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  • took u long enough LOL.
    whats up man, how u been..ive been real low key since my daughter came but im gonna be getting back into the swings of things very soon..if u need anything droid wise let me know

    Hey acid,

    Been following the root for the eris since the beginning! Fantastic work. How do i go about supporting your work thru donations? Is it paypal? Please let me know. I cant wait to try it out!!

    Thanks again,


    Im going to have more time later this evening and was wondering what was up with the account for the Dev site. I am about to take a crack at creating working arm shell code but don't want to reinvent the wheel if it has already been done.

    Much thanks. If i am not accepted or what have you then can you ask one of the devs is they have working shell-code for me to try to inject.

    much thanks
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