completely different phones, although they have a lot of hardware in common and are very similar to the user except the screen size, they are each unique devices with unique firmware. ROM's are not interchangeable. That said, if a developer had both devices I don't...
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    Post (Help) Unlocked carrier Google pixel 3a xl but with grey OEM

    In general, if the device is carrier unlocked the OEM is unlocked as well... Unless it is a Verizon model, which it sure sounds like in this case. Unfortunately there is no way to unlock the bootloader then.
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    Post Bricked Moto X Pure, no fastboot/adb

    I don't understand... Does the phone not boot to the bootloader when you hold the volume key? Have you tried my return to stock thread?
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    Post [Help Thread][ Pixel 3a XL ](2019) Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    Simply put no... no "flash tool" or factory image is going to remove the carrier lock from the phone, that information is in encrypted information held on a special partition of the phone that flashing does not touch. You cannot change carriers or unlock the phone without the code from the...
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    Post Can I unlock a carrier locked bootloader (T-Mobile) by using the pixel factory flash

    You cannot unlock it from T-Mobile or unlock the bootloader, even with the flash tool... The flash tool does not/cannot modify that part of the phone, if it was that simple people would be doing it all the time. Only T-Mobile can unlock the SIM, once that is done you can unlock the bootloader...
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock/Root/Flash for Moto X Style/Pure

    This is a Style/Pure? Only Moto can help you unlock it... If you are able to get to the code and have OEM Unlocking enabled, it should just work. There isn't a trick or alternative method here.
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    Post Possibilty of Data/Storage Recovery?

    Your data will not be recoverable after the factory reset... because it was encrypted. Part of the factory reset will wipe the encryption key (that will not be recoverable since it will be regenerated on the first boot) so your data is surely lost. You are in the worst possible scenario for data...
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    Post What disadvantages to unlocking bootloader but not rooting?

    What is your reasoning for wanting to do this? So that you could root later or reload the OS if the phone becomes inoperable? Then just set the OEM Unlocking slider to on, but don't actually perform the unlock, and then you can can unlock at any time it might become necessary. Remember...
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    Post Unlock network by flashing

    Not sure what your asking here...
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    Post Curious about benchmark scores of Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL

    Too bad there isn't some place you could look to see the comparison... Hmmm... Basically, the 3a XL wins here, but by such a small margin you would never know it. Pick the one that fits your preference for size. I got the XL, but honestly after having it for a while I wish I had gotten...