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    i am didi from indonesia. i thought that you are the one that can answer all of so many confuse things that i get from this touch 2 t3320.

    why this t3320 can't enable this gps function? or if i want to enable it, how to do it? is it related with using down grade release of rom, something like 1.28 rom release?

    same question with the gps thing, also with 3g function, can i activate it by flashing my device with 1.28 rom release?

    can you pm me, how to do rom flash in detail?

    tks so much.
    HI sir,
    can U tell me which which lpt pin setting 100% work for gene Jtag Method. In these picture there is small difference please look at 14 no. pin in lpt.And which picture will work for me (A) which is connected to 14. and 18-25 and in (B) picture wire is connect to outer body of lpt port..... WHICH IS CORRECT tell me.
    Here Is link

    Thanx In Adv...
    hi...big bro....i m having htc p3400i newer gene with s/n HT8XXXXXX... i stuck at boot loader (tricolour screen). and i could not done it with mtty_1.42.exe..i can not able to communicate with device through usb and device is not responding to my command "set 32 1"...pls help me .. my phone is dead..right now i m in learning me master...
    Folks Folks Folks!
    I am not using Gene for the last 6 months or so, actually I sold it off.
    So Please don't expect much help from me. Sorry guys (and gals :p)
    Folks Folks Folks!
    I am not using Gene for the last 6 months or so, actually I sold it off.
    So Please don't expect much help from me. Sorry guys (and gals :p)
    Please help me,
    My old gene when i connect to internet & browsing no problem but when i downloaded the file it is switched off immediatly after 400, 500 kb downloaded, I am using sumith 3.1 Manila rom, i know its not rom problem because i hard reset & formatted the memory card but no use please help me,
    Hello Addicted2xda man i searched in wiki i got the original rom for old gene but i want for new one that to its 6.0 i previously had 6.1 with it. can you tell a way that i can make that ROM to flash to my device
    can u plz tell me how i buid rom from a kitchen like Kitchen New and Old Gene (OEM+XIP+SYS) (v 8.7c2 build 21854). and how i customomise means change the packages of rom.
    I am using New Gene. i am new to XDA and downloaded many roms and checked them. it was all fine and finally i used (SumitsProUsers_WM61_build21051_NewGene) then it worked fine for two days then when i turned off my phone and switched it on again first it booted till start screen and stopped. then later when i reattempted then phone is not starting even. it just blinks red green light and stops. no display even. i then thought of updating rom, rom is getting updated but the phone is still in same condition.
    please help me.

    In Sumit's Pro User's ROM WM 6.1 Edition v2.7 build 21051 kitchen wat is the new MSXIP kernel going to do, and where should i put it. Please help
    hey i have used ramenshow kitchen and also of krazy..i delete some packages likre wmsrtorage..but when i included new packeges of ucweb and clear temp....all process goes right..i flash rom..but i cannot find those ucweb and cleartemp...means where i had make a me....
    hey buddy can u give me the procedure for cooking roms using (build 23009) kitchen for 6.5?
    wht extra softwares do i need to have installed on my pc?
    Sorry I don't know how to edit GENE WIKI, I tried but it seems to be a difficult task for me. So, please can you edit it for sake of everyone here.
    Dear could you please help me
    I have Htc p3400 and i upgrade it to wm6.1 then the mobile become very slow so i Decided to download wm6.0 and it's downloaded Successfully but the mobile make reboot after download finish and it's stuck up in the startup screen
    i don't know what can i do
    i hope you can help me
    [email protected]
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